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[Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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SBS Presents Moon Lovers : Scarlet Heart Ryeo                                                      Drama: Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart: Ryeo Revised romanization:   Bobogyungsim

I suppose I can make a preliminary announcement to give some background information before the official call.  Media like DVD/Blu-ray don't sell very well in Korea, so creators of Kdramas don't r

KYAAAAAAAA I justsaw this on weibo, obviously its a continuation from her "peck" aahahhahahahahahahha I am such a goner.........................................

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13 minutes ago, Niki Azia said:

i can't wait HS break off with WW & falling with WS


same here I'm eager for our ship to sail~ ScarCouple SoSoo <3

is it monday already? I'm dying here!! Those spoiler pictures excites me so much now I'm beginning to hate the weekends and long for mondays! >.<

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@jerboa83 I really love those mvs..so right on point on you're right..its epic.

@Gabi Bros I love love that fanart so much,that I can't keep silent..hahaha...I know this mentioned here before and for so many many times..but I'll say it again..LJG really look like he's coming out from a manga/manhwa..and I've been rewatched ep 1-7 again ..and watch the king and the clown..and still can't get enough of LJGs acting...:sweatingbullets: Tomorrow is Sunday..soo excited. To all friends who didn't watch the original drama yet..if you really want to watch it just wait after MLSHR ends. It'll only drain your tears and emotions.

I forget again who posted the lyric of HSs song at Euns birthday (barely keep up to this thread)..I know,and all the viewers know that HS sing that song especially for WW..even though she sang it to all princes..but is it possible that WS will misunderstand that song is dedicated to him?plus HS said to WS at the cottage that she's not alone..there's WS with him..and plus..HS took off WSs mask and cover up his scar with make up. So I'm guessing he'd misunderstand those as positive signs from HS to pursue her?I don't know..that's only my opinion though :).

I love how this thread are getting more popular..when I first joined Soompi and MLSHR thread,it still at page 198 (if I don't remember it wrong) with 110 followers..now look at we are chingudeul!! Almost going to 500 with 237 followers only for 7 eps..woww..I love how you all show your interests,supports,became Sherlock Holmes just for MLSHR...I'm so touched..anyway..let's keep going like this my dear friends. Love you all *hugs* :heart:

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12 hours ago, solelylurking said:


@bebebisous33 from what I see both has reason why they won't share what they know. WS at that time still care a lot for mommyfromhell. Even when he was new in palace he must've known the realtionship between his mom and Yo. It will be easy to link beween the dots. For Wook as he has more knowledge and knew how the palace work, he knew it was a bad step to pissed queen mother Yoo over something that can be cosider as failure. If the CP died that day, I will asured you he will play that card to the fullest to his own advantage. But CP didn't die and he knew it was to early to taking sides. As to what makes him want to be king, I think it's both. He already told HS he hate his pathetic self that was powerless, can't do anything for the woman he loves. Wook didn't like So because WS was always there to help HS and doing more marvelous jobs than him at it. The look on his face in the last minute of ep 7 was pure jelousy. If I was Wook, I would put a spy or two to keep an eye on HS. You think he wouldn't know So looking out for Soo behind his back? It was odd to me he knew where to find her at damojin, to steal hug and gave her bracelet. Trust is a hard work for Wook, maybe because people tend to take his kindness for granted before. That's not his mentality also. He doesn't trust people and his feeling for HS makes him wants to know every little bit about her: this time around the reason is to protect her. When it comes to love, Wook is just as obssesive possesive as WS. 

As to will he join Yo or not to dethrone CP in this vers, I'm not so sure. I'm thinking he will likely to stay in the grey area, spinning his web. If at that time HS is already taken by So and So sided with CP, he will choose Yo side naturally. But I got a feeling it was So who will double cross CP as he seek more power. He needs to gain more trust from YoYoo side if he wants to become King. Tbh Yo is easier to kill without ally. 

Why do I say So will double cross CP? We can romanticized him as much as we want when it comes with HS but let's face it: that guy is ruthless and ready to sacrifice almost anyone to survive because that's what he has been taught all his life. 

Now that I have watched all the episodes over again and the FMVs with SoSoo interactions, I am not sure that So is going to be obsessive possessive of Soo  because deep inside he will always let her choose her own path and her own love and maybe that is why the misunderstandings and sad breakup may occur at the end. Wook on the other hand is the obsessive possessive type, he already thinks of her as his person but he doesn't really know her and she presents a very different face to him than to So, a young girl that needs his protection and care. I don't think he truly loves Soo, it also seems like a crush on his part but he thinks of her now as an extension and replacement for Lady Hae and he won't like having Soo taken away from him. 

As for So double crossing CP, I don't think that will ever happen.  He will be loyal to those he cares about, he even protected his mother who hates him.  I was thinking about her premonition when she passed out after cutting herself. I think there were 3 deaths, the king, the CP and Yo, and that is why she remembered the 4th king Gwangjong who was ruthless and purged his enemies, but she doesn't know which one of them will be him which is why her eyes settled on Wook, because So's scar eliminates him from the throne.  I think that is why she will try to help So win the crown and change history but unknowingly making history instead. 

