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  1. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2019/08/song-hye-gyo-looks-powerful-in-smoky.html?m=1 NB always choose to translate trashy comments...and it came from nate..It dont bother me anymore with this type of comments...Seems to me like a bunch of pressed knets who wish to control her and jealous of an independent strong woman..plus the comments in nb from international fans seems to be more rational now...Girls dont have to fight with one another just for an oppa...We should be standing up with each other. Stay pressed knets, wait for the Queen's comeback and you will be praising her once again.We've seen this cycle countless times before havent we?
  2. Thankful for all the effort you guyz in making this thread alive but pretty please can we avoid posting news related to her ex? Its bad enough to see her still sharing same tag in IG. Can we have peace here? Like unni lets move on and focus on her. No harm intended. Peace and love u guyz
  3. Thank you so much @ahdrianaa for your effort in translating..I appreciate and so grateful to you. I feel relieved that slowly they are starting to see their senses What goes around comes around. And not everyone can be easily called top star...Like superheroes, it comes with great responsibility or to put it in another way...It requires class..
  4. Got this from IG...It was posted by miss roses_thefangirl...I hope more can read it.. She truly is the epitome of grace and character.. https://www.rolalaloves.com/2019/07/song-hye-kyo-epitome-of-grace-and.html Please lets make it peaceful here. She is moving on with grace and class..Let us avoid posting topics which are baseless..Others might be snooping in here. As fans lets not attract more hate for her. I believe she will come out stronger like what she always does. Haters can only hate.....
  5. Warnings and penalties....hmmm...I hope for a more severe punishment because they will never learn. Anyways, I'm happy at the fact that unni is fighting back!K-artist should follow her footsteps so that these journalists wont have the courage to distort facts and write non-sense articles.. I've read the comments at the articles link @ahdrianaa posted and I'm quite relieved that comments are positive (If google trans isn't messing with me.) Just that NB always chose rotten articles from nate to translate...Things will get better... I can now see her big comeback! But ofcourse after she recovers from all of this shenanigans.
  6. I knew it!!!Uri queen and her company is just waiting for the right timing!!Please include those rotten journalists as well...No wonder that youtuber change his earlier post..He knew they were preparing something...please start with him!!!
  7. @ahdrianaa I've been checking nb to see if they posted the clarification article but that site is like that...Only post articles with more hateful comments...I'll see if I can send it to other sites that translates comments..
  8. Warning!!!!Sorry this will be a looong rant...I really want to get it out on my system..Some people can be too much..Kindness people please.. Toxic Rotten Malicious Misleading To all the Korean journalist who twisted the article, How can you sleep soundly at night knowing you are releasing/writing crap articles which are baseless and meant to destroy someone's reputation/hardwork??? And dont you know there's something called "responsible journalism"?How can you attain that position?How did you manage to be a journalist?Where did you left your conscience?Did you have one to begin with? She worked hard to where she is since childhood. Not only for herself but for her mother as well...She carefully had chosen projects after projects and worked hard for it. Where she is now did not happen overnight.. She doesnt deserve to be destroyed by a single article which are written by an irresponsible journalist who doesnt even know the basic about research!!! Are you proud at the food you serve your family knowing how dirty you had gotten to get it?? Look at the suicide rate in your country. One of the reason for it are the toxic judgemental society you have. You mourn at every soul you've lost but think why it led to that... Kindness is cheap. Dont be too selfish and just share it. To the ones who believes she has a sponsor and think she's at fault, In the past she was accused as well but she sued them and she won. I want to hope that she is just resting and mending her wounds but once she regain her strength, I hope she sues them again.Be careful and kind on what you write.Not to be boastful but she never runs out of offer for a project since her debut days, she is beautiful, talented, she has tons of hit dramas and she is famous all over Asia. Do you think she needs one? She might be at fault or her ex but it takes two to tango... You can hate her but dont go spreading malicious rumors or generate more hate. She is trying to be strong here. She knows its gonna be difficult but she went on with the divorce instead in living with people's expectations. To her ex, I dont have the right to judge you as I'm a nobody and an outsider..I just cant help to be disappointed and ask where are those promises??The maturity you have shown? When "She" was played in the background while unni was entering your FM, I thought, he could be the one. When you hurriedly run to give her a tissue when she cried and promises her fans that it would only be a flowery path, the words in every interview and the vow, the way you look at her and how proud you were. Were those empty words like what you said about your wife in your drama presscon?? I wish not.Sad that personality difference were such a factor. Love can be scary. It can be sour the next thing you know. I'm not gonna curse at you but I cant still bring myself to wish you luck. You have a lot of fans so sorry if I'll just skip on you because I can't help but to feel sad and disappointed whenever I look at you. To unni, Rest if you must..Surround yourself with good people and all of this shall pass too. Will always support you. And so they say. For every setback there is a major comeback!!
  9. Now that it's final!Lets solely focus on our queen...I dont want to throw shade at the other party.I believe their love was real at that time its just too bad it didnt work out.Now let's just hope and pray for unni's bright future and continue to cheer for her. No use in arguing with haters that wont bother to listen or see reasoning. We've done this before...and I'm really in awe of unni's strength! She embodies a modern queen! She remains calm and collected at whatever was thrown at her and she just shut them out with each success she had. I believe it will be better days for her soon!! And her chaumet appearance for me is already the start! Go on queen!!!Shine like you always do! Blind them with your brightness!!Awe them to the point they can no longer speak and spout nonsense!Keep on slaying like you always do!
