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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

LY isnt in love with JA, yet.  He just wants her to have a happy life, and he will do everything so that can happen.   I like JAs loyalty and care for Yeon, whether she is in love or no

Popping by to share some of my theories ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here !    Anyways I’m too lazy to retype all of my theories on here, but for anyone curious you can check t

Finally finished Episode 10.


Short Review:


I love Uri Yu Ri, now that she and Dr Dolittle Mated..can they mate with anyone else?

Imugi Taeri cannot Hear JiAh's brain , and Lee Yeon is a Fox...Edward couldn't hear Bella's Mind and Jacob was a Wolf...What Twilight reverse psychology is this...Lololol>>Anyhow why can't he hear it? Is it because she has a part of his scales/soul inside her???

I DO NOT know how will Lee Rang be saved from all this Debt and No Communication and Sarcastic Undertone and then he seems to be choking Lee Yeon in preview. Why oH Why??? My heart cries for Him.

Ji Ah's parents are alive..are they trapped in the Chinese Lantern Plant?

Whatever happened to the FOX Bead....

Lee Yeon should stay with Yu Ri..Why? She is the only one who is not asked to protect or handover Lee Yeon body off to anyone..this entire episode was mainly centered around Handover his body blah bluh bleh...


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Im glad Imoogi made that trap for Yeon.

It seemed that was the only way, for Yeon and LR, to resolve some

misunderstandings from the past...

Yeons hand was constantly around LRs shoulder...I like it...


That scene when Yeon grabbed Imoogi was so cool...

Imoogi looked scared...




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Looking forward to more Lee Rang and his hyung? Really liking him and knowing his days might be numbered makes me sad.


So does the Fox let Yuri have her way with him? (LOL) I loved how she was attracted to him being "rough". Oh my.


Imoogi trying to worm his way to our FL heart hmmmm. Not caring too much for him. Just anyone with sense of entitlement on "owning" another person ugggh bothers me.


The visuals of the people in this drama---sigh. I love the past and present and Lee Dong Wook is looking great. The FL too in her hanboks is stunning too.

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I'm gonna tell you something... Kim Bum KILLED this episode! He's been carrying a HUGE emotional charge in the last episodes and he's doing a perfect job to portray these feelings. You can deeply feel his pain, sadness, rage and everything in between. And he managed to go further in this episode! It is clear the evolution from just a bad boy at the beginning of the drama to, in my opinion, the character that stands out the most dramatically lately, followed by Ji A. I'm finding his performance really impressive.



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