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  1. Work has been hectic, so still watching episodes slowly and catching up, but nice to hear all your opinions!! Haha, don't worry @wallflowersforjane I've only finished episode 2...Trying not to watch the show when super tired and fall asleep! I liked your commentary, so look forward to reading your posts since you're almost watching with the same speed as me! @acuteaddict Yes! Loving how wholesome this show is! Jasper has such a cute young side - I think his baby face also gives that impression too. @im0202 Haha, I know how you feel! It's cute to see fans get so excited and even though I've met Jasper a number of times and have done all the signing/photo stuff before, I still feel a tiny bit jelly coz these fans get a private fan meet experience, which is such a special treat! But they deserve it for suggesting such cool travel places and making those maps! I put the Jasper Insta video on Youtube so I could put it in the Forum since it's a cute one:
  2. Hahaha, wow everyone is so quick! Like @wallflowersforjane I've only finished episode 2, partly from choice and partly because it's a busy time of year for me. Haven't seen the yoga part yet @Lawyerh but totally can imagine them turning the bromance up high @Alice Wonderland I'll still be here, I think! @c_gunawan541 Totally agree pacing is very good and the language barrier isn't a big deal as the chemistry is spot on. Sometimes it even added to the humour like when LSG tries to fool Jasper or Jasper accidentally starts speaking Chinese to LSG! Yeah shame about covid. Would love a second season! @acuteaddict Haha, I laughed when you mentioned the brick houses in the UK. I remember it's charms - like I could totally picture Jasper and LSG visiting the cottswalds. Wish they would come to Australia (and visit me!). Yeah, I was wondering if it'd be awkward too at first, but I feel like both the boys have such a warmth, friendliness and laid back manner that they quickly overcame it all. Jasper is so sweet and pure...but I like that he's being quickly corrupted by LSG!! Indonesia does look pretty...I wanna visit those places in the show too. Episode 2 High lights & thoughts (contains spoilers so read at own risk if you haven't seen yet) -Wow Jasper had to do a lot of running at that temple! And the spinning tops looked tricky for LSG. Variety shows actually look like a lot of physical work for everyone involved! -Haha, aside from "Game is game" I laughed so much when they discovered the older guy was actually ok at badminton and LSG says they picked the wrong person and that the guy should be playing for the national team! (And then they illustrated him with flames to show his fighting spirit. A bit of an exaggeration, I'm sure ) -Jasper distracting the opposite team as "game is cruel" as you gotta do all the things in your power to winnnn. Also him falling and posing, getting all the attention of the fangirls -The first fan was a Jasper fan - it was so cute that he said "I love you" in Indonesian as fan service. -When Jasper says to the director/ producer "you are very kind" because he's giving them money again!! -It was so cute when they named the car grand papa. It was a pretty cool retro looking car in yellow
  3. Hahahaha have you guys seen these challenges the boys will do if the views for Twogether are high enough?? Also Jasper has this cute one! Not sure if there's LSG version though:
  4. @sharonrli I know right?! Poor Tian Xing! He just seems to be bullied from all ends. This sounds weird, but I think Uncle Hu is the worst character if he really did betray Tian Xing (someone suggested he might be spying on Ming Li, but it would be weird to do it to the point where you let Tian Xing be pushed off a building). Ming Li is a psychopath, but I guess I can see why she might hold a grudge (though her actions are crazy). Uncle Hu however is so corrupt and his betrayal seems more evil, especially since he promised the dad he would look after Tian Xing. I totally agree with your theory about Ming Li - I think it's most likely that Ming Li, Tian Jian and the mother all plotted to Kill Tian Xing's mother. I think they might have also plotted to kill him, but he survived. It's implied that Tian Jian was also involved in whatever they did to Tian Xing in the past, so I get why you're suspicious. Regardless of whether he's good or bad, Tian Jing seems kind of weak like he can be talked out of his values by his sister.
  5. @wallflowersforjane I know right?! Those caves in episode 1 were amazing!! Also great locations for game like challenges. I hope the other locations will be just as magical. Hahaha, their reactions to knowing about their exotic foreign fans were so cute. The part with the money distribution was pretty fun - The boys were travelling in a carefree way and then each of their more touristy choices cost them! Haha, Jasper's fisherman hat is signature. I did laugh hard when they pointed out Jasper's silk pjs compared to LSG's casual sleepwear. Loving their chemistry as travellers. LSG is pretty cheeky! they're both pretty chill and carefree with good humour. It's so lucky that you've been to Yogya before. I always wanted to go to Indonesia as it's one of the few countries in Asia I haven't been yet, but didn't get the chance before covid. I really really miss travelling heaps! But the good thing about this show is that I feel like I can make a list of places to potentially visit one day...so the tourism marketing is working on me, ahaha. Got caught up in another series yesterday, but thinking of watching another episode of Twogether tonight =) @Lawyerh Thanks for the translations of the theme song! Have you watched many episodes yet? I've still got Little Forrest on my list. Does it say where I can watch it on the thread? @endeavor Wow, good job, that was quick! Looking forward to this Chang Mai episode. Totally agree about their chemistry. I feel like if it wasn't for covid, the show would be a shoe in for a second season of games and travel between the two. But I guess we'll have to see now.
