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  1. @lavvarr peach also has his own time travel drama princess at large. it's pretty whacky.
  2. I'm so excited it's finally here. We finally get to see Yunxi as the lead.
  3. I think it's because China/Japan/South Korea have an obsession with weight and being thin. Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, etc have gotten the same nit picks.
  4. bwahahah these are great! especially the last one. very inlined with her discussion with the three story tellers of hugging banana's thighs . I saw some with references to their consummation.
  5. I'm loving this silly drama way too much. I can't believe I just marathoned through all 10 episodes. Episode 11 preview looks hilarious. LOL. He's total my favorite.
  6. @vlvl1 yeah he's a bit stiff. I think it's because he's still relatively new in acting? I thought he was decent in 3L3W, but maybe it's the director was able to direct the cast better.
  7. I love his character in My Girl. First time i ever seen him. I mistaken him for a girl when his character first came in.