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  1. Aigo, It's such a regret that we can't see the most handsome version of Jun more than 4minutes.. Wish too see more of Rara-Jun. Together. At. The. Same. Place. They are still doing demand survey now.
  2. This vid already at IG long before but I can't find it there .. I have no idea either what he's doing right there alone behind the truck Maybe I just try to ease my heart that really want a happy ending without any interference of the grim reaper
  3. @Rilabear wow such a nice observations I just thought that the animation is pretty when I watch it I choose to believe that your hope will come true Rara said that " If you endure the tough times, you will reap the fruits of your labor" ( Not only to Jun but to all Twinkles Because we endure the tough times going through all of twists and turns for 15 episodes so we'll reap happy ending at last episode) Rather than thinking that Jun leaves Rara clueless about his illness I choose to think Jun leaves with conviction that he w
  4. @Ameera Ali Your witty and hilarious gif really is my cup of tea and so does this drama
  5. Mykbs YT Channel released it but it blocked at some countries, but you could try it in this link https://youtu.be/k0A2lvh4HEI
  6. But I have bad feeling this stills is for ep.16.. (I know last filming not always mean last scenes, but GA wear this outfit on her last day filming. I hope we can see this scenes on Ep.15 instead. Just let Ep.16 full of happy moments, writer-nim!) I think it's the same ring.Jun wear his ring too... Yeessss, pleaseeeeee
  7. Jun already want to major in Math when he decide to start study again after make up with Rara(episode 12). His tutor tell his mother about this. And I thought he always love math (he brought his book math with him on runaway with pictures of him and Ji Hoon in it, he even want Mimi to do factorization). He never want to major in med to begin with, that's what his parent want since they want him to take over his family Foundation in the future.
  8. Somaybe she at the airport to welcome her piano teacher (she has flowers with her) but accidentally meet Jun and the girl?
  9. Seriously this girl need to meet Hayoung in person..Rara is too soft
  10. Maybe the breakup scenes is something that Rara imagine? She's talking with Hayoung and Seung-Gi looking at the photos of Jun and the girl that unfortunately show they holding hands so maybe they imagine things? This is my favourite scene from this episode along with Dr. Cha and Jun having conversation. And I think Grandpa is not Dodosolsollalasol either. He is the one that send piano to Rara, but he use Dodosolsollalasol name. Which mean he know about Dodosolsollalasol or he know who is the real Dodosolsollalasol. Remember on episode 2, on the day Rara came to E
  11. Dr. CHa and Rara are just not meant to be together. I think the young girl visited the columbarium is Kim Si A (Ji Hoon sister) But maybe the cameo girl is his childhood friend or someone he knew before.
  12. New Special BTS of Manbok-Sungja https://www.instagram.com/tv/CHl_V3BAMTy/?igshid=1e2fj0eginrru
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