  6. Savouring the goodness is the best way to enjoy it all! Since you've seen the first half - it was so cute when they first met at the airport - I love that Jasper made him a sign in English, haha! Jasper is such a sweetheart to his fans too - I wish I could turn around at the airport and see him behind me in a queue On another note, the places the fans picked for them to travel to are amazing! I want to go there if I can go to Indonesia one day. Have you been before?
  7. @c_gunawan541 Haha Thanks for your rant! It's good to know the backstory in more detail too. While I enjoyed the fan meet for the sole reason of seeing the boys, I was annoyed at the actual fan meeting part I guess. Fans are totally allowed to have a favourite of the two, but it was those organising the meet who should have made sure everything worked and everything was evenly distributed. Like I think they should have factored in how long it would take to translate everything into 3 languages, so it would probably go over time. And they should have made fans ask only one question. So when you entered the competition (typed out your one question) you should pick whether it's for Seung gi or Jasper (and they should make it clear that you only interact with 1 star). That way they would be able to tell who was a Seung gi fan and who was a Jasper fan and pick 2-3 fans for each person. @Lawyerh @wallflowersforjane Have you both watched any episodes yet? Are you watching in one go or spreading out the goodness? Haha I totally agree that it'd be better to release weekly, but I guess it's netflix and they tend to do season drops for their shows. I'm going to be watching 1 episode per day as it's been kind of busy at work and I like to enjoy things slowly. I watched episode 1 and really enjoyed it for my first variety show - LSG is so charismatic, might go catch up on his projects now! Not sure who has watched, so put my opinion on ep 1 below in response to im0202 @im0202 I've only seen first ep so far as I'm watching slowly, but I like LSG's joke about fooling Jasper that the money was for a donation for world peace rather than coffee. Haha, loving all the English they use to communicate - it's funny to see that even between Asians, English is the common lingua franca. I'm also impressed at how much they can convey through mixing the 3 languages, and also having deeper conversations in English which I guess I wasn't expecting in the first episode. Jasper is so cute with his fisherman hat and I also like when he shared about how he got to his career and whether or not he wants to marry - nice to see some of these conversations and bromance bonding!
  8. @Usi I like your theory about them being in the same dream - like some weird shared subconscious. And @songielove Maybe that's the magic gateway - he touched Xiao En in the hospital and pulled her into his coma dream. I kinda feel like that's the angle they've gone for? But wasn't done clearly. @sharonrli Yep totally agree, that's how I read the relationship between Ming Li and Tian Xing. They are half siblings and for some reason, Ming Li's dad cheated on her mum producing this son. The other theory is that he was adopted? @Usi Aside from the kids being half-siblings, or not fully related, the other thing causing Ming Li to be so evil is that the father looks liked he has always favoured the judgement of this son, Tian Xing, above his own illegitimate children, and I think they've been spoilt (they way his wife says he would never listen to her when he was not in a coma and he would give her his credit card and tell her to go buy things and leave him alone). So I think Ming Li is spoilt in personality and a narcissist (generally a person with a horrible temper, and potentially a psychopath with lack of ethics ) and raging because she's never gotten her father's approval or affection and also afraid she'll lose everything if she doesn't fight for it. While a tiny bit exaggerated with the pushing someone off a building in board daylight, I don't think her character is unusual in the rich family trope (even in real life) where all the children in the family fight for money and power. Another thing worth mentioning in relation to fear, Ming Li keeps hinting they the whole family (except maybe the dad) "did something" to Tian Xing. It's not clear if he knew what they did or hasn't figured it out yet - but Ming Li is convinced that Tian Xing wants to (or will want to) take his revenge due to this incident and that's why she wants to get rid of him so bad. @songielove @sharonrli One more thought: As for Tian Jian...I'm not sure. I feel like he's just meant to be a relief character in the real world for Tian Xing, because the story is so dark and there's not a lot of hope for Tian Xing in the real world. And if there wasn't a character on a somewhat equal power status to talk Ming Li out of it, it wouldn't make sense that she'd just let him live for a bit longer. He seems spoilt, but not having as much care about the company - ie, he likes Tian Xing enough and if Tian Xing can run the company well and continue to make money for them all, he's ok with it. But with that said...he was also clearly involved with what Ming Li said they "did" to Tian Xing. I wonder what that is - kill his real mum/ family? Or make him think his real family was dead? Ruin a past business he had? Also, the rooftop bit was a bit weird - like surely you would go down the building, not up? (But he said he called a helicopter for him)
  9. @Lawyerh Hahahaha yes, he's known as Broccoli head in Taiwan because early in his career he had curly hair - he still gets fans sending him broccoli soft toys! And he's been known as the ultimate Taiwanese boyfriend for some time now because he seems very warm and friendly and fun. Like the perfect date!
