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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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2 hours ago, redfrommars said:

No, we're all at peace here. Wook is such a kind and gentle man. Anyone will easily fall in love with him more in real life. We're just excited because ScarCouple will finally have their turn :D

Wook is a strong second lead syndrome and even I get mushy when I see their sweet scenes but em still for SoSoo because So's first lead syndrome is so demm high xDD

No wars here. Everyone is at peace. We even ship WangYo and Yeonhwa or WangYo and Queen xD


yup Wook is a strong 2nd lead character. He is not the typical 2nd lead who just sit and love the female lead from afar. At least he take action. Kang Ha Neul is a good example of bias wrecker. 

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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49 minutes ago, Adnana said:


@ruizaio More than a few times, you've mentioned reading an early synopsis of the drama.

I, and I'm sure many other soompi-ers, am very interested in some of the details. I understand that the story might have changed by the time they actually started filming, but I'd still very much like to know how the plot was supposed to develop (and end) in the original synopsis. Even more if the story is sad, I need spoilers so that I can mentally prepare myself, just in case.

Maybe you can give us a summary of what you've read before?



I can translate it some time when i have more time.

Meanwhile, LJK (LJG) was asked how he's changed now from back when he made his debut during filming the special features for the director's cut of Iljimae (which was this July, AFTER filming MLSHR), and he replied, "Doing kissing scenes."

You can see that here:


Rough transcript:


JG: I’m actor Lee Joon-Gi, who played the role of Iljimae.
YS: I’m PD Yong-Suk Lee from SBS. Nice to meet you.
YS: Of course, you’ve been way busier.
JG: Iljimae forever!
YS: It feels like a long lost child has come back to life.
JG: I’ve gotten a lot better with kissing scenes.
YS: I think we did it without realizing.
YS: I’m sure the viewers were worried, too.
JG: I think everybody had a hard time.
YS: How shall we do it this time…
JG: …as it needs to be different each time.
YS: How to make it look different.
YS: It seemed like we couldn’t get it any better even if we tried again…
JG: I think I would have revealed it.
YS: I thought he was joking as he was drunk, and said “Sure, go ahead” as a joke…
JG: Then, on the day of the script reading!
YS: …and he actually got his teeth removed.
JG: How are we gonna do this, director?
YS: I hope you’ll be able to enjoy the same fun and excitement anew.
YS: Thank you all so much.
JG: Thank you very much.
YS: I was told to wave my hands.
JG: Thank you, everyone!
YS: Yes, thank you!


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i really want to second you in term of this drama is different from other in get to go..

firstly the second lead not just someone who fall in love and help female lead and in the end heart broken.. WW actually get the girl and they both really loved each other in a real way.. people are get to used the lead always fall in love with each other and do not have other relationship before this. 

for me its interesting and refreshing in a way cause this is reality.. its not design to make people feel heart flutter or swooning.. its something that deep and raw about this drama.. we get our OTP is broken also the throne fighting and palace games.. its so much deep than just a two lover make way to happy ending..

that's why i love this drama.. :)

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1 hour ago, luci13 said:

Talking about kisses, I've been a long time fan of LJK as I must admit he's not a good kisser :P So maybe I'll keep my expectation very low on this drama as well HAHAHAHAHA 


We must have been watching his dramas for so long then. We know that compared to the actors his batch, he get less kiss scenes in dramas. ;)

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1 hour ago, luci13 said:

UH OH UH OH! has anyone updated this picture here?! 

So according to this article, Haesoo will get caught by Queen Yoo as she's treating CP and his sickness and she will get scolded by Lady Oh and will make her about the frightening life at palace. Then it also stated that Queen Yoo will try to get rid CP (again?) and Queen Yoo will keep eye to Haesoo. I hope I dont make wrong interpretations with my limited korean haha 


Oooh...maybe that's what Queen Yoo mean in episode 7...after she overheard the Crown Prince said "Lady Oh, don't be so harsh on that girl (Hae Soo)."



