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[Mainland Chinese Web Drama 2020] Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book 三生三世枕上书


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Chinese title:   三生三世枕上书 ll Sān shēng sānshì zhěn shàngshū
English title: Three Lives Three Worlds The Pillow Book

Genre: Romance , Period , Myth

Episodes:  56

Screenwriter: 梁振华 Liang ZhenHua

Directors: 杨玄 Yang Xuan

Broadcast Period: Jan/22/2020

Day: Thursday, Friday & Saturday



Dilreba 迪丽热巴 as FengJiu 凤九




Gao WeiGuang 高伟光 as DongHwa 东华




ChenYan (Baron Chen)折颜  as Chen ChuHe 陈楚河



Guo PingChao (Dylan Guo) 郭品超  as Su MoYe 苏陌叶




Liu YunXin 刘雨欣  as JiHeng 姬蘅




Liu RuiLin 刘芮麟  as Yan ChiWu 燕池悟



Wang Xiao 王骁  as Si Ming 司命



Li DongHeng 李东恒 as Lian Song 连宋

 photo 6f061d950a7b020844ccdd386ed9f2d3562cc8e6_zpspe3pib3q.jpg


Yuan YuXuan 袁雨萱 as 成玉 Cheng Yu



Huang JunJie 黄俊捷 as 白真 Bai Zhen

 photo 0824ab18972bd407cb5a312477899e510eb3094e_zpstezjlgzm.jpg



In Mandarin (Credit: Baidu):





Airing Schedule:


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Finally The Pillow Book has its own thread :D  Thank you @angelangie

I'm so glad Dilireba and Vengo Gao are going to reprise their roles. I didn't expect we'll have the same actors since it is said that another actress bought the rights of this book. Whoever decided to cast Dili and Vengo, he/she had my most sincere thank you :D

BTW, anyone knows why it is called the pillow book? 

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23 minutes ago, angelangie said:


hahaha i think all of us are......the hype is already even when they have yet to start filming lols



yeah I am going to read the book and watch their parts as a prep. I am also pretty glad that it is only 25 episodes, that means that they won't add unnecessary storylines and just give fans what they want. 

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Thanks @angelangie for opening this thread

I'm still so excited about the news cause I thought other actors will play the roles, as we all thought actually whoever did this I'm really thankful :blush: I heard the project is under Jaywalk studio so maybe they bought back the rights!!! But it's a Web drama so they say the quality won't be like ten miles of peach blossom, as far as they do a decent job with the book I don't mind


And as far as I know this will be Vengo's first leading role, I hope he delivers as expected and let this be his chance to break through

Oh and the filming won't start until the second half of this year, too long for me


I think the title came from the fact the a big part of the story is inside a dream ( I didn't like that it was too long but the ending of the dream got me both shocked and sad) hope the script writer will shorten that part, since it's only 25 eps (hopefully) maybe we won't have any unnecessary plots AND a big wish that there will be more to the closure of the book, you know :expressionless:

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OMG I hope it'll pass through with SARFT. SARFT scares me with their pick and choose on drama changes and things like that. I remember Ballad of the Dessert drama was going through a SARFT ordeal the last time. 

So finger cross all will go through with them and we can get this drama on board. So excited to go back to the 3L3W world :)

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He should be if they follow the novel. It won't be as funny as it is if they don't include him in the drama. 


I just heard a different production company just announced it will make the pillow book movie version. What is it with 3L3W that make production companies want to make a drama version and movie version at the same time? First with TMPB and now this? 

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Relating to the title Pillow Book, these sentences are on the preface of the novel.





Loosely translated, it said "Not written in destiny, yet this strange relationship is born", "There's no book on the pillow, yet a love script exists."


Can't find much on why the novel is called 枕上书 or Pillow Book but i came across a ref in this old japanese book. It's a collection of personal writings and daily observations...meant only for the writer's eyes. 



In a way, it is like a diary. So perhaps the "pillow book" here means the 2 chars didn't "write" diary where they would fall in love with each other (they didn't expect it)....but still, a script about their love came into existence.


Lastly in the novel, there's a part on world of dream....perhaps related to pillow, sleep etc.



I wonder if the actor as Si Ming, the follower of Dong Hua will be the same one or not. His acting is quite good.

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16 hours ago, pawla said:

Thanks for the explanation @Cedric Ong.

I wish they keep the same actors from TMPB. I like Si Ming and the third Prince. It would feel different if they were played by someone else. 



Agree 3rd prince was very funny in 3w3lpeach, he will be even more funny hanging out with little dough and DH, so  I Would prefer to see the same actor, same about Si meng

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