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[Drama 2020] The Flower of Evil, 악의 꽃

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14 hours ago, violina said:

So many highlights right! The other one for me is when Kim Moo Jin came through with the truth tea


Its a never ending debate. Someone asked, I cant remember who in the previous pages. Was Baek Hee Sung born a psycho? We can also ask does Do Hyun Soo have ASPD? Despite him having great personality traits which have allowed him to function well for 14 years and not doing something drastic like murder. He does have a very dark side. It that flairs up when Jiwon and Eun Ha are at risk. He tortured and almost killed Kim Moo Jin and Baek Hee Sung because of them. He was cornered twice by his wife(ep 7 and 13). His impulse almost made him hurt her not only once but twice.


is evil a product of your environment or is it actually innate? Studies say brain activity of dozens of people thought to be psychopaths, found that there tended to be reduced activity in the areas that play roles in regulating emotions, impulses, morality, and aggression. So maybe it could be said to be innate like in BHS's case? He threw a rock and killed a dog just like that. Some kids hurt animals even when they are raised in good environment. Bully other kids. That could be innate evil. But then again, am leaning towards evil being a product of your environment. BHS was raised by narcissist parents. Gong Mi Ja pushed her son to get better grades in school. The image of having a brainy math genius son was more important to her than anything. The Grandpa Baek is verbally and physically abusive. This guy slaps his wife, slaps his adult son who just came out of a coma. I dont think he had an emotional bond with BHS because he is so focused on his medical career. Maybe thats why he readily accepted to be groomed by Do Min Seok. He got the attention and approval that his father didnt give him. DHS's "evil" streak was definitely a product of his environment. He was failed by pretty much everyone from childhood. His parents, his doctor, society, media. He was not born evil.


Oh, yes, that part too.... that was such a good scene ~ Even though I don't like the way the father had been acting, but then when he broke down, I just felt so bad for him and his wife. Only shows how far can parents sacrifice for their children.


That topic about evil always interest me... sometimes I do lean more towards a product of the environment as well, however after some years of deliberating, I also think it's innate. That even though if you're surrounded with good people, it doesn't guarantee you'll be as good as them, what if it's simply your nature? It might have to do with one's mental state as well. Though I'm not really an expert on that area so can't say much about it.


14 hours ago, thesuitelife547 said:


That part stuck out for me, too, when I watched it. I thought it was really brave of her to choose try to save DHS instead of having him go after BHS, who put her through all sorts of torture. And even when she was on the phone with the police, she asked for them to save DHS rather than immediately ask them to go arrest BHS. She was worried about him and perhaps a part of it may have also been with her wanting to break the cycle or maybe, because she already saw that DHS was a good person, she just wanted to save him from being a murderer as best she could.


That was such a powerful scene for me... it's when I started just bawling my eyes out until the ending scene of the episode. If I were her, I'd do the same in a heartbeat, I wouldn't even care if Hee Seong gets away as long as I can save Hyun Su.

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Wait @Jillia chingu. weren't you like this on Thursday?



Are you now telling me that you voted for the "creepy" option?

Spanish What GIF


@Sleepy Owl dongsaeng, your anime gifs for how you felt about watching ep 14 and 15 were hilarious! :joy: I am glad I didn't look at them until after I had watched the episodes.


And me? Sure Kim Ji Hoon is good looking, but his portrayal of Baek Hee Sung makes me feel like this:



And I guess that's how you can tell if someone is a talented actor ! Despite my love for abs, this guy gives me the creeps. :joy:


Kim Ji Hoon pic - creepy.....




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Article Translation


‘Flower of Evil’: Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon facing each other on edge of cliff; latest episode outshines previous ones in both narrative and performances




With only the finale left, Episode 15 of tvN’s Wed/Thu drama ‘Flower of Evil’ outshines the previous episodes with an ending that dealt viewers an emotional blow.


