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  1. So sorry to hear your news. Sending you a prayers..and hope everything will be alright..
  2. “Everything about her is wonderful.” “Since I picked her, naturally everything about her is wonderful.” PS: I Copycat DJ words .He glorified about the love of his life Xiao Bai... whereas mine is to glorifying about one of the best drama that I loved in my life .. ELOD ELOD drama was not perfect..the editing parts especially ...still felt bitter and cursed at editing team tho ... But despite a lot of lacking or deficiency as we did awared of, I still loved it. Still my no1 cdrama . I love everything about it . Apparently the amazing chemistry between Guangre/Dongfeng couple "concealed" all of the flawed.. don't know about anyone opinions but I've already passed the stage (from the second time I re-watched it)not to cared about the flawed that ELOD's had especially the costumes. Maybe because, although the costumes look cheap, but since both Mainlead (VengoReba) is beautiful and gorgeous , their beauty always "outshined" their 'cheap' clothes. Agree with DJ...l love FJ in red ( Red of saha-Manjusaka) and also agree with FJ.. DJ look so good in purple.. PB1 Page 312 At this time when she lay still inside the force field, her elegant features were more pronounced. White skirt white blouse didn't suit her, however. It was the enchanting bright red of Saha-Manjusaka that suited her better. PB1 page 186 From Heaven to Earth, no one was as eternally loyal to this purple color of garment and could wear it as beautifully as Donghua. __________ Dongfeng's mesmerising beautiful love story and also Guangre's super amazing sizzling chemistry has made ELOD'S Greatly Amazingly Wonderful drama. PB2 page 87 “Very beautiful,” he told her. “And she'll be even more beautiful when she grows up.” He paused then added: “She has a good personality too.” Then he recalled: “Also very talented. Talented in everything.” And finally concluded: “Everything about her is wonderful.” Then as though he was speaking to himself: “Since I picked her, naturally everything about her is wonderful.”
  3. Love and agreed with everything you said about FJ . That's her nature . She's the one .The one for DHDJ. That's why amongst all beauties ...although DJ has had meet and seen in all his extraordinary long life.. and despite how young FJ is, she the one managed to catch DJ attention ( loved) at the first sight. I guoted DH's pov on FJ Out of thousands of people in this whole world, she was the only suitable one for DHDJ.. Because he had good vision. Because his sight was keen, he was able to discover her. _______________ JH? RME...Doesn't matter whether she believes or not .. someday karma will get her and bite her in the RickRoll'D. "..there's actually no such thing as karma and reason, it's all luck and chance.” - JH ( PB2 page 13) Very well said DH as Bais son in law and BGG as Bais grandson would be such a blessed for Qingqiu . An added to Bais clan also widely known with unparalleled beauty and as you said "most talented or breathtakingly gorgeous beings" . So very true..
  4. So very true..FJ is very protective and it's her nature always helping others like she did with Chiyan Beast incident.. and always ready to give an assist to the "helpless"DH and bravely fight with Miaoyi chasm.. Miaoluo. FJ definitely will be as par as GuGu or maybe even better..with DH as her teacher. And the fact DH has personally teach her everything will be triggered of her accomplished or achievement in no time. As DH first student (most probably BGG will be the second student of DH) she will become a great one since DH will not have a mediocre student under his guidance. We had seen how strictly tough and metriculous DH was as a teacher. Even FJ learnt only in a brief time with DH in Fanyin Valley , the results was exceptionally well done..and the she managed to defeats all her competitors including MengShao (although he was distracted) and Xiao Yan.. Just imagine Dongfeng's family harmoniously teached each other in everything they've got. DH teachs FJ and GG everything he knows about Magic, Swordfighting, Music, Gardening, Crafted, Medical and herbs Incenses , Fishing , Buddhist sutra's etc etc . As for painting, GG can asked his grandfather Bai Yi, his technics or pointers since Bai Yi is the greatest painter in all Realms? (Hihi...I remember your last posts about it). And FJ will teach both DH and GG about cooking , knitted or embroidery since she's excel in it. BGG will always know if DH making fun or making a stupid jokes of his beloved Jiujiu . DH will have to secretly "negotiate" or asked GG to cooperate before DH manage pranks FJ in front of his beloved son .."Lie detector" Bai GunGun. Thanks.. I really enjoyed it .
