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  1. Yeah..I miss the chatty days here were we need to keep up reading the pages...I havent heard from sunbae @utkim for about a year now..Hope she is fine... Praying unni to have a project soon so all the "inactive" kyonatics will gather here again... Regarding the encounter awards..There's definitely something fishy with how K-Ent give/held their awards..A lot is deserving but not all are nominated or wins...hope unni doesnt care much about awards but for me she really doesnt need to prove herself anymore..
  2. Wow!!Nice to see a lot coming back here..Guess we all miss her dearly...Sorry if I'm no help with the updates...Thank you so much for keeping this thread alive...This thread remains to be the home for all of us loyal kyonatics... Peace and stay safe guyz...
  3. Wow!So nice to see familiar accounts here..Lockdown gave me the time to recover my password and the recent "rumors" lead me here. I've always and forever will have a soft spot for BinKyo. I remember I cry like crazy when they broke up The way they broke up seems unfair. They truly love each other but media/sega and all the shenanigans led to separation. I was more depressed from their separation compare to....you guyz know whom I'm talking about Anyways, Am I happy if its true?? I honestly cant deny that I will be BUT: 1. It's like SEGA crazy version 2.0.. CLOY is hot stuff now and their shipper will surely target her. During SEGA era, she even received threats from delulu fans. I dont want another of that for unni. 2. She is always the target of scrutiny and malicious articles. Media cant help but watch her every move.. The "clues" still seems far-fetched but if its true I hope they keep it private. I hope and pray they find happiness whether with each other or with another.