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  1. Waaaa I love this scene-everyone is so talented in acting. And Wookie, the satisfaction on your face like a wolf looking at delicious beautiful lamb.
  2. @cha20 one thing so obvious, DH wants a partner or pet that can be with her 24 hours a day, don't have to work hard, drink a lot, just have fun all year long, and have generous moving ATMs. Generally, not many men want to be in that level, moreover man like Wookie who loves working and loves his fans.
  3. Some celebrities know how to be professional off screen, even though they had SUPER AMAZING CHEMISTRY on screen. Re-watched some of my fav couples on screen- Kajol vs SRK, Joe Cheng vs Ariel, Joe Cheng vs DH, but why Donghey decided to be an enemy after their deep relationship. Why couldn't they just be best friends. Why it has to be stopped at April /May2015. (Trying not to think outside of the box on their real personal issues). Kajol even said, her husband not sooo into SRK, but she doesn't care, friendship matters most to her. And I just read, some male celebrities are afraid of getting married bc of..well we know. I think they are afraid of being forever a PET to their wifey.
  4. @cha20 we never know, maybe Wookie has a chance to shoot something with Canadian background in the future. @dolley yes I hope they really invite Wookie to Manila, it brings back all good memories during his first visit promoting Arang and My Girl.
  5. Wookieshii, do you want a maid.. hehehe, many willing to clean your house, do a laundry, ..well behave maid for sure.. I'm not sure if he still lives at Viva Vivaldi. Few years ago, people used to see him in red sport car around that area. https://www.esquirekorea.co.kr/article/42239 He said for 6 years he lives alone, nobody to do the house cleaning, don't want to live in dirty house, so he needs to clean it 2 or 3 x a week. And he doesn't want to dwell something about his past, he admitted something unpleasant memories, but decided to move on.
  6. @dolley hahaha, yes I know, but it is so obvious their affection to DH and Wookie is at another level.
  7. Eternal love or love that never dies. Park Bom should be thankful to her clan and best friend for able to snatch DH from Wookie. No more Lee Da Hae as an obstacle, she can pursue Wookie peacefully now.
  8. @dolley I still remember Mr Kim once a while posting DH picture with him and called her his BFF (the best one)- the purpose is to give us awareness sexual activities of one couple. Fast forward, he was so proud introducing himself as Co-Ceo of YGX. Then JhLow comes into picture, he suddenly disappeared. I miss him though. He cannot run away from me too long bc I'm Malaysian who knows so well about JhLow case, and I did mention about 1MDB in this thread last year, before the Burning Sun scandal. Actually I always wonder, how come he became rich all of sudden based on his luxurious lifestyle he posted in his IG before he deleted all of them one by one. And I'm not surprised if people around him are on drugs too, based on their fake happiness they love show off on their socmedia. Yes, he managed Ikon and Winner during his Co-Ceo post.
  9. Another comment I just read in netizenbuzz about BJ works. I also wonder why they need to show their bikini in Vlog.. To me just stick to sell cosmetic and honeymoon destination. #Does she really think she'd be proud to show her future partner and children videos of herself reacting to men donating money while dressed like this?#
  10. @dolley yes I know, to some marriage is for low class thinking, SX toy is for higher class society. No wonder they are collapsing so fast in every department. They are mocking God. When your "DADDY" and best friend "Mr KIMMY" are the best PIMP in Korea and protected so well by the best THUG.
  11. @dolley free cookies and Japanese moving ATMs are the best for some hooman. Symbiotic relationship at its finest.
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