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  1. @dolley yes they responded, and as I said in DM to you, asked you to correct me if I'm wrong about the IG kicking bc the subject is very very sensitive to them. Hahaha proven indeed. Another sensitive subject is Li Yi Feng, and Wookie's Chinese fans are still so angry with us until now. Well they should know the other Wook helps DH and Wookie reputation at least to Yi Feng's fans. Btw what so special about our shipper thread, every corner come here. Ok back to Wookie, such generous Wookie.
  2. Now DHshhi, I want to know how far your new boss knew Korean Chanel Ambassador, .... She didn't post the Chanel invitation card in her IG, if not bc of her Xionghonshu account, I wouldn't know either.. And you know my style, if I want to get the answer- is by touching the most sensitive subject to you and your current boyfriend. His name is Lee Dong Wook.
  3. @dolley and @bogs_0712 my trick is working hahaha. Actually I'm just want to see if Chanel connection caused a ruckus on someone heart..I got the answer lol. Thanks for replying my post DHshii. Now I can guess where the Chanel coming from,..they know what inside your heart. I wonder if #nana# says hello to Wookie on the 28th March, yes, as DH new CeO. The IG I thought being kicked out, is alive and kicking behind the scenes with DH. So this is the Chinese connection my Chinese friends informed me before and I put that statement here last month. So now the ball is in DH's hand, either she wants to attend the future Chanel launches event.
  4. @dolley her Xionghonshu collected more than 100000 in less than a month, whereby her IG took nearly 4 years to get that number. Yes, we couldn't compare it with China population, but this is new app, a commercial app. Anyway wish her the best, bc we know there is movement to throw YG artists and connection out from Korean ENT, so her chances in Korea can be considered 0.0001% at the moment. Even Kang Dong Wan, an A lister has to do Vblog bc of drought season for his career. Their TV stations already released a statement, they wouldn't hire any celebrities that will cause public discomfort. Apparently her friend that she or the other admin kicked from IG has been invited to Chanel event on 28th March, the event with JRW and Yoona. Since then she has many Chanel Collection, and has the same BOY CHANEL as DH but pink in color. My theory-she is now a regular guest of such branded events in Korea, so big chances DH could be invited through her, especially Chanel event. Here come the problem bc we know who the Ambassador for that brand. As a result to prevent future meteor collision between two hot temper stars, they removed her, the same fate with Cody. One time could be considered coincidence or whatever, but this is a second time, another friend who happens to be at the same event with Wookie also kicked out. Delulu or what, it's a fact at least on screen story. Personally maybe another bigger issue that impossible for us to know now. She didn't post it in IG about the Chanel 28th March invitation, but she posted it in her Xionghonshu. https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5cbdb649000000000d037ade?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cda18940000000011025ec4&apptime=1558575100
  5. Just want to pump up the volume. Did this account has been kicked out from DH's IG following bc of her work related to Chanel recently. Previously the number of following 31, now 30, after the 'huhahuha' on Chanel collection. Plus DH didn't follow her in Xionghonshu either. Did #Chanelconnection# causes the other admin kicked her out, the same happened to Cody before bc of Gong Yoo, Wookie and Goblin. Or errr money again?
  6. Really fun seeing DH playing with Chanel brand-she must be dreaming to be the female brand ambassador. Well you had L'oreal and Levi before, but they took back the former bc of your associations. But no harm trying. That's how it is supposed to be. I saw one of the girl maybe stylist or PR who followed Wookie to France had the same colour and collection of Boy Chanel handbag which is 100% similar to the one DH show off weeks before. Seems like all Wookie's female buddies are showered with Chanel lately. Seems like the grey color is an exclusive collection. And the Chanel sandal DH wore in the last Xionghonshu video a bit costly for a sandal, knowing how frugal she is.
  7. DH show off her Chanel sandal https://www.xiaohongshu.com/discovery/item/5ce4bcbf000000000d01e0b9?xhsshare=CopyLink&appuid=5cda18940000000011025ec4&apptime=1558512916
  8. DH's biological clock is ticking. Right after HK she was excited talking about marriage, but as last year show Ugly Duckling, she said, marriage is not in her mind or not even thinking of it, even omma not pushing her. Wink Wink.
  9. Even after 13 years, MY Girl is still popular in China. At least among the Gen X.
  10. Just realized Wookie received many watches from Chanel. The one he wore when with Johee and the rose garden is J12 GMT. Different design on the rim and inner circle with J12. Then during launches, he was given J12 to promote with the rest of celebrities that day. Leedongwookstyle's IG really knows the tiny differences and details.
  11. So DHshii and the gang, next time don't ever try to show middle fingers to your own people if they really don't like your actions. I bet whoever in YG right now who still able to work, maybe their connection is too powerful, no one wants to mess with them. They (men and women) are very good in trapping you into their world. If the Korean University students start doing the movement, they better watch out. YG the center of criminal- I don't say this, but the students. https://www.koreaboo.com/news/university-students-winner-protest-yg-artists/ No way I want to give my 1 cent to them, in millions year.
  12. When looking at this pic, automatically I remember HK bed scenes. DH sure so familiar with whatever related to his skin, smell, texture, or scientifically his anatomy. Nearly all his bed scenes in other dramas, he is fully covered. Plus bed scenes in HK was under his direction, the Director said he trusted Wookie in that part, so only DH, Wookie and cameraman in that room.
  13. Looking at the kids, give him strength and courage. Wookieshii, why? No one could gives you that at the moment. Seho was at Johee_nam birthday party, I bet Wookie too.
  14. As I said before.. Yes we know that, why you love being surrounded by the young one-their energy. Energetic is one favorite word for Wookie. Their energy, implies similar description as what he said to DH during his last message to her end of MY Girl and HK drama. Her energy gives him strength. http://digitalchosun.dizzo.com/site/data/html_dir/2019/05/20/2019052080041.html
  15. Team of stylists, photographer, PR, and studio media who followed Wookie to France recently. Lucky team, and one of the stylist also had smilar Boy Chanel handbag as DH.
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