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[Drama 2019] Watcher, 왓쳐


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2 hours ago, titania1000 said:

@sheelatpsfm I think it's because they already have ended the filming, Watcher being preproduced. 

Usually the actors and crew  are still  on set and available to gather for the last day. If they already have moved on other projects, it might  have been more complicated to find a date that is convenient for everyone.   


I also thought the same thing that they would have finished the filming earlier and decided to have the wrap up party cos its not easy to accommodate everyone to be there at the same timing to have their wrap up party. 


Like what happened to Choi Jin Hyuk in Last Empress when they decided to add two extra episodes and he could not be there to do so as he already had to go for his fan meeting which was planned earlier. A lot of fans was upset that they ended his character like that as he had to leave the drama when the production decided to add more episodes. 


Well, at least watcher didn't have that problem and had ample time to complete the drama. Actually its good to complete the production of a drama earlier as I believe the actors can have some time to rest before they move onto their next project. Not forgetting the staffs too as they would have worked hard day and night together. 


Actually its not surprising as Ahn Gil-ho is the director and he directed Stranger and Memories of Alhambra which both dramas ended very well. 


20 minutes ago, titania1000 said:


She's so cute! :wub:

They always try to keep her out of action and she can't stop to worry about KYG (but she's right: the poor guy escapes death at least one time per week!).



Ya true.. He always running here and there... I hope he don't shoot Detective Jang and Detective Do stop him from doing so. 

Now i remember the word, Young Hoon acts reckless sometimes as after loosing his father and truth his father not the one shoot his mom, and trying to find out the truth and now realizing that he forgotten that he did saw the face of the man who killed his mom. 



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Wow. A lot of things happening in ep15 and some questions has been answered. 


Confirmed Detective Jang killed YG mom. Actually it was an accident as they were fighting with the knife. But he covered the incident and made because YG forgotten of his trauma, he didn't get convicted instead of YG dad cos Detective Do falsified the evidence. Its because he thought YG dad killed Officer Jang.


it was YG dad who started Jang society and it looks like Assistant Commisioner took over and make it like his own. He was the one who killed Officer Jang. 


I felt sad for YG after he heard his father confession on the tape. And the best big bang was the original file was kept in the safe deposit. How YG going to do with it we will see in ep16. aka finale 

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Now I understand why Young Goon`s mom died. I always asked myself why she had to die. At first I thought the killer killed her to frame Jae Myung but as we saw, Do Chi-Gwang planted the jacket because he thought Kim Jae Myung killed officer Jang. I am glad that the show adressed this issue.

It was an accident but Jang Hae-Ryong covered everything. It was a mistake after mistake. The moment the police officers took the "justice" on their hands, without aplying the law, they entered in a circle of doomed. It is frustrating to see bad guys winning, but Jang Society are not better.


Why Jae did Myung spend so many years in jail if he founded the Jang Society? The show answered this question. We saw that he had influence outside the jail not only inside, he had evidence, and he wanted to save his son. He might have founded but Park Jin-Woo took over the organization. In 15 years it grew. Who knows how many police officers have joined over the years? 


I want to see the final episode.

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@titania1000 thanks for the recaps & all the updates . :heart:


It’s been a crazy week for me & I am barely catching up on my dramas . I apologise I won’t be able to live cap tonight as I won’t be home. 


I managed to watch maybe 2/3 of last night & I felt so sad for YG . 15 years of his life grieving for his mother & wrongly hating his father because the adults then decided to mete out their own form of justice & punishment because the system could no longer be trusted. Unfortunately people like DC Park do not see that  he & the folks of Jang society are no better than the criminals they get rid off . Is that sort of justice acceptable when there’s collateral damage in the form of innocent lives like YG & his mum? Also , I thought that perhaps JHR could be redeemed, but I guess not given that he decided to get rid of YG after the 1st confrontation. 