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9 hours ago, valentvcd said:

@valsavaGoryeo and Joseon can mixed up easily... taejo and taejong :) 6FD still in our mind and get mix up with ML.. that got me first then I asked help from uncle google 

I also tend to get the 2 dynasties mixed up because the first king of each dynasty was called Taejo "The Great King" to indicate the beginning of a dynasty I believe.

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2 hours ago, bebebisous33 said:

@YourHighness . You see Wang Wook as someone nice that's fine, but telling others how they should judge Wang Wook is not really correct. Anyway, it is almost impossible to make people change their mind. You can still bring more points for your point of view, but you can't describe the others thinking differently as if they are lacking in something. Judging is so subjective because of your own experiences, because of the difference in the culture aso. Therefore, it is better to remain calm. 

I am thinking exactly like @UnniSarah, because someone nice doesn't necessarly mean, he is good or his actions will do some good. Let me take one example: Hae Soo will help Wang So to mask his scar. She is doing a good thing: healing him from his trauma. On the other hand, her action has terrible consequences: the struggle among the princes will increase and she will become the target of Yoo and Yo. Actually, she wants the opposite the entire time: the princes should stay close to each other and not grow apart. Hae Soo is here selfless, but it has bad consequences either.

Actually the reason why I dislike Wang Wook's actions is that his gestures might appear as nice and gentle, however they show more selfishness. I differentiate between appearance and reality in his actions.

1. Sure, the poem was only for Hae Soo. But it could have been found in her room, since Hae Soo didn't have it with her the entire time. Servants could have wondered and Yeon Hwa could have seen it. Remember, Yeon Hwa is responsible for the household. She is the one who sends servants and takes care of the room. Yeon Hwa could have recognised the handwriting of her brother. Okay, it didn't happen, yet giving a poem was a bold move, especially because of the meaning. On the other hand, when his wife asked him to take care of Hae Soo and imply to marry her, he didn't dare to do it. He felt embarassed and remorseful but polygamy is back then totally normal. So what did he want to achieve with his poem? Only flirting with Hae Soo? If so, then he is really selfish. If not... then why not marry her? To me, there is a certain inconstency in his behaviour.

2. On the other hand, Wang Wook spent a lot of time with her alone: the walk to the pharmacy, he even touched her neck at the pharmacy and he could have been seen by the owner; then he went to her room during the night twice, he could have been seen by the servants so that the talk could have started. As for the bridge situation, he made it obvious that something was wrong because he left the scene, when the servants and his sisters arrived. Even his sister noticed that something between HAe Soo and his brother was going on. So people could have noticed something too and gossip could have started.

3. As for Baek Ah, I agree that Wook came later, but he heard the reproach but he didn't stop Baek Ah from leaving and he didn't try to talk to Baek Ah in order to take the blame. He should have apologised to Baek Ah for his conduct, but he didn't do anything. He let Hae Soo to get scolded, while he was the one who initiated the flirting. Baek Ah knew perfectly that Hae Soo was not the guilty one as she had shown him the poem and she had no clue about the meaning.

Finally, I would like to say that reading a different point of view is interesting for me because it makes you question your own judgement. However, we shouldn't get too emotional.


I wrote this long post countering all your points but my page hanged and crashed, leading me to loose it all then I realized it was for the best. Nothing I say will change your perception of him. People always see what they want to. Everything he does or says will be twisted into whatever the person perceives and wants to believe. BTW thanks, had no idea that asking someone to understand WW's POV was me being too emotional. Anyway lesson learned, hopefully someone will make separate topics for both the couples soon. Oh and FYI even WS has put HS's reputation on the line by being alone with her and coming to find her in the Damiwon(?) Place where anyone could have seen them together. Please don't quote my post anyone. I don't intend to come here again. Ciao.

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25 minutes ago, KdramaSwimmer said:


*pinch me please* I can keep looking at those pics for coming  2 days till MoonDay comes to see this scene finally.... and loads and loads hugs to you for posting these.... i havent read any of other posts bt saw these pics on FB so could not stop login here to see the atmosphere here....

everyone else...lest pray that hug scene will be as satisfying as we are hoping.

so here my analysis.....as we can see HS is all about to melt in his arms  (that was my firt impression but now after looking at pic from all possible angles i think she seems to be sad or dejected..something must have happend and WS is trying to giver her support by HUGGING her...)...her face buried in his chest...and he is looking *sorry cant read it* just lost in dreams imagining what can happen here...

and it calls for a party finally our ship is about to sail...and in such a way...

happy moonday waiting gyus...


I don't think Hae-Su is the kind to jump from one man's shoulder to another man's arms so easily and I mean literally, will she not have that date with Wook this episode where its all candles and sweetness all around for them. I think she was having a hard time thanks to Concubine and Queen "Why is her name too long". And god forbid, if they figure out she applied makeup on So's face to make the marks go away, they won't go easy on her. My guess, she collapsed and most likely passed out. Our dear Wang So was there just to be her support in the right time. 

BTW, I had to pinch myself too.

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  • Jillia changed the title to [Drama 2016] Moon Lovers ❤ Scarlet Heart Ryeo, 달의 연인-보보경심 려 \^0^/ Soompi Kdrama 2016 Winner

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