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  1. Wookieshii, I think you managed to make DH wants to work again. You constant hard work, knock her head a bit. Something positive that she can refer to. This week, something to look on. That blue and red dress, is that an indicator. I like it. https://m.post.naver.com/viewer/postView.nhn?volumeNo=19280019&memberNo=40711980&vType=VERTICAL
  2. So far I see the new agency doesn't like that publicity Desperado. In their news site, they didn't publish any headlines news that bear the combined name of Desperado. They publish news that bear DH's name title only. Don't you think that Desperado going to cry and attack the journalist like what he did before? https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?where=m_news&sm=mtb_amr&query=FN엔터테인먼트&sort=1&nso=so:dd,p:all Compare to DH's Naver News site, any articles from minions are proudly display for that Desperado to read. https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?where=m_news&sm=mtb_amr&query=이다해&sort=1&nso=so:dd,p:all
  3. @Lovebeats3 Remember what Wookie said last month, so heartbreaking that he only managed to see someone who used to be so closed to him before only through the screen. Most of us know that both of them are forbidden to see each other openly (literally). Looking at the gangs, he sure knows the consequences.
  4. No wonder DH's eyes lacking glow, souless, even though she always bragging she is in "Haven" day and night. Luckily, old news and video about this guy friendship with that # still available. They are so closed in real. If using our sanity-we know why DH is in Hotel California state of mind. She can check in anytime, but she can't never leave. That place or agency is really a breeding ground for the best sinister in Korea.
  5. @bogs_0712 The funny thing-all the wording use in the news today just recycle, similar to previous news whenever she changed the agency. All just give her empty promise, or the agency always faced difficulty when having negotiation. We know how stubborn DH is. My friends asked me, why DH willing to be used for publicity like that ( based on my claim). I said, if you follow DH from year 2012-2015, it's not just simple who using who. She is very very smart actually, she also received benefits from it, at least in the eyes of Chinese media and Li Yi Feng. Basically, the answer is Li Yi Feng. Whoever knew her story years ago, they would be able to connect the dots. It was so serious at that time, until her own teacher has to step in to help her. Then my Chinese friends, informed me, the new agency has connection with some Chinese agencies that would be able for her to pursue her career again in China. But this time not bc of Yi Feng. Imagine if Lee Dong Wook still in the frame, totally not easy for her to step in China land even before Thaad. There are more than 30 millions fans waiting to cook her alive.
  6. And from 21 articles, why only one or Osen, their Daddy own news portal that quoting his name with the news of changing agency. If people still didn't see it as desperation publicity, I raise my case already. My friend even said, the news yesterday was written by them and sold it to one news portal. Hahaha https://m.search.naver.com/search.naver?where=m_news&sm=mtb_pge&query=이다해&sort=1&photo=0&field=0&pd=0&ds=&de=&mynews=0&office_type=0&office_section_code=0&news_office_checked=&nso=so:dd,p:all&start=16
  7. @dolley Btw They never known as smart marketers, in fact so embarrassing to acknowledge it. If his own fans knew he loves using his ex- for publicity, meaning there are lots we don't know about his past, apart from what exposed in public. What we know is very simple common sense matter, if people willing to use a bit of their brains. For example, why we know about Burning Sun few months before public announcement. Very simple- we know one of their best/close friends so aggressive promoting the clubs, EDM clubs. EDM clubs around the world are known for drug cartel and prostitute "haven". My time spent with Malaysia Police Enforcement due to my job to train them how to use scientific equipment (alcohol) and drug test kits, exposed me more than what I read about this recent scandal. So most likely Donghey also has their own secret, that only both of them knew it. Especially Wookie, who is known, never left his friends behind. He himself said he will always wishing her happy no matter what. Actually, the news yesterday, giving me some insight-they still in contact in secret maybe. Forbidden love doesn't mean forbidden friendship especially in this SNS world.
  8. DH 6th agency (2010-2019) released a news about DH. I thought only Wookie's eyes lack of soul sometime, DH too. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=011&aid=0003539779 From 2010-2019. -Jtune -DBM -Forestar -FNC -JS Picture 6th-FN Entertainment 7th- on waiting list soon. I didn't include her 1st agency, Kstar justice for them, bc DH loves changing agencies faster than changing underwear. As that # fans said- that # loves using woman for publicity, so far only one news portal OSEN quoted his name together with this news. OSEN is their super Daddy minion.
  9. I bet DH read the comments herself nowadays. During IRIS 2 interview, she said her family read the comments for her. She posted Grim Reaper outfit, to show she is angry and don't mess up with her. Well DHshii, why it is easy to read you, you did to Wookie during Iron Man/Blade Man press conference before. You posted a pic dress up in Iron men attire from head to toe, during Wookie press conference. Well at least she wants to read the comments, bc we know some of the pictures in her IG are posted by some one else. DH classic crytip message, she posted it when Wookie had Blade/Iron Man press conference interview on Entertainment Weekly.
