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[Drama 2019] Watcher, 왓쳐


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A mixed bag of an episode. I'm surprised that TJ hadn't cottoned on to the ex sooner. He seemed rather too... I dunno... affable (?) especially seeing how things had played out between him and TJ. I was rather uneasy about YG walking into the empty-ish office by himself with his back turned and sadly that sentiment proved to be justified. I thought that both TJ and YG were uncharacteristically careless. Perhaps for her it's due to overwhelming guilt that she can't see straight where the ex is concerned. As for YG's excuse... I don't know... a little pity for what the man went through perhaps. Still, he knew that there were sufficient red flags been thrown up that warranted investigation.


I know the drama wants to sledgehammer home the fact that memory is unreliable and people are suggestible. I don't disagree but I feel that the writer/director is dragging out the big reveal regarding YG's mother murder rather unnecessarily by using these sorts of gimmickry. I expect some red-herrings but I think the show should move on already.


I can't help feeling that the close of the episode with DCG doing a bit of uncharacteristic grooming in front of the mirror... it comes across as a declaration of war of sorts... "No more Mr Nice Guy" is what I'm hearing. All throughout he's being trying to keep things civil, working with his superiors and anyone who has skin in the game. Even while he makes the odd sarcastic jibe, he's way is to play by the book and use loopholes where possible. We know that he's capable of playing rough but mostly he keeps it under wraps. But in recent times as he's peeling off the layers of this onion, it's clear that playing nice and within the rules isn't getting him very far. He takes one step forward and then it's two steps back. 

I don't doubt that DCG is fed-up. He's so fed-up that he took to poisoning a former colleague and friend. I don't blame him on some level. The Jang Society has taken it upon themselves to put value on people's lives.

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1 hour ago, 40somethingahjumma said:

don't doubt that DCG is fed-up. He's so fed-up that he took to poisoning a former colleague and friend. I don't blame him on some level. The Jang Society has taken it upon themselves to put value on people's lives.

This is exactly my feelings  & impression after watching with subs. It is quite clear that he isn’t the mastermind or a member of Jang . He’s not gone to the dark side so to speak .  But he knows darn well  that if he lets Park go , Park will never be charged for his crimes . That was very clear when SY expressed her concern that Park will be let off scot-free when TJ’s Husband came to negotiate, and he promised her that it won’t happen this time. 


Does it make it right ? Perhaps not but for me this drama’s theme is exactly that - nothing and no one is so perfectly black & white .  The system is so corrupted that it is impossible to fight it using the correct protocol. At least that was the justification of Jang Society. DC Park for e.g stated that the drugs they took was used as bait  to see which cop was in the take . It was to track how high the dirty money flows up. In his mind & possibly that of the members of Jang , this was a necessary evil for them to catch the bad guys . But of course , the problem with groups like Jang is that they end up becoming a law unto themselves. What bothers me is that DCK is subscribing to the same sort of reasoning because he too can’t trust the system  . So everyone at the end of the day is meting out their own form of justice 


It looks like TJ’s personality has been consistent from even before she got her thumb cut . While there’s no denying she’s excellent at her job, she’s self serving all the way . The emotional hurt she caused her husband is because she volunteered for his thumb to be cut over hers . You can’t blame him for divorcing her . :sweatingbullets:


In fact that actually makes him the perfect recruit for groups like Jang especially with all the physical & emotional trauma  . The Happiness clinic is where all these disillusioned cops / law enforcers are recruited . I believe they are all supplied with drugs to ease the pain & make them more submissive. Just like how they dealt with DA Min. He too was hooked on drugs . 



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30 minutes ago, titania1000 said:

Jae Sik is too cool to be hurt : he got the first aid kit and the weapons all prepared! B) 


Jae Sik is cool for sure!  B)  He has gotta survive this drama or I'm gonna flip tables.


Interesting moment in episode 13 when Jae Sik hears Lawyer Han screaming from a nightmare. He says that she has been having more nightmares than usual.....and I can only think of one way that he is aware of that.  ;)  Lucky Lawyer Han.  I am so jealous.  <_<

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42 minutes ago, titania1000 said:


Someone help the girl! She's in danger to becoming KYG n°2: remember that BTS scene where he was fascinated by the movement of the windscreen wipers?:scream:

I don't want her to be like him: he's always on the verge to die and she doesn't have his fighting skills! :bawling:  



I love her so much :mrgreen: , I wouldn’t want her hurt 







you will think , she answer  like policewoman but no :joy: 




Ok girl cut it , you never say we are handsome :mrgreen: boss he psycho 





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Live caps 


Drama starts with a summary of everything that has happened thus far . 