Earlier in the episode, Do Hyunsoo erupted in anger, mistaken that Jiwon is dead. He fell for the lie conceived by Heeseong, who’s hell-bent on destroying Hyunsoo. His eyes filled with a desire to murder showed how grief-stricken he was.


Reaching the edge of a cliff, Hyunsoo and Heeseong face off in a tense confrontation as Heeseong says, “Finish me off already. It’s you who’s going to suffer from pain for as long as you live.” Hyunsoo groans in pain, with a knife in his hand, making viewers feel the pain he’s feeling.


But every time Hyunsoo was pushed to the edge of the world, it’s Jiwon’s voice that saved him.

Seeing her right in front of him, Hyunsoo can’t believe what he sees and bursts into sobs like a child. Jiwon starts approaching him carefully, despite the danger she’s in. The desperate moment where they share both sadness and pain left viewers brokenhearted.


Above all, Hyunsoo has been haunted by the ghost of his father Do Minseok so he is afraid even Jiwon is an illusion. But Jiwon spreads her arms wide open so Hyunsoo can get back to reality, saying “Come and give me a hug. Please hold me.” Hearing this, Hyunsoo starts taking steps towards her, suppressing his anger towards Heeseong.


When they think everything’s come to an end, Heeseong takes a gun away from a police officer and fires at them. Even before he can hold Jiwon, Hyunsoo tries to protect her and gets shot. Hyunsoo covered with blood and Jiwon desperately in tears intensified the drama’s tragedy.


The 10-minute ending of Episode 15 left viewers completely engrossed. It was completed by Hyunsoo and Jiwon’s narrative that has gradually built and Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon’s performances where the actors completely disappeared into their roles. This cruelly yet beautifully directed scene continues to linger in viewers’ minds.


Viewers are curious about what future is in store for Hyunsoo and Jiwon now that they are facing yet another crisis. Also, viewers are looking forward to seeing how Hyunsoo and Heeseong’s confrontation ends and what future holds for the characters surrounding them in the finale.


The finale of ‘Flower of Evil,’ an intense emotional chase thriller about Baek Heeseong/Do Hyunsoo, a man who’s faked love, and Cha Jiwon, a woman who’s started to doubt her husband, is airing on September 23 (Wed) at 10:50 pm.


Source: Naver

Translation: allaboutjoongi

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19 hours ago, thesuitelife547 said:


That part stuck out for me, too, when I watched it. I thought it was really brave of her to choose try to save DHS instead of having him go after BHS, who put her through all sorts of torture. And even when she was on the phone with the police, she asked for them to save DHS rather than immediately ask them to go arrest BHS. She was worried about him and perhaps a part of it may have also been with her wanting to break the cycle or maybe, because she already saw that DHS was a good person, she just wanted to save him from being a murderer as best she could.



This part was really good writing in my opinion. It feels extra tragic to me because she wasn't able to do this for her own husband (who became a killer because he couldn't take the truth of her death). Literally her and kyung chul and jiwon and hyun su are in the same predicament.


One of the things that I really loved about the writer is that she is able to subtlely draw out powerful parallels in her story. Besides pkc and jms, all the characters are written to compliment each other and propel each other's narrative in the story. There are no wasted charactersEvery one sort of have their own mirror image in the show, we see how moo Jin and the baeks have a parallel storyline, and how detective lee woo chul and Im ho jun, the oldest and the maknae propelled each others' growth in the story (detective im was finally able to shoot sharply and decisively!).


Also, one of the show's most complex parallels was Do Min Seok and  Baek Man Woo. Both fathers realised the true nature of their sons (Hyun su is not a psychopath like Min seok wanted him to be, and Hee Sung was not a high functioning genius like Man Woo expected him to become). They made drastically different choices, one chose to accept it, the other was determined to deny it till the bitter end. We see the result of their decisions unravel as the series progresses. With that said, you cannot explicitly label min seok as a good father or man woo as a bad one. This is how complex and nuanced the writing is and i really appreciated it.  

