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  1. I don't have weibo account but I can lurking around. I've bookmarked this one # l like You # https://m.weibo.cn/search?containerid=231522type%3D1%26t%3D10%26q%3D%23我喜欢你%23&isnewpage=1&luicode=10000011&lfid=1076035653796775#&video
  2. Agreed.. If you loved it. Just enjoyed it to the fullest. I've tried to reasonings with them at first until i get tired .. Yes..its really nice to be here...
  3. Yes..1109 ...I thought I'm the only one who realized that when I rewatched that heart breaking scene for the second time To be frankly I've has rewatched all of their sweet loving intereactions so many time already. ..I sort of avoid to rewatched that heart-breaking scene, to watched a cold hearted man cried. I've been trying to reasonings with a fans at MDL . Some viewers even gave rated a 1...SMH.. Can't be helped.. every body have their own preferences.. it's their right. I either want to shake GSN or say something like "way to go NanNan!" Only
  4. Kissing scenes Ep6 , 7, 14, 15, 19, 21, @cloe agreed .. love all of their intereactions.
  5. @pawlame too.. couldn't get enough of them.. always makes me grinning like a fool..
  6. And I couldn't get enough of LJ/GSN adorable sweets moments...lol I hate the censorships rules.. otherwise it'd pure joy to watched the certain scenes...*cough.. you know.*
  7. 中国大陆漂亮女演员大赏2020 Pretty China Mainland Actress Star Award 2020 https://www.polltab.com/OO2-ATHQqT Reba no 2 at this moment
  8. @xingyuerefuelThat's the one..thank you so much.. Kiss Everywhere?..lol.. fitted to our OTP in every of their intereactions. LYS with tattoo look so hot... imagine if he's shirtless in the bed scenes in this drama...ooh la la.. DITK's fans will be going crazy all over the internet..weibo and Twitter's will be exploded..
  9. @xingyuerefuel in the BTS you're post on oct 12 ..I really love the background song by a male singer.. May I know what song and who's the singer? TIA
  10. I'm really love this drama and It's obvious duh... Fantastic, fulfilling, heart-warming, entertaining ..such a wonderful drama. Has the most hottest kissing scene, super adorable lovingly couple..bravo to LYS and ZLS for potrayed their roles absolutely fantastic for making LJ/GSN's LOVE look so genuinely believable realistic.. @xingyuerefuel Yes.. it's true like you said... I will miss them..and I will definitely rewatched it again.. @caranita oh.. LYS has a tattoo..wow! @jessica somerhalder Agreed...we've been served with a proper adult ki
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