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  1. The thing about voice recongition is.. do you guys really never feel you are hearing "someone" but that similar voice actually belongs to "someone else". happens often so unreliable
  2. i thought he hid it instinctively because its first crush.. and you don't want the world to know.. less your secy to see your changed attitude and fiddling with umbrella (she knows park)
  3. so at this point, i am sure the sec lee (whom DJ calls noona) is his mother.. and he might as well be uncle's son making our two leads cousins. I love how much he already loves the secretary GH .. Who was the girl he fell in love 3 years ago? And how did she break his heart? - either mom tormented the girl because she was low society or she was employed by uncle to spy on our male lead Veronica Park rocks!!.. go and fiddle with DJ .. i like it
  4. if you can see her from KiLomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeters away, you should know you already love her i just hope it is not the same old weird theory.. that he remembers her face because he trusts her and he doesn't really trust anyone else a good test will be if secretary dresses up differently like never before and if he can still recognize her
  5. interesting, i always thought fox was male waiting for his girl but with your screencaps it makes sense.. XF is the fox.. the one who always dreamt of love, wanted to be in love..waited for love Now, the last dialogue makes sense to me when she told LCYin that ultimately the fox could not wait for the girl.. and i was like but LCYin came.. But it was her who could not wait and killed herself.. ah!
  6. it would be nice to see these two are actually actors shooting some drama.. with all that cctv.. or shooting some reality show and then bicker away Nah!.. anything for this sweet married life.. ready to be poor and have nothing to eat
  7. how cute, the modern version is called "Wu" (gu xao wu and not LCYin) and dude! serious cuteness overload.. he better appear in another romance drama with loads of kisses.. and not a romcom (that'd be a waste of talent)
  8. More like a project that was some 20 episodes, on shelf to be shelved.. became a runaway hit from the moment go.,, i am sure they earned a lot from the drama at no cost.. so they themselves announced they want to make alternate ending.. and fan reaction was actually to not mess with the ending because everyone thought drama will be changed instead of this way of alternate ending what they have done her eis smart!
  9. i thought story was happy ending. Could you plz explain what is the bad ending and what is the new good ending
  10. The interesting thing is that the person who was killed was a scientist working on "creating" babies.. solution for infertile people.. however the kids were turning into something (dieing).. I think the lady who went crazy got one of those manufactured babies that died and she is probably the crazy rich lady that is why can't be killed and must be kept happy, so hubby brought in NaNa from the orphanage, but that boyfriend of hers kept coming and he feared if crazy wife will come to know of something that she shouldn't OR rainy night baby JK witnessed murder of the not so missing guy from coffin
  11. damn!.. and he really loved LCY's mom.. its like father like son he killed his wife's family despite being in love with her.. he killed her family despite knowing he had fallen in love with her
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