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42 minutes ago, violet90 said:

okay before i start spazzing about all the pic..

the hugging in the rain i think its more on HS breaking down.. slowly she will realize that palace is a cruel place with the Queen and Lady Oh (i still think she a good person) and its slowly breaking her.. i think since the beginning HS always be herself around WS.. she always told what she REALLY feel and comfortable enough to even close to WS in term of skinship.. i think with WS she actually became herself much more when she with WW.. and now with everything is overwhelming for her she just need to be hug.. i think that's why WS face is like that.. he just knew HS needed and in a way he need that too..

but i think that scene is not love in the air kind of scene.. they both broke in that eps and i think WS and HS just need that hug to make it a little better.. whether WW see this or not i could't care less.. i also think WS doesn't care either.. HS is too important for him to even care about other feeling.. 

just my 2 cent about that scene cause in preview we can hear HS said 'what i did that so wrong'? .. maybe because she helped WS people trying to get her in trouble...

I agree with you. I believe, Hae Soo is realising about the harsh realities of life at the palace. Wang So warned her and told her, she would be on her own and lonely... I guess, she will remember what she said to him that since he was with her, she wasn't alone. She has not been adjusting herself entirely to the life conditions in the 10th century yet. She still considers herself as Hae Jin that's why she spoke to the moon about her relationship with Wang Wook. She made a difference between herself and Hae Soo: "I like him and if I can be with him, then I would be okay being Hae Soo". So she is still the woman from the 21st century and she still sees herself as Hae Jin. As time passes on, she will come to adopt her new identity and accept the rules from that society. She is still seen judging people from a modern perspective.

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19 minutes ago, Amanda Soo said:

This is the most excited I've felt about a drama since Reply 1988!!!!?? 

I can't believe I didn't like Jun Ki at all last time but after watching Scarlet Heart.... let's just say I'm downright obsessed at the moment lol. 

His acting makes everyone else pale in comparison. Such CHARISMA. 

Am I the only one who has rewatched ep 7 at least 5 times now? T.T

Well, you are not alone. I've been LJK fans since Iljimae, and the last time i was soooo excited to see him with his co-stars was in Arang and The Magistrate with Shin Min Ah. But when i knew IU will be his co-stars, i was skeptical at first. But then i remembered IU are ALWAYS has good chemistry with her co-stars. With Jo Jung Suk in You're The Best Lee Soon Shin, With Jang Geun Suk in Pretty Man, and with Kim Soo Hyun in Producers. Her scenes with the co-stars are always believable.

And when i saw eps 1 when Hae Soo and Wang So first met, i'm 100% sure our OTP chemistry will rock our world.

Lets hope next eps Wang So and Hae Soo will share passionately kiss, or hugs, or kiss and hugs, or ....... (anything). :)

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24 minutes ago, bebebisous33 said:

@liltash85 @Gitakawaii My dear chingus,;) just because people like me or @40somethingahjumma or others are pointing out Wang Wook's flaws or criticising him, this doesn't mean, we find his character boring and we want to skip his scenes. It is quite the opposite for me, Wang Wook is as interesting as Wang So because his flaws are less visible than Wang So. I love both characters in the end. Both Wang Wook and Wang So are dangerous in my opinion. Wang So is capable of destroying a tree he admired, just because it caught his eyes, when he was fighting. This illustrates that if he needs to, he is willing to kill, if he judges it necessary.

Exactly! I agree. :) Both are dangerous. 


@ruizaio Thank you for the video and translation. ^_^

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I don't post here often but it is a pity that koreans doesn't understand the content of this drama plot hence the low ratings.. I thought some do enjoy time travel storyline? I find that IU acting was quite ok, I felt comfortable with her acting , they are not awkward to me at all.. As for her partner LJK, I really like his acting here, I hope they can give him more screen time as he is the main male lead , isn't it? 

I can't wait to watch how their story unfolds, I like LJK's death staring eyes when he looks at IU.. they looks charismatic .Now that Seo Hyun ( woo -hee) character has appeared , I want to see how she and Nam Joo Hyuk ( Baek-ah) got into a relationship hehe.  

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25 minutes ago, violet90 said:


hello back!!! kekekeke

WS knew how hard and tough life in palace are.. that's why he warned HS about harsh reality of this kind of place.. HS is all about positiveness i doubt that she think about what going to happen if she help WS but she did it because she can't stand injustice of a person.. remember chaeryung??? when Eun stalk her HS want him to apologize even when Eun is a prince.. same here cause she can't just stand there watching WS being treated like that.. 

