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  1. It is painful to watch our man being in the dark, feels like same scenario as when he was in the dark about his son... Also GH barring every worry on her shoulder alone... I am sure bringing mental pain on yourself is not good for your physical health as you are sick... I hope next week gonna be more hopeful and SW finally knows! He deserve to knows because it is sad if it gonna be like Bora situation. I can´t imagine how he gonna come out of loosing his second girlfriend that way not knowing what really was going on. He would feel like sh..t But in today episode GH mom seems puzzled by SW words as she realize that he do not knows. I think she gonna spill the tea to him
  2. Seems like they have revamped their help center page.so here is the new styled forms witch should be working! https://support.viki.com/hc/en-us/articles/360034633713
  3. I guess today episode or next week episode we are gonna go back to the opening scene in ep.1. As a 16 episodes long drama they often end flashback story in ep 4. I see drama writer often use the first 4 episode as a prelude to the main story. So I think we gonna get most exiting part where we get the whole picture of the conspiracy as we have our main character back in Korea. Even though those oversees landscape is nice. I really look forward to have them back in Korean where the people responsible for this mess is located. So yes I hope for some forward moment soon and our main two get their head in the game and start to understand how big this is.
  4. Here is cast bidding goodbye to the drama. By the way they formulate their words it sound like it is really an end for the drama. I mean if there really are more season in the work would they not tease it? just wonder. Arthdal Chronicles” Cast Thanks Viewers In Final Goodbyes As Drama Comes To An End TV/FILM Sep 22, 2019 by L. Kim The cast of “Arthdal Chronicles” shared their thoughts as the drama came to an end. “Arthdal Chronicles” tells the story of heroes who write their own legends in the mythical land of Arth. The drama was composed of three parts, each of which contained six episodes. “Part 1: Children of Prophecy” and “Part 2: Turning Sky, Rising Ground” aired earlier this summer, and the final episode of “Part 3: Arth, The Prelude to All Legends” aired on September 22. Jang Dong Gun, who showed off his excellent acting skills by portraying the charismatic Ta Gon, shared, “The character Ta Gon was very different from the roles I’ve taken so far, so there were many difficulties, but I did my best to work hard. It’s hard to believe that ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ is over. It was an honor to participate in a great work with good people, and I had a great time.” For Song Joong Ki, who played both Saya and Eun Seom, it was his first time playing a double role in a drama. He commented, “Although there were some difficulties in playing a double role for the first time, it was fun. I was greedier than ever because the vast and deep story was so fascinating.” He then sincerely thanked the director, writers, and production crew for their hard work and also expressed his gratefulness to the viewers for watching the drama. Kim Ji Won, who played Tanya, a shaman of the Wahan Tribe and a true descendant of the gods of Arth, said, “It feels surreal [that the drama has come to an end] when I remember the many hours that we spent filming with ups and downs for more than eight months. It was a great honor to work with great actors, writers, and director. Just as characters change as they learn over time, ‘Arthdal Chronicles’ was a drama that gave me new experiences and lessons. I want to thank the viewers for waiting so long and for being with us.” Kim Ok Bin took on the role of Ta Gon’s lover Taealha. She shared, “I was very attached to all of the staff, including the director, writers, and actors. We worked hard together, so it feels both sad and bittersweet that I won’t be able to see them anymore. I really want to say thank you to the viewers for their support and love over a long period of time.” The production crew also thanked the cast, crew, and viewers and asked the viewers to watch the the drama until the end.
  5. They finished filming just season 1 (until episode 18.) Yes they ended filming before airing of the drama started. Here is the cast sending goodbyes notes. So it is very clear that episode 18 is the very last episode of this drama. https://www.soompi.com/article/1354016wpp/arthdal-chronicles-cast-thanks-viewers-in-final-goodbyes-as-drama-comes-to-an-end
  6. Kinda sad netflix got this. for us outside of english speaking country have to wait until oct 14 for first episode.... make it hard for us to be up up to date and follow the conversation here as we gonna be two weeks behind the rest of you (if we do not find it on not legal ways)...
  7. So we know at least Kocowa gonna bring english subs. I guess therefor it is also big change it is gonna be on VIKI
  8. woman was totally snapping and lost it at the poor boy... thank god daddy bear witness it and become protective of his son. but so sad seeing boys face turning so sad...
  9. This also gonna be on KBS World guys http://kbsworld.kbs.co.kr/program/program_view.php?pg_seq=1374 At least they gonna air episodes a day after airing in Korea. so for us outside of english speaking country we can be up to date with the rest of you guys. So we can talk about this drama together while airing!
  10. Reason for not airing drama today. It because of special weather report on Typhoon Lingling... it is expected to pass by Jeju island today.