Then repeat of DCK’s poisoning scene .  The scene slightly extended as we see DC Park choking & struggling to breathe & the lights turned off


YG & TJ tied up at the ex ‘s office . He removes the tape on her mouth . Think scolded her , why rat on him when she herself wanted revenge. He  goes near YG , wants to cut his thumb. TJ yells no  . YG wanna talk , so he removed the tape , he talk too much , got his mouth  taped back . He started cutting his thumb  but did not cut it off . TJ yelling to stop . I think just to scare YG 


SY I think was able to track YG phone , tells DCK


ehhh DC Park not dead yet . DCK brings some syringe & meds with him. So he ask DC Park who was still struggling where YG is . DC Park tells him he has a phone in his pocket . DCK finds the ex hubs number . Calls sY to track it . He calls the ex hubs in time before he could hurt YG further 



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The ex says some stuff to TJ   . He apologised to TJ , both seem sad about what happened . He takes off his jacket & wraps YG bleeding hand & left them


DC Park struggles. Indicate for the syringe ...DCK says what about YG mum? Finally he relented says some stuff , but DCK not happy, he was not forthcoming with his info . DCK refused to jab him. park finally tells him what he needs to know . ( I can’t make out the info) DCK finally called ambulance & jab Park with the meds


JS & SY arrive to save the tied up duo .SY tends to his wounds ..YG wants to go after the ex hubs . So he & SY drive off. JS takes care of his boss

 Ambulance come to take DC Park . . He won’t die 


The ex hubs drive off & use a public phone to make a call & says some code . He left a phone there knowing that YG & SY will track him there   Calls them . Hmm thinks he wants to meet 

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The duo drive to some scrap metal place . They update DCK about it . SY tells YG to wait for DCK & backup to come , he says to give him her taser . He goes after the gang of men who was there . Lots of hot fighting scene. :D  This is the ex hubs men . Finally back up came .DCk told Jang to take care of it ..Jang scolded YG for acting alone & ask him to go to hospital 


DCK & TJ talk in the office about her ex hubs . TJ seems apologetic for all that has happened 


Jang’s men hauled up all the gangsters. . His men are interrogating them  . Jang & YG talk then YG went off . YG meets SY in the hallway , this is so funny . He extended his hand to her , she thought he wanted something. He actually wanted to shake her hand to thank her for saving him . Lol! She shook his hand . These two are clowns

later YG reports some stuff to DCK 

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YG goes back to the ex hubs office to look at the files  . TJ joins him there . They look at a file . Decide to go see ex cop Park (the one with that thumb cut) . As per preview, they talk who killed his mum. He says don’t you remember? You were there . But his memories keep changing btwn dad & DCK. YG left a little angry 


Commissioner Yeom in a meeting with some important looking men . As she saw them out , DCK & TJ arrive at her office. Yeom introduce one of the men to DCK. The guy says he knows who DCK is . DCK & TJ have meeting with Yeon. He shows DC park’s burner phone to Yeom. So in a flashback, DCK found the thumbdrive that looks like the ledger in DC park phone cover . But don’t think he mentioned to Yeom. But he shows some photos of the guy they met earlier ( the important guy) & some woman & young girl. Maybe Mistress ? Anyway Yeom called him right away after DCK left 



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DCK goes back to office , YG & Jang waiting them for him . YG ask what happen to DC park . DCK says some stuff . Then Jang says it’s revenge isn’t it ? They( DCK & Jang )   laugh 


The ex hubs go to the hospital where Turtle 2 is still in coma  . He brings the pincer but YG comes in . Jang also comes along . They arrest him 


now YG interrogate the ex hubs . The latter seems quite calm , still asking questions trying to mess with YG’s mind . Need subs here . But YG isn’t buying what he says & walks off . 


DCK handles the press conference & says they arrested the ex hubs etc . TJ in attendance. 


YG sees Jang older Daughter. He goes says some nice things to her about her dad . But eh she says some stuff that make him think of the first cop ( Turtle 1) . The humanity question 


So I think that she came to look for her dad. So anyway he takes her to the office . Ask her some questions about her family & tried to compare to what Jang had says to her . But something had happened to her before. She takes out her ring , her second finger was cut too ! What the heck is going on . After she left , YG goes look the mind map . He takes a photo of a guy.  He bumps into SY & tells her to do something for him . Goes off with the photo 



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Jang meets her daughter. She tells him she was talking to YG . Jang got nervous & tells his girl to go home 1st.  He goes to DCK office asking where is Yg . DCK says not here , don’t know . Then Jang look at the mind map & realised where he may hv gone 


YG has gone to seen ex cop Park in the jail with the photo . The guy in the photo i think is related to his mum’s death.  He crushed the photo. He Walks in the rain . He remembers now who he saw when he was hiding at the shower as a kid , it was Jang !!!   


Jang is the killer - DC Park had told DCK the same


Jang preps his gun. 

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DCK come into the office . He ask SY to tell yG something when he returns . DCK panics & go off 


YG had gone to look for Jang . He even went into the house , he read a book to his younger daughter. Jang comes in . YG & him look at each other . He tells Jang he remembers it was him . Flashback to Jang standing over his mum 


-eps ends - 

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Just now, titania1000 said:


:scream:I knew it: the guy was left outside the main action for too long!

And all those ominous confrontations with DCK!

All those turns and twists are so cruel for KYG!:tears:


I really should wait for subs . But does it feel anti climactic that he killed his mum? 

Anyway , at this point, we still don’t know who is behind Jang society but catching JHR may provide some clues 

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7 minutes ago, titania1000 said:

@sheelatpsfm Thank you for the link! But it works only for people with a facebook account? I can't see it now...  


@triplem Thank you for your complete recaps! You brought much more understanding to what's going on screen! 


I'm relieved that DCK is totally cleared of all suspicions and taht the truth is out but still worried about our heroes? 

Jang seems crazy in the trailer for next week!  


The link from FB disappeared after I shared it.. I have edited my post with the link from youtube





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