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  1. i been waiting so long for this. cant wait to watch it. trailer looks hilarious.
  2. spoiler clip of A-yuan remembering Wei Ying. https://twitter.com/yuemrong/status/1158213521143812097 Can't wait to see it.
  3. LOL that's hilarious, oh yibo . this reminds me of the 3L3W BTS when one of the actors, Vengo, was struggling to pick up one of the actresses, Reba.
  4. Clip of Lan Zhan being whipped :https://twitter.com/Nadiajimined/status/1154950165532332032
  5. bwahahahaha. they have the chicken one too! https://pbs.twimg.com/media/EAS3aaDUYAATzHf?format=jpg&name=large. omg i can't wait. they really did the chicken scene. time cannot move any faster.
  6. No princess carry but we get a piggy back! In the chinese text "How did you know?" "I want to know"
  7. @outsanity https://www.weibo.com/tv/v/HE1QTr70c?fid=1034:4395400673613071 it starts 23:15 - 24:24, LOL.Xiao Zhan kept on scaring him. I love it.
  8. lol. i love when he tells yibo to be kinder. i seen clips of him asking yibo if he's human. XD. boys will always be boys . xiao zhan probably got his revenge during one of the interviews where yibo was talking about fear of ghost and dark. xiao zhan kept on adding in creepy comments. yibo looks so disturbed. hahaha.
  9. it would be hilarious if they could do the stealing chicken scene. it would make my day. jiang cheng got to hug wei ying, don't understand why they can't just give us one small hug between wei ying and lan zhan.
  10. @JoyceDreamer I am assuming from the current trend of episodes, we are going to be in flashbacks for a bit until Wei Ying dies. I'm hoping we at least get 15+ episodes in present day. I would like to see present day wangxian. The book was like 80% flashbacks so...we're going to be in the past for a bit...
  11. Went in with zero expectations but pleasantly surprised how addicting it is. In case this hasn't been shared, my favorite clip from weibo of Wei Ying saying Lan Zhan's name. LOL. makes my day. https://m.weibo.cn/status/4390000692709576?sudaref=t.co&display=0&retcode=6102#&video And the official wangxian MV is out
  12. @angelangie I'm not sure about how they distribute rankings, but usually the children of the official/first wife are the ones that inherit the titles. It probably doesn't help if the mother is of low birth. @vlvl1 I hope it's a happy ending. There are some sad scenes in the trailer BUT I hope it's one of those just kidding - it's happy ending! lol
  13. His official title is Qi Wang Ye which I believe translates into 7th Duke. On episode 2, he refers to the current emperor as his brother (huang xiong, royal brother) so he should be the 7th brother of the emperor so officially as a Prince and son of the previous emperor. I believe his official rank is first prince. I can't really tell which dynasty this is taking place in. The titles may differ depending on time period. Chen Yu is referred to as shizi which is a title given to the heir of a first ranked prince. On episode 3, Chen Yu's servant guy (I forgot his name) referred to Bu Qi as junzhu, a title given to the daughter of a first ranked prince. So this makes me believe the father is a first ranked prince. If he was a a second ranked prince then the daughter would be referred to as xianzhu rather than junzhu. So I am guessing he's a prince of first rank...?
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