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  1. I think Reba always looks really thin. Even though after filming the pillow book she got a little chubbier on the face but her body was still thin. I'm getting anxious waiting for the pillow book trailer. What is taking them so long?
  2. @Sisca_TVXQ where do you find all those cute chibi drawings? Welcome to all newbies! Feel free to share or ask anything. We don't know when they will give us a trailer. Soon I hope. In the meantime let's keep this thread alive and kickin'
  3. They should include the bathtub scene, otherwise it would be a waste for Vengo to have a such chiseled body and not show it for us, right? I know Vengo likes to work out but boy he has a great body. Not like most C-actors. @Sisca_TVXQ I agree. This zhe yan has creepy eyes and smile.
  4. @Sisca_TVXQ He's definitely getting better. I love how he expressed his anguish. Not too overly like he did in Fu Yao.
  5. pawla

    Soompi love feast

    I can't find any ribena in any stores in my town so I will settle with a cup of coffe with my homemade marble cake and chiffon cake
  6. pawla

    anti love game

    I know I'm gonna be really suck in this. It's been a long time since I watched any k dramas
  7. pawla

    Soompi love feast

    Hello, everyone. It's nice we have this new thread. Even though it looks like a food porn thread to me But I love food so I'm not complaining. Anyway, I found soompie a few years ago when I was looking for an English forum for a Chinese drama but didn't sign up till 2017. I'm not really into K-drama though. Sorry to all of you K-drama lovers @triplem that durian pic looks delicious. I really envy my Malaysian friends who can have durian in low prices. Malaysian and Thailand durians is quite expensive here.
  8. @jimmylyne it amazes me that someone as old as DH was never interested in any women or men he encountered. It seems that he and FJ are really fated together. Or in this case they are fated because of FJ's insistence. If it wasn't for her DH will remain single forever (read: virgin forever) I really really love that flying vessel scene. I hope they will include it in the drama.
  9. @chubby^green^ I wonder if Xiao Yan ever found out that DH considered of killing him for being with FJ. Even though Xiao Yan considers FJ as a friend but DH doesn't want any man to be anywhere near his Xiao Bai. I still can't believe the great DH can be so jealous and possessive.
  10. My interpretation of the scene is that DH was mad at himself for caring too much for FJ. That's why he sent her away after that scene. He was supposed to be this unfeeling, emotionless, ruthless deity but the moment he heard she was in danger he immediately came running to her rescue and killed the beast to save her. My first guess was Zhang Yunlong would be Ye Qingti. It would be nice to see him lose to Vengo since in the movie he gets the girl . I guess they prefer to have him as a cameo (chang Yi shengjun) instead of a supporting actor (ye qingti).
  11. They both did. She admitted gaining weight on her live streaming. But she looks prettier with chubbier cheeks  I can imagine the horrified look her male costars have when they have to carry her. Even though she is quite skinny but she is heavier than she looks.
  12. Hmm... Interesting. A red rock that can move and talk Here's a clip of Reba mentioning about the pillow book.
  13. @Kimberly Amor, @jimmylyne, @Sisca_TVXQ Most of us here are waiting to see DH's shamelessness . I guess being a thick-skinned deity really helps him in winning FJ in the end. @chubby^green^ Vengo was in Milan for Milan Fashion Week. They probably will start to promote the pillow book after they released the trailer. Soon I hope.
  14. @Wotad he looks much better in LOF than in xuan Yuan cloud. But personally I think he looks best as DH @junerain7 I saw his other interviews. Sometimes he can be witty and humorous, sometimes he can be nervous and awkward. Maybe it depends on the interviewer?
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