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  1. Not sure if suitable to share this (originally from weibo) but the editing done is super crazy. The 2 actors never acted together in modern dramas so all these same-screen scenes are purely editing. And it's not about the actors, only about the chars, treat it as some fantasizing of the chars' next lives. From what I can interpret, Wen Kexing's char (doctor) remembered parts of his past life (and kept the hairpin) while Zhou Zishu (businessman) didn't (sometimes he got headaches trying to remember). Their families already had arranged their marriage (yes, it's probably a "BL-fr
  2. Sharing this short clip. It is made by an expert in editing, 1st posted in chinese websites, gaining lots of praise. Youku now post it in youtube. It doesn't focus on the story-telling, but more on the cinematography and the sounds, with the music, gives u that dramatic feel of wuxia (martial world). The editing is great and make u appreciate the original cinematography even more.
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