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[Drama 2019] My Prettiest Daughter In The World/ Mother of Mine, 세상에서 제일 예쁜 내 딸


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Mi Ri is very angry at her biological mother, she is full of bitterness. She doesn`t want her in her life now.

Mi Ri is sending a clear message to Tae Joo that they are over and I think he decided to let her go in the end of the episode. I wonder if Chairman Han put a condition to his help. I heard him saying his son`s name when he talked with Mi ri. In the preview, I saw In sook kneeling in front of the Chairman. Maybe she will tell him the truth. It doesn`t seem that Chairman found out by himself, but we`ll see. 


I also think Peter Park is telling Woo Jin that Mi Hye likes him as a man. I thought he knew. :lol:

Mi Hye and Jae Bum crying together... I hope they will clear the relationship between them and become real friends/ family like. 


I have to wait for the subtitles.


15 minutes ago, ck1Oz said:

Then the preview though- it doesn't look like a reconciliation but writer finally chooses to show how both leads are taking the break up.

 I think it is better this way. They need to start over. They still have feelings for each other but there is too much "distance" between them now, many things happened. They have to rebuild their relationship and it won`t be easy. Tae Joo has to learn the truth about In Sook and Mi ri as well.

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@larus you are correct 're Park. MH was absolutely crystal clear in how she viewed him. That's why JB was crying. But whether he wants to be her friend or not after what she said is a different matter.


What made me laugh is when he gave the gift to MH's mother. And the mother was surprised when MH explained. I mean " geez girl you're kind of obvious."


I wasn't really listening to Chairman Han when he spoke of the deal with MR. I sort of tuned out when he started mocking TJ and talking down 're MR and her ambition. I honestly can't remember if I heard the word for " condition " of the deal.


I was sort of sleepy and about to go to bed when I live streamed. Then someone messaged me and I had to wake my brain up to read Korean for her. So now my brain is tuned again. You know when you're thinking in one language you can't think in another? I have been watching 2 TW and 1 Chinese movie the last few days. Tuned my ears to understand Mandarin and forgot how to think in Korean. It always takes me a few days to adjust when I am overseas. It must be the same for you guys as well. But too lazy to listen to the Chairman and TJ again. The important thing is what MR wanted. I was kind of surprised. Don't know why when its obvious.


TJ has the ring still guess we would know if he gives up if he takes it off. Even I felt a stab in my heart when they addressed each other formally at the end.


Night all. The live stream was probably the best live stream I ever had ever in 6yrs whenever I live streamed. My time zone is now 30min ahead of KST in winter. I live stream when it's 30 min ahead. Not when it's 90 min ahead and too late for me. Too impatient to wait for the next day like how some of you can.

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30 minutes ago, ck1Oz said:

TJ has the ring still guess we would know if he gives up if he takes it off. Even I felt a stab in my heart when they addressed each other formally at the end. 


I felt the stab in my heart too. Tae Joo was right. He tried to reconcile but she stayed still. It was the right thing to do. Mi Ri can put those walls now but let see how it will last. :phew: They are working together and both have to bury their feelings for each other.

I think if they will reconcile, she has to make the first move. I can`t wait to see them then. :P


30 minutes ago, ck1Oz said:

I wasn't really listening to Chairman Han when he spoke of the deal with MR. 


From what i understand, he promised her In Sook `s position or the vice president position in two years. But she should not trust that old man at all. I don`t think he is keeping his promises.

The right thing in all this is that Mi Ri returned at Hansung Apparel and she won`t keep Tae Joo at the distance, at least at work. They have to see each other daily. ;)


Good night! See you tomorrow!

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I watched a few scenes of episode 23 raw, so I have no idea what is being said or what is actually going on.


Yet I just wish . . . 


In a culture as filial as Korea, what I'm about to suggest is unforgivable.  When IS did a "home invasion" into MiRi apartment and started hitting her, the civilized thing for MiRi to do would have been to call the police and press charges for assault. Yet the anger in me  [and remember I still believe that IS has a greater goal than wealth and power] the anger in me at IS's presumption wanted MiRi to slap IS so hard across the face that she left a red handprint that took days to disappear.


Yeah, but the-powers-that-be wouldn't let that happened because it would cause such an uproar, especially in Korea.



After watching the episode with subs I've decided the IS is straight up crazy with a warped sense of filial loyalty and no insight into human psychology.  If IS isn't meant to be unreasonable then it is the writers who lack insight into human psychology.


1-IS abandon her daughter and kept her promise never to contact her.

2-IS has the gall to criticize the woman you raise her discarded daughter into a highly competent, successful and admirable person for the way she raised her daughter.

3-She physically assault her daughter and expect her discarded daughter to treat her with the loyalty owed a nurturing mother and insist that the daughter does what she tells her to do when without explanation.


That can only mean the character is crazy or poorly written.



What I will say is three cheer for JS verbal take down of IS.


