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[Drama 2021] Sell Your Haunted House/ Daebak Real State, 대박부동산

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Ohhh my daydreaming theory has a possibility?!? Let’s manifest team for season 2!! The drama has potential for more in-depth expansion of the exorcism ritual and world etc. and the Blue Salt Auntie needs to come back for a bigger role too. 

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I love the ending of episode 5 since it wasn't even a typical rain scene I thought of initially from the ost cover pic, which makes it even better. The director is really doing a good job in the direc

KBS DRAMA 2021 Sell Your Haunted House     Profile   Drama: Sell Your Haunted House  Hangul: 대박부동산 Director: Park Jin-Suk Writer: Ha Soo-Jin, Lee Youn

Sell Your Haunted House - ''In Dream''  OST part 7   *****   Such beautiful scenes between IB and JiA even though it was a sad episode...    I love IBs monologue inf

I really enjoyed this show. It didn't feel like it dragged and the ending was actually good.


Did they ever explain where the Office Manager's connections come from or has it been a mystery this entire time? Like the place they locked up that spirit looked fancy. 


I like that the women at the restaurant next door and the ex-thug found each other. I thought their relationship was sweet. 


I would have liked it more if there was a love line, but it doesn't take away from it being a good show. The leads do have chemistry but I guess i'll settle for partners. 

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I enjoyed this a lot. It's too bad there was no romance but he has to remain a virgin in order to be a medium. At least they have that emotional bond and they're also bonded by their supernatural powers and sense of mission...


In any case, a K-drama without romance. So rare. But it was a lot of fun.

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So my tongue-in-cheek comment about Do dying and becoming a restless spirit did happen!  If a season 2 is confirmed, I'd rather they not bring back Do Hak seung. Let him be sealed in the urn forever.  I'd want to see new characters and fresh plots.

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Jung Yong Hwa Says He Has a Lot to Learn From Jang Na Ra as an Actor

by Na Young Gil | images: KBS


On June 15th, Jung Yong Hwa had an interview to celebrate the end of KBS’s Sell Your Haunted House. In the show, he played a fake medium, Oh In Beom, and expressed many changes in emotions in a stable and detailed way. He received favorable reviews for his performance because it was different from his usual ones in romance shows.

First of all, he expressed his love for his character Oh In Beom. “I felt like Oh In Beom was a perfect fit for me when I first read the script. I felt like I could bring life to the scenes. That’s why I was attracted to the character,” he said.

He went on to say how he tried to put his own personality into the character when he played Oh In Beom. He said, “I can be playfully sly sometimes. I can also be serious. Studying my character, I wanted to put those different sides of me into him. I tried to be very serious when he dealt with the supernatural cases but be more lively and comedic when he’s not working. Oh In Beom has a lot of trauma. He’s a layered character, which allowed me to express many different emotions.”

Sell Your Haunted House deals with various social issues such as property fraud, landlords’ mistreatment of their tenants, and discrimination against rental homeowners. He said, “The show brought up the issues, which I saw a lot of on the news and could happen to anyone. So it was easy to relate when I was acting.”


When asked about how well he worked together with Jang Na Ra, he said, “I’ve always wanted to work with her. During the shooting, I realized I have a lot to learn from her. She’s such a good actress. She took restorative approaches by giving compliments rather than giving commands. Eventually, she helped me to bring myself out of mannerisms as an actor. I was able to shake off a lot of bad habits. I learned so much from her.”

He shared that he also got along with Kang Hong Suk. “We talked to each other a lot to prepare for our scenes. We just clicked. He’s a really good guy. Whenever I go through hardships, he is always there for me. I feel glad in many ways to have met someone who will be in the rest of my life.”

He talked about hanging out with the other actors after the end of the show. “I hung out with Jang Na Ra and Kang Hong Suk after the show had ended. Hong Suk and I kept asking Na Ra how she could stay looking so young. I was surprised whenever I saw her for the six months we shot the show.”

He carefully discussed the possibility of season 2. “If many people want it, I think it might happen. I don’t know for sure. I’d say yes if the others are up for it. But I’d feel sad for In Beom if we decide to make the season 2.”

Source (1, 2, 3)
Translator Na Young Gil: ZAPZEE is the best Korean pop culture community, and I’m happy to be part of it.



Review | K-drama review: Sell Your Haunted House – exorcism drama ends with emotional finale


  • Daring exorcists Jang Na-ra and Oh In-bum have been tackling restless spirits lingering on in the living world, and it has thrown up several thrilling stories
  • But it’s Jang’s character that has been the beating heart of the series, so it’s no surprise that she is the catalyst for a tear-jerking ending

By Pierce Conran | 11 Jun, 2021

Jang Na-ra has been enormously compelling in K-drama Sell Your Haunted House.