Another pair that I really loved was Detective choi and cha Ji won. ji won is morally unrelenting, whereas Choi follows his hunch and executes the law in a questionable way (i.e. stealing the doctor's phone in the first episode, and suggesting to trap dhs during the human trafficking operation) And yet can we say that detective choi is a immoral/bad cop? No, because in the end he also redeemed himself; if not for his willingness to close one eye and be morally ambiguous, hyun soo would not be able to spend more time with ji won, he would have arrested hyun soo and announced him as a murderer  to the whole world. 


Then there is of course hyun su/hee sung. Both of them are smart and both of them are fatalistic in the way they do things. For Hyun su, he is such a complex and tragic character, in his mind he had somewhat decided how things were going to end; that he was a psychopath and will eventually turn into his father. And yet with every chance that he was given to walk the other way, he would hold on to that hope desperately. Whereas for hee sung, life is a game where he is always a few steps ahead. Like hyun su, He too was always sure of how the game will end (by his own design), but unlike hyun suu, he never accepts anything that might change his end game (or perhaps, no one gave him the opportunity to). In the end, you could even argue that they are the same person, and developed into their characters under different circumstances. 


Then finally there is ji won and hyun su, one is sooo strong and the other so fragile, they are forever meant to be soul mates for each other. 


The pair that I am not sure about is hae soo and mi ja, I feel that they could be each other's doppelganger, both have condemned  hyun su to hell. Hae soo had spent her life trying to atone for her mistakes, so does it mean mi ja will do that for Hyun su too? We shall see in episode 16.


Again I wanted to  commend on how tight the writing is, especially with the use of unconventional motifs. Usually, motifs in stories appear as objects that foreshadow a certain theme. 


In episode 2, hyun suu buys moo Jin kimbap from near his house and says the contents of his last meal will help to remove hyun suu as a suspect if moo Jin dies. In ep 15, Park soon young's last meal was critical in proving hyun suu's innocence. 


Comedy Central Eating GIF by Inside Amy Schumer


We initially thought that dms's vision was just a reflection of dhs's mental state, but the fact that he kept appearing between cjw and dhs in the beginning was foreshadowing how this "I see dead people" thing was going to be the final and most critical obstacle in their relationship. Again, no narrative has gone to waste. Everything goes full circle and the writer ties things up nicely. I am continuously mind blown by how intelligent and meticulous the writing is.

The Simpsons Reaction GIF by FOX International Channels


Also lastly, this is a very morbid observation but lee joon gi looks good playing dead? he's attractive as hyun su, but even more so when he's asleep and almost ethereal when he's playing dead? This show must have done me a good one... cause now i see dead people ... as attractive, maria. 
homer simpson episode 21 GIF

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@partyon I chose both happy endings for both couples. I wasn't about to vote yes for Hae Su and Moo Jin, but then I remember when she wear the necklace. So even if I may not be 100% sure, but if they're happy with each other's arms, who am I to complain? :coolshades: Everyone deserves a second strike in life ~


Also about Hee Seong, can't believe I voted for the first option even though he was really creepy in the drama... but then I remember the director saying in the BTS for him to tie his hair because he likes it when he ties it, I have to say, I agree Kamdong-nim :hahah!:

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1 hour ago, partyon said:


@Sleepy Owl dongsaeng, your anime gifs for how you felt about watching ep 14 and 15 were hilarious! :joy: I am glad I didn't look at them until after I had watched the episodes.


And I guess that's how you can tell if someone is a talented actor ! Despite my love for abs, this guy gives me the creeps. :joy:



Noona, I have been "Spoilers without context" for Anime for a very long time, tried doing it for the first time with KDramas though. Happy to know you found them hilarious :fullofhearts:


About that pic though, are serial killers allowed to do commercials (even if they have nice hair and body) :rubchin:

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1. Will we get a happy or a sad drama ending?

