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  1. You're right..but how come I had missed it? . I did remember watched the second video..but the first one..?? Anyway thks .
  2. Are you saying this new leaked video was a part of the scene for mortal orc story? I must be missed the news about it then..until now I didn't think I ever read any news not even tiny bit ...regarding the mortal orc storylines or plots. The Crown princess also a badass..a fighter? But of course if she was actually our Fengjiu...If it's true...wow..very interesting indeed.
  3. My guess is this scene Aranya in the battlefield where she's go to War instead of his brother. Well at least we got something ..
  4. From the moments I know that Vengo and Reba reprises their role..I was really happy bc practically my prayer was fulfilled .."the answer of my prayer" so thankfully...so grateful...I didn't want to even imagine other actors/actresses play DongFeng..at least...Not before Vengo/Reba done for the first roles for DongFeng as an original couples ..but If after this drama...DongFeng will be rebooted with different couple..it does not matter to me.. So back to Vengo acting skill..some fans really anxious..to be frankly..me too. Not much expectation ...just hope that... if he maintains his acting..the same as how he acted as Donghua in TMOPB..that's it..it's great enough...its perfectly good. I have seen a few cut scene of Vengo in Candle of the tomb, Pride and Prejudice...which I felt that his acting was really good...but I didn't watched Legends of Fuyuo bc most of the fans who have watched it says Vengo was really terrible in it..usually I didn't rely on some negative comments but I make a decision Not to watched any Vengo project before PB...sorry Vengo!! I didn't watched LOF because I am afraid my impressions on Vengo would be tarnished.. A good actors also depend on her/his partner, Vengo partner is Reba..someone he so familiar with...no awkwardness between them.so I think he will be great....and his others co-stars familiar with each others..all was needed is a good director/cameramen/scripts..enviroment..which is I feel all of that was the reason I think this drama will be awesome..hopefully!!.. I hope I don't have to blame the director for not good enough or for not being motivated enough..especially for the lack of credibility to directing...If the director not satisfied with the actors in making a good delivery ..just say " CUT!" then do it again and again until successful..wasn't it. I hope Vengo/Reba will bring out the best of this drama..bc..for me their chemistry and improvisations was the key for this drama..to be..could be the most memorable one in CDrama.. Scripts can be awesome!..Director can be great!..cameramen can be superb!..CGI can be splendid! .BUT if the lead couple doesn't have a chemistry..everything will be "not working". So..you're right my friend..Let's think positive!!( high ten !!). PS: waiting..waiting..waiting since last year...hopefully very soon we got a good news..
  5. "The interaction between them is very fun. Everyone will definitely feel "so sweet" when watching it." - Vengo on the snow scene. I guess the scene was when DH train blindfoled FJ about balancing and sword fighting...and was involved "love bite" on DH's lover lip. OMG!! No doubt about that..I can even imagine it in my head. I love it when Vengo spontaneously exactly adeptly become like Donghua. " Big mouth is wrong. Big mouth is calamity." - Vengo . Tried not to say too much... 8th November ..I really hope so..
  6. Blindfold Kiss and DongFeng's second kiss ( DongFeng's first kiss was when FJ in baby fox form or more accurately Baby fox stolen a kiss from DH..does it count?). In a panic, she lost her footing, as she tumbled onto the ground her lips landing on something soft. She fumbled around searchingly as she tried to lightly bite on it. When suddenly she heard Dijun grunted in the dark. Startled, she snatched down the silk band on her eyes. Dijun's face appeared inches away from her face. A row of sharp teeth marks lined on his lower lips. FJ's face blanched white, then flushed red. In the air Third prince Liansong was fanning his fan as he smiled brightly. " Ah Li make a fuss wanting to come look for his cousin. I open your force field up not knowing I'd be disturbing the two of you. My bad my bad". The little dough was indeed floating in the air looking down at them. His eyes grew round. His mouth opened so big could stuff two eggs inside. In shock, he asked " Did FJ jiejie just kiss DH gege?. Am I going to have a nephew?". Then in dismay he cried " What am I going to do, I still haven't prepared myself for nephew " 1) of course Fengjiu prefer DH's lower lip to bites..soft fuller and plump. 2) of course Liansong always appeared at the right times, at the right moment, at the right place....again?? Lucky him!! always seen something extraordinarily fun and entertaining especially when it is about Dijun love interest..( DongFeng at the Hot spring.. remember?) 3) of course Ah Li think that kissing can make someone pregnant. what's a cousin they are..Fengjiu also thought the same before..Thks for Siming explanations. Otherwise FJ still waiting for little Donghua aka Bai GunGun to be born.
  7. I really hope these part included in the drama..but unfortunately it's not up to me or us. We all expected it will aired on September(Q4) but now is October already, we have another two months for this year to end but no confirmation or whatsoever not even a trailer!! So sad.. Didn't Someone here has had post about an actress who play Jiheng responded to a fan on her Instagram wasn't it?...that this drama will be airing end of this year?? @Sisca_TVXQ as always thanks for sharing the news about Reba.... Which is guite looking good..
  8. One of my favourites parts in the book..and I have a lots actually. These part was not long before A Flying Vessel incident happened. FJ sipped her tea and felt if she was floating in a dream, but next to her Jiheng steady gaze at DH was very real. She couldn't determine truth from dream. After some consideration, she gave herself a pinch, it didn't hurt, she must be dreaming .She pinched herself again. DH voice come from above " How convenient you choose your pinching spot". FJ looked down at her frozen hand which was placed on DH's thigh. She quietly retrieved her hand and dryly laugh " I was helping to smooth out your wrinkles garment Your Majesty "...
