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[Drama 2020] Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, 도도솔솔라라솔

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Oh right, If you loved Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara and wanted to vote for them at the KBS Drama Awards at the end of this month, I made a guide since a few people have asked me for it. Sharing it here in case people want to help these two get an Award for their great chemistry in this drama (I think someone from here asked me for this guide, so hopefully this helps!)






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Yeah, thinking back about it, there were some hints that he might be younger. Not sure how the writer thinks this will benefit the plot - I find it weird and would have preferred him being the same ag

Credit to @fan-number20000425 on Tumblr Somebody cast these two in a period drama!! I mean look at them!!  Go Ara is such a classic beauty, and Lee Jae Wook has that innocent yet charismatic

Jesus Christ. That episode was filled to the brim !   Okay first off, even if the last bit of the episode happened, I like Jun’s mom. She’s loud and embarrassing, no wonder Jun wanted to run

Winners Of 2020 KBS Drama Awards


KBS ended the year by recognizing the network’s best talent and programming at the 2020 KBS Drama Awards!


The ceremony, which was held on the evening of December 31, was hosted by Jo Bo Ah, Lee Sang Yeob, and Do Kyung Wan.


Chun Ho Jin took home the Daesang (Grand Prize) for his performance in “Once Again.” He shared, “When we started ‘Once Again,’ I said to my juniors, ‘Let’s do our best to have a lot of fun with this drama. Let’s give even a bit of hope to people who are having a hard time.’ If I dare to think so, it seems like we achieved that goal. I’m very happy.”


He shared that he thought of himself as receiving the trophy on behalf of his co-stars and many others, with him being given it it because he was the “head of the household.” He shared, “Also, while we were filming, my father passed away.


Cha Hwa Yun, who was my partner, gave me strength and guided me along. I want to give this award to Cha Hwa Yun.”


He shared his hope that everyone will be able to feel gratitude over small things in order to experience more happiness in the new year. Finally, he shared that his father had greatly enjoyed “Once Again” and passed away before it ended, going on to express his thanks and love to him. “Everyone, Happy New Year, and please be healthy,” he said.


Check out the list of winners below!


Daesang (Grand Prize): Chun Ho Jin (“Once Again”)


Top Excellence Award: Park In Hwan (“Brilliant Heritage”), Jung Bo Suk (“Homemade Love Story”), Lee Min Jung (“Once Again”)


Excellence Award – Long Drama: Lee Sang Yeob (“Once Again”), Lee Jang Woo (“Homemade Love Story”), Lee Jung Eun (“Once Again”), Jin Ki Joo (“Homemade Love Story”)


Excellence Award – Daily Drama: Kang Eun Tak (“A Man in a Veil”), Kim Yoo Suk (“No Matter What”), Park Ha Na (“Fatal Promise”), Lee Chae Young (“A Man in a Veil”)


Excellence Award – Miniseries: Park Sung Hoon (“Into the Ring”), Lee Jae Wook (“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”), Nana (“Into the Ring”), Jo Yeo Jeong (“Cheat on Me If You Can”)


Best Writer: Yang Hee Seung (“Once Again”)


Achievement Award: Song Jae Ho


Supporting Actor Award – Miniseries: Ye Ji Won (“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”), Ahn Kil Kang (“Into the Ring”)


Supporting Actor Award – Long Drama: Oh Dae Hwan (“Once Again”), Oh Yoon Ah (“Once Again”), Kim Sun Young (“Homemade Love Story”)


Best Actor in One Act/Special/Short Drama: Son Sook (“A Jaunt“), Lee Yoo Young (“Traces of Love”), Lee Shin Young (“How to Buy a Friend”), Lee Han Wi (“My Lilac”)


Best Couple Awards: Jin Ki Joo and Lee Jang Woo (“Homemade Love Story”); Lee Jang Woo and Jung Bo Suk (“Homemade Love Story”); Nana and Park Sung Hoon (“Into the Ring”); Jo Yeo Jeong and Go Joon (“Cheat on Me if You Can”); Park Hae Jin and Jo Bo Ah (“Forest”); Lee Sang Yi and Lee Cho Hee, Chun Ho Jin and Lee Jung Eun, Lee Sang Yeob and Lee Min Jung (“Once Again”)


Popularity Award: Kim Young Dae (“Cheat on Me if You Can”), Lee Sang Yeob (“Once Again”), Jo Bo Ah (“Forest”)


Best New Actor Awards: Seo Ji Hoon (“To All The Guys Who Loved Me”, “Meow, the Secret Boy”), Lee Sang Yi (“Once Again”), WJSN’s Bona (“Homemade Love Story”), Shin Ye Eun (“Meow, the Secret Boy”), Lee Cho Hee (“Once Again”)


Best Child Actor Awards: Moon Woo Jin (“Once Again”), Lee Ga Yeon (“Once Again”)


The 2020 KBS Drama Awards will be available on Viki.



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