WS understand HS the most so he knew how loss HS can be in this kind of situation.. that's why he hug her because that the only thing at that time that will calm her.. i think its even more meaningful than just a hug from lover.. from eps1 to eps7 they been through a lot together to reach this stage.. 

but omooooo WS have a first time hug with HS and first kisses with HS too.. well HS have a bf so she the one with experience.. LOL

i can't wait for next stage though.. the kiss scene (i'm waiting for the kiss scene in spoiler pic that look so hot!!!) but at least WS already know what he want.. kkkk

Hae Soo is his first time, first love, first kiss and first bed scene oucccch 

26 minutes ago, Gabi Bros said:

@shiraru The level of chemistry OFF-SCREEN with IU is really high, with both LJG and KHN. Of course, there is also good chemistry ON-SCREEN. Honestly, I am still surprised by the off-screen chemistry of IU-LJG. I was expecting good chemistry with KHN way before the first teasers...but the one with LJG is honestly a pleasant surprise. ^_^ 

 i didnt expect for LJG has a good chemistry with IU since i didn't want to watch this hahaha but they surprised me xD 

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40 minutes ago, Gitakawaii said:


Thank you for pointing this out. I know most of everyone here is a WS-HS shipper, so it's a bit hard to defend WW at times, I'm a WW-HS shipper and I  feel that WW may seem weak,boring,typical to some people but I find his character really interesting:)

i know HS and WS will eventually be together so  CAN I HAVE WOOK to myself then ?? :blush:

Though I am Team Wang So all the way (because of LJK), it's suffice to say that it is never black and white when come to the two male leads. Both So and Wook are neither angels nor are they downright evil. In the beginning and at this stage, none has the eyes on the thrones but halfway thru and due to circumstances including their love rivalry, both will turn out to be scheming and merciless when come to competing for the main prize. And this is one of the element that I love about Scarlet Heart.... cause most things feel more humane instead of the typical angelic hero and heroine in other dramas. 

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Woke up this morning to see the spoilers stills! * v * Kyaaaaaaaa!!!! I can't waittttt!!!!!!! Just 48 hours to go! WE CAN DO THIS GUYS, WE CAN DO THIS! *Squea* I can't wait. I am really excited to see what brings up the moment in the rain. *SWOONS* Also the the concealer stills, AHHHHHHHHHHH which episode will be it, episode 8 or 9?!?!?! THEY ALWAYS TROLL US WITH THE PREVIEWS THE WEEK BEFORE, INCLUDING BOTH EPISODES FOOTAGE.

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11 minutes ago, snowy21 said:

I don't post here often but it is a pity that koreans doesn't understand the content of this drama plot hence the low ratings.. I thought some do enjoy time travel storyline? I find that IU acting was quite ok, I felt comfortable with her acting , they are not awkward to me at all.. As for her partner LJK, I really like his acting here, I hope they can give him more screen time as he is the main male lead , isn't it? 

I can't wait to watch how their story unfolds, I like LJK's death staring eyes when he looks at IU.. they looks charismatic .Now that Seo Hyun ( woo -hee) character has appeared , I want to see how she and Nam Joo Hyuk ( Baek-ah) got into a relationship hehe.  


Wo Hee character is interesting too. As she is the maknae princess of the fallen Shilla King, she hold a grudge towards King Taejo and the General. From Ep7, it looks like the general betrayed his father and led Taejo to success creating Goryeo. 

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I would agree that there's probably nothing "romantic" about that hug that we're all scrutinizing for the minutest details. ;) But it doesn't make it less significant in the development of this relationship. And it shows that there's a high level of comfort that they feel in one another's space to do this. It shows that they can be vulnerable towards one another in different ways. I for one think that they have the best foundation of all... Friendship... as a precursor to a more physical relationship.

They are first and foremost friends. That means building, time... a superstructure not based purely on emotions but common interests. They have chats about what living in Goryeo means to them -- the difficulties and the realities. Before So realised that he had deeper feelings for Su, they were two people who were able to bare their souls to one another at the most basic level. When they both first arrived at Songak right about the same time, they were foreigners in their own country. Both misfits of some description.

