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  1. I mean you can guess the trajectory of the story. Tang Qi had already mentioned that Lian Song will have many love rivals and not necessarily the opposite gender either. Lian Song will regret his decisions, I can tell ya.
  2. Maybe more than 1,000 years after as Bodhi Fate starts when Shao Wan awakens. There is a hint in the last one shot she wrote for Pillow Book. That one shot starts with A Long Long time after, Shao Wan awakens. Though by that time Shao Wan and Zu Ti will be around and maybe Xie Ming. More than one ancient god to share ideas with. SW and ZT are besties, and SW and DH are also besties. There must be a reason why TQ dwelt into the past in the book as Shao Wan recalls her memories. Don’t forget certain people are in them. My guess is Bodhi Fate might be switched to third person pov instead of first person as both The Pillow Book and Lotus Step are both written in third.
  3. Here is a reply from Tang Qi to a book fan who asked her why she ended The Pillow Book with the inhumane “Gun Gun, I am your Father Lord.” Author 呃,我原来这么坏的吗?可你不觉得那才是最真实最合适的结局吗?滚滚我是你父君,好像确实不太人道,但是当时主要考虑菩提劫里会继续,毕竟被昆仑虚封印的三毒浊息还得靠帝君老人家恢复之后在菩提劫里继续。就是没料到菩提劫到现在还没来得及写ᶘ ͡°ᴥ͡°ᶅ Oh, was I such a bad person? But don’t you feel that the ending is a suitably realistic one? Although “Gun Gun , I am your Father Lord” appears to be very inhumane, but at the point of writing, I considered that Bodhi Fate will be continuing the saga, after all the Three Poison Miasma sealed by Kun Lun will still rely on Di Jun, the old man, after he fully recovers to continue dealing with it in Bodhi Fate. But I did not expect Bodhi Fate to still be unwritten till now. ——— So basically, this means we will see all the immortals including those who recently awakened (hint: Zu Ti, Shao Wan, Xie Ming) dealing with it together with Dong Hua. Ultimately Bodhi Fate should be the book that tie up all the loose ends from the first three books. And Tang Qi said she will never kill off Di Jun in her lifetime so we can rest assured we will get a HEA for every couple that were written about in the 3L3W universe. Now that makes me even more excited about all the upcoming novels. She has also confirmed several times that she will be writing 2 more single volume books after Bodhi Fate in this universe. Those books will be Xie Gu Chou and Xiang Yun’s story and Xie Hua Lou and Yan Chi Wu’s story.
  4. The drama Bai Yi’s actions made no sense, it was poor writing there. He knew she was drunk. The marriage contract is no laughing matter. She signed it when she was not lucid. I prefer the book version of the Cang Yi fiasco. At least its more direct as in he literally tied her up and put her into the marriage sedan. Remember not to mix up book and drama events. Noticed many people beginning to blur the two.
  5. Love and compatibility is more important. Age is but a number to them since they don’t age after full adulthood anyway.
  6. Hello everyone, I have tested negative for Covid19 over 7 days after first exposure but because 3 more people tested positive, everyone working at the same place will need to be quarantined for 14 days and retested on day 11 to confirm negative result. Hence I am not able to even leave my home for two weeks and the four walls are already like a prison 5 days in. Was in a terrible mood over this but I think I am starting to feel emotionally better now. I will be posting more often on the blog since I am physically trapped until I am to get retested and the results returned. And this will give me more time to do more translation and editing work for Lotus Step. It may also be time to post favourite moments translation of The Pillow Book. Stay tuned for blog updates! More like the naughty type of play....
  7. Well, unfortunately for me, a co-worker tested positive for Covid-19 and everyone who worked last mon, tue and wed last week had to get tested. Please hope with me that the test is negative so I can get my freedom from self-isolation. I also can't work until after the results come out! Fingers doubly crossed. I won't get my results back till Thursday! Such a stressful time for me atm.
  8. The reason for the choppy editing stems from having to shorten the show by 4 episodes. And the too long mortal arc. That should have been constrained within 8 episodes and not 12. If the mortal arc is cut by 4 episodes, this time will be better utilised in the last 4 episodes. The mortal arc was not the important meat of the story at all. In the book, it’s just the catalyst for her to steal the fruit and enter the dream to repay Ye Qing Ti. The events leading to the ending were far more important. This includes Dong Hua declaring that he has never feared destiny, etc. I would rather see scenes depicting his desperate search for her and the time he spent in the Holy Blue Sea building and growing all the things she said she wanted grown there than a bloated mortal arc. Regarding the red, they avoided her wearing that color as Feng jiu to avoid visual confusion with Aranya.
  9. We will be working on the famous scenes of the Pillow book for our blog as we have mentioned. I am currently raw translating chapter 2 part one of lotus step. Note we will be releasing it in the same part order as the chinese version. @SC2019 is working on something really interesting which @MayanEcho is in the know about!
  10. I don’t mean to sound too critical but the problem with hamster’s translation in many parts is how it has been incorrectly paraphrased or abridged heavily, sometimes leaving out important details. A clearer example of 机缘 is how Ye Hua was reborn. Father God preserved his soul on the gamble that he might one day find a way to be reborn. And that 机缘 did happen. The meaning is more like this than what the english translation implied from hamster’s version. It’s not just luck, its an opportunity provided by destiny. In Tang Qi’s 3L3W universe, destiny changes according to an individual’s 造化 (luck, karma, etc). So its a lot more involved than simple luck. I would say Ji Heng wanted to take the gamble, except that she lost the bet.
  11. Lotus Step: Chapter One is NOW LIVE! Check it out on: https://elodsoompie.wixsite.com/home/post/lotus-step-chapter-one P.S. Apologies for the delay, work has been kickin us! And it is a hilarious chapter. Have fun!
  12. Lotus Step is being copied onto the blog atm. Please bear with me. It will be available as soon as I finish the transfer. Ninky. @jimmylyne about Lotus Step and the relationship between Chang Yi and Zu Ti Shen, the reveal is much more than what you know and it's not about Zu Ti's primordial spirit. It is a rather complicated thing that has 3 women involved. . Just let the story evolve. And you will see. I have had a busy week at work, so didn't come on the forums till today. Actually it wasn't the playing hair that gave her away, it was the third thing she asked him. Then he realised that she was playing him
  13. Actually he high tailed to Water Marsh school with Father God, not to nine heavens. He only moved to Nine heavens on retirement pretty much. This was hinted in an FAQ article we have :).
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