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  2. My heart can't move on... seeing their chemistry from ep 1 until the end..what more if there's a love line!!!! 12 episodes will do, like Youth of May...but not the same ending though
  3. If they just extended it into 20 episodes, and put the love line for our duo, I really won't demand a 2nd Season for the drama...
  4. In Do Hak Sung we Trust I wouldn't mind if he comes back..haha. for the sake of Season 2 please and the love line I HOPE THIS IS NOT A SCAM Oh In Beom and chief Ho
  5. Awww they didn't gave us any kiss scenes, a peck will do. even a possesed kiss wil do.HAHAHAHA Haven't watched it with eng subs tho.. But then again, THANKS TO THIS DRAMA I EAGERLY WAIT FOR WED-THURS TO COME FASTER. All love to the cast, In Beom, Saranghae.. Hong Sajangnim, Saranghae We'll see you on the KBS DRAMA AWARDS PETITION FOR SEASON 2, THEY WILL TRY TO SAVE THEIR UNRESTED ROMANCE
  6. Episode 15, I can't breathe !!! Jang Na Ra's acting while she was possesed by the egg ghost...OMG! >Clenching my teeth while watching Oh In Beom and Hong Ji Ah< daebak!!!!
  7. Ep 13 is one of the best... So many emotions in this episode. And Kim Mi Kyung's cameo is the best, agree with you @LeftCoastOppa love her acting always, poker face but her words always hits the pot! Making our In Beom and Ji Ah realize the content of their hearts. Saranghae Blue Salt Ahjumma I think I can survive for the following days, even though we cannot see the broadcast tonight...all thanks to Ep.13, and we see a reunion and please do some romantic slide on ep.14. LANDSLIDE OF ROMANTIC SCENES PLEASE
  8. Would totally love it,2 episodes at least! And hoping they will still do their rating promise. PLEASE! want to see and hear a duet from them.
  9. What does yong hwa mean by his IG post? Yaaah!!! Oh In Beom-you better come back Quit playing games with our hearts.HAHAHAHAH
  10. I just came here, to say that I suddenly miss her sooooo much.hahaha Ji Won unnie, drama this 2021 please.
  11. @jjeennyy19 @LeftCoastOppa ep 11 and 12 , hwaiting! Will literally go back to this thread when that happens.haha. celebration!!! Am not an active one when it comes to threads... i missed doing this. HAHAHAH
  12. Maybe it will complicate things when it comes to "romance". Because the psychic must not be involved in relationships i guess?? The Yin and Yang factor maybe? But who knows, kdrama's has its own twist... but i still demand skinship
  13. It's because whenever they have a romantic scene, they are always caught by some guards, police etc. Hahahah..Asking what are they doing But please, give them romantic scenes at least ... it will boost the ratings too, SO SURE OF THAT!! 10 episodes are enough writer-nim
  14. @strwbrry I don't know anymore!! HAHAH. I just don't feel the hype of dramas nowadays.. i miss the old but gold dramas before/during their times. I just miss her sooo much, tooo much!
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