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  1. @Fong Vengo and Zhao Lu Si singing together I'm surprised it turned out quite good considering they both often sing out of tunes ZLS looks so small standing next to V.
  2. Please don't make Vengo sing on stage. I know he was quite good when singing with ZYL and LRL but I'm still not convinced if he can carry the song. BTW, Bambi's voice sounds like Reba's.
  3. Another clue of our CP. Vengo clapped his hands after Reba's finished her acceptance speech then in the back there's a guy who also clapped his hands and gave his thumb up to Vengo. Why would the guy gave his thumb up to Vengo while it was Reba who was on stage? Watch the clip here.
  4. I find it fishy when Reba and LYX were walking to the stage the camera pans back to vengo https://m.weibo.cn/detail/4584340489776130
  5. Vengo's Living Toward The Sun on Hunan TV from 8 pm to 10 pm. Continued by Bright Sword 3 at 10 pm. Wow... Should I say it's Vengo's night on Hunan TV
  6. @jessica somerhalder Do you have a copy of the book in English? I'd love to read it.
  7. Why are there so many deleted scenes? I feel so cheated I want to see LYS on happy camp. I hope he won't be uncomfortable like he was at the fanmeeting.
  8. Speaking of Aranya's brother, what happened to him after Aranya took his place in the war? Did he assume a new identity? Did he leave FY valley?
  9. @caranita The scriptwriter is a first timer? I think the problem is more from the editing team. Sometimes i feel like they cut certain scenes to save time. I will gladly watch the second season as long as they have the original cast. I heard from LYS interview he doesn't mind doing another rom-com drama again. From all the cast member I thought he would be the most reluctant one to do a rom-com.
  10. Question for episode 18. What is the correlation between Liu Bang - Xiang Yu with LJ-GSN's relationship? Why is LJ's answer so important to GSN? Can someone please enlighten me?
  11. LJ still couldn't get enough of GSN He wanted her all for himself. Greedy LJ .
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