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  1. they found one at that red fox place which the bird tried to steal away it was in a painting i think
  2. This drama is so rocking.. can someone direct me to any chit chat on actual story details she has her taste back, post ep 8 she gets her smell and eyesight (color distinction) i guess pending should be 4-ear (distinghishing voices) 5-feeling (skin) and thus her heart 6- i assume this should be spiritual/ like unlocking of cultivation or sthg;;..her power
  3. confused.. ep 12 clarified it is MY's mom who killed ST's mom We see partial face of the killer and it is the same face we saw in MY's memory of the mother (when they showed her lips and all whi;e combing mY's hair)
  4. She is reading mom's novels.. i think she is a fan/ stalker fan who imbibes the story of witch Remember, mom died while writing this witch series, and i bet my money that witch series is highly inspired by her real life.. I doubt dad -daughter have read the series She is reading mom's novels.. i think she is a fan/ stalker fan who imbibes the story of witch Remember, mom died while writing this witch series, and i bet my money that witch series is highly inspired by her real life.. I doubt dad -daughter have read the series
  5. This is my take on the raw scenes.. maybe subs will change everything.. So, ST keeps hearing from nurses, at home with other folks during dinner.. that KT and MY are together. But, KT on phone keeps telling ST that he is alone.. and ofcourse that is that subtle jealousy, issue with sharing KT with anyone. Anyway, final scene, ST knows KT is lying and he is super hurt. He goes back , asks KT whom he likes more - ST or MY. KT says ST but he is lying (obvious).. MY also enters the scene.. ST completely flips when he sees KT lying to his face .. and i think he s
  6. I don't know Korean, but i think he was referring to the lake scene and basically calling out KT that he told mom that he hopes ST dies (before lake scene) and then he actually entertained the idea of letting ST die.. I believe ST was perceptive and interpreted the scene rightly... we never got his pov on that scene..maybe that's why he left
  7. I will say, someone is killing and dumps body in the other world to avoid being caught.. and the ML in that world is basically bringing back bodies and dumping again in this world so that detectives can find that people in their own world are being killed.. else murders will go untraced.. World A (with our cop male lead): Murderer kills and dumps bodies in world B, hence world A is not even aware of murders. Murderer also kills people in world A, and dumps bodies in world B World B (our other hero in suit): he tracks and dumps murdered bodies back in world A hoping cops
  8. hmm.. not sure if you are oversimplifying it.. but sure..each has their own questions.. it is more about trigger and hence spring when flower blooms and you would probably find more butterflies..because problem is not just butterfly, ok hospital has them.. its a trigger.. trigger that will make ST not agreeing to staying in that place..and as it seems KT ends up losing job quite often when brother goes into his fit
  9. if you ask that question, that defeats the whole purpose for this story or drama to exist they are on a run running away from butterflies so that they don't find ST if ST is convinced butterflies have found him, how do you think he would stay at that place? If KT doesn't have a job how cna they stay?
  10. nah..theorizing What we can be sure of is that MY's mom beat ST and ST's mom back then, potentially killing ST's mom. But ST was saved...someone did save him.. His fear of butterflies and MY killing butterflies.. clearly MY's mom (either she liked butterflies or she had cornucopia of butterfly themed trinkets) Plus just as KT's memories are unreliable, MY's are unreliable too.. i think she blocked her memories of killing mom but dad remembers *************************** Lastly, our lady at hospital singing clementine.. pretty sure is an avid/
  11. The only way ST-MY would get resolved is ST realizing, MY saved him from death when he was young (when mom was killed)
  12. Kiss i'd expect in ep 10 1. We have to know about MY's mom, her role in KT's mom's death, MY's role in that of being passive observer or maybe she killed mom.. her memories are distorted too 2. KT distancing himself from her for sometime given she is connected to mom's death etc.. So, kiss, confession, love dovey should happen by ep 10-11 .. next episodes mY's healing, finding out about Mo,, next 2 episodes in uncovering the truth..maybe mom's novel also has clues.. sorting out with dad..
  13. I think mom is dead, but the lady who took away the book from dad, might be a friend/fan/sister and hence hums that song.. possibly an ardent fant ST is jealous of KT liking MY or mY liking KT? The best line "You shouldn't drink, otherwise it will be bad"... you can so tall that KT knows immediately if both are drunk it will be intense fierce love making BUT WORST, MY is a danger.. the way she attacked the editor.. and today's episode solidifies how much the editor cares about her like a family.. whats the guarantee, that tomorrow she is angry on ST and push
  14. ??? not sure relevance of the comment to the point though ha ha..ok retrospectively..he knows she is the girl who is her first love in this scene right.. he does still like her.. was he hurrying because..you know .. "hard and soft"
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