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[Drama 2018] The Guest, 손


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HP at the phone booth trying to make a call (dunno to who)

But no one picked up the call.



PHJ meeting with GY's superior. [Hmm....I think she is trying to get GY off her case]

I hear her mention GY's name. And HP's name.

[I don't like what is happening]

She has pictures of the Trinity and implying that the three are in kahoots. She gets upset and throws her glass against the wall.



Now GY's partner is being reprimanded by the boss.

Her partner is telling her about what has happened with her boss.

GY is being stubborn and her partner is trying to warn her off PHJ.

[Maybe it's time to tell her partner what has been happening]

So now she mentions PID. She tells her partner about what happened 20 years ago and that PID is a ghost and related to PHJ. The partner does not seem to believe and tells her to wake up.

Now GY is trying to remind him what happened in previous cases.

GY mentions how her partner doesn't believe her. [Like how she was not believing at first]

GY gives up trying to convince her partner.


Mateo meets GY.

MAteo updates GY about what the blind shaman said.

GY mentions that PHJ met with Father Yang.


GY flashbacks to when HP grabbed her by her throat (first case)

And se is still trying to get in touch with HP. She is at a car parking (basement)

She sees someone trying to get into a house.

It's PHJ's driver. He waves a knife at her.

Her partner is at the same place talking on the phone and sees GY running after the man.

He starts running and brings the man down. Her partner gets stabbed !

Partner is brought to hospital and his wife starts running.

Her boss arrives too.


Gy tells her boss that PHJ's driver was the one who stabbed her partner.

Her boss tells her that PHJ is a scary person. [Looks like her boss is trying to tell GY to hush up]

PHJ is getting upset with her driver screaming how could he do this to a police officer.

Her driver mentions how he needs to hide for now and PHJ agrees about him hiding.

PHJ calls someone.


Scene: daytime

HP keeps trying to call someone. And this time someone picks up. 

It's Father Yang who picked up!


Ad break



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Phew! Partner is okay and his wife is scolding him . Partner is trying to say he is ok.

He asks where GY is and no one knows. Now her partner is thinking about what she said and he recalls first case.

Door opens and we don't see who it is. [Dear God, not the partner!]


Scene: Church

HP has another episode. He see a hospital corridor. His nose starts bleeding.

HP has gone to see Father Yang.

He talks about his father.

They are now talking about HP father.

[I think HP was trying to call the number which his father received a call before he became possessed. So it was a call from Father Yang or at least from the church.]

HP sees Father Yang pouring alcohol into his drink. HP notices the cross is upside down. Oh ohhhhhhh....

HP goes and touches the cross but then his eye starts to hurt. [Oh noooooooo]

[Is Father Yang good or bad??]


Father Yang calls Mateo and tells him that HP visited him and is acting strangely. He mentions HP's eye. [It's like a game of who can you trust!]

Mateo suddenly clutches his chest {same as when he exorcised the little girl}


GY paces outside PHJ's office and grabs the driver but it's a different guy!

GY receives a call from partner.

Partner picks her up. [hmm... ]

He mentions that someone talked to him about PID [He looks surprisingly healthy after being stabbed - and her partner is sweating]

Oh nooooooo

They are driving to god knows where. Her partner is possessed!! Crap!!! Who visited him! It was someone he knew!

Partner is drinking water like no tomorrow. oh noooooo..... [lots of scene changes in this episode - it's jumping from one person to another - much like PID!]


HP is thinking about his father and Mateo meets him.

They start talking.

Seeds of doubt brewing between Mateo and HP.

HP covers his right eye to prove he is ok. But he gets the eerie eye and sees GY taling to her partner.

HP realises that her partner is possessed. ANd HP calls her.

Partner voice has changed. Voice of the possessed. The partner purposely drives to the side of the road and hits a tree (?)


GY in car. Partner is gone. He is at the boot of the car and pulls out a knife. ARgghhhhh!

I swear if the cliffhanger is we don't know what happened to GY ... Arghhhh!



YK place.

Mateo clutching chest.

Trying to exorcise the partner.

Partner running after GY and I feel next episode is about Mateo. Because of what the possessed little girl said.

[Preview scenes whiplash]


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It was an exciting episode.

I do hope they will manage to exorcise the partner. But I think with every exorcism, a bit of Mateo's soul is taken.

So I hope that he tells the other two about what happened to him soon.

This is why I think next episode will be about Mateo.

PS. subtitles are very important so I will be  back once I have seen it again with subs. Haha.

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Yoon should stop stop stop exorcising till he gets authorization. Or else, he's gonna dieee 

This is so thrilling, folks. Thanks, @Dramanoona


YK foresees his death. He might be the last straw :/

Maybe instead of being one of them, HP has psychic power that can vanquish PID. 



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1 minute ago, jeijei said:

Yoon should stop stop stop exorcising till he gets authorization. Or else, he's gonna dieee 

This is so thrilling, folks. Thanks, @Dramanoona


YK foresees his death. He might be the last straw :/

Maybe instead of being one of them, HP has psychic power that can vanquish PID. 



But Yoon will never be able to get permission due to it not being recorded. Though.

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Sad sad episode!! I knew grandpa was going to die...whn they fought!!!:tears: screw park ill do...why no one is suspicious of priest yang and going after him common:crazy: hong joo killed her father didn't she?? Why park ill do is after hwa pyung??? 

