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[Drama 2020] The Cursed/ Method, 방법


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10 hours ago, mrsj3n said:

@Ellander88 be a dear... take one for the team tonight and let us know if it's advisable to watch at night or in bright daylight with windows wide open yah.. ;)


My heart might not be able to take it... :sweatingbullets:


I am watching the raw episode now! 

I will try my best to give sensible advice to protect your heart :joy:



Okay, nothing too scary on the first episode. Just some background story and the encounter between the female lead with the girl. Except you need to watch out for a sudden jump-scare demon face during dream scene and the ending scene where the senior reporter is "murdered remotely"...quite a sight.. the spirit in the girl must be an artistic enthusiast kind :sweat_smile:

I need to watch second episode before comment on anything about the story line and plot. Seems like the next episode the two nemesis (the girl and the IT company president - Sung Dong Il) already facing off each other...now that's fast.. but well, considering this drama only 12 episodes, the pace is just right I guess. 


About the girl so-called power to kill remotely, it is not some kind of magic spell or anything. It is actually the work of the spirit "attaching" with the girl. This kind of remote killing ability is known and I bet still practiced in the East Asian countries, especially remote places where shamanisme, animisme, ghostly rituals and black magic still persist. This ability and its origin and practice varied among different cultures and maybe countries (of course, according to each beliefs and what spirit / "god" they served).. where some lead to very satanic cause. 


What kind of spirit is it for this drama, I am not sure for Korean context (they may have their own names for shamanism god / spirit). However, I am sure, every time the girl do the "method" (as the drama called it), it would took a toll on her own spirit / soul.. for such deed require something in return for the spirit. That's why the girl's mother so disheartened knowing what that kind of ability had done to her daughter.

There must be background story of how did the girl possess such ability or "chosen" by the spirit, it could be passed down, acquired, learned or some other event that lead her to exercise the ability. 


It is kinda similar to the voodoo doll that Westerners familiar with, as East Asians also have the same voodoo doll method to torture and eventually lead to the death of the person they targeted. Voodoo doll serve to inflict pain and induce illness to the person for a prolonged period, and if the person not being treated and detached from the voodoo link, it could lead to death as the person could not stand the pain or illness. However, as portrayed in this drama, the remote killing ability like The Method is of immediate effect because it is the spirit thingy doing the job directly to the person.


The name is very important for this Method to work, wrong name would cause the murder of different person. That's why Hanja (Chinese character) of the name was used in Korean context. To those who are unfamiliar about the Korean name, even though 5 people bear the same name and spelling in Korean, for example Kim Jong Kook, but in Hanja, their name have different Chinese characters and have different meaning (according to what their parents named them for and registered Hanja). That's why in some Korean dramas, you can see they wrote Chinese characters of their name in some forms, for example marriage or divorce form. In my culture, full name combining with the son/daughter of whom is the way for this kind of method to work. 


I anticipated this drama not really because I love this kind of demonic thriller genre.. but more of because I wonder how are they going to introduce this kind of demonic ability of killing remotely which has faded in today's modern society and beliefs, covering the origin, how it was possessed by the child, how it works and the effect it done. I wonder and even imagine if they are gonna show camera work of depicting how the spirit "travels" to the targeted person and show us its killing work - I already imagine the bone-breaking sound (:scream:). Okay, maybe I expected too much but who knows the writer had already narrated such imagination and it would be transformed into brilliant cinematography. :skull:

Besides, I remember long time ago I have heard of my mother talked about the person who practiced this ability in nearby village was found dead in his house with blackened burnt-like flesh whole body (no fire at all, his house was intact). It was presume that the spirit he served ate his soul totally for something he did in return. I have heard a lot about the existence of such practice from the old folks like my grandparents and people of my hometown village, thus heightening my anticipation and expectation for this drama. I hope tvN will do as good as OCN in this kind of genre. :thumbsup:

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“The Cursed” Gets Off To Solid Start, “Dr. Romantic 2” Continues To Hit Ratings Over 20 Percent

Feb 11, 2020
by R. Jun

tvN’s new drama “The Cursed,” from the writer of “Train to Busan,” has gotten off to a solid start!

