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  1. Honestly, LJW and GA have AMAZING chemistry. If the drama didn't go down the route of Jun being a minor, they could have really displayed a more intense chemistry onscreen. I think the two of them can pull off a more mature noona romance really well. Especially that Manbok and Sunja kiss (and I'm talking about the BTS one). That was a KISS, and I needed more of that. But alas, that wasn't the case. I hope they work together again in the future, in something a bit more melo (if you know what I mean~).
  2. I made a whole gif compilation of the scene~ It's on tumblr, just click on the link https://fan-number20000425.tumblr.com/post/635788247603216384/cr-fan-number20000425-the-cutest
  3. Despite all the tropes in this drama, it's not confined to one category, and there are SO MANY twists to keep viewers on their toes. The backstabbing secretary trope? We were tricked! The evil girl who has a crush on our ML? Nope! Even the whole noble idiocy thing couldn't last long enough to mark the drama as a noble idiocy drama lol And it's not a terminal illness drama, because leukemia is not a terminal illness. This writer really turned all the tropes on their heads in one drama. I'm actually impressed. So, there's no need to say that I'm all in until the ver
  4. I feel like this is one of those dramas that will age well. It's more fit for binge watching, because despite some rough episodes, it's still a good drama. I hope lots of people discover it in the future~
  5. It's true that Jun's not afraid to go against his parents, but I think that with the help of Rara, he's finally realized how important his future is. He needs to study and go to university, and his dad is the only one who can help him with that financially.
  6. Jun's father definitely demanded something from him in order to buy Lalaland. Jun went to meet his dad in this episode, and I'm guessing we'll find out what the conversation was in episode 15, because we see him in the same outfit again for next week's preview. Plus, it doesn't seem like Jun left with Gayoung. She's probably the one that's going back, and Jun was there to send her off. He only had one suitcase, Gayoung was the only one holding a passport and a ticket, and she was only in Korea due to visa issues. Jun's dad probably demanded for Jun to break up with Rara, and by the looks of th
  7. I really hope the break up is a nightmare, because it's just so out of character for Jun, especially after he took the teacup!! But if it's real, I'm 100% confident that Rara won't give up on him (as she said in the pre-release: I don't want to [break up with Jun].)
  8. Dr. Cha didn't have any assets left after the divorce (like the TWD ajummas said). I'm assuming that Jun and he discussed something regarding Lalaland when Jun went to Eunpo to visit Manbok harabeoji.
  9. There's a part that Netflix subbed in the preview, but the entire conversation is this: Gayoung: You must be the type to follow a guy to his doorstep. Rara: Is there something going on with Jun? Gayoung: why? Would you like it if there was something? Rara: If there's nothing, it's okay then. *Rara begins to walk away* Gayoung: Unnie! Just break up with Jun. Rara: I don't want to. (Copying Jun's catchphrase)
  10. The ONLY explanation I can see for why Jun is going to break up with Rara is that he agreed to an arranged marriage so that his mom will provide the money he needs to buy Lala Land. He seems so miserable holding that girl's hand This time I hope Rara will be the one to hold onto Jun. I really really REALLY don't want the break up to drag on until the last two episodes but...being that it is a romcom...it'a going to be another agonizing week. At least KBS is great at releasing content in between episodes.
  11. It's not illegal. Being a minor is not related to being able to give consent. The age of consent in Korea is 16. I think this is where a lot of people get confused lol
  12. The problem with Goblin was the HUGE age gap though. Here, the female lead is only 5 years older than than the male lead, and whether he's a minor or not is not a huge issue. In Korea, the age of consent is 16. Jun being a minor is really more of an issue when it comes to him having run away from home. I admit I did feel a bit uncomfortable about the age gap at first, but after thinking it through, it really was more of a socially conditioned double standard I had. After all, I've seen relationships like this in my own life (between a high school student and a close to graduating university st
  13. Credit to @fan-number20000425 on Tumblr Somebody cast these two in a period drama!! I mean look at them!! Go Ara is such a classic beauty, and Lee Jae Wook has that innocent yet charismatic charm perfect for a melodrama set in the 50s or 60s. It would be so perfect ughhhh I could watch a whole spin off just based on the grandpa's 2 minute flashback
  14. For sure the age thing is sexist. I found Goblin extremely unsettling and didn't watch it in it's entirety because of the EXTREME age gap. So I'm really shocked that some people are turned off by the age gap in this drama, since it's so minor compared to that. The lie is needed for conflict, but lying about being a high school student IS what I believe most people are turned off by. It's not either or. Although I and many others probably see it as a critical plot point, others compare it to real life, and find discomfort in it, which is SUCH A SHAME. This drama is actually really good. I
  15. I completely agree! I feel like it's because the female character is the older one that is turning people off, which I kind of understand. However, age really is just a number with them, and mentally, they match very well. It also helps that they're super cute together, and Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook have a really sweet chemistry. It's so pure, wonderful, and sugary. Ugh I love it! I keep thinking about how adorable it would be if Jun would call Rara noona~ And if there is a time jump, THAT relationship (a bit more mature/adult+cute) would be an absolute chef's kiss! Although I think the fact tha
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