  9. @midnight_muse Definitely one of my favourite in TMOPB . Reba/Fengjiu is super cute super adorable and very entertaining... The way she hug Donghua tho..then nuzzling her cheek onto Donghua's chest...
  10. From my understanding DH didn't lie to FJ..but yes Fengjiu felt that DH deceived her especially when she known about the "alter memory potion". Fengjiu leaving because of her doubt or uncertain about DH's love ..that she felt DH not consistent about his own feeling and she also think that DH had choosing Jiheng over her.. An excerptions from the book: When she fell in Aranya Dream, she was in the brink of death and he chosen her. Now that Jiheng was on the brink of death ,he choose Jiheng. Ultimately, who was it that was blind to his own feeling? She reckoned he understood he had wrong her in choosing Jiheng, that was why he was too ashamed to come to Qingqiu to see her. I might say the separation that happened to them was because of many mishaps and misunderstanding..and the fews reason that I think of was: 1) Xiao Yan fail to bring a letter to FJ/ Zhonglin from DH that briefly explain about his situations. 2) Bai Zhi said that DH and Jiheng having an affair. 3)DH didn't know until it too late that the messages he sent did not arrives on time due to the messenger (XiaoYan) injured and have to had a treatment for month's( in comatose..maybe).73 days later DH did come to Qingqiu right after he know that his messages didn't reach FJ. Ps: I don't mind light ansty but please not the heavy ,deep or extreme one..I don't think I can handle it... I read PB so many time ..and everytime..without failure making me cry when read the devestated part..giggles and laugh when it funny...smile when across the happy moments.. DongFeng got me really bad..
  11. Despite the beauty..the symbolic of each flowers was very unique ..ominous, corpse, sorrowful.. I love your theories about "sea of fuling flowers" I was wondering how and why Miaoluo thinks that Donghua weaknesses is sea of fuling flower and she manage to figured it out.. someone that Donghua adores is Fengjiu. In Fengjiu's memories about Donghua and fuling flowers. These is after they defeated MiaoLuo, Donghua was injured and resting his head on Fengjiu's lap. Watching a sleeping Donghua, Fengjiu recalled the day when she has also once liked sleeping on his lap as a baby fox. In those day when fuling petals fell on her head, Donghua would brush them away for her.
  12. @rapo65Red spider lily...wow ...that's such a beautiful flowers. Yes...I remember...a sea of fuling flowers I've always heard of your Grace's unparalleled tranquillity in all the realm. I've long wanted to know if your heart is truly as placid as they say it is. My wish was at last granted. I didn't know your Grace's weakness is a sea of fuling flowers. How interesting how interesting indeed. I wonder if...what's you keep in your heart is this flower sea or a certain someone hidden inside it? The powerful deity in the world, the so called Saint who has regained Singles - Mindedness in the nine mental abiding having this shocking of secret.. - MiaoLuo
  13. Donghua Dijun the most attractively charming an ancient old man ..He was 390,526 yrs old and still a virgin (I'm so impressed by his celibacy) and Fengjiu was Fengjiu was 32,200 yrs old.. But I'm not 100% sure about their ages...this is my guess about their age when DongFeng attends BaiQian/YeHua's wedding...i just remembered@redfoxprincess had has post someone's Blog about it. Their age difference?? He guite amused by Fengjiu's mischievously behaviour when she kick Flowerpot that goes straight toward him but stop merely 3 inches from his precious forehead and Fengjiu spontaneously blame Migu!!!. Those incident also make Donghua Dijun finally noticed Fengjiu for the first time eventhough they're actually already briefly meet at Wangsheng lakeside ...
  14. One of Fengjiu's POV.. Dijun was perhaps the divinest out of all Divines, forever staying inside the Three puritiest of the untroubled Bodhi land. There was no one in the world who dares to entice him into the dusty realm, but she had audacity to try such a thing. She tried she tried and it's worked. She was too talented. She drew him into this love affair, something he had never experienced before. He must not be used to it, but even so, he was not lost. He was still going at his pace, by his rule. He was certainly the king she always knew. She love it. PS : my old post actually, but because I was so proud of Fengjiu's ...I just need to shared it again. It's just so admirably touching with her patience in order to pursue her love..how she managed to melt Donghua Dijun's heart...someone who was known as per described " Emotionless, Desireless, Loveless" .A deity with neither Desire nor Want...existed since the time Yin and Yang separated at the Blue Sea,(an ancient old man ) A true spirit born out of Heaven and Earth.
  15. Damn I'm on fire..and again don't mind me.. I love this parts ....while Fengjiu's racking her brains how to breaks the news...how to have a most pleasant way to introduced Donghua as her husband to her family...then because she lose in sword fight with Nie Chunyin..Donghua as her Prince Consort have to also participated...then at the end Donghua has been introduced as her husband not only to her family's but also to the whole world...LOL...such a grand entrance... The reactions of FJ's family was priceless..here it goes...I know I know all of DongFeng fans know it all...right.. Hanshan Zhenren...Deity who work in marriage registry breaks the news....of course he know about DongFeng being married ...only him and Lord Liansong know about it. Hanshan Zhenren say to Nie Chunyin "Although your lordship has defeated her Highness Fengjiu, you have yet to beat her Prince Consort. Its seem a little premature to be asking Her Highness for a promise from Qingqiu." There was a burst of silence from the audience followed by a burst of murmuring. Bai Zhi Dijun's( FJ's Grandfather) hand stilled at the tea table. High Deity Zheyan's face froze in shock. Elderly Fairy Fumi's( FJ's Grandmother) mouth dropped open. High Deity Bai Yi's( FJ's father) almost fell off his seat and High Deity Bai Qian dazzedly asked Lord Ye Hua " she's married? To whom? Since when?". Lord YeHua prudently replied " it must be it, Hanshan Zhenren says it is "
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