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  1. true^^. Next person don't like dogs?
  2. is this not good??? I saw episode 3 and I'm liking it. The different families are funny, and I'm exciting to see what is going on with our ML :)!!! The characters are funny, and interacts well wit each other. I wonder why ML's dad is arrested. I guess I will find out as I keep watching :). Hope someone join me :).
  3. I saw spoilers that i's going to be happy ending :). No open-ended. Well, I'm on EP 26 and Wu Ba Qi and his dad has the most father-son toxic relationship I've ever seen in a Chinese drama. His dad is just so shitty!!!! Even the dad The dad loves money too much, and he even cheated on WBQ"s mother and overall, awful father. I love the sweet scenes and moments for our OTP :)!!! They're really cute. The angst will come soon, but I'm ready for it. I just hope it's not overdone, and draggy. And I totally gave up on Mr. King An!! His character is just bl
  4. EP 22 was so cute because FR wants to help Duke Su :)!!! One of my fav ep up to date. I can't expressed enough of ZZH and JJY's chemistry ^^!!!! They are those OTP that just have a very natural chemistry, no force or anything.
  5. aww his crying, it was cute and funny. Love seeing how FR is jealous of Duke Su possibly getting a wife lol. The plot is still not strong, but I hope a turn out is coming up.
  6. I'm excited for LEO AND ARTHUR :)!! But question, did they both audition for their role?
  7. yes please :)!!! HOw do you know :). next person is ready for bed??
  8. that is better :). Too many episodes can be draggy. So I just watched 2 episodes, and the current Old King is a real POS!!! He just goes mad and killed people!!! Hmm, I don't quite see the chemistry between FL/ML, but I hope more scenes will allow that to happen. So far the filming is good, and the music too.
  9. Ahhh cannot wait to see this!!! 2021 hurry up!!! How tall is Arthur? Maybe 6'1?? And Leo is probably around 5'9??? Their height is so cute! I cannot wait to see everything!!!!
  10. I saw WeTV maybe check utube. OMG 60 episodes!!!!! I thought they cut down on the episodes!!!
  11. yeah I'm confused where the plot is heading at this point. From the beginning, it seems something fishy about King Ah's mother death and now FR's master death. Everything is going from one "huh" to another "huh." FR is so silly to believe that Duke Su is involve in her master's death, I hope she works together with Duke Su to bring the murderer down. I have a feeling King An might have something to do with FR's master death. He and the maid from Ruyi looks suspicious when they were looking at each other's in the eyes. I hope something interesting is coming up, because I don't want to have to d
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