  10. Look at a comment from his fan. If he can used his first gf for publicity, how about the 2nd one..I really enjoys the comments section esp if his own fans spilled the bean. No wonder last year, DH said- no intention of getting married yet..something about TRUST is not there. ---- Yeah On strong heart in 2012, se7en revealed they were already broken apart when he left to the US in 2008. But at the same time ppl found out, so they pretended to stay together for publicity purposes. they eventually got back together and then broke up and then back again. Reply
  11. Hahaha, give them a chance lo. It's April already, both have no job at the moment, so no public interview, plus time to submit quarterly report to fans. They are doing it since 4 years ago. Didn't they always eat near Wookie and Suzy restro also. Wink wink. No pictures as well. But to me, maybe they are angry with my continuous post on Donghey especially on Wookie's hand inside that blanket. I remember they went amok in this thread, in Wookie's thread when we mentioned "chicken" during Goblin. Chicken is so sensitive lately because one branch already bankrupt.
  12. @dolley Welcome back from land of many dream, doing their palli palli, and don't care about the consequences. DH changing agency-the only celebrity that I know changing to 5 agencies in 9 years-Jtune, DBM, Forestar, FNC, JS Picture. What a record. Hehehe. We know who controlling her right. Back to Donghey Throwback-Article appeared in DC but deleted. Title: 차모만 따로 땠는데 이러면 혼날려나...?They said "Chamo is the truth" ---> 차모는 진리입니다 ----- So intimates skin ship for weekend drama. Adlibs and bed scene is directed by Wookie himself. Bc of the red script book could be seen clearly behind the cushion- the pic is a bonus from production team, making Donghey real past relationship indisputably true. Or .....? Non stop rumors. source: http://www.tvreport.co.kr/cindex.php?c=news&m=newsview&idx=530836 이다해·이동욱 – 풋풋→농익, 같은 커플? 이동욱, 이다해 커플은 MBC 주말드라마 ‘호텔킹’(극본 조은정, 연출 최병길)을 통해 9년 만에 재회했다. 이들은 전작 ‘마이걸’에서 보여준 남다른 케미로 인해 열애설까지 불거진 사이. 두 사람은 옛 명성(?)을 실망시키지 않았다. 실제 커플이라고 해도 놀라지 않을 정도로 좋은 하모니를 형성하고 있다. 두 사람은 20대에 출연한 ‘마이걸’에서 풋풋한 커플을 연기하며 스타덤에 올랐다. 반면 ‘호텔킹’에서는 성숙한 분위기를 지닌 농익은 연인이다. 연출진 교체 등 잦은 논란으로 부진에 시달린 '호텔킹'에서 유일한 관람포인트는 이동욱, 이다해 커플의 케미라고 해도 과언이 아니다. 10년 우정 때문인지 애정신이 자연스럽다. 열애설이 불거진 이유를 알 수 있을 정도로 환상의 궁합이 Translation : LDW/LDH: Young->Mature, the same couple? LDW-LDH couple in MBC weekend drama "Hotel King" (written by Jo Eun Jung, produced by Choi, Byung - Gil) reunited after 9 years. Previously in "My Girl" drama, the extraordinary chemistry causing relationship rumor to surface. The two old fame (?) You did not disappoint. It will not be surprising that the actual couple has formed a good harmony. The two met in their 20's in "My Girl", starring as a young couple and went on to stardom. While in "Hotel King", they blossomed into matured lovers. Having suffered from production dispute and controversy, the only point in watching will be LDW/LDH couple. Maybe because of the 10 years of friendship, thats why love is natural. Relationship rumor has surfaced again to understand why their chemistry is so fantastic.
  13. I think YG really educates their men well enough on prostitution. How to play with that game, bc millions esp those women, still believe in them. There are no prostitutes in this world, just women want to give that.... Few years ago, their ex-singer, so desperate to get a massage at 2am till 4am, and claimed that massage parlor is not his real destination. The funny thing, even the dogs know what kind of place is that-so busy with men from midnight till morning. But there are women still believe a man who loves that kind of place is a man sent from heaven to her. Then this story- I still enjoy reading how they humiliating women everywhere. Still thinking people who followed Korean Entertainment, have empty brain. Sent prostitutes to an island, fully paid, and expect them to just sell ice-cream there. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/04/women-claim-sexual-activity-that-occurred-at-seungris-2017-birthday-party-was-in-no-way-related-to-prostitution Then I wonder how YG educates the women under their label on this issue. Be careful oppas over there, we know not all are saint, but at least don't treat people who followed Korean Entertainment only love Korean romantic comedy drama. The drama that sell-All men and women in the drama even at 40s are still virgin. Men without girlfriend can celibate for more than a month or a year.
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