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[Drama 2020] The Cursed/ Method, 방법


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5 hours ago, mrsj3n said:


As for the preview (yes, I made sure to watch till the end.. lol).... if she's possessed,  I don't see why she can't recover. Because this is drama land, anything is possible.  :D


I still strongly think she's dead for sure.

The human body of her cannot survive that kind of intense contortion which to even the smallest bone and that massive hemorrhage when So-Jin took one last look at her. 

So-Jin would have made sure she's gone for good. 

The preview may be for showing the past event or back story of Jin Kyung. We still haven't been shown how did she came across and became allied with the Chairman. 


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21 minutes ago, mrsj3n said:

@Ellander88 from the preview, shaman looks like she was injured and "recovering"?


She looks like doing ritual with animal blood to me. :ph34r:


21 minutes ago, mrsj3n said:

But I quite like that she stays crumpled and dead. Oops.


I love that too! 

But, I am not sure if she did something first protecting her soul or something, so her soul stay intact and it was only her body was crumpled up by So-Jin.

The voice over in Jin Hee's voice asking "is she alive?" bugs me, but still, I hope she's dead for good. Maybe Jin Hee asking about So-Jin.

Let's see next week how this pan out. 


BTW, the new OST is Supernatural by Dong Woo Seok. At the end of the episode I saw it says the song will be released on 10th March. So, maybe only by that time u can find the full version.

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That was a satisfying episode. SoJin got her revenge, well at least partly. She has still got to deal with the Chairman.

39 minutes ago, Ellander88 said:

The voice over in Jin Hee's voice asking "is she alive?" bugs me, but still, I hope she's dead for good. Maybe Jin Hee asking about So-Jin.

I do hope she is alive but stays crumpled for good lol. JinKyung is one damn arrogant shaman.  I've never seen a shaman in a designer dress and carrying a hermes bag before. But too bad don't think she is dead. JinHee's voice over in the preview says: 'we couldn't get her name and personal item' . I couldn't think of anything other woman that JinHee could be saying this for. 


Just something stupid that i found JinKyung's goons did after abducting JinHee and ChuBong, why would they drag along her handbag??

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hii chingus :skull: i haven’t watched ep7 and ep8 with eng subs.. probably tonite! saw some clips and i’m wondering Jin Kyung had the black talisman in her other hand when Soo Jin held her and performed the procedure.. will she actually die or her soul will still be preserved?


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11 minutes ago, sadthe1st said:

i’m wondering Jin Kyung had the black talisman in her other hand when Soo Jin held her and performed the procedure.. will she actually die or her soul will still be preserved?

The black talisman was for SoJin supposedly to make her weak then they would abduct her just like they did to JinHee. We will have to wait for next week's ep to find out if JinKyung is alive. I'm sure she is alive to do more evil, we are only half way till drama ends.


One thing I find interesting is that ChuBong is still strong even after JinKyung did the procedure on him. Why go to through all the trouble and torture him the way she did like saying he'll be hound by ghost all his life etc. She can tell her goons to kill him smh I don't find her all that powerful.

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I actually find it funny.

The character on the black talisman "殺" means kill.

So I thought Jin Hee is gonna die but then.. it just knocks her out.


All the flashy and just a knock out spell.



And I actually quite pity Joo Bong.

He wasn't bad at all besides just following orders.

All the torture he has gone through and I hope we will know if he is ok in episode 9.


And @Ellander88 THANK YOU!!!!

I really really love that song!  But gah..  can't find it on youtube or anywhere!

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BTS haha its like a “cross your arm behind your head to touch your face” challenge! :lol:


@imgreatgal i think Jin Kyung din die? or the preview is some flashback again? i felt that she still has some humanity in her.. the sadness she had when she punished Joo Bong.. even though she cursed the snake ghost upon him through the rest of his life, she still asked the bad guys to kill him off which probably meant she doesn’t bear to see her mentee of 10 years being tortured by a ghost :) maybe we will learn more about her past.


i’m also curious.. is the evil spirit inside Chairman supposed to be possessing Soo Jin (the cursed child) when she is of age.. but got force driven into the chairman due to the procedure done by Soo Jin’s mom? is she some sorts like a “ghost bride”?