This article contains spoilers.



3.5/5 stars

Throughout its 16-episode run, the real-estate-themed exorcism drama Sell Your Haunted House delighted viewers with a series of compelling cases. Each featured daring exorcists Hong Ji-a (Jang Na-ra) and Oh In-bum (Jung Yong-hwa) as they tackled restless spirits lingering on in the living world, rooted to the homes, saunas and art galleries where they passed away.

Each spirit came with its own backstory, which Ji-a and In-bum had to get to the bottom of to figure out the reason they stayed on. These emotional, mysterious and sometimes thrilling stories were diverting viewing by themselves, but the show’s beating heart, from the very start, was the enormously compelling Ji-a, commandingly and effortlessly played by Jang.

Heading into its final few weeks, Sell Your Haunted House dropped the episodic exorcisms and focused squarely on the dark secrets in Ji-a’s past, which also involved In-bum and Secretary Ju (Kang Mal-geum).

The events that unfolded 20 years ago get an extended and rousing encore in the present as the exorcists at Great Real Estate went head-to-head with Do Hak-sung (Ahn Gil-kang), the villainous head of Dohak Construction. Ultimately, this struggle also forced them to confront their own demons as they came to terms with the guilt in their past.

The hook of Sell Your Haunted House was a simple and effective one: an exorcist specialising in real estate, teaming up with a con-man exorcist who discovers an unexpected ability to commune with the dead.

Beyond that premise, we were quickly introduced to Ji-a’s mother Hong Ji-min (Baek Eun-hye), who had been an unrested spirit for the past 20 years. We realised early on that the show would ultimately end with the bittersweet moment when Ji-a finally succeeded in helping her mother pass to the afterlife, and the journey there didn’t disappoint.

The botched exorcism from two decades earlier involved a particularly powerful spirit known as an “egg ghost”. These egg ghosts are what happen when several connected vengeful spirits morph into one entity. The egg ghost had possessed In-bum as a child, and Ji-min had no choice but to try and kill him.

Jung Yong-hwa in a still from Sell Your Haunted House.

However, the conclusion to this story, the memory of which Ji-a had blocked, was that the egg ghost transferred to Ji-min and Ji-a herself killed her own mother, an inadvertent but ultimately necessary act.

Yet that knowledge alone proved to be insufficient as Ji-a failed once more to exorcise her mother. As she later discovered when she helped the owner of her neighbourhood restaurant (Baek Hyun-joo) exorcise the spirit of her recently departed son, the thing that kept her mother in the living world was none other than Ji-a’s guilt.

But before dealing with that, Ji-a and In-bum had to take on Hak-sung, whose nefarious dealings were eventually revealed to the public. But as a wounded beast hanging on for dear life, Hak-sung was at his most dangerous. He wiped out a former ally, killing many innocent people in the process, which in turn created a new egg ghost.

The team at Great Real Estate were forced to grapple with an ethical dilemma: the egg ghost would keep killing people unless either Ji-a or In-bum sacrificed themselves. Ji-a, having already lost everything to an egg ghost, initially tried to ignore the situation, but her conscience ultimately got the better of her.

In-bum eventually figured out a way that might not involve an ultimate sacrifice but things don’t go as planned during the exorcism, and Ji-a tried to sacrifice herself anyway. In-bum rushed to her aid and by sharing the burden they both survived, only for Ji-a to immediately be cornered and stabbed by Hak-sung.

Ahn Gil-kang is the villain of the piece in Sell Your Haunted House.

At the beginning of the finale, Hak-sung got his comeuppance when he tripped and broke his neck in an underpass, his cash raining on the ground, where the bills were picked up by the homeless. It was an abrupt and somewhat ill-fitting death, but it was not quite the end of the road, as Hak-sung quickly returned as a spirit, who possessed In-bum.


This set the stage for a final exorcism as Hak-sung led In-bum to Great Real Estate where he engaged in a major duel with Ji-a. She cleverly lured him into a room, trapped him and then attacked him with a special technique calling “sealing”, which would make Hak-sung’s spirit feel burning pain for eternity.

However, the technique left Ji-a with a burn scar on her hand and she later realised it also stripped her of her powers. Nevertheless, she figured out a way to release her mother’s spirit, which set up a final, tearful reunion between them.

Jang in a still from Sell Your Haunted House.

