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  1. Why do I feel MR and TJ will end up sleeping together based from how yesterday's ended.. Or maybe, TJ is going to give his gift to MR.
  2. Yes MR submitted her resignation and TJ told her that he can't give up or let her go like this. Let's see if his identity can prevent MR from leaving the company.
  3. We got a kiss scene today then an argument. Can someone translate or share what was the conversation between TJ and MR?
  4. TJ and MR scenes are to die for!!! Definitely, they have chemistry. MR is definitely herself with TJ and she now somewhat dependent on him without her knowing it. This is where I hate the writer (a bit). Once TJ's true identity is revealed, MR will really get hurt and feel betrayed. The preview is going there, from the childhood friend coming back and asking dinner with TJ to some rumors around the company that the son of the owner joined as a newbie... and MR looking jealous seeing TJ and the childhood friend talking... Then MR looking a little drunk maybe because she knows TJ and the girl will have dinner. I am afraid but I think we will soon witness painful scenes for these 2 characters.
  5. TJ confessed that his heart is broken everytime he hears people talk about her bad attitude. He also said he likes her. MR confronted TJ the following day and TJ didn't feel sorry for saying his feelings to her. Tomorrow's episode is to watch out for. I think TJ's father told him to never have a relationship at work... TJ saying he has a crush on MR... and MR probably being affected by TJ...
  6. We are down to last episode and my major regret in this drama is the writer didn't give enough time for JH to be a mother to HN.
  7. LOL she's the mother of Do Bong Soon where she got her strength. Shim Hye Jin lodt her strength because she didn't use it in goodwill.
  8. I think both of their roles in Sound of Uour Heart Reboot are opposite of their current role in this daily drama. Shim Hye Jin seems to have the same quirky funny role like in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.
  9. Watch JH in Brave Family where she is called the Empress Dowager. In this drama and with all the things they've been doing to HN, she will show her Empress Dowager attitude! LOL
  10. Makes sense. Plus basing it from the pictures shared of their last day of filming, there's none that shows JE had a baby. Hoping though she's not really pregnant. As for JH, why is she not at the group picture of their last day of filming? Seems that she's the only one missing or I may have overlooked? The writer is very unpredictable... So are we expecting more twist as we move towards to the end of the drama?
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