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  1. This show is a little dark, and Luo Jin may be a little to old to play the role of a "young" Yang Jian now. I've watched the actress playing Da Ji in another show (Traveling Across the Sea to See You) but never realized that sometimes the way she delivers her lines are a little.. bland. My favorite scenes so far are all the ones involving the "shifu" who got sent down to guide Yang Jian. Deng Lun is channeling evil quite well.
  2. She's out these few days - I'll have to ask tomorrow. I actually haven't seen this one - I'm in the middle of Zhao Yao (Legends) and HSDS and just slogged through the Destiny of White Snake so I haven't had time for this one yet 2018/2019 has been a great year for these dramas, I have to say! How is this one for you so far? Do you know if this is a happy ending?
  3. General translation of that: Due to strong reactions they are rolling back the ban. Starting April they can start broadcasting online. But they need online broadcast permissions before they do so. Every month before the 15th, they have to notify local authorities what their broadcast plan is. They have to control historical series quota - contemporary programming should make up 60% of broadcast content. They need to get all kinds of permissions for doing anything - promotions, etc.
  4. Yang Xiao is definitely one of the hotties on this show. I watched an interview of him yesterday, and apparently this is the first time he's ever done a period/costume drama. He had to be convinced that he could do it. I believe he said the director described it as - "your character is super cool, super powerful, has it all, doesn't even want the YiTian super sword" and he thought... that is a little bit like me. And his experience of loss is also a little like him (I get the impression he had a colorful past). The actor has apparently changed his name to Lin Yushen instead of Lin Shen. Here's the interview:
  5. <3 Everyone Just came from watching Ever Night (which was GORGEOUS YOU HAVE TO SEE IT) and am really enjoying this show too! My favorite episode so far (and there are many close behind this) is when he finally came to the rescue on top of Ming Mountain - and saved his grandfather and kicked BUTT. I totally cheered to myself and I have to admit I skipped grandpa getting beat up for 10 minutes to get there... I didn't even mind at all that the whole episode was basically him in that hall taking on each of the sects - making them look bad ... but very respectfully. I was SO happy when he finally revealed himself to his family and they were all so happy he's alive. (Although I did wonder that nobody came to check on him at the Butterfly Valley for so long, hello?) I don't recall if I ever watched the older versions of this show - there have been so many - so I can't really compare the actors' portrayals, but I have to say, every girl in this show has been gorgeous in her own way with maybe one or two exceptions. All the girls were introduced well except I think Xiao Zhao's insertion into the story was a little awkward. She's a spy that's sent to steal a martial art but somehow she joins them with them really quickly, and starts directing them when they fight? Since I have pretty fresh impressions of the girls, (given my horrible memory I don't recall the plot) I'm a tad more attached to ZhiRuo at the moment, though I know what's coming. I agree the show did a good point of demonstrating how that one decision she made to stab Wuji is a foreshadowing of their relationship to come. Also in the trailer, as she is smiling happily under her red wedding veil, my translation of what she said is a little different: "I'm finally going to have a home of my own, finally going to have a family of my own." That shows how much she was affected when her parents died and she was set adrift, and also explains a little bit how that has shaped all her decisions - to cling to where she is and what she has and what she wants. I think if she had received better guidance than MieJue gave her, she would probably not have gone down the twisted path she's going to take in the end. As for Zhaomin, I very much feel Wuji's irritation with her smiling, tricksy little ways at the moment. The director did a great job of shifting that into making her a lot more likable/lovable to Wuji when he started tickling her foot and her facade slipped a little bit. So, I'm looking forward to seeing how the show will make me like her more as the story continues. As for Zhu'er - I never saw her as a potential partner - starting from when she tried to get Granny Flowers to forcibly take him just so she could have some company. She got a little better under Wuji's influence but man, he's setting her up for a big disappointment, given how she keeps saying Wuji's the only one for her but he keeps saying he's Ah Niu and has no thought of marrying her even if he supports her and will love her (whut?) Now that I think of it - she totally missed his reveal, didn't she? Anyway, looking forward to more! Woot!
