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  1. I too was wondering why they don't have any photoshoot together, they're both beautiful people and would look good together in any pictures. Hopefully, some magazine would take them on. Its sad too, I don't think they even held hands. And I agree, I'll pray with you that they end up in another drama again. Their romance was wasted.
  2. The PD should have used up all that tension between them....it can cut through anything I hope these isn't just a fluke, I find these really cute..... https://www.instagram.com/p/CDX3qsapsxq/?igshid=1szi53m6lea7p
  3. I know...I'm surprised it took this long and towards the end for kissses (I don't count the beginning). Not even a peck on the cheek < at least this would have been sufficient in the meantime.
  4. It just occurred to me after rewatching the last couple episodes (multiple times) that this weekend is the last eps we'll see DH and SB . I've been in denial....lol...I wouldn't know what to watch after. I'm glad they both took the project on. Can't wait for the weekend to come. It's nice to see JCW working at the convenience store, but the crowd....
  5. https://www.instagram.com/p/CDYDTMtDriS/?igshid=1jl2on3jbe6ow I find this scene cute and funny because it looks like KYJ laughing not SB.
  6. I agree, I'll sign any petition for these two to be in a ROMANTIC drama and no interruptions. Hopefully, the mother just had a little too much to drink to notice what she's doing and will come to her senses.
  7. Sorry to cut your post....does this mean that, we can assume that they've 'kissed' already prior to this scene?! OMGosh!!! Can't wait for next week. There better be a lot of kisses between them!!!!!
  8. Guess, I'll have to give my hopes in the last episodes. It better be 30min long. We all deserve it for all the feels we've been going through for the last 13 episodes...lol.... but mostly DH and SB deserves all the love.
  9. I've been slacking off on my homework..lol...it's almost time for the new episode. So exciting. At least they seem to have a date...now they just need to . I hope to see this for this episode!!!!
  10. It's like they're taking their time, but we don't have much episodes to go. I really hope we get what we've been waiting for....it's been ages It just came t o mind, maybe we'll see the kiss at the hospital?!
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