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  1. A Birthday Post for Jasper and the new single he released today, marking his debut as a solo singer: https://thesedramaticdays.blogspot.com/2019/08/happy-birthday-jasper-liu-single-mv-for.html @aggiesbaby Haha, I know HY's narcissism was weird. But I guess that's how narcissists are - they don't have to be good-looking or important or smart, they just think they are! It probably comes from a place of inferiority - they go around blaming and gaslighting everyone else so they can look good (and therefore feel good about themselves). ZY's grovelling was pretty pathetic too, but that didn't irritate me as much as ZY and WW's confrontation. Those slaps were unfair! I'm totally looking forward to the Puff and Jasper hotness on screen, but also really sad that all their promos are ending soon (especially coming late into the drama this time ) @dramaninja & @Dezzys Yep, HY's nickname is 321 because the characters just sound like those numbers in Chinese. @Slyphykougn Thanks for reading my blog! And from back in the day with Pleasantly Surprised! - I'm grateful for readers like you who enjoy the resources! Haha, don't worry, my Chinese is so-so, but I understand the spoken language well and practice the characters by translating...so it's a fun way to keep my Chinese up to date! While I adore Puff and Jasper and will always fan girl about them being together, I actually prefer them sharing a strong friendship over them getting into a relationship...it would stress me out so much if that happened and then they broke up! (This happened with my Weightlifting Fairy couple: Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk. So sad) Also recently the Song-Song couple killed their shipper fans with their divorce. I believe Puff and Jasper have a really great friendship that can be at times flirty and playful, but also supportive, silly, serious, fun, comfortable and caring...they don't feel nervous or pretend in front of each other. There have been been a few interviews where Jasper has been asked who his favourite/best female co-star is and he often names Puff for protecting him and helping him get out of his shell when he started getting famous. He also says that she understands his weirdness the most out of everyone he's worked with (which I think is true when you watch all their behind the scenes videos.) Haha, I think Puff can be as goofy as Jasper is, but in terms of relationship preferences, Jasper has mentioned that he would like to date outside the industry for privacy....And on the same off note - I also really like Marcus Chang! Back to 1989 was one of my favourite dramas! Behind Your Smile was ok too, but the female lead really annoyed me for multiple reasons. @aw614 There are a lot of messy loose ends with the assistant guy and it would be interesting to see why he tried to get them together all the time. I thought aside story was going to develop with him secretly working for ZY. @klgirl Between was soooo bad that I stopped watching after 2 episodes, even though I really liked both the actors in the series. I don't know why they have to write such terrible heroine roles sometimes. It's embarrassing. I'm glad you follow Jasper too! His first drama with Puff he was less experienced in his acting and has improved dramatically - but don't think he could help looking boyish- the character's costume choice was by the TV station/ costume designers. I love his character Ah Jie, but the hair cut and floral shorts were not flattering. But yes, his acting as a serious lover/badass has improve dramatically!
