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  1. I feel so sad that this show will be over soon. I wanted to watch in real time and participate more with the discussion, but I didn’t want to deal with all the pre-emptions. It has definitely exceeded my expectations. Also didn’t hurt that there were so many eye-candies. Thank you, Show, for introducing Tinker and Young-goo (he reminds me of Seo Kang Joon). Of course AR/Derek/JH were their usual beautiful selves, but also Doo Rae, Seo Ra, Peter, Sophie, Dong Ran, and Dong Taek. Just a drama full of beautiful people and great characters. Can’t forget the director too. He
  2. I can’t believe there’s only 2 episodes left. I am torn between the ML and SL, but it looks like it will be a sad ending for Derek. I’m hoping he was not the dead body. Maybe he cut a deal with JH to help him become a ghost. Not sure how they will reunite Ah Reum and JH though if they decide to go that route. I would like for them to get a second chance, and I want JH to finally be happy. However, it’s bittersweet because I feel really bad for Derek. I also don’t feel like 2 episodes are enough for Ah Reum to mourn the ending of her second marriage and start over with JH.
  3. I agree. I also think the writer has always wanted Jun to come back. I have spent a few days thinking about the ending, and I think I am okay with it now. It’s not perfect but at least we got our reunion. A lot of fans are upset because it wasn’t the finale we asked for. I wanted them to get through Jun’s illness together, and I was expecting to see a wedding. Instead we had 55 minutes of separation and lies. I was devastated when they said Jun died. The way the writer went about episode 16 was just really bad. But if you look at the final few minutes, it’s actually really beautifu
  4. There must have been a scheduling conflict with the male lead since production was pushed back and had to stop filming for some time due to Covid. The actor who got it actually didn’t end up in the show. The finale seemed like LJW couldn’t come to film more scenes. They did not do his character justice. He felt less and less like Jun in the last few episodes and more like a plot device. The only way I would ever buy this ending is that maybe Jun fell into a coma like someone said, and the mom announces the bad news. Everyone thinks he’s dead. The parents don’t have hope of
  5. Don’t give me hope for a sequel! I actually would love it so much. It’s not entirely impossible since Netflix made 2 seasons for love alarm. I hope Netflix sees this and makes a sequel or hires the same actors for another show!! @GingerKI say watch the first 10 minutes then fast forward to the last 5 minutes. Save yourself 45 minutes of manipulation and heart ache. I think k-drama writers suffer from bad ending syndrome. As dramabeans pointed out, it is very hard to find a drama with a satisfying final episode.
  6. In their interviews and behind the scenes the chemistry is just crazy. Monster union posted the last bts, and they even hugged. Also I noticed that he always caressed her cheek in their kiss scenes. Never seen that in a drama before.
  7. I enjoyed this show so much. Too bad the last episode was the weakest. I am very angry at the writer. There was too much toying with our emotions. It seems manipulative to keep in touch with RaRa then drop off like that. So many things that would have been unforgivable in a long term relationship. I would have accepted anything even Jun falling into a coma. But sending his mom to make everyone believe he died is just ???. I don’t understand the writer’s POV. It manipulated the audience’s feelings and left us with the last 5 minutes for our main couple. I really felt like this last episode was
  8. I’ve been thinking about Dr. Cha’s speech about the sequence of blooms in episode 1. In the scene, there is a little boy with his mom and later on a guy and a girl on a bicycle. I wonder if it could possibly refer to Jun’s life Here are the sequences of the flowers: 1. Forsythia: symbolizing anticipation. Perhaps alluding to the hardships of Jun’s parents and their anticipation in conceiving a son. Also Jun’s anticipation in meeting RaRa again. 2. Magnolia: “White is a symbol of purity, innocence and spirituality. The white Magnolia flower is there to
  9. I broke and watched episode 15 even though I wanted to watch 15/16 back to back. I’m so glad I did because it’s so good. The story behind their first meeting is the best ever. When RaRa walked in front of the cafe, and it turned out to be called DoDoSolSolLaLaSol I was holding my breath. Jun falling in love at first sight was so typical for a schoolboy crush. And then he kept coming back to the cafe and even remembered exactly how much she owed him to this day. In all the dramas I watched, I feel like the way they met was the cutest ever. Just a guy and a girl runn
  10. Agreed. I hope it is not a dream, but I have feeling it might be. I really don’t want them to leave us with last minute reunions or even worse something like Cheese in the Trap. I haven’t been this invested emotionally in a show for a long time.
  11. @JenL looks like they are wearing the same outfits as when RaRa runs to Jun’s house, and he is in the car with his mom. They probably reunite at the cafe later that day and Jun confesses that he met her there. Hopefully this happens in the middle of the episode and not the end. I hate that they have been wearing dark colors since their separation. I wanna see RaRa in her princess outfits again.
  12. @Raynaa why couldn't they pack all the sadness this week so we can get all the happy moments next week? The title pretty much confirms a sad episode. I can’t believe it’s the last week already. Anyone else planning their days for next Wednesday/Thursday already? Based on what Raynaa found, I think I will wait until an hour before netflix uploads episode 16 to watch episode 15. I don’t think I can take any more sadness after this week. I will probably bringe episodes 1-14 on Wednesday instead.
  13. @JenL thank you for sharing these! That pic might just be my favorite photo of Jun and RaRa ever (hopefully they top it for the finale). Your website has helped me get through the past few weeks while waiting for the new episodes. @Raynaa It looks like they are giving us less hints about the final week. I like some angst, but it is way too late in the show’s run to separate our otp like this. It stresses me out because there’s only 2 episodes left to fit everything. How will they handle the reconciliation, DoDoSolSolLaLaSol’s identity, grandpa waking up, and the cafe scene when RaRa
  14. So character motivations just went out the window. It’s fine that Jun fell for RaRa even though his best friend liked her because you can’t control your feelings. However, out of nowhere Jun decides he wants to major in Math AND go to Stanford just like his friend. Am I missing something here? Where are Jun’s own dreams and motivations? Was the writer paid to add the ex classmate to promote her or something? She seemed totally unnecessary to the story. Yes, I know it’s all because he asked his parents for money to purchase LaLa Land, but did he really have to go so far as to hurt R
  15. After reading through everyone’s comments, I am calming down a bit. I think the writer gave us a little hint in today’s episode. Chu Min-su found Secretary Moon and provided pictures. From the pictures, he says he looks like a chairman. But as we all know now, nothing is as it seems. Still, I’d rather the pictures be a bad dream though than reality. Something bothers me about Jun willingly holding someone else’s hands even if it’s for show (to his parents or for noble idiocy). From that Twitter clip, the ex gf character definitely gives that evil 2000s second lead vibe. Even worse,
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