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  1. Dan's wearing darker clothes!!! Is it to show his eventual rebellion against the deity to be with YS????
  2. I think he did? They didn't show it, it just seemed like he did lol sorry for the confusion
  3. In the piggyback ride scene, YS says why don't you like me. Then when they get home, when Dan puts YS on her bed he says, how can I not like you. SKJCJDKS this angst is killingggg me
  4. Idk if anyone else has noticed or mentioned this, but I love how when they kiss, their lips linger for a bit towards the end as if they don't want it to end <3 Sighhhh I'm gonna miss them so much
  5. Maybe not love at like 7 years old, but I definitely had crushes, grew attached to people and even had a "boyfriend" lol
  6. It could have been taken a lot earlier But just because they're filming doesn't mean they never go home lol
  7. I remember PMY standing up and/or getting far away from PSJ after their kiss scenes, but she's wiping her lipstick off KJW's lips. The contrast is stark lol
  8. I think there was more to the kiss than what was shown in the episode, not that the bts angle was hotter. In the bts, PMY's hand went over KJW's head from one side to the other (her left hand), but in the episode, it didn't (yet).
  9. Maybe Dan's mission is to fall in love with YS, but choose heaven over love on Earth. The deity could be testing him to see if he can overcome the greatest thing a human can know/feel and be an angel. After all, he did choose to save YS instead of going to heaven on his last day~
  10. It's not bad at all! It's actually probably one of the best dramas I've watched. The leads also have THE BEST chemistry ever~ Thanks for the welcome lol
  11. Idk if anyone's been watching Her Private Life, but this drama is definitely gonna sustain me once that ends. At least it can tone down my withdrawal symptoms a little (and it's gonna be bad this time ;-;) Hyesun and Myungsoo are both such good actors. Hyesun delivers emotion so well that I always cry when she cries, and Myungsoo really brings Dan's character to life. I can't wait to see how this story plays out. Their chemistry is pretty good too, so I'm definitely hyped rn!
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