HE or else I will swear off kdrama til 2021!!! 

No amnesia HE but a start over as the Do family; living in the countryside where no one knows them.

CJ's police family can visit them on holiday.


2. If Do Hae Su survives, will she rekindle her romance with Kim Moo Jin?

Why not? I believe in second chance love. They both can heal each other heart and wound.


3. BONUS: Kim Ji Hoon plays a hot serial killer

I am not into bad boy


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Hi Everyone! I scored a job and was busy due to the hefty schedule and work to do.  After watching both 14 &  15, both shows the types of killer Do Min Seok and Baek Hee Sung are.


Hee Sung has all the characteristic of a psychopath killer except for intelligence despite his math whiz.  He was born a rich family with lack conscience or empathy.  Like most psychopaths, they started out killing animals before moving to people, manipulated his parents' devotion to him to his own ends.  It was hinted that due to Baek strict teachings, he suffered from abuses so he may harbored some hatred towards them.  As I mentioned before, Korea has low treatments in mental problems like BHS lack of consciences or DHS personality disorders.  The Baek's utterly failed as parents to see the kind of person their son as Moo Jin sprouted out and chose to ignore the problem instead of facing it.  This is the common mistake in the rich households where the adults taught the younger generations to feel superior to other and failures were not an option.   The only time he felt something was during his hunts and killing his preys.  The only exception was being praised by Do Min Seok but it was later shattered the moment Do Min Seok threaten him for his suggestion of using Hyun Soo to do their bidding.  He was overwhelm with betrayal and jealousy that the 'failure' was still occupied in his idol's mind that he gutted him to the head repeatedly.  Hence why he spouted out in their confrontation about his father being proud of his creation not his son and the kills they made.  Basically, he was on the verge of being homicidal psychotic not caring of hiding his tracks just to be recognized to the world.  Even Jung Mi Soo knew who was the more dangerous one of the 2 killers after her kidnap and his temptation of harming Eun Ah. I don't trust his claim of not harming children.


  Do Min Seok, on the other hand, was a calm coldblooded killer who knew when to strike his victims.  This was possibly awaken after his wife tried to leave him before killing her.  Due to the psychiatrist wrong diagnose of his son, he believed his son was like him and tried to groom him to be his successor.  During their time together, he realized that Hyun Soo was too kind for this thus labeled him a 'failure'.  But that doesn't mean he didn't think about his well being or his daughter's as he let them have their own life while he continued his work in secret with his disciple.  With him, he achieve the monster he wanted as they began their serial killings as a form of arts. He let Moo Jin walk out possibly due to his bond with his children or his admiration for Do Min Seok by saying his bag contained an elk while deep down, Moo Jin knew it was a person. That all changed with Jung Min Soon as Hee Sung had failed to cover her disappearance.  Min Seok planned out how to deal with her with Hee Sung status to cover his mistake but Hee Sung unstable mind failed to see the point of it thus suggesting using his son instead.  That visibly shook Do Min Seok off cause, despite his cold self, he didn't want Hyun Soo in any of their acts thus threaten Hee Sung to ever mentioning him.  That lead to his downfall as he failed to see that his creation was driven by his violent impulses not his mind.




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13 hours ago, partyon said:

FOE Poll 6: Tying up the loose ends


With the finale coming up on Wednesday, I thought it would be nice to take a walk down the memory lane to see how we fared in our poll predictions:


In our first poll in July (before the drama started) the majority believed the following:

  • Baek Hee Sung (aka Do Hyun Su) is a psychopathic (serial) killer  FALSE
  • Baek Hee Sung (DHS) loves his wife TRUE
  • Most hoped for a happy drama ending UNKNOWN

In the second poll mid-August the majority voted for the following:

  • Do Min Seok's accomplice was unidentified TRUE
  • Do Hyun Su had not killed anyone TRUE
  • We will get a happy ending UNKNOWN