Yet the most powerful moment was actually the very next scene, as the hairpin disintegrated in the real world and In-bum immediately realised what has happened. He automatically and wordlessly held Ji-a in his arms, aware of her grief.

Many of us know that feeling, of seeing a loved one grappling with grief. All that we can offer in that moment is a tender touch, a sense of connection. Yet even a small dose of warmth and human comfort can go a long way.

Sell Your Haunted House is streaming on Viu.


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Jang Na Ra Says There Was No Romance in ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ Since the Beginning

by Na Young Gil

Credit: Lawon

On June 16th, Jang Na Ra had a video interview in celebration of Sell Your Haunted House‘s finale. The series got much love and appreciation from the audience for mixing the modern-day’s hot topic of real estate and the occult. According to Nielsen TV ratings, the first episode garnered an average viewership rating of 5.3 percent. And it earned a peak rating of 6.9 percent. 

The exorcist duo Ji Ah(Jang Na Ra) and In Beom(Jung Yong Hwa) received a lot of love. There were lots of calls for the two’s romance from fans. When she learned that there’s a lot of disappointed fans, Jang Na Ra frankly replied, “We had meetings during the planning stage, and we made our decision not to have romance on the show.”

“I liked the relationship between Mulder and Scully. The fans hoped they started loving each other, but there wasn’t any of that. The exorcist duo Ji Ah and In Beom have a relationship where they can trust each other with their lives. It’s beyond romance,” she explained.

She shared that she chose to star in Sell Your Haunted House because of her character’s originality. “I wasn’t sure if I’d ever get a chance to play an exorcist in my life. That’s why I was drawn to her, not to mention the great script,” she said.




이미지: KBS

Jang Na Ra also revealed that she wanted to play Hong Ji Ah because she seems cold outside but is warm on the inside. She said, “It’s not a common genre. I liked how it touched on common issues like real estate. It also had many stories about families. I thought mixing all that with the occult would create something refreshing. Maybe that’s what attracted viewers.”

On Sell Your Haunted House, she presented a daring character she’s never shown the public before. She said, “I worked a lot on the tone of my voice, the facial expressions, and how I speak. Things like my character’s personality and her way of speaking were all in the script, so I tried to convey them well. As you can see, with my features, it’s hard for me to look sharp and fierce. I kept practicing the glance to look sharp. I used a lot of the tones when I speak to my older brother, like when I mess around with him or dare him.”

Jang Na Ra made her debut with the first album First Story and expanded her career into acting. It’s already been 20 years since her debut. She emphasized that Sell Your Haunted House is a new beginning for her. “It was a tough but meaningful show. I want to keep exploring different sides of me even after this show. And I hope Sell Your Haunted House can be the starting point of that.”

Source (1, 2)
Translator Na Young Gil: ZAPZEE is the best Korean pop culture community, and I’m happy to be part of it.




Jang Nara Praises “Sell Your Haunted House” Co-Star Jung Yong Hwa, Reflects On Her 20th Debut Anniversary, And More

by S. Cho  | Jun 17, 2021


Jang Nara recently held an online press conference to discuss her latest drama “Sell Your Haunted House”!

KBS’s “Sell Your Haunted House” is a drama about a real estate agent and a con artist who team up to exorcise spirits and evil auras from haunted properties. Jang Nara played Hong Ji Ah, the hot-tempered exorcist and the boss of Daebak Real Estate, while Jung Yong Hwa played Oh In Bum, a conman who pretends to believe in ghosts to make a living.

After maintaining a relatively stable five percent viewership rating throughout the series, the June 9 finale of the drama ended on solid ratings. Regarding her decision to join the show, Jang Nara commented, “The role of an exorcist was a role I wondered whether I’d ever play in my life. I was drawn to that role and I liked the script. Rather than an intense transformation, I joined with the thought that I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I worked hard for the result and I’m satisfied.”

She continued, “I thought that I’d have to show a new image in terms of visuals and acting. Rather than say I referred to something [for my character], I tried to stay true to the script.” Jang Nara added, “I especially wanted to create a sharp expression. I wanted the expression to have raised eyes, so I constantly practiced at home.”


Jang Nara also spoke about her working with CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa. In a previous interview, Jung Yong Hwa shared that he had learned a lot from her. She responded, “Even though we had a pretty big age gap, he was so professional. He tried really hard to brighten the mood on set while we were filming.”

She continued praising the actor, sharing, “Jung Yong Hwa has a lot of talent and is really good at imitations. He does imitations without rest. He acts very seriously and is the type to evolve quickly. I thought that he worked hard and well. He seemed like a smart person.”

