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  1. He does have another one, but apparently Mo Xuan Yu's is kinda weak. Not sure if that means over time he can build it up, or if the body just doesn't have the goods to get back up where he used to be.
  2. OMG. I just read the whole novel plus bonus materials. I'm still laughing at the scene after Wei Ying made it clear to Lan Zhan how he felt (another heart melting scene), and the dog popped up and they had this exchange in front of Lan Xichen, Jin Ling, Jiang Cheng and Jin Guangyao: Wei Ying: Lan Zhan!! Lan Zhan: I'm here!! Wei Ying: Hold me!! Lan Zhan: I'm holding you! Wei Ying: Hold me tight! Lan Zhan: I'm holding you tight!!
  3. Hi everyone - sorry for the lack of recaps - been on vacation for the last 8 days. Have a lot to catch up on!! I imagine everyone's finished the series? If you want me to, I can continue adding recaps as I catch up.
  4. Alright... sorry.. I got sucked into Untamed for a while (omg another good show) ... now where was I? Oh yes, Ep 24... Ep 25
  5. Speaking of BTS - did you see the one where Zhong Hao actor fainted while he was doing the scene where he first gets sucked in by the Demon Lord? :O
  6. <s>I... can't, I'm going to wait until things get better... so I'll just do recaps of the earlier episodes for now.</s> Oops, double posted somehow.
  7. I... can't, I'm going to wait until things get better... so I'll just do recaps of the earlier episodes for now.
  8. I'm actually amazed Yuan Tong has not been executed - just based on the fact she killed all those guards! How are they okay with just sending her to guard the tower, then promoting her back immediately after she just accomplishes one thing?
  9. Simple isn't quite the word - or at least not how most people would take it. Simple as in uncomplicated, as in the opposite of being calculative; simple as in straightforward, honest, no need to guess at hidden meanings or motives behind their words and actions. The phrase they use is 单纯, which translates to simple and pure. Sorry folks, took a break this weekend, will get back into recaps when I get home tonight.
  10. Did God#4 force that guy's death so that she could frame JMW??
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