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  1. He look so good, manly and attractively beautiful in all the short clips. I still can felt Donghua Dijun's vibes on him.. PS: I know I'm being biased when it come to GuangRe..but who's care Thanks for sharing..
  2. Reba's drama #The long ballad Exceeded 1 billion views count on (Tencent only). #1 Top weibo drama ranking https://twitter.com/StarDramachaser/status/1382308384427315201?s=20
  3. My thoughts exactly. @chloenynnHello welcome on board! Another good results . 500million views already. From 16 episodes. cr.to owner.
  4. ELOD , 190 million views on the first day premier and Exceeded 700 Million views in 6 days (from 12 episodes). 1 billion views in 7 days ( from 14 episodes)
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