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After watching the sub for yesterday ep, I love the executive meeting part, the four of them had a tension created among themselves. Obviously TJ will be the one who gets torn away between the two women in the organisation going forward....and the mastermind behind is laughing all the way. If the Chairman han knows IS is the birth mum of MR, it will be more interesting to see. I want more twisted story.....:w00t: He may make use of these two women to fight between themselves to achieve what he wants.


Both mother and daughter had a very high pride, only until yesterday EP the mum apologised to her daughter but with an agenda to ask her quit the company because she knows chairman Han is not an easy person to deal with. He may not keep his promise. Ultimately, IS still need to redeem what she had done to her daughter so far. Hitting her own daughter in the apartment was even a wrong move. 


In this Kdrama, i want her to be back with TJ in the same company and working closely with him and assist him to grow the company together.  


Some possible chances that MR will forgive TJ on later part :

1. Life and death will easily see truth love - Both went on a business trip and met an accident, but TJ go all the way to protect her by getting himself injured badly in the accident. (may be towards the end)


2. IS or someone create a huge crisis in a company, and Chairman Han blame MR for the fault, again TJ stand up to protect MR by all means and take up the responsibility.


3. Time jump towards the end of the drama may be possible because all parties need time to heal.


Generally,  life and death is the only way to forgive a person who loves you deeply.


When four of them are entangled, I can only see more suffering on MR side, she is building her wall getting thicker especially when she is alone with TJ.


When a person went thru the state of distress or hardship, and they even need to face each other often in office, this is called mental suicide, only a strong person can handle to say sorry or to forgive someone you hate most.. Forgiveness is something that when you do it, you free yourself to move on....a very powerful word that we learn each day...and I am sure the key message to take away from this drama is crystal clear at the end. :D


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Sigh there is a reason why an office romance is always messy. Even without a break up. Much less a Kdrama.


I laugh thinking of the Truck of doom and TJ getting knocked down. And getting amnesia. If that happens I would die from the absolute ridiculousness of it all.


Please no.

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There isn't any doubt that MiRi and TJ will get together. That's the premise/expectation of the entire undertaking.  This is a formulaic drama.  The question isn't if they will break the formula--they won't-- but how well they execute the formula.


That being said, it isn't certain that the youngest sister will end up with the editor.


BTW people see the chairman looking at MiRi will sexual interest.

I don't see that.  I see him looking at her with greed. 

All appetites tend to look alike.

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i’m withdrawing from this drama until more episodes are out, i hate the suspense n speculations every sunday night aft the next preview esp when there are so many episodes left ahead :frown: the plot just twist n change so much i dunno what else to look forward to, except cursing and swearing at evil IS and chairman han.. at this point, its all hansung apparel management politics and probably later on TJ matchmaking for prospective daughter in law, MR jealousy, bitterness.. so, i’ll just lurk around for spoilers n updates from all the chingus here :kiss_wink:

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Has anyone kept track how many episodes now since the break up? I am hoping for only a 6 ep separation. At the shortest. Of course it could go on longer to lets say 12 ep in a 5P ep drama. That will still only bring us to do 34. And it's kinda the norm to be together in ep 34. Before a 2nd break up.


I am going to do some housework now. Enough obsession over the drama. Am or rather be practising my Korean. If my kids gets to bed early enough I might try live streaming if the link works. Live streaming is always so dicey. There  has never been a permanent link. And KBS2 is notorious for it. And I never got interested enough to join.

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Annyeong!  Catching up with all the MR and TJ parts of the drama.  The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.  I am worried that MR will become more and more like IS with her need for revenge.  I can see that IS is trying to protect MR, warped as she may seem.  I standby my hunch that she is on a revenge bend.  She doesn't seem to care that much about TJ.  Plus the drama mentioned about some prosecution case that the chairman went through.  There is some dirt to dig around.  The chairman is not evil.  He is just distrusting and he doesn't easily forgive those who has wronged him.  TJ is the chairman's son after all and he does take after the Chairman somewhat.  I think he underestimated Miri's pride.  Who does he think he is to be the one to get Miri back?  Miri earned her place through her own merit.  She is more qualified than him.  He is upset with the deal between Miri and the Chairman but isn't Miri back to her place as he wishes?  It seems that he wanted things on his terms too.  It is a toxic environment and I wish Miri would go away from it all.  It may be a good thing for TJ though to be caught in the middle of the two women.  They may veer off on an emotional tangent so TJ will have to make sound mature decisions in the company's interest.  That will man him up and prepare him for his position in Hansung Group.    


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This is a 100 episode show and I am quite sure we will have a kumbaya ending sans the Chairman Han. He does not have any redeemable trait so he is either going to prison or die of heart attack. 

I am afraid we may be subjected to the whitewashing of IS from the shameless mercenary woman to a victim of circumstances who sacrifices herself or career for her daughter. In the last episode, I think I caught the beginning of her whitewashing. It was at MR's apartment while they were yelling at each other. She said to MR ( the gist) why don't you stay away? I am going to set things up and then you can come back. She has been grovelling and backstabbing her daughter so she could give the company or a significant portion to her daughter?  If it is going to be all honkey dory at the end, I hope they won't start so soon. There are still 50+ episodes and watching IS playing the devoted mother for that long would turn me off. 

