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  1. So much wasted potential. What about Suk Joon's bio dad's family? That could have been interesting to have him dump his adopted family and become a Kim again. The doctor and the best friend could have had a romance! Heck, Pil Jeong should have dumped Suk Joon for the doctor and REALLY made Eun Ju mad, and that would have made Min Ho's custody battle different. Poor Uncle Ha 비 서. Spends his whole adulthood trying to find his family only to end up in prison over those fools. Pil Jeong got on my nerves crying about her cheating, rapist, abusive husband
  2. This should have been happening 10 episodes ago so we can have several days of watching the evil trio try to survive in prison while everyone else lives good lives. I'm also annoyed that the whole plot of Suk John's bio dad family was ignored.
  3. I guess we'll never find out about Suk Joon's bio family, unless it's Richard Kim. I laughed so loudly when Pil Joeng's dad told Suk Joon's dad that he (PJs dad) is a shady so-and-so from way back and game recognize game, so he'd better look at his wife and son as suspects.
  4. I'm actually enjoying this new development. I think BioMom is stupid as all get out and blind to Sang Ah's greed and selfishness. I only hope the writers don't go down the road of having Sang Ah crush every attempt Bok Hee and Company make at living their lives free of Sang Ah. I don't want 35 episodes of Sang Ah burning down factories and inciting riots again. I also hope that every bit of happiness Sang Ah thought she would get out of this slowly crumbles because the people around her don't trust her because of how she betrayed her parents.
  5. Seriously, Pil Jeong, just marry Yu Kyung's dad. I don't even know his name, but marry him and make Eun Ju call you Aunt! It's time for you to come back from the dead, Uncle Mr. Ha!
  6. I don't know how many episodes I skipped, but I watched the most recent two episodes. I would like to say that it looks like Bok Hee found her backbone, but we all know it's too soon since we are only halfway through the show. At least everyone knows the truth now.
  7. So did Si Kyung really tell Sang Ah that he would marry her if she told her parents that Bok Hee is their bio daughter? Or is it going to be something dumb like what he really meant is that Sang Ah should back off and let the two be friends? I really wish that we could fast forward about 20 episodes because this is sooo frustrating.
  8. When his dad kept saying that he can't marry his nephew's mother, Suk Joon kept getting a look on his face that makes me think Suk Joon is going to remove himself from the Kang family register and start using his birth name again so that he can marry Pil Jeong. Where is Suk Joon's bio dad's family anyway? I feel like they're going to show up when Mr. Ha returns, and be super rich.
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