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  1. Bolded statement, so like Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Green Gables Actually, let's just say Dong Hua made calculated moves from the day he entered the valley. Somewhere in his mind, he already wanted her, but he did not realise all his actions were because he is already in love with her, Book verse, he realised this when he watched her Saha fruit competition. In the book, he actually did his research on her in that six month gap, which is why he knew she was scared of snakes (downright terrified of them), and she is a glutton for good food, etc. In dr ama verse -> Later on,
  2. -- He means that at first glance she gave the impression of a bland cup of tea. But on the second sip (second glance, or after looking below the surface) she leaves a wonderful aftertaste (sweet and loving). This was what he means in the Chinese language. So basically he looked beyond the initial impression. He was frequently bumping into her. What impressed him the most was why she chose to save those people from the Chi Yan Beast. That's what he sees below the surface. All this happening while the foster sister was totally ignored hahahaha.
  3. Yep was just busy home schooling. It's really tough ya know. Well he will make a terrible mistake at the end of 24. A promise he will live to regret.
  4. Here I am again. Sorry, due to the lockdown I had to homeschool three children. However, we are ready to resume posting to the blog! We will be posting the next Chapter of Lotus Step and our vision of Di Jun's children along with a story that we dreamed up for them. We hope you will enjoy them when it's finally all up!
  5. Guys I am still alive. Working on some blog posts this week. Have been busy lately due to total lockdown in vic and homeschooling 3 kids!
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