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  1. Oh right, If you loved Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara and wanted to vote for them at the KBS Drama Awards at the end of this month, I made a guide since a few people have asked me for it. Sharing it here in case people want to help these two get an Award for their great chemistry in this drama (I think someone from here asked me for this guide, so hopefully this helps!) https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2020/12/how-to-vote-for-lee-jae-wook-and-go-ara.html
  2. Haha, well I finally watched the Final episode!! And I'm here to offer my last unpopular opinions. A loooong post of them I actually enjoyed the final episode a lot. How I see it, Start Up was always a venn diagram of themes - Family being one major theme, Work & Start-Ups being another theme and Romance, the third theme. In relation to the ending, I thought everything was tied up nicely in each of the circles. I think I'll talk about it from a story perspective first and then as a JP fan - both good things and bad. Episode 16 (finale) - I liked that the gang k
  3. As I'm watching some new series now, I just wanted to say Thank you to all you guys on this thread for making it fun to discuss this series through all the good heart fluttering moments and those less likeable ones - it was your ideas, interests and reactions that made it fun to discuss this series. I'm just gonna tag a few names I always ended up talking to and who maybe tagged me at times from memory, but everyone was lovely! Hope to see you all on other threads here. @Nodame @multiloverssss @Rilabear @B8lle @Raynaa @nona88 @inaho101 @LeftCoastOppa @Just_Me @fyEkz @We
  4. This is so true. There's been so many dramas where I really, really wanted to fix something very obvious in the ending and I just couldn't see why or how they thought the whole thing was a good idea! ....Also where are the editors for these scripts??? I would be so harsh as a editor. I'd be like, "No, this is an ending that will ruin the entire feel of the drama!" It's sad because DDSSLLS's ratings across a lot of drama rating sites have fallen so much since the ending aired. I think people could accept the age twist, but it's been much harder to swallow the ending twist.
  5. Yep, well, it's definitely one of my theories that the original story was planned to be Jun's death, but was told to add him back in. The other theory is that the writer wanted both death and life together, but using a technique which involved no explanation/ logical flow. I think a lot of people think the writer made this ending accidentally by messing themselves up or writing too many twists or running out of time. But I believe the opposite. I'm pretty sure the writer made a clear choice to end the drama with as little explanation as possible in both of my theories, whether they were push
  6. I feel like this is two potential theories for why the writers went down such a terrible route in the end: Theory #1: Scriptwriter's rage over not having their planned sad ending Theory A part of me wonders whether the writers had planned to kill off Jun, but got backlash from script buyers/ TV stations that they had to add him back in. Maybe they did it angrily. Because that's what it felt like....it was like, "You want a happy ending? Fine! Here's your precious Jun back! But he won't be perfect anymore!" Actually I was going to say, the ending scenes with Jun's voice-over
  7. I have to say, I like that things ended well. I will hang onto what I have because that all I can do. Technically the writers left me just enough happiness not to strangle them. But I would if I could. More than annoyance at the characters, I am hurt and very annoyed by what I feel are cheap tricks and lack of explanations by the writers for the sake of drama twists I have actually enjoyed all the twists up to episode 13 and haven't been too bothered by things like his age which was a fresh take on a drama character....And you know, I've not been disappointed with anything until
  8. A few last minute things...Those interesting in some of the Seoul areas (cafes) they filmed DDSSLLS in, the filming locations are here: https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2020/11/filming-locations-for-do-do-sol-sol-la_26.html Go Ara posted some more photos of her and LJW hanging around when they filmed the runaway wedding scene: https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2020/11/instagram-updates-go-ara-posts-more.html
  9. @Just_Me LOL....when was November 20th in their filming. Now I'm trying to calculate if this was close to the end of the series in terms of filming!!
  10. I think this is a much older trope, so the writer decided to play with some of the more traditional elements of K-drama. To be honest, I have always actively avoided illness dramas because they tend to go down noble idiocy routes that can drag for entire 16 episodes. But given this one is just a spike, I hope I can handle it I feel like cancer dramas were still popular in 2016 or so with things like Uncontrollably Fond maybe. Reading this, I think perhaps you don't enjoy the elements of anxiety these drama has It is a fun quirky drama, but the twists have been fairly a
  11. Yes, I love this line you used here. I think this drama, even though it seems a little crazy and colourful has a bit of a reflective side in that it reminds us that life isn't always going to be roses. Sometimes you're going to have to face those hard times. And I think through Lala and the people of Eunpo, we see that there are ways of facing hard times that are better than doing it alone (the way city folks like Jun and his family face problems): Lala and the Eunpo folk are communicative and open, share everything, enjoy the simple pleasures and forgive easily. That's why the cast have been
  12. I agree with @Wendy123 and @sal2 in that dramas don't usually have one solid genre in kdrama. They are often a mixing pot of genres to keep the stories engaging. Perhaps you just enjoy what is known as tropes - predictable elements of a kdrama (ie. it'll just be a melodrama so the whole story is focus on an affair or it'll just be a crime drama so the whole drama focuses on catching a stalker). It's more of a black and white way of looking at dramas - like it has to fit a specific, limited category. To be honest, I think a lot of dramas are starting to move away from this model because viewers
  13. Not going to use spoiler tags because I'm writing my long list of thoughts and prefer not to spoiler tag it, but have warned you that there's spoilers below. Cover your eyes and don't read my comments if you don't want to know I'm going to say this episode was sweet and typical Lala and Jun, but not out of the woods for angst, that's for sure. Episode 15 - So pretty much the first thing you find out in the episode is that GY is not a bad person, which was I guess a nice twist even though I still hated that they brought out a girl so late in the game
  14. Well I was right on my theory B!! Not all of it, but the main idea of it. All the hard hitting spoilers below. We're not out of the woods with angst just yet!
  15. Ahhhh Go Ara just posted the cutest selcas of her and LJW: https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2020/11/instagram-updates-go-ara-posts-cutest.html I think KBS did do one, but it was blocked from people living outside of Korea due to Netflix holding the rights to air trailers and things like that, so can't help you there. If you want all the pictures of Man bok and Sunja though, you can find it through the link above as well...I translated some of these title cards and they're super cute!
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