The new drama is about a teenage girl (played by Jeong Ji So) who has the ability to curse others with death using the characters of someone’s official name written in hanja (Chinese characters), a picture, and a personal belonging. The girl, alongside a reporter with a strong sense of justice (Uhm Ji Won), stands to fight against an immense evil (Sung Dong Il) hidden behind a major IT company.

Its first episode, aired on February 10, recorded an average of 2.5 percent, peaking at 3.1 percent in its most-watched minute.



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Promising first episode. Strong actors, and unexpected cuteness in the form of Jeong Ji So. Why I like the first episode is that it gave instant relief by killing one of the bad characters. 


Hoping that this stays good for the rest of the episodes.

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Premiere Watch: The Cursed

by missvictrix


Time slot: Monday & Tuesday
Broadcaster: tvN
Genre: Thriller, occult
Episode count: 12

There’s another forest at the center of an upcoming drama, but this one takes on a super creepy edge. In The Cursed, Forest is Korea’s top IT company. It’s led by a chairman played by Sung Dong-il — but he’s being shadowed by an evil spirit, which makes me think the IT company is up to no good in its dealings. A reporter played by Eom Ji-won is determined to uncover the dark secrets that lurk at Forest, and she teams up with a teen played by Jung Ji-so (who has a sixth sense of sorts) to fight the evil, and bring it to light. Jo Min-soo rounds out the cast as a spiritual consultant and shaman, but it’s actually the literal translation of the drama’s title (“Method”) that piques my interest the most. The Cursed was written by Yeon Sang-ho, the director of Train to Busan, so this drama already has a ton of credibility out of the gate. Add in the fact that the drama also has a refreshing 12-episode count, and I’m expecting a pretty tight story. And also one that’s a little more creepy than I will probably be able to handle.




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23 hours ago, Ellander88 said:

I wonder and even imagine if they are gonna show camera work of depicting how the spirit "travels" to the targeted person and show us its killing work - I already imagine the bone-breaking sound (:scream:).


Guys! I am watching delayed live stream now.

OMG! Can't believe I got my imagination of the bone-breaking sound (as I quoted above) granted so early as in the beginning of episode 2! :scream::skull:

I am now watching the camera work detailing of how the "force" breaks and twists the senior journalist body. OMG! 

This drama is literally warning us to be careful of what you wish. Hahahaha



Done episode 2. It was so engaging and entertaining. 

One word to describe episode 2 is DETAILS.

From the beginning of the episode they detailed the actions occurred when the senior journalist died (stunning twisting action, camera work and sound effect I must say! ), to So-Jin giving some background about her story and till at the end when the shaman (Jo Min Soo) doing the rituals to identify the method and the kind of deity that did the "work". The shaman rituals especially, IMO, was given justification with details that weren't seen in other kdrama (which usually only showed the shaman jumping around and shrieking - and most of the time it's just a con show in the plot context :rolleyes:). This episode shows that the real shaman heard voices of those deities / spirits they serve and use one of it to do the work for her purpose. 


So far so good. I will be back again after re-watching the episode with subtitle. :lol:

BTW, this thread is so quiet. I feel so lonely :tears:


Miss you guys @mrsj3n @Sushimi @Dramanoona @alekaonu @nateko @ktcjdrama

So, @sadthe1st @Ameera Ali Have you guys watch the first 2 episodes? 

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Okay, so after watching it with subtitle, I have clearer understanding on certain conversation or explanation or terms that I can't understand when live streaming. But, I must say that, somehow it irks me that the translation use "procedure" to translate 방법 instead of "method". The accurate one should be "method" as "procedure" is termed differently in Korean.


From the preview, the spirit that attached or lived inside So-Jin is known as Inugami. A powerful dog spirit that used for putting curse to other people; a curse that intensifies as the person grudge gets stronger, leading to fatal death. Well, no wonder in the first episode, the deity painting looks like a dog when So-Jin look at it as if it was giving her the warning to run away when her mother was murdered.