In the third poll (end of August) we believed that:

  • The real Baek Hee Sung is the accomplice TRUE
  • We wanted to know more about Cha Ji Won's past FALSE
  • Kim Moo Jin and Do Hae Su would rekindle their romance UNKNOWN

In the fourth poll (early September) we voted for:

  • The real Baek Hee Sung being Do Min Seok's killer (in a close second place was his father - only with a 2 vote difference)  TRUE
  • Cha Ji Won's past is clean  TRUE
  • Baek Hee Sung was in a coma because his mother found out about his murders, freaked out and either by mistake or deliberately harmed him TRUE

In the fifth poll last week we answered that:

  • Do Min Seok is a serial killer TRUE
  • Baek Hee Sung and Baek Hee Sung's mom will die FALSE
  • Baek Hee Sung's mom will turn on her son and help Do Hyun Su PARTIALLY TRUE

Well done! We were for the most part correct in our predictions! :kiss_wink:

To tie up the loose ends, let's answer in the last poll the questions that remain unanswered:


1. Will we get a happy or a sad drama ending?

2. If Do Hae Su survives, will she rekindle her romance with Kim Moo Jin?

3. BONUS: Kim Ji Hoon plays a hot serial killer


cr (yes! dramas tumblr)


You have time to vote until the finale airs this Wednesday. :kiss_wink:

re: @Lmangla


@lightbringer06 @chickenchopflipflop83 @violina @H0ney @sas79 @J13 @kara_mella @noor1 @holyfea @Sleepy Owl @Enimsa88 @-Love Blossom- @hunybunny @Samuel Yohanes @kdrama @an-naum @rocher22 @Erika Song @The Therapy @qynn @joybran @ainipang @lovelyUnicorn @glory @aisling @Seonhoyaa @chrisjae_18 @Kayllee21 @Maral @Tuiwgn @hazelyeot @smartiegal@jazz85 @Pikachu92 @moomooz @Latte_Anyday @TTT1234 @Shining tiara@mystic62 @Nodame @junghwana @mulberry9 @andy78 @Madu Mita @patheticsane @tiMadam @joybran @turquoisse @JosseJunjin @LumbarSpine @luffie @Brennster @miwako78 @rachel-moore @jessicaw22 @jangmi92_ @Hani Julyani @coral maor @agnesselvira @LRM11219311 @Dundee @Bejaffled @debbsthebee @Flowerdance20 @ungi @deandraluv @Avocado80 @Wenlisha @audreykm @tchauder

@sken40 @stellalafemme @Cindy Tjioe @thephamle @taskdramafanatic

@Jillia @Sleepy Owl @larus @bombshellchick1 @lotuzea @thesuitelife547


@partyon #3 For me, Lee Joon Gi is hands down hottest psychopath!! :highonflowers: But can I just say, Kim Ji Hoon, definitely a hottie serial killer!! I'm not normally into guys with long hair because they look grungy but he sort of reminded me of Johnny Depp, He just needs to cover his big creepy eyes with sunglasses :coolshades: Tried to imagine dating Baek Hee Seong in a psychiatric hospital but no thanks :sweats:

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote pics! Thanks!
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5 hours ago, bombshellchick1 said:

1. Will we get a happy or a sad drama ending?

2. If Do Hae Su survives, will she rekindle her romance with Kim Moo Jin?

3. BONUS: Kim Ji Hoon plays a hot serial killer


For me, I'm hopeful we'll get a happy ending. I'm not sure how exactly everything will be entirely tied up, I'm assuming there might be more than 1 time jump in order to get DHS and CJW, as well as Eun Ha, the ending that they deserve. Even the side characters, like KMJ and Hae Soo. The only reason I think that there's going to be more than 1 time jump is because CJW stated in the preview that 4 months already passed and I'm associating that with the fact that DHS might have gone into some sort of a coma due to the bullet. After that, I would assume they'd do another time jump because there's no getting around that DHS committed fraud. I think his ruling might be reduced, seeing how much he did to help catch and if the Baek family say that they willingly let DHS live as BHS, which GMJ already admitted to. But I feel like they might throw another one in there so that if DHS has to do some time or probation or something, they might skip to the future, even if it's only in the last couple of minutes of the show.