  5. Short story? Sounds so interesting.. don't know why but I'm kind of anxious and nervous..not too angsty one..right? I don't have a Tumblr account...but thanks! anyway..
  6. Hahaha..i wish to choose more than one emojis to respond which is then ended respond to the last paragraph with just LOL. Maids gossiping about DH Dijun hadn't ever paid much attention to anything outside of the heavenly laws. He probably didn’t even know what taking a Queen meant. (PB1 p22/23) Even Tianjun had always deemed Dijun to be a deity with neither desire nor want. How FJs existence have turned The Almighty "Emotionless, Desireless ,Loveless" DHDJ into someone who are affectionate passionate and adorablely sappy lover..the power of Bai Fengjiu of Qingqiu has over the former Master of the universe.
  7. I wish FJ can be a bit like BQ ..cold hearted and respond in-kind to anyone who dare to bully her just like BQ did to Su Jin and Xuan Nu. The problems is JH has never met FJ other than that one time , it was when she was lying about DH and Saha Fruit. I wish FJ also respond in-kind to Souying .FJ could learnt a trick/magic from DH how to remove Souying fairy essence and get another mythical creature to bully 'ordinary Souying' like he did to Baby Fox. Since DH always by FJ side especially after Aranya Dream so JH didn't get a chance to tells FJ her another fabricated story , her delusional mind . I should've felt uncomfortable with how super clingy and possessive DH is, but apparently l like/ loved it . DH is super clingy hopelessly romantic and he won't let go of FJ ..even as far as go to the pond to wash her face. JH should meet "FJ The Empress" at least once to "bow and kneel down" to the DHDJ's empress as well as Qingqius Queen and JH also should seen BGG, the fruit, the prove of Dongfeng's eternal true love.
  8. One of the scenes ( both in the book and drama) that make me felt heartbroken for Little/Baby fox , irked with JH because she such a pretentious b***h pretending to be wise but she's just a selfish and dumb obnoxious person . She was the source all the mishaps and misery that happened to Baby fox and I'm mad with Souying not because DH fed him mushroom but because he almost kill 'helpless' Little fox..i said helpless because she just an ordinary little fox at that time..so thankful to Siming. I kind of disappointed with DH and I want to be mad at him but he did nothing wrong just like FJ said "it's not his fault" and FJ did punished him by disappear without a trace .. leaving him , make him restlessness looking for her everywhere in Heaven and Demon Realm, even accused YCW stole his beloved Baby Fox. Agreed with @MayanEcho about JH , she's preening, mix of stupid and cunning..and also like @chsaf said she'd a psycho b***h ..lol. Never have I talked the worst/bad about anyone or someone so much in my life before,... like I did with JH character..lol..I just can't stand her character.. Too bad TQ didn't write about what would JH felt ( not that I care ) if she knows Baby fox that's DH adores so much is actually FJ. Or what will DH do if he have a chance meeting with Souying after what it did to baby fox or even better , if FJ herself confronted with Souying..but again I think FJ probably already forgive JH and her pet...and just blamed her ill-fated. "You? You are different, Xiao Bai" - DJ “There has never been anyone more important than you, Xiao Bai.” - DJ
  9. IKR.. couldn't agree more. No awkwardness between them.. I admires both Vengo/Reba for making Dongfeng's love genuinely look so real in ELOD....maybe because they did adores/admired( loved) each other very much IRL instead of just/only acted in-lust like some others co-stars in other drama. Here I am..Guagre as well as Dongfeng's lover..lol. "I love the idea how Dongfeng together would have a lifetime of love and laughter" I also love this( yours) sappy words.
