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  1. Was reading early on that they already planed 3 season with the cast in mind. therefor no surprise here that they already have confirmed filming for second season
  2. Let me present SW and his precious motorbike. Really loved the composition of this frame! I really want him to find peace for himself! He is on his way though doing that part time work and earning his money. Just have to say I like that manager giving him a change to prove himself. It could not be easy with him having a criminal record. I know it is a minor story arch, but I still want to mention it since in real life it is an issue for people getting into the society again after being released from prison. Have to compliment this writer for tackling many heavy topics that could easy been brushed over or not talked about. Props having a character like SW!
  3. To me this couple is one of the best couple in dramaland. Their unspoken understanding of each other is beautiful. How they communicate their true feelings with each other. They are straight forward with each other after learning things about each other. They fall for each other true personality. In their early dating stage I loved how CA wanted to learn everything about JH as she asked him question. This important factors for how their love and bond for each other is so strong now. All the best for our lovely OTP! PS. just love how CA finally calling herself girlfriend.
  4. Should we call them phone couple now But I guess they needed to sorte this out as CA facing the comity and him running around helping her in the background. So they did not have time for long interaction in this episode... At least we got him complement her uniform and that phone message. And also scoring big brownie point from her family!
  5. Yes yes now the attention can be moved on to the real deal about JG and judge hong! But I see this arch was used to move our OTP together again, and now it is CA turn to give JH support and strength and dear a say "I love you" too
  6. Poor CA.... But glad seeing JH is there for her. Also she do have many people on her side seeing dad moon is speaking for her. oh I wonder if this gonna be an instrument for HR to come forward and tell what happened. Btw lol we gonna have double date with JW-SA and CA-JH! Also hurray looks like JH is gonna have some forward progress in his search for the truth. even we learn some new fact that JG visited PKS.
  7. I see where you come from though. I guess if they had lingered longer on the past episodes we could have seen more on and how she got past this. But when we meet her again she have moved to live alone taking that exam and just living her life. I am ok with how writer handled this since her mother and also JG wanted her to move on and they never talked about it since. So CA never dealt with it and just wanted to forget it. I think stuff like this always become in the background after years as the person tray to move on. It was not before she told JH about her trauma she started to open those wound again as she wanted to tell someone. It just now we see the after affect on CA and she slowly dealing with it. like telling her story to Moon dad. We even got to see HR reaction to hearing about CA suicide attempt. So I do think we gonna see how CA gonna heal from this as she have to face it a last time. At least she have JH bay her side that gives her that support she need. Often with this type of traume some people do not have a mental reaction before years after as something trigger them.
  8. I see her differently. since we saw in the early episodes how she was bullied so hard that she even have bruses from it. A family that never noticed her and how her school life was. it was not before her mother got a wake up call finding out her daughter was planing a suicide pact she finally saw her kid and what she had been true at school. She is used not telling her true feelings. I think CA after that did want to move on and seek a happier life as JG said in her letter. She even befriend BR and work hard to finally become police officer. We do see her at work and witness her growth there. remember her first day! But to me being bullied so hard that she have been still do have an affect years later. like she shut down with judge hong icy words. Her sunny personality is clearly a mask for all the trauma she still struggle with and yes she do have guilt for how she could lett JG walk into the water even though she did her best saving him. Also how she lied about JG saving her. Beside all this I think she have nice quality too. She care for other people. like how she handle the people the meet at work. How she helped BR when he got framed. How she could see JH real character. I mean she can sees people and want to help them. Regarding her not saying anything about her being suspicious about Judge hongs involvement with SW and also how she got that strong feeling about JG. I think she do not want to belive it. I mean she have got to know Judge hong and also JG. So she also want to be sure it is right what she is thinking before saying anything. But that latest file she got from Dad moon I think she knows it is like a pandora box waiting to be opened. She knows it is gonna be hurtful for JH and she maybe scared how it is gonna affect him. Let see what she do when she had time to read it and proses it. Even she said that secret get reviled anyway so better being hones.
  9. Omg we got a second kiss we all was so down the last couple of episodes so wow. seems like writer focus was getting them back together before the show down with his mother and all the other external conflicts. Sure they gonna be a force to reckon with now. Our power couple!
  10. you make very valid point. totally agree they need to work together for the plot to move. Also yes CA would not manage to stay away from JH as he discover what really happened. She cant push him away when he already is so deeply down. I guess this is major arch that have to happens for some movement in CA and JH relationship and how they overcome this big hurdle. What they do not know now, but maybe later how this have strengthen their love for each other. without this they would not be so deeply connected and understand each other so profoundly.