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6 hours ago, ck1Oz said:

Has anyone kept track how many episodes now since the break up? I am hoping for only a 6 ep separation.


With today episode, it was 3 long episodes (six mini episodes). But from the preview, things start to look better for Mi Ri and Tae Joo as a couple. :D When the Chairman is angry at Tae Joo, we all know that his son takes his life in his hand. :P


In Sook had to kneel down in front of Chairman. Ew... She think Chairman Han will have better intensions? I don`t think so. In Sook worries that Chairman han will think that she and Mi ri will get together to take more power in the company. Instead of worrying for that, she should have kept the relationship with her biological daughter in a better form. I wish there was the truth of them being together to work against Charman if he would have been a bastard. But he did not make his moves yet, and In sook sabotaged Mi Ri from the beginning. Bad move. 


In the last episode, Woo Jin told Mi Hye to find out more infromation about Sun jae`s past. I wish I know more as well. She felt sad when she saw that Da Bin has a babysitter. I hope there is a first love and he will come back in her life soon.


I think Jung Dae-Cheol found out a sad news about one of his friends. The writer will definetly touch the older generation worries, like illness, death.




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Hello PEEPS I live streamed today and I do not recap so please don't expect any detailed recaps. I forgotten you can't fast forward with live stream. And would admit to fast forwarding a lot of storylines.


So MR and TJ had 4 scenes. Maybe 10 min all up.


Let me zoom through the super long scenes with DB and the new babysitter. Which had way too much grandparents scenes so no recap. Not interested.


IS and I actually muted and skipped the Chairman scene.


WJ and MH and omg what a clanker. You all need some suspense. Can't have spoilers right?  And oh yeah who cares about Jae Baum? The writer apparently. Because he took up like more than 5 FIVE minutes. Where else TJ and MR only had 10 minutes. Hiss.


Oh yeah MS and her husband- separate scenes. I don't read fast so only thought I read some Konglish " Arabian" then the scene moved. It was at night it wasn't a Korean word but sure sounded like Arabian... whatever it was. I guess if someone screenshots it someone else might be able to see what the heck was at the club.


And oh yeah his father is being set up for an affair or what is starting to look like a .misunderstanding of the romance kind with his wife.


So now you know why I don't like recaps. I presume Larus will summarize.


The spoiler is the cliffhanger. And the preview. So my advice is when the raw comes out watch the episode and you would understand what I mean. The Hangang scene spoilers from 2 weeks ago came and I laughed at the obviousness when MR was there part.


The other spoiler is 


Watch his hand in the car .



Told you guys I don't do recaps well. Especially detailed ones. It's the long weekend here and my kids had no sports today so not too tired. But man below the live stream was all those sex sites. Shesh. Luckily it is really the best and most stable streaming site I have ever seen. I swear it was in HD even.



Did I say I liked ep 24? I might even rewatch the raw. You know, TJ was the shinip sawon. But how the heck did he suddenly metamorphosis into this insightful, experienced sounding Junior Director for marketing? Like did he put his brain in  storage and then scrubbed it for his new role? I haven't watched ep 23 subbed mind you. But he sure sounded suave with the other executives today. And when talking to Kang Bujang today. I don't know if she is disoriented but I sure am.

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Chairman Han is not happy! Tae Joo doesn`t want to be a shark like him. :lol: Why he is screaming at In Sook? Does he find out the truth?

Tae Joo is pursuing Mi Ri at work? It looks like the old Tae Joo is back. He is smiling again and he doesn`t lose an opportunity to be around Mi ri. He invites her to eat dinner at work together.

A part of me is happy that there isn`t an ice block between them but what happened that Tae Joo ignored Mi Ri`s choice to be just a profesional realtionship between them? I can`t wait to see the episode to find out. 

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38 minutes ago, larus said:

A part of me is happy that there isn`t an ice block between them but what happened that Tae Joo ignored Mi Ri`s choice to be just a profesional realtionship between them? 


I’m curious too. I see some videos from today’s episode and He was cold.What happened? Or What will happen?



Well, I hadn’t  seen their last scene.  At this point, I'm very worried about her ankle. :sweat_smile:

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MR looked at TJ's hand and noticed he doesn't have the ring... She seems to be hoping... A good sign.


Then... MR being clumsy again and tripped... Of course TJ is to the rescue which he ended up hugging her...


Loved how the writer brought back the clumsiness of MR. One of the memories both can relate to.

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Something  must have  happened  after the cliffhanger. To make him  change  his  mind again. Good night all.


Woohoo there is a Korean fete in my city tomorrow.  It's  probably  the best and biggest each year and I am stuffing myself with food.


SJ and her never ending leek or spring onions props each week makes me laugh. Do they throw it away after? I actually google the Hancheon seolleuntang chain  you  know. So guess I will be  trying that out. The franchise has quite an extensive menu.


@jeilopes yeah me too. KSY pretending to trip on 10cm heels  makes me wince.

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