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18 hours ago, sadthe1st said:

i’m also curious.. is the evil spirit inside Chairman supposed to be possessing Soo Jin (the cursed child) when she is of age.. but got force driven into the chairman due to the procedure done by Soo Jin’s mom? is she some sorts like a “ghost bride”?

yes i'm curious too and i have questioned this before, why SooJin's mom begged the chairman's mother and even returned the money, to let her do a procedure on the chairman so he can lead a normal life. Was it just guilt on her part or other sinister motive. 

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I watched live stream just now...

and guys...


JinKyung is sure dead :skull:


But the Chairman's flashbacks had me racking my brain though... 

I need to catch up with the subbed episode later. 

Can't make sense what did the Chairman talked to So-Jin about during live stream.. Sung Dong Il always mumble his words  and low voice at that.  

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Well.. I've just watched the latest episode.

It went from cheers


Yes. Ding dong bell..  the witch is dead

, to got a scare by that nerdy professor


What the hell.. He is watching TV!!!

I was scared alright!! :unamused:

, then to biting my nails and then to huh? Lots of huh?


Just tell So Jin and us already!!!!!

And then cry when So Jin cried and then what!!!!!!!


Private eye!!!! Made me rewatch for nothing and he's back.. 

and then THE END with my favourite song.


And of course.. stayed for the preview because of the song.

And OMG.

I can't wait to watch the next episode!


The red mark is a link!!!!!!


Mind is blown!


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“Nobody Knows” And “The Cursed” Hit Personal Bests In Viewership Ratings

Mar 10, 2020
by R. Jun
tvN’s “The Cursed” also recorded a new high point, hitting an average of 5.2 percent viewership and peaking at 6.2 percent, for a 0.2 point increase from its previous episode and high point.
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So JinKyung is definitely dead? I find that hard to believe, I think she makes the show more exciting. 


SoJin's mom got tired of cursing people, it's certainly not a good way to live but she failed to cast-off the evil spirit from SoJin and the Chairman.

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i’m watching ep9 with eng subs.. the conversation of Chairman and So Jin.. did he really connect the dots and discover the relationship between her mom, her and himself?


why did he choose to let her live? are they related in the sense that both have the inugami spirits in them?? (like the puppy inugami and the adult inugami)

need some live update for ep10 ahhh.. haha the suspense is killing me!!



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I watched episode 10 live stream just now. This episode will be interesting for you guys as a lot of information gathered in this episode and the professor also explains about the theory behind moving the spirit – the link with the forest of curse. And at the end, in the preview for next week episode, there is voice over by Jin Hee saying that the evil spirit in the Chairman and So-Jin is of the same kind. 


I am sorry for this spoiler, but, the preview makes me wonder whether 1) So-Jin's mom was only able to ward off partial of the Inugami to So-Jin from the Chairman (Like it was split into Yin and Yang, or split like identical twin with different personality, as an analogy). Because, if it is from the same Inugami "body", then, JinKyung shouldn't have tried so hard to find what kind of evil spirit attached to So-Jin in the first place. She has known the Chairman is able to paralyze or kill a person just by looking at the person or by picture, hence, she should have known what kind of evil spirit is attached with the Chairman...hence if it is similar, she should have known it is an Inugami. But the way she told the Chairman about it in the past few episodes looks like it’s the first time she come across Inugami in person.


