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  1. After being a bit disappointed with the ending of doldolsollalasol. I’m ready for a breath of fresh air kdrama. Thanks for welcoming @Jillia and hello everybody!
  2. This cast is actually pretty good! They just let each other shine even the calm and conservative Jung hoon, has been quite mischievous. They are so fun to watch. I stopped watching this show when a bunch of scandals were happening to the previous cast but came back because they are too funny and just seemed like they are having fun everytime. Hope this cast will last and will be free of scandals
  3. lol that’s too funny, there were a lot of complaints though to be honest, even the article that was posted here about the cast thanking everyone after the finale- most of the comments were the same- disappointment. Maybe they will add a special or something. I feel bad for the actors though because they did such an amazing job portraying these characters and because the writing wasn’t up to par that the drama as whole suffers. Tsk! I wonder what will KBS do about it.
  4. this!!! Literally me the whole time. And I could not even said it any better the chemistry is just! They were just bouncing off electrons from each other. It’s ridiculous! I really do hope we see them together again! It’ll be awesome and having a better storyline to boot! - take my monehhh!!!
  5. true, I get it but instead of lying and making everyone believe that he died. They could’ve just in my opinion, had juns mom if, jun doesn’t like rara to wait for him because who knows he will die, talk to her and be like you know jun has an illness and we don’t think he is going to make it, so I’m here on his behalf to let you know that its the end something like that. like that would’ve been more plausible and the last 2 mins of crying and bickering even that one line he said about not blowing her nose off of him was kinda off. the kiss yeah sure but I expected so much mo
  6. yeah same! Like fine let his character die atleast they get to spend time together and finally be honest with each other and none of those BS but yeah no! The writer thought it’s much better to be a jerk to the girl you’ve been pinning for the longest time! I had to edit my post and gigs because seriously I felt robbed!
  7. Okay so I finally watched the whole episode today and just was flabbergasted with the whole ending. I don’t understand how JUN had to go through such great lengths to have his mom lie to RARA about dying. I was hoping that an epilogue will explain that but since I already watch the last 5 mins of the episode and knew that there’s no epilogue to expect, I was just scratching my head. They could’ve just made a different scenario and have his mom come see RARA and explain to her what’s happening and have her come see Jun, I think it would’ve been more realistic and to be honest I would’
  8. Okay I only watched the last part of episode 16 and I must say, I’m not too keen about the ending and like everyone said the writer could’ve done it better and I felt like the storyline reunion between jun and rara is such a disservice to their characters and their love story I will watch the whole thing later since I’m at work right now but I’m not going to hold my breath. They had such a good run but in the end it lost a bit of sparkle luckily all the actors are so good and I believe someone said here that LJW and GA have this amazing chemistry that it just resonate
  9. thank you! I don’t know but I feel like this was an ngl because I can see some LJW realness ahahahhaha
  10. @Ameera Ali if you don’t mind can you do a gif where jun was giggling because rara was giving him a strong hug, I believe it’s the one before dr. Cha came in, you can see him grinning from ear to ear that I think lee Jae wok’s mom will frown upon lol
  11. I’m all for this can’t make it because he had chemo and they all found out that was the reason he was not able to come and then we see, they are all crying because they found out he is sick and are coming to terms with it for the first few mins of the show and then jun obviously comes home is in recovery or remission, still working things out but good enough to see everyone and finally marries rara regardless if he was sick or not just like Julia roberts in that old movie forgot the name or maybe even recovers and in true dodosolsollalasol style lives happily ever after with rara
  12. Wow! Kbs did gave us a clingy Rara, she was so adorable this whole episode also the look on juns face, only rara can seriously turn this stoic boy into giggles, I wish I could make a gif off of it. sigh~ they better not kill off his character and have rara meet someone who’s similar cause they’ve seriously done that before and my heart ain’t ready for that kind of tragedy. Ive fallen in love with these characters and to have one of them die is so heart breaking. This is seriously one of the first kdrama ive watched that I don’t hate anyone.
  13. Exactly!!! I don’t know but I feel so hurt for both and I’m here working still in disbelief that they are going this route when they could’ve just go a different way of tying things together instead of being typical. I’m hoping we get some good explanation next week and hopefully jun isn’t sick, sigh~ my heart!
  14. It’s the part where it was raining and the TWD ladies are listening to prenatal music lol, then we see jun lying in bed crying and the mom sees this and she was also in anguish because of what jun’s going through. ok I said I wouldn’t watched but I just watch the latter part. This is such a heartbreaking episode. They could just have jun you know confront parents instead of having this plot line which is honestly recycled. The show was getting good reviews because it wasn’t following any kdrama trope and it was light hearted unlike other dramas where the plot line is too gen
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