In Episode 2, Shaman Jin Kyung (Jo Min Soo) explains that the "method" practice was not originally from Korean culture, but cross over to Korea during Japanese occupation. Since then, there are "performer of method" everywhere that perform "the method", but in smaller intensity, for e.g., just for the purpose of inflicting pain or searching for person (thief) using weaker evil spirit. Because they use weaker evil spirit / deity, they need small body parts such as strand(s) of hair to perform the method.


The dog spirit attached to So-Jin however is of strong and powerful level, that she doesn't need anything from the physical body to cast the fatal curse, but only the picture, the Chinese character of the person name and anything belong to the person. Of course, direct contact like how she hold the bully finger could also be effective. 

From the description of how the Inugami was created, I can say that the spirit was passed down by bloodline to So-Jin. The spirit was not attached to her mother but instead to So-Jin maybe because her mother has weaker "shamanic" energy compared to So-Jin. Such spirit that passed down by bloodline will always be within the house of the family and attached to the bloodline that could handle its energy. The Inugami perhaps created by So-Jin's ancestor or progenitor who was also a shaman, and her mother also inherited the shaman job.


I must say Shaman Jin Kyung is a great shaman as she has many spirits / deities at her disposal serving the purpose of the ritual she performed. It was fun to watch Jo Min Soo performed the ritual with such intricate details showing the different when a real shaman who really can communicate with spirits made of: calling the spirits, choosing one that can serve the purpose, dancing to use the spirit's energy to get the work done, the blood offering and when she tried to peek more to take a look of how So-Jin looks like, the dog spirit protecting So-Jin eventually thrown her away. The scene is indeed brilliant showing how Jin Kyung use the spirit's eye to peek into what had happened to Kim Ju Hwan. 


Just as So-Jin is, I also wonder what is the evil spirit that possessed the Chairman is up to. It seems that it has bigger plan by using the IT company and with the meeting about big data and all, it could be that it would serve to his personal purpose to do some world-conquering plan. The IPO listing will make the company become larger and I think it will has something to do with the real "devilish" plan. So far, the dialogues, the conversations and the explanations in both episodes seems to hint the linkage between each other, but somehow the connection is still vague to decipher what the evil spirit Chairman is up to. BTW, it looks like the chairman need to use a lot of energy just to kill 1 person though (the whistleblower), somehow shaman Jin Kyung realizes he doesn't look good after using his "energy". 


Can't wait for the next episode. It seems like they are starting "the battle" next episode. Somehow, I have a feeling that the Chairman will use his resources to block every route possible, physically or virtually for anyone to access his name in Chinese characters, since shaman Jin Kyung found out the "method" used to curse Kim Ju Hwan to death.  I bet the name they got shown in the preview is the wrong Chinese characters... well, they still need to drag this drama until 12 episodes. Hahaha. If he is being cursed within next two episodes, it would end everything in just 4 episodes. LOL!

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I was a bit annoyed with that journalist who was such a caricature of a character. It's even the same actor you have probably seen in other dramas playing the same kind of role. So yeah i was a bit annoyed because he doesn't really fit the vibe of the drama.

Welp.. I dont think i have to worry about that anymore.. :D  One of the more gruesome deaths i've seen in a kdrama.

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On 2/12/2020 at 2:01 AM, Blizzardistkaputt said:

I hope tis doesn't end up like the other similar drama about shaman which ended with the entire(almost) cast killed.

Here comes the black smoke......oops.


I think I know which drama u refer to. The title starts with P right? :joy:

It started with  promising plot, but then things went haywire with the mass killing and messed up the whole drama. Everyone died! I was so pissed off investing myself to the drama hoping they could redeem themselves. But nope! :expressionless:

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Watching now! Hopefully not spooked! Lol


2 minutes ago, Ellander88 said:


I think I know which drama u refer to. The title starts with P right? :joy:

It started with  promising plot, but then things went haywire with the mass killing and messed up the whole drama. Everyone died! I was so pissed off investing myself to the drama hoping they could redeem themselves. But nope! :expressionless:


Gosh.. THAT drama huh...

Cried a river and the ending.. I want a refund!

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