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  1. Wookie with Franic. https://m.weibo.cn/u/1997229187?uid=1997229187&luicode=10000011&lfid=231522type%3D61%26q%3D%23李栋旭%23%26t%3D10 While browsing Weibo. Just random pictures. When both are in their 20s
  2. Look at all the products she advertise in Xiaohongshu, all belongs to Nana/hubby products line. In the latest Korean Tourism videos, the gang was there too, even their cafe in Jeju. So who knows... I'm sure they are eyeing Franic now, because Wookie non stop popularity. If Ok in Tik Tok, why not in Xiaohongshu.
  3. Maybe, but we know, everything under the gang direction. All the contents in her social media including business line Xiaohongshu are under their control. I still remember who the videographer for all videos that using Wookie. After using Wookie for their fun videos, I'm waiting if suddenly Wookie's Franic also appears in DH's Xiaohongshu. We know who the mastermind.
  4. Waaaa, Wookie speaking mandarin..the last mandarin we saw was in his Weibo during Hotel King, and DH was with him during that time. Now I wonder who is his NEW C-teacher.
  5. Franic already advertise mysterious known handsome actor in their Xiaohongshu. Wookie officially entering world of Xiaohongshu or DH's territory and my favorite website at the moment. I'm even have one new couple to ship hehehe, from Tibet.
  6. @bogs_0712 and most ironic I just check comments section and saw one of the Gelato teasing each other in that account. I found it funny, most of his fans pretending not knowing that Cali businessman real occupation. It's just showing how untouchable they are with that open interaction. With that, we knew she has to retire (don't know for how long). On the romantic side, my delusional thinking maybe it's one way to protect Wookie too. I still gives her benefits of the doubt, that she still care about Wookie's career longevity and his safety. Most of Wookie's fans didn't know the rea
  7. Saw Chinese fans talking about Wookie's new endorsement. Of course they can guess the actor easily. Info about the brand. http://www.franic.com.cn/index.php?c=about And now we just wait and see if DH going to react to this, I mean when Wookie entering her market. Will she talk about it in her Xiaohongshu, similar to Hyomin.
  8. Ref to Wookie's user manual, all my friends are curious..why JBA said gives Wookie a chance to be your best friend. Is she helping Wookie to reconcile with someone, or to all the girls he had love before? Or she wants people around her to accept Wookie as he is. It's so obvious, she wants to inform the public they are best friends, or whatever people want to interpret it. As I said reality wise, for women, can Wookie be just be your best friend without harboring any love feeling towards him.. unless if he's not straight. But the 2 sentences "Please don’t be taken abac
  9. Both women literally said the same thing about Wookie. From DH https://www.kdramastars.com/articles/18449/20140328/will-lee-dong-wook-and-lee-da-hae-improve-on-their-my-girl-chemistry-in-hotel-king.htm And now from JBA. https://www.soompi.com/article/1448304wpp/lee-dong-wook-thanks-jo-bo-ah-for-thoughtful-gift-and-warm-message-on-set-of-his-new-film The banner next to the coffee truck also includes a “user manual” about Lee Dong Wook that reads, “Dong Wook oppa might sometimes get irritated, whiny, or say weird things, but it’s all beca
  10. And Wookie indeed a happy man. In just one day, 2 beautiful females celebrities posted messages about him. One through food truck, one through her IG story. Hahaha. And I found this is strange coincidence. One of DH closest friend and JBA's stylist aka closest friend, posted same type of sandwich on the same time/day. And DH is now following Song Kang's stylist in Xiaohongshu. Coincidentally Song Kang is in Wookie's mint team.
  11. I wonder why the food truck didn't hastag Wookie's name for Lee Jin Wook, whereby he hastag Wookie's name for others. But they mentioned it in their blog. https://m.blog.naver.com/gunchimi/222202749843 Or because Wookie doesn't want to stir international fans feeling because for few weeks, Lee Jin Wook name is always attached to DH.
  12. From what I know very rare Wookie mentioned his female costar that knew him so well. The latest is JBA, but before that of course DH. His personal famous message to her. Someone who understand him, even fed him with good foods. But one thing we know DH couldn't stand the way Wookie always rebukes her words or actions. DHshii, just as what JBA said, give him a chance, he can be your close friend again, hahaha. Just joking, because I know it's impossible now. Gelato all the way.
  13. I think why suddenly DC communities shifted their favorable FL with Lee Jin Wook from DH to other actresses, because of on going sensitive issues with Chinese investors. Previously DH's name and Jang Nara are hot topic because both are big names in China. http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2021/01/netflix-invests-770-billion-won-in.html?m=1 Now hot topic are about latest kimchi issue.
  14. At last we can see Wookie's face without mask. Thanks to JBA. So far Song Ji Hyo and JRW who openly showed their deep friendship with Wookie, and now JBA. Wookie is a happy man. He can be your good friend. Reality wise, can a handsome straight man be your good friend? I don't think many women or young girls want to be your close friend only. Hehehe.
  15. Big question..is she allowed to mingle with them again just like before year 2015. Big question to DH.. My meme..."I don't know, have to ask my gang first, especially if they allow me to act with Lee Jin Wook. Oppa Wookie just sent him coffee truck yesterday, so oppa is giving a message maybe.. "are you sure you want to act with him? With my best friend.?" You had done that with Suho before, with another Wookie's best friend.
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