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  1. So glad to see the progress of this drama... And happy that HW threatening CJH like she doesn't care if he files for divorce. After all, she knows how evil CJH and his father is. It's just sad that CJH gets to have a son while HW will never have any.
  2. Finally able to watch episode 58 with English sub. I still pity HW for being used without her realizing it. It started probably because ger mother is ambitious. She could've been ok with TI
  3. Jealousy overload... HJH to TI and CJH to TI. In the first place, CJH has always been insecure and jealous of TI. Not sure if he loves HW though.
  4. So... another HW-EC scene now with HW's mother too. Her reaction does really change every time she sees EC. This drama might make me hooked to find out what's with these 2..
  5. Nothing was mentioned in the earlier eps that she pushed through with her pregnancy but I find it odd in today's episode, she softened up after bumping with EC and saw him then asked who he is. She just looked at him with less disgust than her usual self in this drama (from my point of view). Then another scene with HW's mother at the restaurant, she is so fond of EC and she is even called grandmother. YS even said that others will mistake them for real grandmother-grandson relationship.
  6. How come HW's features soften up when she saw EC? Is there a connection between the 2? They aren't mother-son right? Unless the writer is just starting to show another story aside from the abortikn piece..
  7. Today's episode is so especially for SR. She deserves a better family. JH's comrades treats her like a family more than her true family. I was also touched by the lady comrades and how each of them went out of their way and safety just to help. This is true friendship. This show is not only typical rom-com but full of life's lesson. I just hope thatt the ending will be favorable to the people who deserves to be happy.