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  1. I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, wherever y'all are. Yay for the coming new year. We get to see Hong Chun Gi soon!!!! Just seeing all these news and filming sets and pics is very exciting.
  2. Sorry to cut your post, but maybe with all this attention, they can give us an epilogue of what actually happened?! If not broadcasted maybe with their dvd director's cut version. That would be nice. On another note, I would like to see the story of Manbok and his wife in a different show with the same people playing the characters. Maybe with this, it'll satisfy the not-so satisfying 5min ending....lol...even though I'm glad he came back to her.
  3. Does anybody have any information on where to get the DVD they've mentioned? Or is it not available? Havent heard or seen anymore about it. Thanks much. Ps. I would've really liked to see an epilogue of how Jun came back and of course the wedding. Maybe an extra episode?!
  4. That's true. Even though it seems a long time away at least we get to see her in another show. I'm very excited to watch this. Hopefully, they do give a confirmation (or maybe they'll do it at the awards show, with them being one of the hosts or giving awards?!)
  5. I've enjoyed the show very much. Too bad it has ended. Congratulations to the team for giving us a wonderful show. I was hoping they would give us an epilogue at the end like the rest of the episodes but thats ok, at least we got a happy ending. Really enjoyed it. I hope they win a couples award at the awards show like they hope.
  6. It was a great episode 15, yay, we got to see Juna and Rara even though he has to leave. Like some of you, I'm pretty hesitant about the last episode because of the crying, but hopefully it's nothing and that its all a trick of something like the other previews they've showed. Maybe all that sad happenings will just be in the first 5min and then we'll all get our happy ending. Hopefully. I still want to see Lala's third wedding that actually will happen this time...lol...if not at least a happy ending with them hand in hand walking off into the sunset kind-of-ending . Will miss the show, it's
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