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[Drama 2023-2024] Tumbling Family - 우당탕탕 패밀리 - Mon to Fri 9:00 @ KST


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Dang really nobody watches this huh? I think it’s not too bad of a daily tbh. I’m having more fun with this than say the current revenge daily at least. Just knew that HY was going to try to take SW for herself. She’s trying to distract SW and ES away from each other. Though it looks like their bond is only going to get stronger especially after SW finds out ES didn’t used to work as a “bar girl” or whatever lol. 

In the preview, it looks like the aunt finds out who DG and his family are maybe? Would be interesting to finally see the mom’s kids reunite though that’s not gonna happen until the main pair’s marriage according to the plot. 

Loving the Inter family feud between the chicken and coffee shops lol. At least the moms are getting closer with the coffee lady catching the thief haha. I’m guessing they’re going to pair the kid’s dad with the older sister EH and then the brother EH will be paired with HY both are part of the respective families. Though who will SJ, ES’s friend be paired with haha.

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cr. gm4queen


Game time! :love: Can you spot the lies and the truths about our kdrama characters?


Test your knowledge and memory here:


Event Organizers,

@Sleepy Owl & @partyon



SIDE NOTE: @perfectmouse You're watching this drama alone? :brokenheart:

@liyahsbutterfly @Ameera Ali @maribella @joccu @Lmangla @tulip06 Aren't you normally watching these dailies too?

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