  10. @dukesa1122 I like that "Women can be the sun too." Ofcourse they can!!!and most of the time they are the stronger one...Male sometimes or most of the times are stronger outside but too weak inside.. In previous incidences, we have seen how knetz logic can be crooked. The nasty comments were the proofs. They want her to fit into this norm and wallow in sadness bec she got divorce...Hello knetz!!!!That happens waaaaaayyyyyyyy back 1990's perhaps but guess what????Welcome to year 2019!!!!! Women are more stronger. We continuously struggle to fight for our happiness whether with a partner or not. We walk out when after everything we've done and we are still unwanted. We create our own happiness and it shouldnt just depend on having a man. Knetz are mad at sex offenders but one of the reason why males are confident to do it is because they are so quick to harass and point fingers to women and their society is dominated by men...Helloo!!!Change is good I tell you knetz..plus I hate it how they associate her commitments in china as having a sponsor!!Hello again knetz...she has always been popular there..Where have you been hiding???She always gets projects..Projects came to her. Do you think she need a sponsor? She is an actress who has more than a handful of successful projects even before marriage she is already "The Song Hye Kyo". Loved all over Asia. If I can have it my way I'd say she is the queen of Korean/Asian drama series.. Anyway, You go unni!!!Dont give them the satisfaction they wanted and they dont deserve your explanation..They will say anything regardless of what you do...Just continue to be the beautiful person inside and out that you are. Always proud to support you...and glad a lot of support from international fans..K-actress can take it from her..Dont let knetz dictate what your action is..Dont hide, instead show them how strong you are... And its funny...I can see it now...Their hate for her is real but once she has a drama...They cant ignore her work..Haters are confused admirers so they say. and jealousy is cancerous..It doesnt hurt to be kind..
  11. So happy to see her smile...You can feel her sadness in her last appearance with Sulwasoo..Here she's like..."You dont know anything so dont judge me!Who cares about you haters?!I'm gonna slay the red carpet and be the godess that I'm always am!!" You keep on slaying unni..We will always be here for you...
  12. Hello fellow SHK'ers... I've been silent after the news, digesting what is happening..the backlash and all...Avoiding which party to blame...but with everything that happen..I will forever stan this beautiful lady inside and out.. For those who is wondering why she is silent...It was always her classy response to whatever situation was thrown at her...I feel hurt for her and for that I've translated my emotion into a poem (Please bear with me as I'm not a poet or writer or something Just a fan who truly wish her all the best.) Here goes..... To Kyo unni.. We thought he was your knight in shinning armor Came with a smile and words sweetly spoken Gestures for you that melt our hearts Made us wish he is the one for you But things happen And we may never know what went wrong Know that after all this things Your gonna bounce back Your gonna come out stronger Like you always did They might dim your light They might think you are weak But you know yourself And He knows you well Love and cherish you That you need not fear For better days he had plan For which you deserve A storm might what it needed For you are always and forever deserving Of that happily ever after Whether with someone else Or just the comfort of loving yourself and enjoying the love of those who hold you truly and dearly from their heart I wish I can send you a hug Although I dont know the whole truth And even supporting you since autumn days might not validate it A good heart recognizes one when she sees one So held your head up high This too shall pass They have criticize you, mock you and disgrace you But know that he is watching I believe you will come out stronger, wiser and a much better person Forever and always a fan to stand by you Shine like you always do Be the classy woman you always are Forever proud of you P.s..No shade intended on the other party..Lets just be like our unni..Classy and collected.. Have a good day sweeties....
  13. Still on withdrawal!!! No more sweet JinSoo couple!!! There are a lot of lines that I like in Encounter but this probably got me squealing "I know its difficult but you need to know this. You can break up with me but I'm still going to love you. Let's make another bet! Either we'll break up like you wish or our love will conquer like I say." I mean!!Yahhhh Kim Jin Hyuk!!How can you say that and expect us to be realistic in finding love???How can you be so dreamy??One Kim Jin Hyuk please!! I love how this drama combines art and literature that we can dissect and enjoy every bits and pieces. I also like how there are no crazy shenanigans. Looks like I'd be watching this over and over for months. And is this part of a book? I want to buy one if possible and if its in english..the last lines at the end: KJH: Among a multitude of stars, one stares down at me. CSH: Among a multitude of people, I stare up at that one star. Where, when, and as what will the two of us. KJH: You, one so warm and me, one so tender CSH/KJH: Meet again? Ahhh..encounter is bringing back the bookish in me
  14. I cant bring myself to watch the final episode with eng subtitle bec it really means its goodbye for this beautiful drama! Am I weird or what? This drama is my cup of tea!No I'm not bias!Its not makjang but just real life happening!To the actors, writer, director and staff, thank you!You all worked hard for bringing us Boyfriend/Encounter!
  15. I cried at the end bec of 2 things..one...I want more happy and sweet scenes and two..it really is the end!! But I cant be greedy. Atleast its the ending we want and smilling JinSoo couple is enough for me!! I'm gonna miss Cha Soo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk!!Its almost midnight here..Need to sleep so I can marathon boyfriend tomorrow to help cure my drama withdrawal.
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