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Just finished ep 6 and I am so conflicted. I'm going to put everything in the spoilers for key events that happened from ep 6 since ep 5 was mostly centered around JA and LY's growing relationship (wh

LY isnt in love with JA, yet.  He just wants her to have a happy life, and he will do everything so that can happen.   I like JAs loyalty and care for Yeon, whether she is in love or no

Popping by to share some of my theories ! It’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted on here !    Anyways I’m too lazy to retype all of my theories on here, but for anyone curious you can check t

14 hours ago, coffeeboy said:


  1. The twist in "Tale of the nine tailed" is that Ah-Eum doesn't want to save her parents. She actually wants to kill her father to save her people.

@coffeeboy glad you enjoyed the post ! I think Ah Eum did want to save her parents. Maybe what she meant was that she was trying to kill the Imoogi who was pretending to be her father. For all we know, the Imoogi could have been holding her father hostage somewhere. I would have to go back and watch that scene again, but I think Lee Yeon said something along the lines that the Imoogi was pretending to be her father and didnt imply that her father was possessed. 


12 hours ago, coffeeboy said:

The drama seem to have mixed the princess Bari and Imoogi legends. The King Immogi need Ji-Ah to get access to his powers and the immogi needs a virgin sacrifice to transform in a dragon. 

@coffeeboyThe Imoogi does not need a virgin sacrifice to transform into a dragon. What it needs is a "yeouiju". See link here. I do agree with you that he probably does need that piece of himself in Ji Ah to become whole again. However, I still think ultimately he is after that fox bead to become a full dragon. 



13 hours ago, grapefruit7 said:

great post from @SweetButters

i love reading your theories/conclusions! i did learn something regarding korean folklore/myths :)

@grapefruit7 thanks ! I hoped you enjoyed it ! I made some more posts in that blog about what I think is the Imoogi's bigger plan is. Long story short, I feel like he's trying to take over the world by getting all of the gems of the mountain spirits and by raising a huge army of zombies to do so lol! Its probably a crazy theory, but it could happen! I may reformulate some of those theories after eps 7-8 airs though!





^According to this info posted by TvN. Ji Ah was able to get into Lee Yeon's apartment because he isn't smart with technology so he set his key passcode as 0000 :joy:!!


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3 hours ago, Jillia said:

What I liked the most was when Ji Ah cooked for Lee Yeon and as we know he is very picky when it comes to Korean food. But he enjoyed Ji Ah's food right away. 


IKR!!! i guess its the power of ❤️

i even compare his reaction/feedback to the restaurant owner after he eat there coz she always ask LY on how’s the food..


1st scene, he was eating with the vet

2nd scene, he was eating with JA


LY feedback to the owner about the food was more positive on the 2nd scene than the 1st scene IMO. Or probably its because he was not the one who paid for it lol



@SweetButters — it seems the viewers are curious on how JA able to access LY’s apartment haha so TvN had to post & explain it! 

Edited by Jillia
Please do not quote Images, thanks!
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First Impressions of Ep 7 W/O Subs


-Lee Yeon looked hot af when he got mad at Taluipa for being aware about the Imoogi. Im glad Talupia's husband interrupted their fight. 








-Loved the bedroom scene. All I could think of was well those two need to get started on having little baby half foxes. Also I got such Twilight vibes from the bedroom scene lol!






-Laughed so hard at Lee Yeon's cooking skills from burning stuff to adding too much salt lol. Shin Ju to the rescue! TOTNT's kitchen scene reminded me of the sweet kitchen scene in IOTNBO! I loved it !!! And there was Lee Yeon with stuff sticking in his hair and apron lol !!








-Baby Eun Seop/Jo Yeong returns!! It was so touching to see Lee Rang realizing that Baby ES/JY was his old puppy and took him out to get ice cream!




-Lee Rang really had it rough growing up. His human mother left him and then returned as a zombie...like WHAT?! Im really glad we are beginning to see some of Lee Rang's background story. For the longest time, I had been curious about the Lee Brother's parents. So it turned out the Lee Rang's mom was human.









-Poor Shin Ju. For a hot minute there, I thought Lee Rang was going to kill him !! Also, how adorable was Shin Ju when he was dressed up as the maid ?! I loved how after he was injured, he made Lee Yeon feed him water and order fried chicken lol!









