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  1. This Si Ming should be on the list too for making him as an ugly old pervert. Look at how many concubines he had
  2. @MayanEcho The Canghe sword is ready to cut Lord Wen Chang into pieces . Will DH put his other self from TMOPB on his killing list too?
  3. I think the post is about some fermented food that Reba likes. In the BTS of the king's woman Reba gave it to Zhang Binbin which he later spit out . In one of Vengo's interview he was asked if he liked it and he answered not bad. From his facial expression I can see he didn't like
  4. @Ninky I hope everything will be fine. Are you in Melbourne? I just heard it is in lockdown now.
  5. That is so expensive I already have a weibo account but I still don't know how to use it I don't think it has an English version. Here's Vengo's account and Reba's accounts
  6. @UnluckyWhiteCat, @MayanEcho Speaking of Princess Agents, I was one who followed it from the beginning to the end. You can't imagine how many curses we threw at the production company for the awful ending here at soompi Even though ELOD has choppy editing in the last few episodes, PA had it much worse. At least we got the HEA in ELOD. And I'm forever thankful for that.
  7. I'm not giving them my money anymore unless they give me the uncut version How do you know whether you're using the international app version or not? I checked the web WeTV it's the same, it's for VIP starting from ep 11.
  8. This is one of the few things I don't like about the mortal arc. They didn't mention anything again about XJ and SXR. DH didn't try to find out about what really happened in the mortal world even though he knew SM gave him the fake story. He wouldn't be still in Tai Chen Palace when DH returned from the fight with ML FJ didn't believe him when he said he had fallen in love with her at first sight. Remember her reaction when she heard that BTW, does anyone know why ELOD episode 11 onward are for VIP?
  9. So he was cooking the sweet and sour fish for her? Was he trying to poison her? Maybe he thought after all those years his cooking skill has gotten better
  10. I love this scene too. Especially when she said she was his Xiao Bai. She was so cute.
  11. @Megan BTS = Behind The Scenes. @ChibiLy It was a long time ago when I saw it when ELOD was still airing. I'll try to find it again and will post it here. I found it. It's the Making of Lian Song on WeTV at 00:50.
  12. Have you seen the BTS of that scene? The sound of DH throwing the chopsticks were really loud, louder than dubbed scene Vengo really nailed it there.
  13. @stella77 I'm not a fan of the mortal arc either. It's either I skip it to episode 24 or I watch it by playing games on my phone every time I rewatched ELOD . The female singer of the closing song is Reba. I have to admit her singing voice is weak but at least she sings better than Vengo @jimmylyne, @MayanEcho I like the drama Xu Yang too. He seems like a good person and really cares about JH while the book XY feels like he just wants to take whatever advantages he can from DH and JH.