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  1. I don't know about the other ship, but I do know DH and LMH are neighbors, and close to each other, based on LMH interaction with DH's doggo. Now KGE is with Wookie again, and for sure still best friend with LMH. What a coincidence.. LMH and Wookie=have history.. LMH with DH's doggo few months ago.
  2. My cable channel OH!K is showing Miss Ripley.. episode 11 already. DH last drama with strong character..and Daesang award for that. I was so into DH and Kim Seung Woo chemistry and acting performances esp in EP 9 and 10. Based on true story.. https://www.google.com/amp/m.koreaherald.com/amp/view.php%3fud=20110517000758 While the backdrop was switched from art to hotels, the plot bears striking similarities to Shin, with heroine Jang Mi-ri (Lee Dae-hey of “The Slave Hunters”) lying about where she graduated from and manipulating two powerful men to
  3. Even the mayor of Gangwon wants him to be his future son in law. I love the teasing from JTBC team. Most eligible bachelor in Korea. The same teasing from Wookie's team in his IG, few days after DH and her gang trying to play a wedding game in Douyin in February this year. Until now, the Chinese media still milking the gang "tantrum".
  4. Under the sea.. Wookie for new variety show, DH from old CF. In the big water tank.
  5. Favorite subjects recently, beaches, friends connection and swing chair. DH in 2011 and now 2021. Wookie with his favorite singer on the beach. Surrounded by best friends too. And swing chair.
  6. Last night got strong feeling on Hotel King..and today.. congratulations to Vixx N for being able to act with Wookie again. Throwback- apart from hand under the blanket, another Donghey X file, still no answer, why DH and Wookie wore the wedding dress on May 2014 at MBC studio, whereby the actual wedding was on 24th July 2014 (cr. Wookie's Weibo). Why they wore that wedding dress on the day they met VIXX. Very casual simple wedding dress actually.
  7. Hotel King and The Sea I Desire seems like having a connection in photography. So obvious. And Wookie narrated this scene. And Wookie continuing promoting Donghae City. -during Hotel King 2014 -19th April 2019 And now June 2021
  8. The sunset, the ocean and the bridge. HK Input on 12th June 2014.
  9. Those who watched DH own funding Variety show in 2017, know how clean freak she is. Not even one follicle is allowed on the floor of her house. Throwback Wookie interview with fans-Japan FM 2015 At that time DH and Wookie still in good term, that's why he didn't mind incorporated Hotel King scenes with his fans. Totally opposite after Goblin period..no more Hotel King meme with fans. No pictures of Wookie piggyback the grandma? Wookie was considered very hyperactive kid when he was young.. that's why until now he couldn't stay longer without doing nothing. He
  10. DH's neighbor or YG clan is under attack. The gym though. DH really has an eye for big biceps. The gym at La Folium aka DH's private gym.
  11. Hopefully not going to affect Wookie JTBC new show.. because it's related to JTBC 2nd largest shareholder.. Exclusive] Who ..... ex-chaebol boyfriend Won-jin Vice Chairman?... JTBC's 2nd largest shareholder Enter 2021.06.09. 2:09 PM Modified 2021.06.09. 2:38 PM Correspondent Kim Soon-shinReporter Woobin ..... I always have a soft spot for Wookie's long hair. Long front hair- similar vibe during Hotel King script reading.
  12. When Wookie said "the sea I desire".. immediately I remember DH's name in Chinese. Lee Da Hae Chinese name literally means "many sea and ocean." Even wedding in Hotel King, the background is the sea/Ocean. In an old interview, Wookie mentioned, sea view is one of his favorite. Wookieshii- Love the hair though.
  13. I'm sure there will be more DH and Wookie's news because of Chinese My Girl remake. This time, because of Chinese Yuan and DH is OK already with anything related to My Girl. When Thailand did the remake few years ago, only Wookie advertised it through video messages. DH still in her terrible angry mode at that time, so no one contacted her about Thailand remake. None of Wookie's new fans talked about Thailand remake at that time either...same angry mode with DH, maybe.. And due to sudden exposure of many things lately.. especially the Nancy Lang kind of sto
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