-The Imoogi is so creepy. I mean he was banging that poor dead nanny's arm on the wall!!

From the preview, you can hear him say, "You will become my bride". So @coffeeboyit would seem that I was be wrong about the Imoogi wanting the fox bead and you were right ! I guess the King must've have sacrificed Ah Eum to be the Imoogi's bride and so thats why now he's after Ji Ah now. 









-Ending scene was so heartbreaking :bawling: ! As I predicted Ji Ah had misunderstood Lee Yeon. She thought he killed her for whatever reason instead of thinking it was actually her who asked Lee Yeon to kill her because she was being possessed by the Imoogi.








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2 hours ago, samzz said:

The same question.




Sorry if this is posted before.


That's the handsome Lee TaeRi who played JinMinChe in "Extraordinary You"

r0x27c.jpg f37ae8f29a521e5ebe8f7dfa4b825294.jpg



The gods put the trick on Lee Rang's fate. He finds out that his puppy friend reincarnated into human, which he despises the most. 


About the dog with three legs that Lee Rang and YuRi saved in episode 5 and now vet ShinGoo is taking care of her.

There's a possibility that this dog might be important in the future episodes.


There's a Korean folktale/ legend "Samjokgu”. The tale is about a three-legged dog which possesses divine/supernatural powers to defeat evil. The dog might help them in the future in defeating their enemies especially the Imoogi.



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I marathoned the first 6 episodes finally and loved it. 

Grateful that Soompi forums are here to learn of the Bari fairy tale back stories, goodies, videos and clips.


Looking forward to tonight's episode when i leave work.

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Could anyone explain to me why Lee Yeon can't be reborn? Taluipa's husband had said the following things:






This left me really confused in a sense. Is Lee Yeon's Mountain God status the reason why he can't be reborn or is because suicide is seen as such a taboo that it guarantees no reincarnation ? Maybe Lee Yeon's original plan was for the Imoogi to go into him and then he was going to commit suicide. However, since that meant he couldn't be reborn, Ah Eum thought it would've been better for her to die because she at least could be reborn. But then I go back and think, why couldn't the Imoogi go into Lee Yeon and then Ah Eum kill Lee Yeon/Imoogi? Then again Ah Eum being just an ordinary human couldn't stand a chance against Lee Yeon/Imoogi :confounded:


^Just brainstorming a bit haha! If anyone can explain this to me that would be greatly appreciated! :blush:

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3 minutes ago, Jillia said:


I think you're correct about your musings about the suicide. I think if Lee Yeon would commit suicide he wouldn't be able to reborn. :( At least that's what I've been thinking about as well.

@Jillia So Lee Yeon’s mountain God status has nothing to do with why he can’t be reborn right ? This show I swear has got me making so many theories !! I’ll probably make a longer post on my Tumblr tomorrow with new theories and post them on here too !! 

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36 minutes ago, Jillia said:

I really have no idea. I also still have to rewatch the episode... so let me see if I come back with other thoughts on this. :D Also, we shouldn't forget he gave up his status as mountain god. So that could play a role as well.

@Jillia Thanks !!! True!! At the same time, he gave up his Mountain God status so that Ah Eum could be reincarnated so like now that she has, does that mean he can be a mountain god again  :joy:? Also I noticed he no longer has to work all those assassin jobs ever since he found out Ji Ah is Ah reincarnated lol! Guess that contract is now officially up ! Yay !

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At this point, Lee Rang can practically do no wrong in my eyes. I mean okay, yes, he can, but this guy has been through such severe trauma and it just gets worse and worse with each flashback. To summarize what we know so far: his mother hated and neglected him and abandoned him to die. He was taken in by his big brother, who then also left him for reasons unknown. His home was burned down with the apparent goal of killing foxes, and though he survived, the mountain was destroyed and he had to strangle his beloved puppy to put it out of its suffering. All of this when he was only a young child. The next time he saw the big brother he loved so much, years later, it was as an executioner. As he lay dying, TV president guy saved him and now Rang is in debt to him. And none of that has ever been addressed or dealt with! Not exactly a lot of therapy options for mystical fox spirits. My jaw dropped when Lee Yeon said he regretted saving Rang, my heart broke when the villagers and his mother were hurling abuse at him, and then I smiled ear-to-ear when they started fighting back to back. I NEED them to make up and Rang to be okay. 

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