  10. A cute screenshot from the fan meet. It was so cute and loved watching them interact - the bromance was lovely! I feel maybe @c_gunawan541 will feel this way too - I wish Netflix/ The Swoon/ Naver or whoever selected the fans who asked the questions had done it in a way that was a bit more even. I felt like they accidentally picked from a pool of strongly LSG fans and there wasn't as much fan interaction with Jasper even though he has a large pool of hardcore Asian and international fans! (I thought it was just me, but I did notice other people in the chat were also surprised about the selection - and there was a lot of virtual love pouring out in the comments for Jasper.) Haha, I'm not a big webcam person. but it made me wish I could have done a question just to show some Jasper fandom. But I loved how charming they both were. LSG was so sweet to make sure his answers were inclusive and conversational - he has such an easy and carefree way of speaking. Jasper was super gracious and his interactions were so cute and bashful when asked to do fan service. Haha, I like that he made LSG do virtual fan service, but then it bounced back to him. He's always so pretty, too.
  11. @Lawyerh Hahahaha. He has also said jokingly before that sometimes he wears nothing to sleep. I'm sure I posted the video on my blog before, but I can't remember where! Are you waiting for the fan meet at the moment? @wallflowersforjane Thanks for your kind words! Haha, the blog is basically me fangirling and storing all the things I'm fangirling over, but sharing with other fans since I know they probably want to see the same things I see
  12. Just watched the first episode and very much in love with this drama already. The opening is super beautiful - loved the animation styles and the fairytale elements. They kind of remind me of a Tim Burton style - dark humour, twisted ideas, but also with loneliness, innocence and love at the centre of it all. I did laugh at the fact that it's a children's book though - maybe coz I don't live in Asia, but I feel like parents here would be having a field day if that type of story was read to their kids. Kid's book are often dark, but usually veiled in colour and pretty drawings. I like the characters a lot and the story is well paced, mysterious and thrilling, but easy to follow. This is probably the first time I've seen a female character portrayed with such coldness in a Korean drama, but in a way that is weirdly likeable. Even though Moon-Young can't empathise yet, I feel like I'm empathising a lot with her. There's obviously a really dark back story that will be intriguing to unpack. Really appreciating Kang-Tae's calm, good-hearted and patient character! It's good to see just how hard it can be to work in mental health, or to have to be a sole care-giver. I like that there's more of a focus on mental health in newer Korean dramas, as it's something important that needs to be desigmatised in Asia. Super happy about this being Kim Soo-Hyun's return to the small screen! It seems like such a good project and the chemistry with him and Seo Ye-ji is so intense and thrilling. The aesthetics of the drama is lovely - so many beautiful shots that play on flowers, sunlight or shadows. Very much looking forward to the next episode!
  13. Hahaha, I should really check my spelling, grammar and sentence structures before I post translations - I've fixed up stuff which doesn't make sense now so hopefully it reads smoother! @songielove Haha, I totally know what you mean! Yeah, if it wasn't for Vivian and Marcus, I think I would have passed up on this drama too (But I'm totally sticking it out since it's getting better and I'm having a new found Simon crush. haha!). I think the story itself is interesting and has lots of potential and I like the world building - I just think they just haven't executed it well in terms of getting from one scene to the next. I don't mind it being set in both the fantasy and real world - it's kind of cool! But what you said about fantasy logic is true - as viewers, even when you watch a fantasy film, you need there to be enough logic for you to suspend your disbelief and accept what's happening. The film doesn't have to be realistic, but it needs to be logical in that it makes sense when you follow the story. And the way she entered the story world didn't exactly make too much sense! There's no explanation?! She gets really sick suddenly from a nightmare and then she's there - it felt like it was missing something. Like if it had been the book she was reading before she suddenly got sick, that would make more sense because she was already thinking about the world. Or if there was some magic involved, like she met someone at the hospital who gave her something to 'help her forget about what she saw.,' that would make more sense. It just needs something to fill in the gap! But yeah, there's lots of fun and interesting things that's happening with the drama, so looking forward to the next episode (hopefully it'll be less choppy!) Like you, I also like the different personalities Marcus has in fantasy world vs. real world and totally agree, it's very fun for the characters to be tied to the physical world (Well at least for Xiao En!) And the intensity of the story in the real world is interesting too - like how is the brother going to stop his maniac sister? Also, I'm finding it interesting that Tian Xing had a date set up in the real world with the receptionist before he fell!! I wonder how they're going to get out of that story line and how he'll find Xiao En in real life since they never even met consciously. (I suppose she'll just go and find him!). Also wondering if that receptionist turns into the evil second lead since her place will get taken over by Xiao En!! And lastly, Simonnnnn, he's so pretty and charming. For such a cool looking guy, his instagram has so many cute photos of him playing with his niece and nephew Thanks for letting me know about the behind the scenes - I normally love watching them, but haven't gotten around to them just yet for this show.
  14. Not sure if already posted, but here are a few other pics Also updated on blog.
  15. @Lawyerh Ooops, for some reason Soompi posts are lagging on the laptop I've been working on! So didn't end up seeing any of your posts and just posted the same things. Hahaha! Oh well, at least you know I'm excited about it since I'm double posting the news!!
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