  11. A silver lining is that preview can be misleading. They know how to amp up scenes that turn out different in the episode itself. I do not see how CA gonna suddenly fall for SW as she have been stand off with him so far and clearly draw a line. But maybe she gonna see him as a friend. Also he need a friend not a girlfriend at the moment. He clearly is holding on the first person that was willing to listen to him. Beside she still have lingering feelings for JH that not gonna go away anytime soon. I mean even SW would be stupid not see that and as he learn more about whats going on gonna understand their love for each other. Anyway I see in the preview SW and JH talking thats good. I hope JH can make SW believe in him and not listening to Judge! I hope judge action is gonna be more forward movement in discovering the truth and that is what writer are aiming at. But I can see CA struggle as judge words is lingering in her head. As a person being bullied before I think this just like nail into her heart... poor girl. Listen to your boy though girl. He is also hanging on a thin line and his only comfort is you.
  12. ugh, looks like it is gonna be hard finding out the truth as Jugde hong already bribed that attorney and removed some evidence... I guess the only way for them to find out is working together JH, CA and SW. They are stronger as a group and can protect each other better. I wonder what kind of respons JH gonna have to his mother about CA. I kinda hope in her angry outburst gonna revile herself as she say too much. I wish they find out more this weekend though and we do not have them going around in circle. I hope more OTP scenes too I see a pattern that OTP scenes to not get shown in the preview but we get them in the actually episodes. crossing my fingres writer make our OTP work together true this hurdle. I am nervous how our JH gonna take it when it finally hit him about JG was the one doing the hit and run and how his mother framed and even bribed the attorney. Also now she even tray to hide it... poor boy is not gonna know what is about too hit him...
  13. Great theory. He did have this wishful tone in his voice. Also he is very blunt and just saying everything he is thinking. @sjlsjl yeah really did not like that he said this to her because he do not know their relationship story and reason for the break up. So he do not have anything to base his judgement on CA and JH relationship. If CA had actually talked about JH or even anything about her private life I think it would be different. But she clearly have been putting a line between her and SW that she can help him with the hit and run case, but thats it for her. Yes totally agree JH is her past, present and future Btw. Seing CA smile at JH again was so amazing to see. He slowly breaking the wall between them. I hope we see more of this in upcoming episodes between the other stuff coming our way.
  14. I keep wonder what SW meant by this comment asking CA if JH is her past, present or future. My take is that he could see that they still love each and therefor is not for the future but wonder if they gonna stay as past boyfriend/girlfriend. Or are they gonna be a couple in the present. I thought this conversation could have different meanings.
  15. Agree! in last week episodes she and her sister had a conversation about Judge being promoted to chief judge. I have a feeling this gonna play in as her secret gonna be exposed. her framing SW gonna make her lose faces and also her job while being promoted. writer never mention something without being important later. So I can be wrong but I do not think writer gonna let her get away with what she did. She was the catalyst for the ball of lies and hurt so she need to pay for it. I hope the three being directly affected get to be happy in the end. Let them do what JG could not do.
  16. Thank you for live recap I hope so too. But CA also knows now that judge hong had a major part in JG suicide so in that regard I do not see how her treat have the same punch as before. At least chief moon saw them and I am sure he gonna protect her job and maybe give CA some good advice I cant belive judge is so deluded as she use poor CA as a punchball. As there was major revelation at the end and JH soon up to speed and at that moment she have no more ways to hide behind her lies. either face the music, or loose her second son forever. PS: Our OTP so cute
  17. I finding it ironic that after CA figured out who JH is they have emotionally grow tighter. sharing unspoken comfort like hugs, cry together, holding hands, sharing words and talking about their feelings. I do not see now how they gonna separate now despite everything. I am also glad JH is standing by his word that he would go to CA after she found out. Man is not going anywhere other place than to CA. I am sure CA heart is slowly melting by his words and action. But he knows to take it step by step and let her knows he is there for her. Therefor hard to vote on the poll. My heart want them to get together fast, but I feel the last puzzle judge hongs wrongdoing maybe gonna be needed to settled before they can move on together.
  18. Really wonder how this twin storyline gonna play out. Can´t see HR gonna be happy about it. But if SW could get a family in her family I would be glad. I mean they are good people and would gladly take him in as a family member
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