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  1. Maybe it'll be like you said, I hope so because I love the type of story when the FL and the ML work together solving cases and they end up falling in love with each other. I think it would be nice to see something like that.
  2. Jun Ji Hyun is my favorite korean actress and I still get shocked with how stunning she is, she looks like she hasn't aged a single year lol So this is a mystery drama, It's gonna be interesting seeing her acting in this kind of genre, I'm excited to watch it.
  3. Here's the last episode of Lee Rang's spin off subbed in english. I absolutely LOVE these two together, I really wish we could have seen more of daddy Rang with Soo Oh.
  4. I already suspected that Rang was going to end up sacrificing himself for his brother but it still hurts anyway. It was so sad because he had recovered his will to live by having friends and a family... I cried a lot watching the scene of Rang's video message for Yeon, that was heartbreaking. Kim Bum did such a great job in this drama, he played Rang in such a charismatic way, portraying Rang's feelings so deeply, I was so touched everytime he showed his teary eyes in scene. His performnce was the best thing of this drama for me along with Bo Ah's performance which was very impres
  5. Here's the second episode of Lee Rang's spin off with english subs
  6. Well... I remember that My Secret Terius was described as a romcom before it was released. But it turned out that the final result didn't quite fit in that category. I mean, there's romance in the drama but it's VERY implicit and unobtrusive, you'll understand the reason while watching it. But is still such a great drama!! There's a lot of humor, action, mystery and other things, you can have an idea by watching the clip of the main ost that I posted here yesterday: The writing is great! I only have good memories of this drama, it warms my heart everytime I remember
  7. So... the writer really decided to do ANOTHER bad move in the last episode, honestly I.... sigh I think that the whole cast of this drama deserved a much better storyline, it was such a waste of potential and chemistry between Go Ara and Lee Jae Wook.... let's just hope that they will work together again in the future. About the drama in general: I'll give a grade of 6/10 (being VERY generous... lol) I still recommend Terius Behind Me/My Secret Terius for those who look for a comfort drama. The writing is SO MUCH BETTER, I promise you!!! The writer really d
  8. Talking about the writer, I'd like to take the chance to recommend you guys to watch Terius Behind Me/My Secret Terius. It is from the same writer of DDSSLLS but I find the writing of this one so much better, I honestly don't remember feeling disappointed with the storyline here. It's funny, light, there's action and a bit of romance (I wish it could have had a lot more tho). It's seriously one of my comfort dramas, I'm even thinking about watching it again because I have great memories of it. Here's a clip of the main ost (which is one of my favorite dramas osts ever)
  9. Ok, I'm completely TERRIFIED with the preview of the next episode. I refuse to believe that the writer will end their story tragically. If it happens to be true, this drama will be blacklisted for me just like @partyon I've had enough of this mess, I'm done lol
  10. I'm gonna be honest with you guys... I was completely in love with this drama in the firsts episodes but now I feel like the writing quality is falling apart more and more. It all started for me when Jun was revealed to be a minor, I know most of people didn't really care about that but I did. Call me old-fashioned and stuff but I find a romance between an adult and a minor very disturbing. I didn't care about the age gap but the adult-minor thing is what I find problematic. Anyway, we passed that, and it looks like Jun is considered an adult now because now he can drive. Okay, bu
  11. I completely agree with you. I used to not care about him at all at the beginning of the drama but when they showed us his sad backstory I couldn't help but feel sorry and empathy for him. I confess that I also find it weird when I see people that don't feel the same about him after seeing everything he's been through the years, but well... each person has a perspective, you can't please everyone lol I think that Kim Bum's portrayal of Lee Rang is SO well done, specially when it comes to emotional scenes. As I said here before, you can deeply feel his pain, sadness, rage and everything in betw
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