  10. Have been thinking about you.. you are missed Thanksfor the little info about Lotus Step.. patiently waiting..
  11. Siming must be sneezed continuously right now...lol(me laughing at Siming) Awww... FJs Reba and this fan art is equally adorable.. The brave little fox threatened the Almighty powerful God DHDJ that she will break him like a twig..and she even bragged about herself had a fight with the Buddha....this girl... DH was amused and very much entertained.
  12. Thanks Sincerely I don't remember these part... Fengjiu apparently had a habit of acting coquettish whenever she fell ill. Seventy years ago, the high deity Cang'yi from Mount Zhi'yue fell head over heels for her only after witnessing her being sick once. This was proof that there was truth in the rumors. So Bai Fengjiu had a habit of acting coquettish whenever she fell ill, was seem to be widely known. Whose the gossiper could be? who's the culprit?..lol
  13. Wondering about it too.. but Since DH was a very sensible he maybe not doing anything to Cang Yi... at least ..as long as Cang Yi didn't came across with DHDJ or Cang Yi just have to purposely avoid DH as per TQ said: he will save as long as DH didn't meet him(I can't remember the exact words from TQ but it's there..in ELOD'S blog) CangYi has seen adorable sick FJ( in the book)..but TQ didn't elaborated it more..so. I was thinking maybe Cang Yi seen it when he came to Qingqiu to meet with his friends the oldest phoenix Zhe Yan and Bai Zhen..maybe that time ZY as a healer giving a treatment to sick FJ.
  14. IKR..and the back hugged scene..Awww.. Since I've seen many back hugged scene in kdrama before, so it shouldn't have make me felt delighted so much though..but it did , the sweetness...maybe because it's Dongfeng. They are so cute and adorable.. "You are Emperor DH, I'm Bai Fengjiu of Qingqiu."( DH's smile..so adorable) "I'm your girl , Xiao Bai" ( agreed with @pawla l love this 'sappy ' lines so much ) Then DH playfully and sweetly tap FJs forehead with his forefinger..idk why? but I love it...lol FJ : "Aren't you coming?" DH: "We haven't got married yet?" FJ : "I didn't mean that" Lol.. here's DH can't help but to tease her..or playing hard to get. but the way FJ asked him , seem like or implying she 'invited' him to take a bath together in the hot spring...
  15. Very interesting.. I remember that Fanyin Valley was created by some powerful God/immortal which we also didn't know whom because there's no deeper explanation about it..or is there any more information about it? Somewhere in the books? And Fanyin Valley also as known as Fanyin Gu. I had some thoughts that maybe that the powerful God was DH who created Fanyin Gu ..just maybe.. In the opening /prologue of PB1 We had been introduced to two walking encyclopedia manual in all of Heaven. 1) DH as walking Buddhist manual 2) Siming as walking Baqua manual( gossip monger) PB1 page 3 However much lower-ranked this fellow Siming was compared to Donghua Dijun, he had the fortune to be as well-known because in all of Heaven there were only two walking encyclopedias, the only difference being Donghua Dijun was a walking Buddhist manual while he( Siming) was a walking Bagua manual2. He knew three generations’ worth of every secret one's family could possibly have. PS : In my past experience when watched Naruto animation , whenever there's Buddhist hymns heard in the background it usually because of someone gather inner strengths (it called chakras for Ninjas) casting spells or to form inner defences to preventing being lure into something wicked or when ever there's very intense scenes occurred. And I thought Buddhist hymns has something to do with DH fairy energy or his cultivation because it was written whenever DH was involved( although not everytime)..maybe because DH has regained Oneness (Single mindedness). That scene was hilariously entertaining scenes..I almost thought FJ really had amnesia , she for a second got me..until she lovingly play with DH's hair... How could she ever thought she can fooled DHDJ? unless if its DH himself also pretending and get along with her mischievousness...lol. I practically burst out laughing the moment when she asked whether DH was a little fox from Qingqiu? Are you my classmate? or did you have a blind date with me?..