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  1. @larus Thanks for sharing, I love this review. Saya's analysis is one of the best reviews I've read thus far.
  2. Did you see Jae Shik smiling after Tae Joo said she's totally done with Yoon Ji Hoon and the past? I think JS is thinking he gets a chance after all.
  3. No worries, even if Season 2 isn't official yet, you've made my day. So now we know who's the "watcher", it's Kim Young Geun watching Do Chi Kwang. And it's Han Tae Joo watching both Kim Young Geun and Do Chi Kwang. I was confident that the finale will break its record again. The nationwide rating of 6.6% is such a high score. In Seoul, the rating is even as high as 7.198% So proud of the team. p.s. ... I enjoyed the scene where DCK and KYG found the evident bags in the fishing net. This again showed how different DCK and KYG are. KYG, a young, passionate, and somewhat hot-head (well, let's just say impatient), jumped straight into the fish pond while DCK took his time to find the line that connects to the fish net and guided it back to them. p.p.s. So turtle #3 being murdered is just sweetener for us the possibility of having a Season 2 and that there are a lot more Turtles to hunt and a long road to completely close down Jang Society.
  4. @titania1000 Really? There is an official news? Season 2? The whole team?! ummm, sorry, I'm repeating your words. Too excited!! About to re-watch finale with subs .....
  5. Oh I like your idea that DCK is very likely infiltrating the Jang Society. And I really hope that there will be a Season 2. If there is, I really hope the entire anti-corruption team take part in Season 2. BTW, I enjoyed HTJ impatiently looked at her watch and told Jae Sik to stop reviewing his notes. I think she's telling him stop studying, you'll do fine. And he responded, if i stop studying I would fail. ahhahaha Then HTJ encouraged him saying 'Fighting'! Lovely HTJ and JS moment. BTW, how can I quote only your name like you do mine @my0t1 ? (Please excuse my silly questions .... )
  6. I feel like deja vu. Is history repeating itself? Notice the team photo, notice the one person who's not smiling? This mirrors the team photo taken years ago when Kim Jae Myung was the only one on the photo who did not smile and also was the only one who was reluctant to take picture. Is this implying DCK is doing something troubling? Like taking over the Jang Society? I really hope not! What's with the last scene when turtle #3 was being murdered? Who's killing him?
  7. I was going through mellowcatskj's behind the scene videos and i can't seem to find episodes 3 & 4. Is there a link to this one?
  8. This is the highlight of his character development. The writer uses this to emphasize how dangerous he’s in right now, he’s on the verge of losing his humanity. I still insist to believe in him, that he’ll snap out of this. I also think DCK and HTJ will do whatever they can to prevent him lose himself. No matter what, he might have done some damages to the girls already. At the end, it would be their father JHR who hurt them the most. The elder daughter has already sensed something is off; she’s the ultimate victim. I think she would feel so troubled and may even think it’s her fault (which is so not true) causing her dad to become a killing machine.
  9. Wonder if we can get English subs on this. They seemed to have so much fun, really want to understand what they are talking about.
  10. At that moment, I think she was overwhelmed by fear. I don't think she was at the right mind to calmly negotiate with the perpetrator. She describes herself as selfish; that's how she views herself. In that incident, I personally don't think it's totally her fault offering her husband's thumb over hers. She was in extreme fear; when a person is in fear, there are only two reactions: flight or fight. She chose the former. I believe she couldn't accept what she chose afterwards. She always believed she's a righteous person, and i think she is, since she's still thinking of her first case, that she wanted to find out the small amount of saliva and blood did in fact belong to Kim Jae Myung just to 100% prove she got the right person in jail and exclude all doubts that still lingered in her mind. She could not believe she made that decision hurting her husband, could not accept she has this ugly side of her, and so she could not face herself; so she chose to suppress this guilt and converted it to anger which allowed her to go on with only one objective, that is, to seek revenge. In the path of vengeance, she chose to ignore the people around her. She manipulated her ways to get close to the killer sometimes even at the expense of others. She deliberately made these decisions and that's why she believes she has been selfish coz she knows she could be a better person. Unlike her ex-husband, she does have a line that she never crosses. In the first case, we could see she had no compassion towards the kidnapper, but she did what she could to find the missing child. She manipulated bad people and made sure they get what they deserve (i.e making sure the organ lady going to jail). This is why I think the character Han Tae Joo is quite realistic. Good people make wrong decisions. It is really up to every one of us to realize them, own our mistakes, and face the consequences and try to correct them. [EDIT] Our ability to make conscious decisions and amend our mistakes are what make us human. If we suppress them, we start to lose humanity.
  11. Their fashion always match But what's with their handshake ....
  12. Speaking of character development, Han Tae Joo seems to have woken up from her vengeful self. She finally snaps out of it and takes courage to face the consequence of what she did in the past. Realizing her selfish way (of offering her ex finger to be cut instead of hers and later of getting revenge) did nothing good but to hurt all the people around her. She sees DCK and KYG are on the verge of walking her old path. She wants to repent and tries to pull them from falling down this rabbit hole. I think DCK knows too well that whatever he did recently (i.e. fabricating evidence against Park and Yoon) it will get back at him and i think he accepts this. He made a conscious decision that he will do whatever it takes to reveal this hideous corruption. As for Young Geun, I think he will be the only main character who can pull himself out from going down to the dark path. I think both DCK and HTJ will be on his side all the way.
  13. I think Jang blamed Kim Jae Myung for his daughter's ordeal. If it weren't for Jae Myung's trick of disarming criminals (that is, to break their fingers), the criminal wouldn't robbed his place and harm his daughter the way he did (cutting her finger). I think Jang came to Kim Jae Myung's place that night with the intention to hurt Kim Young Geun. Young Geun's mother tried to protect him and since Jang had killed Jae Myung's wife he decided to let Young Geun live. Jang's daughter's ordeal is what caused the birth of the turtle. He then trained his own team members to be like him. This all seems to fall into place. However, I need a little help to stitch the rest of puzzle together. What connection(s) do the turtles have with Jang Society? Are the turtles the Jang Society (established by Jang Hae Ryuong) the elite policemen? What about the bribery ledger? I couldn't remember who started to record the ledger. What is the purpose of the ledger? Is it to keep the police force, prosecutors and higer-up politicians keep a blind eye to this Jang Society?
  14. At that moment, each of them had already got their thumb cut off. The turtle (#2 turtle) already knew he could get what he wanted but chose to mock her making her to choose whose thumb should be cut next. With that split of a second, out of selfishness and fear, she chose her ex thumb instead of her own. This ordeal was a self revelation of her own true ugliness. Although full of guilt, she just couldn't face herself or her then husband, perhaps she didn't even apologize to him. Instead she chose to pursue with revenge believing once she catches the thumb cutter everything could end and she could move forward with her life. Her ex mirrors her in a way. He, too, chose to hide his feelings as if nothing was wrong, but clearly he failed miserably and could only hide his feelings (sense of betrayal) through drugs. He dug deeper and deeper into this hole and at the end he too chose revenge.
  15. I agree with you and am very curious what he'd whispered. However, the way DCK looking at the mirror fixing his hair is very creepy. May be he needs to calm himself down before proceeding his next move?
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