Also, I know I voted saying that Hae Soo and KMJ would rekindle their romance but I like to think about it as them becoming friends. I think their relationship will be left open to interpretation and while they might not be together, I don't think that they'd exactly rule out that possibility. I think Hae Soo needs to find herself first after all of this is over and only then would she find it within herself to maybe be together with someone. But I think their ending might be left open to interpretation with a positive spin, though.


For the last one, it's shallow, but I voted that he does. I know he's creepy as BHS, but I just thought that it was a complete turn around from the previous works that I've seen him in haha. 


11 hours ago, chickenchopflipflop83 said:

One of the things that I really loved about the writer is that she is able to subtlely draw out powerful parallels in her story. Besides pkc and jms, all the characters are written to compliment each other and propel each other's narrative in the story. 


I agree. I like how most of it comes down to a singular choice. The Baek parents decided to protect BHS, enabling him further whereas DMS decided to take his child completely out of it instead of having the unrealistic expectation that he would just automatically become what DMS wanted his son to become. Even in the showdown between BHS and DHS, BHS wanted to make DHS a murderer and on the cliff, DHS could've made the choice to murder BHS, which would set off the ripple effect. Instead, DHS decided to not kill BHS and as CJW implied, let it all end.

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13 hours ago, chickenchopflipflop83 said:

Omo I want to see joon gi and ji hoon in a variety show. Who knew this was the bromance we all needed but nobody asked for. 

Also Ji hoon called Joon Gi a "Comment Fairy"... and likes all of Joon Gi's photos on ig.... who knew hee sung was such a sunflower for Hyun su in real life. 


Apparently the 2 of them did a military drama back in the day, for the military channel, when they were actually in the military. I found some NG footage that was uploaded to the army channel. Say hello to around 30-year-old Kim Ji Hoon and Lee Joon Gi haha. Kim Ji Suk is also there, too.



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Reactions from Korean Audience

Article Translaton by : netizenkore

[Naver TV] Flower of Evil Episode 15 Netizen Comments

(Shocking ㅠㅠ) Seo Hyunwoo who finds Jang Heejin collapsed in blood
flower of evil, seo hyunwoo, Jang heejin, kdramasScreenshot%2B2020-09-19%2Bat%2B22.54.12.


[+733][-3] The more I see Seo Hyunwoo, I feel they did a good job with the casting... he's perfect for Kim Moojin's role


[+522][-4] This murderer Baek Heeseong is running around without knowing that there are blackboxes ㄷㄷ


[+365][-3] I knew it ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ There's no way Moojin wouldn't come  ㅠㅠㅠ 

[+341][-2] I feel relaxed only when Moojin comes out

[+270][-2] I hope Haesoo survives and can be with Moojin-ie


"We're similar" Lee Joongi who feels kinship with Jung Misook


flower of evil, lee junki, jung misook


[+558][-1] Jung Misook was kidnapped by a crazy person and suffered for no reason and Hyunsoo had to endure suspicion, hate and prejudice all his life even though he didn't do anything, both are such innocent victims I feel so bad for them I might go crazy ㅜㅠㅠㅠ Meanwhile, the directing to make Hyunsoo look like he's trapped in the cage is amazing as well..
[+427][-3] The actress playing Jung Misook is so good at acting. It looks like she's actually going crazy with fear.
[+363][-2] I feel so bad for both Jung Misook and Do Hyunsoo ㅠㅠ Please let them be happy soon ㅠㅠ Hyunsoo for definite but also Jung Misook ㅠㅠ
[+346][-2] I hope the lady gains more TV attention as an actress and become more popular through the Flower of Evil drama 

Lee Joongi, who kills Kim Jihoon out of revenge, eventually becomes a murderer!?flower of evil, lee junki, kim jihoonScreenshot%2B2020-09-19%2Bat%2B23.32.20.