Regarding a potential second season to “Sell Your Haunted House,” Jang Nara commented, “I like telling universal stories in a unique way. There are quite a lot of housing issues these days. That’s why I think a lot of people can relate. Although it’s not something I can do anything about, it would be nice to do it.”

This year, Jang Nara celebrated her 20th debut anniversary. Although she initially entered the entertainment industry as a singer, she quickly ventured into acting only a year later. She commented, “What else does an actor have to do other than act? I enjoy acting.”

Jang Nara continued, “Like I said earlier, I’m thankful to my fans. I’m not very fun but they look over me prettily. I believe that’ll become the driving force that makes me work harder, grow, and want to hear compliments. Being able to work for 20 years is a thankful life. Although ‘Sell Your Haunted House’ was a difficult project, it was meaningful. I hope it can become a starting point for various other projects.”

Source (1)

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[INTERVIEW] CNBLUE's Jung Yong-hwa says military hiatus helped his smooth career transition into acting

By Lee Gyu-lee | 2021-06-18

Singer and actor Jung Yong-hwa played a con man in KBS's occult comedy series, "Sell Your Haunted House." Courtesy of FNC Entertainment

Jung Yong-hwa ― actor, singer-songwriter, leader of K-pop boy band CNBLUE, and TV reality show host ― is known for his sweet voice and nice-guy image, which are perfectly suitable for a romance series.

Jung, 31, stepped out of his comfort zone to break his iconic image, returning to the small screen after four years in the role of a cunning con man in KBS's occult comedy series, "Sell Your Haunted House," which wrapped up earlier this month.

"With this series, I wanted to show a different image of myself that I haven't shown through previous series," the actor said during an interview with The Korea Times via Zoom, Tuesday. "This is the first TV work I took on after completing my mandatory military service. Until now, I've only done romance or rom-com. But I was able to try out a different genre with 'Sell Your Haunted House,' which was very meaningful and interesting. I had a lot of fun."

The actor revealed that he put in a lot of time contemplating and choosing the first series after his military hiatus. He enlisted in the mandatory service in 2018 and was discharged in November 2019. 

"While serving in the military, I thought about the piece I should choose (as an actor)," he said. "Like with music, I like challenging myself so I was drawn to the occult theme of 'Sell Your Haunted House'. And as I was reading the script, it had comedy, action, and the supernatural, which made me think 'This is it.'"

A poster of the series / Courtesy of KBS

He added that Jang Na-ra as the co-lead gave him confidence in choosing the series. "I've always wondered how she chooses such great pieces to work on. So when I heard that she's starring, I really wanted to work with her," he said. 

Directed by Park Jin-suk, who directed "School 2017," the mystery-comedy series revolves around an exorcist, Hong Ji-ah (Jang), who runs the family business as a real estate agent specializing in haunted properties. She performs exorcisms to get rid of lingering spirits and helps sell the properties.

Jung's character, Oh In-bum, comes into Ji-ah's life when he devises a scheme targeting one of her clients through a fake exorcism. Using his ability as a medium, he convinces her that he could be of help in performing exorcisms and partners up with her in business. As he becomes possessed by the spirits during the exorcisms, he learns different stories and issues that kept them from transitioning into the afterlife.

The actor has garnered praise for his performance with such a layered character, who has a dark past of losing his family and growing up with his spiritual ability, but hides them under a lighthearted personality.

A scene from the series / Courtesy of KBS

Jung said he has grown to be more comfortable in putting himself into a character with this work. "Before I began my military service, I used to overthink everything, like I was too ambitious. But afterwards, I learned to give myself more space and become more relaxed, which was also reflected in my acting," he said, adding that he was too strict on himself in his 20s. 

"And this also helped me to be more creative… this was the first series that I tried not to pressure myself to be perfect. And because of that, I felt more comfortable playing my character, instead of wearing myself out by trying to look cool." 

Adding that he has learned a lot from his co-star Jang, who has over 20-years of acting experience, Jung said she guided him to break his pattern in acting. 

"I loved every part of working together," he said. She would compliment me and encourage me by saying things like, 'you're doing so well, but it would be even better if you try this,' instead of just telling me what to do or how I should act. She helped me to break the pattern that I locked myself into, which I'm very thankful for."

When asked if he has plans for music, he said he found musical inspiration while working on the series. "I was getting ideas for songs while taking part in this series, and I hope to make an album sometime," he said. "I am continuing to write songs so it won't take too long… but I'm the type of person who waits until things are ready, and I have too many things I want to try right now, which is a problem."

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