For me the slow burn from friendship works because they will suffer many things together and their relationship will be tested severely from within and external forces. They need that extra time in the beginning to build a stronger foundation so that no matter what they would always find their way back to each other. (At least that's what I'm hoping)

That's why I also think that when Su has a hard time, it's easy for her to go to So and spill her guts because he has experienced it and he will not give her false encouragement.

There's always a likelihood as I've said previously, of So going over to the dark side in order to protect her interests or theirs as a couple. There's a violent side brewing just beneath the surface but the fact that she doesn't fear him but understand his overdeveloped survival instincts, is the most important restraint to his darker impulses.

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@YourHighness .  I thought long & hard after reading the posts today and yours most of all and I will honor your request as to not quote you.  But please allow me to at least let you know that everyone's voice & thoughts are important and that means yours as well.  I understand where you're coming from in that I didn't know anything about this drama before I started it and to be honest WW and his treatment of HS overwhelmed my thoughts with sweetness.  In fact I still consider him carrying his wife in the snow one of the most beautiful scenes thus far.  To me it's as if his marriage was comforting and I know from what we have seen he never really knew he was in love with her until she was gone...

It was as if his character's heart was a sleep and HS coming from the modern world opened not only his eyes but his heart as well.  I think without knowing his whole past or story we may not know his whole heart.  I think he does love HS because she is not only different but he admires her courage & freedom in always following her heart.  No matter where it leads her which he hasn't  been able to do and caring for her might be the first time he has...

Although changes indeed will take place no one really knows for sure just how, because it's yet to be seen.  But for a brief moment at least I do believe WW truly had feelings for HS and strived to protect her in the only ways he knew.  He has lived under great fear and responsibility and holds a lot of who he is within himself.  But his love for her is no less important or meaningful...

I said all of that to say this  I want to encourage you I hope you will change your mind and continue to share on this thread.  It's a mixture of thoughts & ideas that make the best thread. It's those differences that allow us to inspire each other and learn from one another.  There is no right or wrong when it's something you believe in.   Don't leave but better yet, be like HS continue to follow your own heart no matter where it leads and even if it means feeling as if you're standing alone.  When in truth you're not.  For just like the princes that are all different so are we.  How we see things even feel things makes us each unique.  If everyone thought the same things and wrote the same things there would be no reason to come here...

For there is enough love and respect for everyone here including you...:wub:


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@LyraYoo really ? suddenly remember of the japanese movie that i watched last time when a big guy improved his kissing skill with kissing his friend but he made a boundaries with the plastic that wrapped around his friend's face :D 

told to be truth, in this drama, i found lee joon ki is the most hot one with saeguk costume even i watched him many times with hanbok hahah :D 

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10 minutes ago, shiraru said:

@Gabi Bros I whole-heartedly agree!! Their off screen chemistry are off the charts!! I'm loving all the BTS videos and pictures~ I just hope there will be more of the cast interacting with each other too, not IU - Lee Junki - Kang Haneul only.

@snowy21 I feel the same, I don't think IU is a bad actress. In fact, I think she's one of the best among her idol peers. I suspect, the thing that led to her acting controversy is that her co-stars are just too good, making her acting look average or even lower than that to some viewers. I believe she can be a really great actress if she decided to pursue it seriously.

Also, pretty irrelevant, but ever since I got into this drama, I've been following and watching each stars's videos, and I noticed that IU is pretty much shippable with everyone, ahahhaa...everyone seems to like IU so much, whether singers or actors, they are showering her with praise every time they talked about her. Lee Junki is the most 'brother-like' to me, he's so good at taking care of his co-stars. Well, it's expected from a 'veteran actor' ahahaha... Kang Haneul is like the class-clown, he likes to play around with his drama co-stars, and also a little bit 'playboy-like'?? Ahahaa I mean in it a good way though :lol:


I agree, IU's acting really isn't bad. I think she's worked really hard to be where she is right now, considering that she probably doesn't have the natural acting chops that I see Hyeri (Girls Day) has. I'm sure she will continue to improve over time. Lee Jun Ki's acting is really severely overshadowing everyone at this point haha. Kang Ha Neul is pretty outstanding as well. I'm so happy that the drama at least made sure to cast good actors for the two lead roles ^^ 

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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