[+1079][-4] It's so heartbreaking that he can't confirm whether Jiwon is alive because he can see his father ㅠㅠ Everyone is so good at acting ㅠㅠ
 [+970][-7] Baeksang Awards if you ignore not just Lee Joongi, but the whole Flower of Evil Team, I'll turn into the real Heesung 
[+772][-5] I expected Do Minseok to come out but it was so sad to see that he couldn't trust Jiwon because of Do Minseok ㅠㅜㅠㅜ
[+702][-4] How could he cry like a child like that ㅜㅜ Ha.. Ah.. look at his acting ㅜㅜㅜㅜ it's insane
[+648][-4] The ratings are a shame. The drama's ratings should have hit over 4% but the time slot is too late ㅠㅠㅠ It's seriously a worthwhile drama to watch..
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Article Translation


‘Flower of Evil’: D-2 until the finale … Iconic scenes and lines that touched viewers’ hearts


tvN’s Wed/Thu drama ‘Flower of Evil’ singled out the unforgettable moments of Lee Joongi, Moon Chaewon, Jang Heejin, and Seo Hyunwoo.

With each episode setting a ratings record, ‘Flower of Evil’ is demonstrating the buzz it’s created. With only the finale left on September 23, here are the iconic scenes and lines that touched viewers’ hearts.


Lee Joongi (Do Hyunsoo), “I love you, Jiwon.” – Episode 11




When he was younger, Hyunsoo was subjected to psychological abuse by his father, a serial killer, and the townspeople. The abuse made him believe that he is a monster with no capacity to feel emotions, and he even took the blame for his sister’s murder. But the love his wife, Jiwon, gave him even after she found out he had deceived her for 14 years, changed him. The day he broke into sobs and had his first emotional outbursts like a little child, he also confessed to Jiwon, “I love you, Jiwon.” It might have been awkward, but the sincerity felt in each word he said left viewers deeply touched.


Moon Chaewon (Cha Jiwon), “I was the only one you had. Even now, I am the only one you have.” – Episode 10




Jiwon found herself in a cruel tragedy in which she was forced to suspect her beloved husband of being a killer. But when she found out that his life had been tainted by wounds, prejudice, and stigma, she also realized that she’s the only person who’s believed Hyunsoo. Although she resented he’d deceived her for 14 years, she felt sorry for the choice Hyunsoo had to make, suggesting that she loves him unconditionally.


Jang Heejin (Do Haesoo), “For something important, you realize ‘it was not that important’ when time passes. For something precious… it hurts so much.” – Episode 9




Haesoo knows more than anyone that Hyunsoo is not a monster, and she was the first to notice the change in him. When Hyunsoo, who still didn’t realize he had feelings, called Jiwon ‘an important person’ because he needed her, she corrected him, saying “No, she’s a precious person to you.” This conversation not only shows Hyunsoo has changed because of Jiwon, but is also about Haesoo and Moojins’ relationship. It’s a touching moment that suggests that they once hurt each other and broke up, but they are still precious people to each other.


● Seo Hyunwoo (Kim Moojin), “We have a duty to bring the truth to light. Until we’ve fulfilled that duty, you must endure.” – Episode 15


When finding out the killer who harmed Haesoo was Heeseong, Moojin got furious at Manwoo and Mija, who pretended they didn’t know what their son is like. He blamed them for covering up the truth because of fear. But at the same time, it was the moment where he faced his own past – he believed there was a deer in the sack he found in Do Minseok’s basement, instead of the victim. He regretted what he’d done was wrong and decided to become a true journalist chasing facts instead of scoops. His growth gave viewers thrills.


