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  1. I'm very excited for this drama because of the plot, because of Ki Yong (finished watching Kill It, I cant wait to see him acting in a lighter way) and Lim Soo Jung (I really liked her in Chicago Typewriter). It looks like it's going to be a great drama!
  2. At least they had so much fun working together
  3. I'm heartbroken... ... that's it. I knew it would be tragic and painful but not that much. I agree that it was too brutal, he didn't deserve that. Thank you so much for this alternative ending, I will pretend that it was what actually happend. lol This is the second drama that the OCN makes me cry like a baby in the last episode. I'm getting traumatized...
  4. Ok, the plot has so many holes, I'm trying not to get mad about them. Episode 10 made me realise how much DHJ and KSH relationship is tragic. Is getting TOO PAINFUL to watch!! Seriously, they cleary like each other but their interaction doesn't evolve to something more concrete. And that just breaks my heart. The ending is near, I don't know what to expect. I'm trying to prepare for the worst. It's gonna be way too painful to watch, oh my God!
  5. They have so much fun, I wish I knew what they're saying...
  6. THE ENDING OF EPISODE 6, OH MY GOOOOOOD I almost had a heart attack from anxiety lol I wonder what DHJ will do about KSH now that she practically knows about his true identity. I think next week is going to be on fire, I'm not ready!
  7. It's what it looks like. I always wondered if that picture of her was his reward or his next target. Most of people understood that she was his next target but I always distrusted that it was actually a reward from his past.
  8. Some people are saying that OCN doesn't develop romance in their dramas, I watched OCN's Black and there was romance between the main pair with two little kisses as far as I remember. Obviously it wasn't the main point of the drama but the romance development was cleary there.
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