  2. It was oddly satisfying watching this episode because every word that came from WW and KH were so clear and to the point and cut through HY's character. He's selfish nature was exposed and reared it's ugliness to the extreme. He's a narcissist - can't take his share of the blame, always needs to blame others when things go wrong, always needs to control and manipulate other people, gets angry when he can't, wants everything to go his way or not at all and is extremely selfish - He considers WW as 'good' when she listened to him and not good when she questions him. A relationship is about being equal, not about someone following what you want all the time! I really liked how WW didn't hold back from him though, even though it cost her work reputation. WW wanted to tell the truth and to keep the break up between them, but her blow was the best blow to him. And I think it's satisfying because it's so ironic - she never did cheat on him physically (emotionally maybe, but that's coz he was always emotionally unavailable) and she told him so, but because of his own stubborn and selfish nature, he couldn't believe her and hurt himself by forcing her to lie to him about sleeping with KH multiple times. Although I don't like ZY either, I find HY the worst of all the characters. At least ZY in her own twisted way cares only for KH and no one else, whereas HY would easily bed Maizi jie if she said he would get promoted for it! There is one thing that HY said that I found interesting though which is that WW rushed their wedding because she felt guilty for feeling things for KH. It is true, I suppose and I like that. Even though I support WW, the situation is so messed up that no one gets off entirely blame-free. In one of the trailers, Puff (the actress) questions whether their relationship would have been fine if KH didn't disrupt it with his antics of "buying" her for a one night stand. There would have been less drama for sure, but I think it would have been painful and lonely when HY would inevitably cheat on WW, if she had just followed him and let him do whatever he wanted in life. The confrontations with ZY felt a bit weak though. Technically, WW did nothing to her and it was all KH's pursuing, so she's a female mirror of HY too - just a narcissistic bully who also refuses to see that there have been problems in her relationship for a long time. I find her clingy personality so annoying and weak in all the wrong places and could see why KH would feel repulsed. But I do think that KH being cold to her tends to drive her this way more? Perhaps it feels weird because he's already cold to her from episode 1, so the problems started before the events of the series (like the abortion)...so their interactions are hard to watch somehow because it also feels like KH is wrong in the way he just endures her for so long without making it clear to her. Also every episode...ZY's line "our relationship these past 10 years" makes me want to play a drinking game because it's said 100 times over! But all in all, I wish WW could defend herself better when she's been innocent of an affair this whole time and not be the one being punished by ZY (though I guess ZY then gets her punishment from KH being cold to her). Finally, WW, KH and her friend KF were great in this episode. I think WW' has had such a character transformation to grow a backbone and think about what she wants, regardless of what relationships she has. And she was so cute with KH when they had those beer and banter scenes at the start and end of that episode - it was kind of like the episode was bookended by cute outdoorsy alcohol scenes...haha. KH was also amazing when he admitted that WW was no one's property. Sure, he may have been weird to her at the start, KH's character development has been wonderful in that he genuinely cares for her and respects her. And all the things he said to HY when they were fighting were so powerful in showing just how much he understand's WW nature and situation. KF is my surprise favourite though - I wasn't sure if I liked her at the start except for comic relief. But she's such an amazing and supportive friend. I liked when she told KH off because she has such a wise perspective and KH needed to hear that he also needed to give WW some space. Can't wait to see WW+ KH get seriously intimate though now that the bulk of the drama is over. That opening sequence with hot Puff and Jasper sequences is what drew me into this drama after all!
  3. So I finally caught up to the current episode! And I'll write about it in the next comment. But first, tomorrow (in Australian time) 12th of August, is Jasper Liu's birthday! Happy Birthday Jasper!!!! Jasper did a fan meet just before the weekend and Puff turned up to help him celebrate, despite shooting for other projects (Before We Get Married was shot before screening as opposed to their previous drama together, where they were shooting a few episodes ahead). I wrote a blog about it complete with lots of photos! Birthday fan meet blog post here Lots of fans took great pictures of Puff and Jasper together. This one comes from https://www.instagram.com/sunny420child/ Also I forgot to if I posted about my translation of the promotional video BTS video of Puff and Jasper...You can read translation here it's full of screenshots like the ones below...I took so many that I made this photo for instagram. You can follow for more P+J photos here: https://www.instagram.com/these.dramatic.days/ I'm going to translate the more fun BTS videos this week, so if you enjoy reading translations...stay tuned!
  4. Oooh Thanks for the greeting! I'm glad you agree with me But yessss, Jasper has such gaze-intensity that it kills you! He's so much the dream boyfriend once you get over the uncomfortable episodes. I understand it's based on a book, but I wish his character could have been a little less weird at the start. Nonetheless, I've loved him since he's become a more normal character...He just looked so sad and in love with Weiwei after they had that passionate scene, interrupted by Haoyi's call. The way he just holds her in the hope that she won't leave! My heart broke a little from watching that! Anyway, I'm behind an episode and won't have time to watch the last episode till tonight, but I have been busy translating their promo photo shoot video here. I'll insert screenshots when I have time to make it pretty. For those who read, enjoy!