Despite the crises and hardships, the four main characters have reaffirmed the love they feel for one another and decided to move forward, leaving viewers deeply touched. The drama will take an unpredictable turn until the end, making viewers guess what conclusion the story is leading its characters to.


Intense emotional chase thriller ‘Flower of Evil’ will air its finale on September 23, at 10:50 p.m.


Source: Naver

Translation: allaboutjoongi

Gif  credit: @flowerofevil @iwillgotoyou (tumblr)


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Article Translation


3 latest dramas that mirror our times





<Flower of Evil> starring Lee Joongi and Moon Chaewon tackles the issue of guilt by association. Through the life of Do Hyunsoo (Lee Joongi), who was born the son of serial killer Do Minseok (Choi Byungmo), it offers realistic insight into society’s misconceptions about a person who happens to be a serial killer’s child.


Just because his parent was a killer, Hyunsoo comes under suspicion whenever something bad happens. Then he is given an opportunity to change his identity and live as Baek Heeseong (Kim Jihun).


So he grabs the chance to become Baek Heeseong, marries Cha Jiwon (Moon Chaewon), and has since lived a lie. When finding out the real identity of her husband, Jiwon finds it difficult to forgive Hyunsoo for having deceived her. But as she starts to find more about the choice he had to make, she realizes the weight of the burden he’s been carrying.


It’s understandable when you consider that: Hyunsoo could not possibly have dreamed of an ordinary life because his father was a serial killer. He was suspected of being his father’s accomplice and ostracized by the townspeople as a ‘possessed RickRoll'D.’ He even had to live as a fugitive after taking the blame for his sister’s murder.


Through Cha Jiwon and Do Hyunsoo’s love, <Flower of Evil> highlights the ‘banality of evil’ about atrocities committed by ordinary people. Any hateful action we accidentally commit could force someone to make the choice of living a different life. This is why <Flower of Evil> is called a special drama.




Banality of evil


The works listed above take a close look at social issues while focusing on entertainment as genre dramas. They also raise philosophical questions to which you cannot find easy answers. The fact that viewers respond enthusiastically to these dramas shows that people have a thirst for solutions to our social malaise. By taking sophisticated approaches to the delivery of social justice and dignity for human life, these three dramas set an example that future dramas can follow.


Source: (1)

Translation: allaboutjoongi


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@bombshellchick1, second that - next to JG, everyone pales in comparison :D

22 hours ago, andy78 said:

1.i hope for a happy end...i think we all do!!!

2.50% will finally get to be together 50% will part ways ...i think she needs to heal first...i'm a romantic so i voted for them to be together...

3.no way...

my answer a s well

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I read most of the insights here! Wow! This drama is indeed a very powerful one. I also love how it's able to bring so much catharsis to me. Episode 15 is so good and I personally love the scene where Hyun Soo cried, "I see dead people!" I can't stop crying after that scene. Also, when Jung Mi Sook tried to stop Hyun Soo from being a murderer and even let her killer, Baek Hee Seung, live! I don't know if I can react the same way she did during that time. The kindness of her character in episode 15 is so...powerful and compelling! 


I also loved the part in episode 14 where Hae Soo sacrificed her life to save Eun Ha and Cha Ji Won! And the confrontation between Moo Jin and Dr. Baek.


And I'll also brag how this drama is full of best ACTORS! From leads to supporting, wow! Solid drama for me! *clap, clap*




I voted on the poll and I'm leaning towards a happy ending, because, I know we'll get it. Hae Soo will rekindle her romance in Moo Jin is what I've voted, but, maybe we'll get an open ending for the two where their friendship will restart first. Then for Kim Ji Hoon being a serial killer, I voted that he's hot! lelelels. xD He's creepy but I can't disagree to the 'fact' that his features are so sharp and gorgeous.

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