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  1. Actually I don't think so. Yeon Soo's reaction are true, honest, and quite realistic imo. There were many signs that Jung Hyun was acting weird (i.e. on the way to the beach where Jung Hyun sort of broke down from a call (Yeon Soo witnessed that), to the police officer asking Jung Hyun's name and Jung Hyun freezed up and was extremely nervous). All those times, Yeon Soo chose to ignore and denied something's wrong. It was until she witnessed a woman hugging him that she got really upset and hurt and angry. As she calmed down, she recollected herself and began to realize, may be, just may
  2. When Jung Hyun came visit Kim Tae Yeol's mother and offered to drive her to the cemetery, he asked her to give him something that he asked her to safe keep for him. Do you think that is the document (a photocopy of the original) that Cha Min Ho tried to give to Yeon Soo? If this is the case, do you think Kim Tae Yeol's mother would have looked inside what the document is all about? Or do you think Jung Hyun had already confessed to his mother who he really is? Probably not but i'm pretty sure this is where Jung Hyun hides the photocopy.
  3. My favourite scene in Ep 6: Enjoying Late Night Snack Behind Their Children's Back ... Yet busted Transcript (JH - Jung Hyun, YS - Yeon Soo, SG - Seung Gu, SM - Seung Mi) JH: Careful, careful ... YS: Seung gu? JH: Asleep. YS: Hurry JH: We only have ramen but I added a squid to it. YS: We still have squid at home?! Fabulous! YS: Allow me to pour you a cup of soju. JH: Congratulations! YS: Thank you. (YS about to pour JH a cup of soju but the she's still thinking of the thugs who tried to kidnap h
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