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  1. I wouldnt expect much since I want to save myself from disappointment but cant help but hope... Season 2 needs to happen for that loveline we wish for and we want to see uri exorcist and psychic duo helping unrested spirits and the people they left behind. And vanishing Doh Hak Sung forever.
  2. What an awesome drama!! Uri virgin psychic just posted on his IG! Cr. @jyheffect0622 Sell your haunted house have been my stress reliever during the duration of its run.. Such an awesome drama that came along when I needed it! Will definitely rewatch the whole series when I have the time to.. Willl miss the whole team especially Hong Sajangnim and Oh In Beom duo.. So cute..Jang Nara posted oh her IG
  3. Cant believe its already the last episode later..Such a nice well written and well made drama!
  4. Only 1 episode left and that romance we wanted aint happening yet!Its okay though, its well written and those small glimpse of possible romance I am happy with, so I'll take it. Yeah, I think so too..The farthest we can have with Ji ah and In beom romance will be just a hint but will be happy if I am wrong. He is a special psychic after all so maybe that yin/yang balance isnt applicable to him. I'm also gonna miss the dumb and dumber, hyung-dongsaeng duo
  5. Looks like KBS wanted to make it up for us for not airing episode 14 and released another bts Only 3 episodes left..Is their duet still possible?
  6. Boy deserves some now!Come on Ji Ah!! Dont waste that chemistry but I love the flow of this drama and how it is written so cant complain much. I also love this scene..It's a direct representation of how Ji Ah placed a wall against them and how In Beom no matter how much he wants to tear that wall respects her boundaries..
  7. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=31579788&memberNo=32433229
  8. Cant believe we are down to only 4 episodes left!Every episode keeps getting better..
  9. He works hard in whatever project/task given to him
  10. Glad he is receiving praises for his acting and that he met a good character to portray and showcase his acting ability.
  11. @rocher22 didn't know you made a thread for actor YongThere used to be 1 but all those shenanigans with fans.. I hope this will be a more peaceful one were it will focus on his acting/activities. As my 1st post here...Oh In Beom in 1st episode!
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