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  1. DH best friend in Los Angeles still putting his IG in private.. cannot view the latest Gelato..kind of miss it already hehehe. I wonder if the private thingy after seeing my posts..? Another account in private..maybe bombarded with questions.. who is that guy? I remember I still can view her account this evening, now cannot..then who are you "been_s"? Playing hide and seek, similar to our Mr Gelato.
  2. And from IG story of his beautiful make up artist. She loves posting about Wookie on reel and we love it. Wookie so skinny again, or camera angle.
  3. @dolley she still not posting the entertainment activities with the CEOs in her IG.. Masternim direction of course. The number of likes in Xiaohongshu is telling how her Cfans perceive the activities.
  4. Interesting story..adding with connection with the clan. https://www.koreaboo.com/stories/meet-madame-shim-woman-controlling-koreas-entertainment-journalism-politics-industry/ ------ Glad that Wookie is getting more serious with his career..like don't mess up with me.. but still "some' still trying to steal his popularity. And I know some of celebrities who take a break too.. https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/10-kpop-idols-decided-take-break-activities-focus-mental-health/
  5. Loh..just thinking about DH and her Masternim effort to secure the spot, Hyolie thinking about to withdraw from the show.. Not good for DH bc she received the same treatment due to her China vacay posted on January/February this year..and she deleted the post.. ironically she then performed Corona dance at California few days after that. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/07/lee-hyori-tears-up-talking-about-karaoke-controversy-involving-girls-generations-yoona DHshii just focus on being an actress if there are still PD interested in your gang.
  6. Happy Birthday to Gong Yoo oppa, Wookie best best friend. Keep up the positive attitude towards each other. Off topic- but related, Just curious who are the supplier in their place..in Los Angeles we knew it already bc they themselves show it. Just need 3 clicks only. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/07/ministry-of-justice-makes-official-statement-on-han-seo-hee-testing-positive-for-illegal-drugs
  7. I checked the location.. only DH interested to post that Cha Jae Wan's swing chair. She went to the same place last year..but no post about that chair. Masternin and the gang kind of game? https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/1869199786636127/ Must be very slow day for them to use CJW's famous swing chair for Amone in Hotel King. Why she need to remember the adlib kiss on that swing chair..
  8. Last year, the gelato gang with the help of videographer failed in using Wookie for small buzz. Now they trying again. Whose idea asking her to post that swing..must be from 3 of the GELATO gang. They must got new flavors from new flowers-most likely.
  9. @dolley I don't know DH that tall.. hahaha As always love looking at younger Wookie especially with long hair like that. And from his fan club.
  10. Curious to know if DH able to get a spot in Rain, Yoo and Hyolie dance show. We saw DH practiced hard on her dance lately..then the bar dining with her past project no face CEO. Mr Yoo is still in FNC, both CEOs are close friends..and now DH's another CEO also follow Rain and Hyolie recently. What a coincidence right. So many DH close friends interested in Rain and Hyolie lately...why now.
  11. A coffee bay for women. Wookie is really a magnet there. From Naver -google translations
  12. For about a week someone suddenly posting something almost everyday in all of her Socmedia. Not complaining but curious why and who are the mood booster or an inspiration, or a way to make another buzz of someone who just finished one project recently. In other words, the other admin wants a spotlight through few account including a cute doggie. Or no face no value CEO asked her to be more active in Socmedia if she wants to make a comeback.
  13. Boa..Please invite Wookie to the show and sing a duet City of Star again. We love it bc Wookie such a good singer in a song like that. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2020/07/boa-sung-si-kyung-to-guest-on-knowing-brothers