Or, 2) So-Jin’s mom might have succeeded warding off the Inugami entirely from the Chairman body but had to transfer it to So-Jin because that’s the price she had to pay in exchange of forcing the Inugami out from the Chairman body – transfer to someone of her own bloodline. So, that makes So-Jin’s Inugami is an acquired Inugami instead of passed down by bloodline (as the theory should be). And because he had been possessed in the past by the same Inugami, thus the same stigmata appears on his hand. However, if the original Inugami has been fully transferred to So-Jin, then what the hell is possessing the Chairman currently though? Did JinKyung put another evil spirit in the Chairman body during the ritual in the hospital ward as witnessed by the doctor OR did she perform the ritual to transfer every evil energy to revive the remaining of what’s left by the Inugami in the Chairman body. Hmmmm


The preview said it is of the same kind, which makes me wonder, what actually happened spiritually (what did So-Jin mom did) that makes the evil spirit attach to So-Jin and the Chairman respectively are considered of the same kind. 

Two more episodes left! Argh! I can’t wait how will the writer gonna conclude this drama. *pulling my hair* :joy:

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@Ellander88 it could have been instead of the inugami spirit being split into So Jin and Chairman.. thus requiring the ritual to purge it out of one body and then possess into another.. from Chairman to So Jin or vice versa so that the inugami spirit will once again be whole and more powerful.. that japanese shaman Otomo seems very powerful though.. staring at So Jin’s photo he could draw a full portrait of the inugami spirit.. but seems like in all these spiritual realms, the one that is inside the buddha statue should have been the most powerful so far.. being able to ward all procedures done.. see how the moment So Jin went out of the premises of the statue and Otomo’s procedure started to take effect..


sidenote, i’m surprised that this drama thread isn’t as active.. perhaps dark magic content isn’t popular? :phew:

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@Ellander88 I'm a little confused.

In the flashback, we can see that So Jin's mum was excited with So Jin going to school and she was normal back then.

After the ritual, something changed.


So back to the first ritual which her mother is trying to rid the Chairman of.

Her mother told So Jin not to step out of the safety line which she set and yet So Jin did so.

Chairman saw So Jin, So Jin saw chairman. 

We saw So Jin mother crazily dancing away but said nothing.

Did she see So Jin?


So.. what black spirit entered Chairman while he was driving?

How did So Jin's mother know?


And when So Jin's mother was doing the ritual again, we saw So Jin on the ground, in pain.

What about chairman?

Is that the hospital scene that we saw with Shaman performing the ritual?

But how did she get acquainted with Chairman?


We need more details on the 10 years ago scene at the hospital.


And based on what poor Joo Bong said...

The chairman wanted a world whereby everyone is afraid and no one dares to Sin.

Huh? He's being the "good person" now?



@sadthe1st sadly, it might not be everyone's cup of tea or... their brain are too fried to join in the discussion. :joy:



So Jin's mum... she is not known as a shaman who curse.

Is that after the first ritual?

I'm surprised that her mother knows So Jin needs to curse someone with a personal item, chinese character and a picture.


In addition, chairman let So Jin live and removed from the forest of curses.

Does that mean, if So Jin is dead, so will he?

As they are both connected?

That is why So Jin was in pain when her mother was doing the 2nd ritual without the chairman's presence?

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“Nobody Knows” And “The Cursed” Hit Highest Viewership Ratings Yet

Mar 11, 2020
by R. Jun
tvN’s “The Cursed” recorded an average of 6.1 percent viewership nationwide with a peak at 6.7 percent, for a 0.9 point increase from its previous record, also recorded Monday.
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i think whatever that are inside So Jin and Chairman.. they feed on curses or the person they inhibit in will die? So Jin’s mom had to keep cursing to keep her alive? Chairman leverages on the Forest of Curses to become powerful?

just a very wild guess..

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@mrsj3n @sadthe1st



The comments I made in previous page... I was actually being inquisitive of the possible scenarios that may have happened in the back story 10 years ago regarding the spirit possessing So-Jin and the JJH respectively, right after I watched the live broadcast. The preview shows Jin-Hee’s voice over saying So-Jin and JJH had “the same evil spirit” makes me wonder the possible scenario that happened as a result of So-Jin’s mom ritual / procedure, and the questionable logic that entails each scenario. It was an inquisitive comment made because of the preview, not the analysis of the episode itself.  


