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  1. Not a great ending but it is okay. I wished there was an epilogue or they extend for another 15 min or so to give a glimpse of Jun and Rara daily life afterwards. I assume Jun health was getting worse the month before christmas and he was really sick during christmas, he might have thought he wouldnt survive and why he pre-record the piano video. He was definitely looking forward to be there at the party. He even returned Rara's teacup, which is significant for him - as if he accepts he might not be Rara's husband. At least Jun's mom came to Rara that night, i'm sure Rara would ha
  2. Sadly it is blocked in my country.. Counting 30 mins to the finale premier on netflix. Please show, dont disappoint!
  3. I love ep 15.. how everything make sense and ties like an ending.. that was why Jun looks so sad in the stills. Buuuuuuuut.. i dont want to be crying tomorrow.. hoping for another plot twist to ep16 trailer.. I feel pity the most for Jun's parents. He is their world, from outsider eyes its seem they were so harsh on him but they really love him.
  4. I hope this is legit and not bait for ep 15. Like all, im too invested in the OTP way more than I should. I even blocked my work calendar tonight and tomorrow so that I can watch the ep fresh from the Netflix oven (I work flexi hour). Then re watch on weekend. From soompi: The drama’s production team shared, “Goo La La and Sun Woo Joon might have reunited, but there are still many twists and turns waiting for them. With two episodes left, please look forward to see if the two can become each other’s twinkling little stars.” https://www.soompi.com/arti
  5. Why do i get a feeling the latest stills are Jun's imagination (assuming Rara didnt know about the rings)? Please show i need the angst to be resolved by ep15. All the stills are giving bittersweet feeling so far. I want happy times for Jun and Rara in full episode 16. There is too much angst for a romcom. If there is a plot twist in ep 16, let it be a happy twist!
  6. I felt the same way. The way the story turns out at this stage (we're at end already!) totally throw the drama concept offguard and really frustrating. The drama has always been dramatic from the start with all the plot twist but with fluff, now we're just going melo. Definitely not what i signed up for in my already melo life. Sigh. I am hoping we'll get ep 14 backstory on ep 15, not on ep 16 or worse, half way past ep 16 because i dont know if i can watch the episodes peacefully then. I feel the new girl kind of get a sense Jun is totally taken, probably just go along with the
  7. Whhyyyyy...this drama is supposed to be a romcom. Im so sad i cant feel as happy aa I should for Hayeong and Seunggi. The preview suggest Jun is really dodosolsollalasol. Suspecting it gets to do something with Dad since he went to his dad office prior. Cant Jun's Mom be their shipper too, she was crying too when Jun was bundled up crying on his bed. Ughh, i feel like taking the week off from work to wait for next week new episodes.
  8. I cant sleep the whole night after the preview of ep 14! I told myself i should have faith in the writernim. Lol. Really hate it if the drama goes the typical break-up route. I thought Dr Cha bought the building? Im shipping Dr Cha and his new roommate! Haha..
  9. That's an insightful thought. It'll be fun to watch Rara being jealous. Im sure somewhere in their future, there will be questions on what if Jun meets someone his age, and I'm sure we'll get the answers. Jun made it clear to Rara that the age different is not a bother to him. It is so cute that he already visioning they'll be together until their 40s till 70s. Im worried about Jun's nosebleeding though. And the mom getting him to do his regular health check-up. Thats a signal for another potential twist. Hope its a red herring.
  10. Whaaat? The wedding is not a dream! but is it a real or fake wedding? I hope its just for video shooting or something. And potentially a new girl next week, at this late of the series. For once I was hoping there will not be any 3rd wheeling of the OTP (Dr Cha doesnt count). The writer/PD keep coming with twists like Rara's reasoning. Though, the ex-future husband reaction was priceless. Haha.
  11. Yeah, im confident it'll be a happy ending from the tone of the drama. But what is "the" happy ending, it can be anything with all the twists. Haha. The one i'm scared is if they make a happy ending either with Jun/Rara not together or with an open happy ending for them.
  12. A spoiler still from kbs here got me taken aback: https://www.instagram.com/p/CHeugiigJTz/ Rara's marrying Dr Cha? I hope this is just Jun's imagination. Kim Ju Hun also commented in the same post. Lol I gotta applaud the writer/PD, they keep suprising us.
  13. Saw a new still of Rara and Jun in KBS insta story.It seems like they're running or hiding, maybe from Mom/Dad? The way Jun's looking at Rara https://instagram.com/stories/kbsdrama/2439621428404929550?igshid=xptty7prqynk Edit: it was actually grandpa's flashback. And we get a kiss that is legal. Lol. Even Ms Jin and Dr Cha make it to the flashback. Grandpa had such a beautiful love story with his wife. Go Ara is such a good actress, i get a different vibe of a very soft-spoken persona from her Sun-Ja, totally different than Rara.
  14. Jun's mom and her thick envelope. Lol. Glad to see that Rara will have the support from the TWD ahjummas. Hopefully Jun's mom get bought over by Rara and TWD ahjumma's instead. Cant wait for tomorrow's episode!
  15. Did they already finished filming the drama? Saw Go Ara posted pictures in her instagram staff celebrating(?) with cake for Lala/Rara.
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