  5. Hello all! Can't believe I haven't been on this forum for a looooong time, especially this thread for a Puff and Jasper drama. I have been watching, but I've just been feeling very demotivated lately...sometimes life just gets you down...but somehow my love for this couple has picked me up from the dead and gotten me back here (even though it's getting towards the end of the series ) I was a massive fan of theirs from their first collaboration Pleasantly Surprised and I've even met them both in person before for a fan meet for the end of that show (when Taiwanese TV fan meets use to be easier to attend)- you can read about it on this blog post here (Yes, this blog is dedicated mostly to Puff and Jasper, though there's a few other dramas/ celebrities there too.) And then I went on to meet Jasper 2 more times in Taiwan and there's a bunch of photos, autographs and blog posts about that too!...So that's why I'm surprised I didn't jump onto this thread as soon as I heard the drama was coming out. I regret wasting time, but hopefully I can still join in some discussions as they arise (I recognise some of your avatars from the Pleasantly Surprised forum thread! Good to see you all) My first thoughts when I watched episode 1 was that Kehuan was some crazy sadistic pervert (as Weiwei calls him) and I'm not a fan not that type of character. Tsundere, is it? I don't like how Asian dramas sometimes frame the cruel-to-be-kind male characters as heroes or idols even though they exhibit serious attitude and behavioural flaws. Although I was curious about Jasper taking on a very different type of role, it seemed too close to that cringe-worthy cliche '50 shades of grey' bad guy for me to feel interested. BUT as the series has gone on, I've enjoyed seeing Kehuan's redeemable side being brought out by Weiwei and her simple, honest chracter. Even though I find it hard to excuse Kehuan's behaviour in the first few episodes, I can see now how he would have felt so smothered living with his controlling ex and with the burden of having to provide for her lavish lifestyle. He's also got such a beautiful, sad and loving gaze when he looks at Weiwei in scenes with her wedding dress and when she breaks off their embrace (The power of Jasper's electric gazes!) He clearly loves Weiwei very much and always watches out for her. This is also Jasper's best acting to date, in my opinion. He's gotten much better at taking on boss type roles and less nervous with couple scenes. I've enjoyed seeing the flaws in all the other characters because this is something that not all dramas explore - that often problems are caused by all parties involved. Even Weiwei, who I think is a pretty down to earth and very likeable, has been quite wrong at times in that she fears facing her own feelings and disappointing those around her at the cost of her own health and happiness. The worst characters are still of course both the partners who they're cheating on because they're both so controlling. Haoyi is so damn selfish that it's hard not to hate him. There's being responsible - providing for your family and paying the mortgage - but then there's neglecting your partner altogether because you want to climb the social ladder. It's hard to see how a warm and friendly father could have produced a son like him. What grossed me out the most was when he still wanted to get intimate with Weiwei without regarding her feelings - he always expects her to give him what he wants, but never considers any of her needs. In a weird way I feel like he would suit well with Ziyuan, who is pretty much a socialite and needs sit on the arm of a social climber. Ziyuan is a pretty sad case because she has so many things - looks, charisma and smarts - but she refuses to let go of something that hasn't been hers for a long time. That neediness and pettiness makes her very weak and causes her to waste her talents as a person. It's never good to cling and control. Episode 9 was pretty much all my fantasies as a Puff and Jasper fan come to life by the way. They've always had good chemistry from their old drama to their new (and in real life they were very jokey together at the fan meet). But dammmmmn. That make out scene was super hot....though the Behind the scenes are funny because they both are such kids and love to make jokes. Thinking of translating the behind the scenes video if anyone is interested in seeing it! You've probably all seen the promo pictures from back in May -I'm also thinking of translating that Puff and Jasper photo shoot BTS video. But depends on whether I get the time to do it!
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