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  1. I got my last alert on Monday. I don't know what's wrong. As you can see I just rejoined this thread again because I didn't get any alerts for a few months. I thought no one posted here anymore. I just saw this on YouTube. I wish they added this scene on the final episode. Feng Shao Feng in Ice Fantasy.
  2. Hello, everyone! I'm back! I don't know what happened but I stopped receiving notifications from this thread months ago. I thought it was because no one posted here anymore. I'll try to find the last page I read before soompi stopped sending me the notifications. I hope I didn't miss anything important during my absence here.
  3. @Ninky Thanks for update. Could you please post this on ELOD thread too? I don't think everyone from ELOD thread come to this shippers' thread.
  4. @Eery2 what's up with c-ent these past few days? So many rumors especially after ZS's scandal. BTW, the divorce rumor is about ZLY-FSF. https://38jiejie.com/2021/01/22/zanilia-zhao-liying-and-william-feng-shaofengs-studios-shut-down-divorce-rumors/ TBH I wouldn't be surprised if the rumor turns out to be true.
  5. @Fong Vengo and Zhao Lu Si singing together I'm surprised it turned out quite good considering they both often sing out of tunes ZLS looks so small standing next to V.
  6. Please don't make Vengo sing on stage. I know he was quite good when singing with ZYL and LRL but I'm still not convinced if he can carry the song. BTW, Bambi's voice sounds like Reba's.
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