Now that I just finished watching the subbed episode, this would be the analysis that I came up with. Actually this episode reveals crucial details on how the spirit transfer works, how to defeat the evil spirit and also solves the big question(s) involving JJH (or his evil spirit) main agenda and why the IPO so important. From the professor lecture about the spirit can also dwell in / possesses non-human, infinite beings and things, the LINK required for the transfer and the STIGMATA on So-Jin hand, Jin-Hee finally able to connect the dots and deduced that JJH is going to transfer the evil spirit into the Forest app itself – the NEW LOGO looks the same as STIGMATA on JJH hand, thus the NEW LOGO is the LINK for the spirit transfer into the app. YES, the evil spirit will forever be in the app, i.e. the app is the evil spirit. Hence, during and after the IPO, Forest will be considered as a miraculous app that really grant people’s curse to each other. This is confirmed by Chun Joon Bong’s statement in his delirious state.


So, will people stop using Forest? NO. Contrarily it will be explosive in popularity as humans are prone to follow their dark side, even with just a small trigger to their negative emotions (anger, jealousy, greed etc), they would seek / install Forest and curse people knowing the app has such tag play. With explosive popularity, the IPO listing will be massive success and their share price will soar higher once people realize it really does the work --- the company will be bigger and richer.


Does the Chairman trying to be a good person now for wanting people to stop sinning due to fear of being curse? I strongly say NO. That’s exactly the devilish, hideous agenda of the evil spirit to conquer human being and be submissive to “it”, under the pretense for the good of human being. In this drama context, the evil spirit is trying to conquer and manipulate the duality of human nature – of course by inciting the darker side, baiting people to believe cursing each other is alright and instil the belief on false miracle that the app could really grant their curse, but in reality they are consenting to the evil spirit to harm or kill their target. Hence, Forest will literally be a cult spreading like wildfire virtually.


That’s all about Forest of Curses and what it had to do with the spirit transfer. Now, based on the professor lecture to Jin Hee on how to defeat the evil spirit (while drawing the fox-like spirit, LOL), he said they have to take the lead. Although the question is about the Buddha statue, but the professor’s answer can be applied generally to evil spirit. So, this reveals to me that Jin-Hee will ask So-Jin to curse and perform procedure on her first before JJH can curse her during the spirit transfer through the tag, so the curse tag directed to her on Forest won’t affect her anymore ( that would be really risky move though as her life could be compromised from So-Jin’s curse *worried*). Her husband might leave himself out (or she may be couldn’t convince him), because in the preview it looks like he is going to be affected by the curse tag.


I am guessing that, next episode Jin-Hee’s going to seek out JJH’s mom to get his belonging for So-Jin to perform the method on him...and that’s where we will be shown the whole back story.. hopefully. So, it will clear out what exactly possessing the Chairman currently.


However, I do have an idea though when I tried to connect the professor’s lecture about Zombie and the blood ritual that JinKyung did in the hospital ward (which may sounds ridiculous to many people but not impossible – because I have heard of such thing happened before in real life in different context). I think the Chairman died because of So-Jin’s mom and he became the evil spirit itself and JinKyung did the blood ritual to make his own dead body hosting his evil spirit. You guys remember the whistleblower mentioned that the Chairman has strong incense smell on him right? I think that the incense smell is to cover his rotten smell. Now it has been 10 years since, it’s time to move from the rotten body, maybe because they couldn’t preserve it anymore.


This is just my guess because I thought they wouldn’t just show the professor talking about zombie without purpose. So far in this drama, every scene, every word serves its own purpose or clue to the reasoning. Thus, I found episode 10 is quite informative and helps to deduce the motive behind the forest of curse and JJH big agenda.    

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