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  1. The thing is, Miao Qing did indeed save his son's life in the drama. So to repay that debt, he had to be lenient. Also she was influenced by someone else. And he knew who the real perpetrator was.That was taken into consideration. Send her home, end of story.
  2. Working on that translation, ladies!!! Which is something a girl her age would try to do. Follow the examples set by her elders who had raised her. Bai Qian always tries to repay favours shown to her and never liked to “owe” them. Yes overstepping their boundaries led to both of them coming to no good end either. Both were rejected rather harshly. Ye Hua still gave Miao Qing some face but Dong Hua put an end to it immediately. But because he owes Meng Hao the gratitude of his own life, he had to save Ji Heng. He takes the repaying of debt seriously as well.
  3. Here's the video link again along with the translated lyrics of the song: Translated song lyrics: 阳光晕染纯白 云彩遮盖青苔 幽幽鹿鸣传来 不敢跑太快脚步柔柔踩 风吹摇动裙摆 树荫下是你在 若我不走过来 难道你只懂踟蹰徘徊 Sunlight smudges into pure white Clouds cover the green moss The faint call of deer comes through Not daring to run too fast, soft footsteps are tread The wind blows swaying my skirt to and fro Under the shade of the tree is where you are at If I don’t walk over Don’t tell me you only know how to waver back
  4. Beautiful cut and edit of Xun Qing by Tencent: I this so much!
  5. He didn't steal it. He was injured while doing his divinity trial and didn't realise that getting too close to it will cause him to absorb it. The stone actually healed him. I found that the "easter egg post credit scene" is confusing many people. Xue Qian Xun said their souls are sealing the breach in the Divine Web forever, so they are technically together forever in a realm of their own. Then that scene show her as Princess Liu Ying making so many people think she has reincarnated into another life but that wasn't actually what happened. It's more like the realm with
  6. Xuan Bird is completely mistranslated in the subs in VIKI and We TV. It is NOT a swallow. It’s body form and size is similar to a swallow but it is actually a mythical or divine bird in Chinese ancient folklore. 玄鸟是古代中国神话传说中的神鸟。出自《山海经》,玄鸟的初始形象类似燕子。 Translation: The Xuan bird is a divine bird in ancient Chinese mythological legends. It originated from the ancient classic, Classic of Mountain and Sea. The form of the bird is similar to that of the Swallow. It is only given to people who work as soul catchers. Lord Xue always had it and Xiao Qing now has
  7. At first I was wondering where the bird story was going and then when the bird and the Lord of Luo Feng met, sparks flew on screen and then I started to really love that CP pairing. I still like the main storyline and loved how it ended. They did follow the game plot closely so I did know from the start that the bad guy was the Star Lord of Fate. He let his ambitions destroy his friendships. Even Dragon King was reluctant to kill him at first. The souls of Dragon King and Qing Yan being together at the end was a great way to end the story because they can finally be together foreve
  8. While second cp did get their full happy ending with the breaking of the blood curse, it wasn’t bad for Dragon King. Their souls get to be together in a separate realm while still keeping the Divine web sealed forever. I mean, there were not many roads left for him. It was either a lightning death or if that wasn’t happening, an eternal life of pain and loneliness. So this is perhaps for the best.
  9. Oh and Deng Wei’s post is so cute: https://m.weibo.cn/3005331561/4646269425028644 He basically said he used to spend lots of time on sealing the Divine Web but now he started experimenting with new peach blossom make up styles. At the end of the paragraph, he said if anyone saw Xue Qing Qing, please let her know he is looking for her hahaha. And she replied to that post saying she will fly back quickly to see if those new make up styles are pretty or not hehehe. Then he replied saying “Come, let’s go home to draw them” ROFL. soo cut
  10. Ill try to link from weibo from my phone. I checked her weibo page. There is only her latest photoshoot (wow she is really a tall girl). and some gifs in her latest post which video are you referring to? Pan Mei Ye’s latest post: https://m.weibo.cn/status/4646268234631128? All the actors including the bad guy posted this certificate of graduation from the show hahaha. This was hers! and this was her last last post from last week: https://m.weibo.cn/2408739831/4643281386605515
  11. It is only an Easter Egg, not really an episode. That's why it's 6 minutes only. But it is released as episode 37 on WeTV. I think you can also find it on Youtube as well if you search.
  12. Ladies, I am up working on finishing the translation finally now that the damn lockdown has been lifted and my kids can go back to school. I will try posting it asap. After that it will be full steam on Lotus Step.
  13. I just cried my eyes out again for the second time watching 31-36, this time in full HD as I have WeTV subbed. I will also watch it on Viki for the hilarious comments LOL. I never watch any chinese show with subs, and I even turn off the Chinese subs. I find it takes the beauty out of watching the screenplay. Good thing ViKI and WeTV allow me to turn them off completely! Oh ya, I also catch it on vqq (wetv's china site) for the chinese comments. Those comments are very very hilarious at times! Yeah they did cry and comfort each other. He was crying his eyes out in that scene. Thos
  14. For those who couldn't get on weibo to watch the interaction event XUN QING Their true personalities are pretty close to their characters imo!
  15. Drama watching is really a personal preference. I did personally enjoy the show. It’s not everyone’s cuo of tea, I understand that. On the ending, the writers have already sweetened it: Furthermore: They have already sweetened it a lot to make the show watchable and not just a cry fest.
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