  6. At first I thought the main girl and the sister were the same - they look like sisters! They both remind me of Shu Qi actually.
  7. Interviewer: Today's game is rapid fire questions, are you nervous? DL: Who will be giving answers? Int: Both of you. Q1. Give HSALF another name/nickname YZ: Love Triangle among the Beautiful (literal translation of RongMauQuan is the Looks Circle) DL: What was that? The Annual Big Production Drama Q2: Describe your character in one phrase. YZ: A fresh bloom (literal: lotus bloom emerging from the water) DL: Tragic Q3: What was your most embarrassing scene? YZ: It was one of our kiss scenes. I was a little embarrassed. Int: And what did DL think? DL: I wasn't embarrassed. YZ: Nothing embarrasses him. Q4: In filming HSALF and Ode to Joy, which film felt better? DL: They don't feel the same. One is a modern drama, one is a historical. And in one we are in love, in the other we aren't. YZ: But it does feel kind of weird. It feels like Little Worm (her char in OtJ) stole GuanGuan's (another OtJ char) boyfriend. Q5: What is your first reaction on waking up after passing out from drinking? YZ: Let me sleep a little longer. DL: I don't drink so I've never passed out. YZ: I don't drink either. I've never had alcohol. What is alcohol? Q6: Your favorite city is? YZ: Beijing DL: Shi Family Town YZ: You're copying me! You clearly weren't going to say that! DL: Why wouldn't I say Shi Family Town! YZ: You only said that when I said BeiJing! DL: What! I didn't say Beijing either! Q7: Your favorite book? YZ: You go first this time. DL: Me again. YZ: I'm afraid you'll copy me again. DL: HSALF YZ: You devil! I was going to say that! Q8: Say good bye in one sentence. YZ: Say good bye DL: Bye say good Then there is a short clip at the end where she's describing an incident where instead of letting her have a seat he plops himself down and says "Wow it's so weird, in my other films I've always let my costars have the seat but for some reason I don't want to this time..."
  8. Omg been binge watching and am at 26 gosh it's tiring. Saw some spoilers - I am looking forward to some progress...
  9. The actress playing Mirae is annoying me with her flat wide-eyed looks - but I'm still hooked on the story despite it... KS is a little better. I think the 7 year diff is also making them not look quite right together...
  10. I'm getting annoyed with the conflict between JiWoo and SeoYeon, and JiWoo's handling of pretty much everything. At this point I'd almost rather see DaeYoung end up with SeoYeon...
  11. Agreed - but there are some great funny moments. They are adorable
  12. I binge-watched this and needed more, found Something In The Rain, then had to come back to get some healing - it's like warm balm, the way these two love each other and solve problems (yes I'm intentionally ignoring that spate of silliness where they separated - nobody's perfect). My only issue is similar to what some of the other folks have mentioned - the odd restraint in times when a kiss would have been more natural. Other than that, they were awesome together. I loved how he could slip between being his hick self and the more slick city man when he needed to at the end. It's really interesting how much difference there is in terms of acceptable skin-ship between one drama and the next, considering they were made around the same time.
  13. I watched until episode 6... then couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen because ... 10 more episodes? I suspected a lot of angst from that point on - and I was right when I checked out the recaps on DB. Based on what I read, I'm going to skip the rest and just watch the last 5 minutes of Episode 16. Whoever did the music for the show wielded "Stand By Your Man" like one swinging a heavy hammer pounding it into your head at every moment. Before that, it was "Save the Last Dance". After watching shows like Oh Hae Young, Just Between Lovers, My Ajusshi and the way they used sound and music, this was painful. The brightest spots of this show was the chemistry between the two - gosh it was lovely to watch. No surprise at all that there are dating rumors. I hope they leave the couple alone long enough for whatever might happen to happen! Now I'm going to back track through this thread to find the BTS... <3 to all the familiar faces!
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