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  1. @glass_shoe15Wow.. exactly my thoughts..from number 1 to 7 How did you know that I create account just to ask you this? Is it that obvious? You're the first person that comment like that so I just can't help it.. my curiosity tho Well I see it in making film that Ong always taking care of Hyang Gi.. actually I am not ship Ong-Hyang Gi but I have to say they are cute and adorable together and I am not ship Ong-Romi either..but I don't know everytime there's new pictures esp group pictures I just see it..the number 7 (they're always stand close together) hahaha.. Thank you so much for answering my question, Let's just move on and let's Dispatch work (no..just kidding ) I do really think that ship on screen couple not good for my heart so I stop myself Anyway thank you again for answering..and sorry for come out of topics Let's support all cast in their next project ,
  2. glass_shoe15 just wondering why did you say that Ong seem close with Sung Min (who play Romi)? Cause I feel that way too
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