  11. consider both So hyun and song is busy with other drama I guess there is gonna take long time before seeing any season 2... maybe sometime next year... I have not yet watched this drama because I knew they would do this. letting us hanging like this... so typical netflix not knowing that what we want is completed story, not dragging out this love triangle into the infinity...
  12. How strange. every page about this drama says 16 episode. As long there is no other confirmation from JTBC themself I am gonna belive it is 16 episodes
  13. Yes it is 16 episode It is still many storyline hanging anyway, so it is not possible to conclude with just two episodes!
  14. was reading that they also filmed in that country. you maybe right about the location for the airplane crash and the start for our hero getting involved in the political conspiracy. Anyway, seems like we gonna get many pretty landscape scenes! really crossing my fingre this to be well told story with not just action but also heart. I feel it is easy just going with allot of action scenes without fleshing out the other side of the story in this type of gener. so hope for this to be balanced well
  15. My only question why they filmed in Morocco and Portugal consider the story main point is that it is about a nation conspiracy.... Bu I guess we should wait and see how it goes
  16. Well agree Soo-bin was a little bit frustrating in even halfway belive the lie. but at the same time she have her insecurity and also consider HW is her childhood friend she would take in consideration what he told her. but at the end of the episode where she show JW the message on the phone and with JW respond you could see she got her wake up call. she knows she did mess up seeing JW genuine respond. her face said it all! now it is her time to rebuild her relationship with JW and apologi to him. I am looking forward to their honest talk they gonna have Also her friendship with HW is about to sink, he he. boy just destroyed the friendship he had with SB. I mean I feel bad for his family life, but dud that is not a reason to lash out on his class mate and friend.
  17. I think this gonna be a turning point in Junwoo and Subin relationship as the conflict between Junwwo and hwojoung is out in the open. But seems like they still care for each other as they reach out for each other. I guess this can cement their friendship as they walk true this together. I do wonder what Subin knows about Hwojoung as it is hinted at something that made their friendship cold as she keeps a distance from him.
  18. I have been think about this, but wanted to wait for a while and watch what happens in the drama. But with just 2 episode to go this is what I think about Ta mi and Mo gun. To me I feel Ta mi and Mo gun relationship started in the wrong end with the one night stand... when they meet each other again after that night Ta mi is clearly holding him in an distance, not wanting to have anything to do with him. even so he is the one pushing for a relationship with her. frankly to me this leave a bad taste to me because they are not in the same page from the start. and we have him being the one to doing all the pushing. So I wonder if their relationship started with them getting closer as friend Ta mi would feel more relaxed and at ease. She would not have to feel pressure of having romantic relationship with him that was what made her not accepting him at first. as friend they still could have talk about marriage and what they think about that. maybe this would have make them both re think about what they belive as their feelings slowly started to grow. I think being friends first would have giving them the space to explore their different point on another level as friends then having to think about them as couple. I belive this would have made a very big change to their dynamic.
  19. Have not watched any episode yet. But my impression after reading pre material is that the case with missing actresses and returning of Yeon-a gonna be Tae kyung saving grace from the darkness, and also turning his attention back to his brother. Woo jung seems to be the devil on his shoulder infesting him with dark thought and losing morality. Hope Tae kyung do not lose himself totally before it is too late.
  20. I really wonder how writer gonna turn this around as both is married to other people and he have a kid with the other girl. they both long for each other, but there is also build allot of resentment between them. I guess the truth gonna come in pieces as things gonna come out in one way or another. We have a long way to go before our OTP gonna find each other again.
  21. All the talk about pros and cons about marriage made me want to look at the practical point to a marriage. So did look at what the laws in my country says about marriage. I do no know what Korea says about it though, but seems like it have same sentiment. So according to the law things you gett after marriage like a house become co owned. Also one partner can not do thing like taking out a pledge on the house, or in other way doing thing to the house without both of you agree with it. One partner cant rent out part of the house or other thing in the house if it is ment to be for the children. Both partner have equal claim to pay for all the expenses to your shared household and for your children. Couple is obligated to share information about their economic circumstances. It is also many part about divorce and how to divid asset. There is a lot more here, but the point It is that you have many right by the law as a married person. So if a couple end up in a bad place the laws make the situation more clear. To me if you look at the practical part, marriage is the best way to go because things is more clear in the eye of the law. But I know marriage is also a very emotional subject, so I also understand why people do not want to get married. But if you look at every side to it, you can make a more informed opinion about it.
  22. I would be frustrated with a separation between JI and JH just because this is what JH is scared of would happen. I mean after his kid mom leaving them and now JI leaving them I can only imagine his mentale stage faltering even more. Also I would kinda be frustrated with JI not totally understand what JH is going true. To me JH need JI this time to show she gonna be there and would not leave. many time JH have understand her predicament and given her time to sorting it out even as he have been there for her. If anything I am ok if she says to him "I am giving you space to sorte out your thoughts. but if you need me I am there for you. You can call me at anytime. you have me"
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