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Intensive scenes next week


I just stumbled across one fan comment and I kind off clicked with it. So for the next Episode, Choi Yoon is getting hurt. While Episode 11, Gil Young gets hurt. They are literally going to the top step by step, weakening those who stand in their way to get Hwa Pyung. I also feel that the prophecy is true that "Everyone around him will die." 


Anyone noticed how almost each time,when Hwa Pyung is around or as long as it comes in to contact with Hwa Pyung people will either get possessed or murdered? When they say that "He is just like us." I think they meant the nature of Hwa Pyung,being like death in a way. Just like park ll do killing everyone. 


At this stage, Choi Yoon is injured spiritually and I'm afraid that he wouldn't have much soul left to defeat Park Ll Do. I don't even think that Gil Young will be much help either. Hwa Pyung, he could. But I think he has to take Park Ll Do in. (I know it's a bit out there but just bare with me)


Maybe the only way to win park ll do is to get in to the spiritual world. In which park ll do is vulnerable to being injured. Maybe, Hwa Pyung has to let Park ll do in so that he could fight him one on one. This is something that we must wait and see. Then from the human world, Choi Yoon will keep Hwa Pyung in check making sure that he doesn't lose the fight.

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@Dramanoona thank you so much for the live recap! It's very intense just reading it as if I am watching with you too!

@sushilicious I think every episode fried our brain with the mind games. LOL


We are getting closer to the finale.


Will we know who is the real big bad in episode 13?

I don't know if I can take the guessing any longer. :joy:

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10 hours ago, Dramanoona said:

Hmmm...this would be a case like how Freddy Krueger can be defeated. Like in the dream world?

Yes. Because,if they were to fight Park ll do in the human world. Wouldn't park ll do just jump from one body to another? Then the story will not end.


PS, anyone saw the bts today? CY holding HP up the hill while GY goes up without anyone haha (Bromance~)

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Just watched episode 12.


My head hurts seriously.


Priest Yang is still suspicious BUT right now I really think that PID is just messing with everyone's head so that he can get his prize (HP) in the end.

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7 minutes ago, mrsj3n said:

Just watched episode 12.


My head hurts seriously.


Priest Yang is still suspicious BUT right now I really think that PID is just messing with everyone's head so that he can get his prize (HP) in the end.

Making HP to lose his mind, but at the same time giving back HP his psychic powers. Ah.. have to wait till next week. Can we just talk about how we only have about two weeks left? :mellow: I am not ready to leave the trio yet!:tears:

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Watching again with subs.

I realised that this is the seperation arc of the drama.

Much like most of the K-dramas, except our couple  is a trio.....

With what happens to GY will bring them back together because they realise PID will not let them go.

In any other context, this would be a date call. LOL.


Then you spot his priest collar.

*back to watching*

PS. Father Yang is advising or doing the 'divide and conquer' tactic.

So far GY has not fallen for the possessed whisperings. Mateo already has the seed of doubt planted in him during the little girl's possession. Most likely, GY's seed of doubt will be planted in the next episode, giving the demon leverage.

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Mateo didn't believe that Priest Yang is a suspect just because he's a priest? *facepalm

PID is creating distrust amongst the trio, esp HP and Mateo. I believe what he have in mind was to either possess HP and kill off the rest.


When Mateo heard those voices, my heart just dropped for a while thinking he would be possessed anytime soon. But the more I think,  those minion spirits are trying to plant distrust in his head about HP being PID.


Worrying about Mateo next week. He only got 2 attempts left to exorcise and each is seemingly too painful. :unsure:


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Looking at the shadows and the way it moved towards GY's partner, makes me feel that Father Yang had 'visited' him and therefore he became possessed. With GY planting doubt into PHJ about knowing PID's identity and that GY had seen PHJ's driver, all that is left is to turn her partner against her.


However, if this was happening at the same time that HP was meeting Father Yang, then......plot twist....the person could be Mateo?????



I think we all know what an upside down cross means,

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So I watched the episode (Now just jumping around on the different parts to rewatch it again) Anyone finds it suspicious that GY’s partner is drinking water, then it cuts to HP drinking as well? 


My Thoughts on the possible ending for them:

I find that right now, PID is breaking down HP. Because PID knows that 20 years after the ritual he can finally come out. Hence forth the hospital bleeding scene, as every pain HP has, the energy of PID will take over, more and more till it takes up HP completely. (The old lady said that)  -(Possible Thoughts on the Ending :I feel that HP, will become the superior Human/Sprit. Or he will be a completely different person from what he was. He might be in control like a sherif in the spirit world.)


CY, we can see that he is still suffering from all of this. But a thought that comes to my mind is that even if PID spares him, he will either kill himself or get psychological problems in the near future, due to the sudden pain that he is feeling. (Breaking the mirror, can meant that he is fight with the curse and pain) Maybe once PID dies, his curse will be lifted? But I think it will stay permanently.


GY, I see that she is trying her best to get things right, but at the same time she lacks the idealization of other people around her. Her partner gets scolded all the time because of her, yet she doesn’t felt apologetic. Funny enough, I can’t exactly think of a possible ending for her.Maybe she stays as a policewoman after?


PHJ...Psych Ward. Look at her actions when she is angry.


PY...I think he will either be apart of destroying PID or if he is PID ,he will die, and then transfer it to HP. I think his possible ending is he will die.


YG...To me is a 50/50 chance his vision will come true. GY’s partner I ain’t too sure about him either. 


Preping things early haha. Honestly this is one of the best drama, I’ve watched.The Wednesday to Friday two weeks after is gonna be so lonely.


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