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  1. I'm really enjoying this. The acting, the pace, the cinematography, the OST - all are working to draw me in. My only issue is too much slo-mo in the fighting scenes. I love the slow burn between the first and second couples (I'm still only at ep 15) - so cute when ZQC was sniffing around and got caught by his disciple being thirsty lol. The tension and chemistry between Wen and ShenManqing is palpable too! Really good job. I was so sad for MuLian and her man - they are a very pretty couple.
  2. Just finished this last night and I have to say I liked the first 2/3 of it better than the last parts. And there was ONE kiss in the whole show, wth?
  3. I don't think I can keep watching this. There seems to be a lot of gratuitous horrible things that happen to female roles, a lot of stupid decisions made, a lot of mixed characters and plots thrown in. The whole thing with YFY and second brother ... and then JX's marriage... and then.. 4th son vs BiYing... yeah no.
  4. LOL that first pill scene. Apparently DYX didn't expect the pill to be so big and had to take some time chewing it - and was surprised that it made the final cut?
  5. Don't forget the eternal hot pot dinners... and all the shots of car features.
  6. I couldn't watch LBTI - the ML constantly tormenting the FL turned me off, and his acting wasn't good enough to keep me watching.
  7. As others have said, the editing is pretty choppy, but I'm mainly watching it for HongShuo - he's very charismatic. I'd say he's carrying most of the show at the moment. The other better actors are the villains - the young emperor is pretty compelling. I kind of like the Lang Tribe general too.