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1 hour ago, titania1000 said:

The best anti corruption team! B)


I feel like deja vu.  Is history repeating itself?  Notice the team photo, notice the one person who's not smiling?  This mirrors the team photo taken years ago when Kim Jae Myung was the only one on the photo who did not smile and also was the only one who was reluctant to take picture.  Is this implying DCK is doing something troubling?  Like taking over the Jang Society?  I really hope not! :cold_sweat:


What's with the last scene when turtle #3 was being murdered?  Who's killing him? :skull:

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5 minutes ago, titania1000 said:

I can imagine DCK infiltrating Jang Society/working with Muil to see how far  the corruption goes beyond the ledger since it hasn't been updated for one year. That' might why he wants a man like PSY at his side.


Oh I like your idea that DCK is very likely infiltrating the Jang Society.  And I really hope that there will be a Season 2.  If there is, I really hope the entire anti-corruption team take part in Season 2.


BTW, I enjoyed HTJ impatiently looked at her watch and told Jae Sik to stop reviewing his notes.  I think she's telling him stop studying, you'll do fine.  And he responded, if i stop studying I would fail.  ahhahaha   Then HTJ encouraged him saying 'Fighting'!  Lovely HTJ and JS moment. :blush:


BTW, how can I quote only your name like you do mine @my0t1 ?  (Please excuse my silly questions .... :sweat_smile:)

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:lol: No worries, even if Season 2 isn't official yet, you've made my day. :D



So now we know who's the "watcher", it's Kim Young Geun watching Do Chi Kwang.  And it's Han Tae Joo watching both Kim Young Geun and Do Chi Kwang. :P



I was confident that the finale will break its record again.  The nationwide rating of 6.6% is such a high score.  In Seoul, the rating is even as high as 7.198%  So proud of the team.


p.s. ... I enjoyed the scene where DCK and KYG found the evident bags in the fishing net.  This again showed how different DCK and KYG are.  KYG, a young, passionate, and somewhat hot-head (well, let's just say impatient), jumped straight into the fish pond  while DCK took his time to find the line that connects to the fish net and guided it back to them. :lol:


p.p.s. So turtle #3 being murdered is just sweetener for us the possibility of having a Season 2 and that there are a lot more Turtles to hunt and a long road to completely close down Jang Society.

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I agree that the end of 16 does leave the door wide open for a season 2. Though I'm glad KYG was able to obtain the truth of who really killed his mother and finally clear his father's name, I'm not exactly satisfied without them being able to crackdown on the Jang Society yet. What I enjoyed about the show was that I could never read/predict DCK so I'd love a season 2 where we could see what he has up his sleeves as leader of the CIT to root out the Jang Society and their Turtles. I want to see him prove that his unconventional decision of making a deal with Commissioner Yeom outweighed the normal course of action of turning her in. With KYG "watching" him, I hope he will be able to prevent DCK from falling into a fiery pit while fulfilling his determination of catching the bad officers. Ideally, I really want KYG to be able to seal his trust in DCK.


Slightly off topic. I know that this drama isn't intended for any romantic love lines, but I couldn't help the possibility of KYG and JSY running through my mind after she stuck a cracker in his mouth. Also, I thought HTJ rooting for Jae Shik was super adorable.


I really hope OCN will indeed confirm a season 2 with the return of the same cast. New characters, presumably members of the Jang Society, would be interesting. Crossing my fingers.

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6 minutes ago, taeunfighting said:

Also, I thought HTJ rooting for Jae Shik was super adorable.


Did you see Jae Shik smiling after Tae Joo said she's totally done with Yoon Ji Hoon and the past?  I think JS is thinking he gets a chance after all. 



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Can't help but be pretty disappointed about how safe that ending was - nothing shocked me and the overall arc was just so simplistic in nature in the end


One thing I'm noticing about a few OCN shows is that they now like having more than one season which I personally hate as it means we can get endings like this. One of the reasons I got into Korean shows is the fact that you get everything told in a season and one thing I liked about OCN was that they took more risks - but with them going down this route, where they leave it open for a second season, it completely takes that aspect away for me. 


This show was so up and down for me. Liked the first few episodes, didn't enjoy the middle, started enjoying it again towards the end only for the ending to be a let down

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