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  1. Bangs made me bored, like every hero and heroine in K and C dramas have infamous bangs.Please asian drama Lords change the style now high time. For me its GJP's noodle hair ---It is a feat to carry that one and I loved that hair on him from get go, suited his character. HJJ Curly hair from LOTBS- Well, it was Sexy and had a copperish brown tone. I like LMH as an ACTOR with half bangs and half forehead look ( @Leeminhosny Signature)
  2. EPISODE 5 Review... The story keeps on getting better, This show's treatment reminds me of the K dramas we are used to watch but with better instrumental background music. I guess this show is a Love triangle based on the Book Cover they showed here? I like the confrontation story part here and have given up on the fact that YS will not stop being overly possessive yet act like a moron in front of JJ, I mean does he even try to clear the misunderstanding? He still acts like the 16 yr old who got rejected and unintentionally ended up sabotaging her performance and their friendship. The guy needs to grow up Period. But he is on the improvement path hopefully. Also what was with the Lint on the YS's tweed Overcoat today very disturbing throughout the episode. Aishh.
  3. Hhahaa My Fav is Maze as well and I am a Cancer Sign too! Talk about the coincidences.(I knew LMH and KWB and WDH are all cacerians, conicidentlt there are few of my favorites as well Lol, LMH being the sole one who made me switch from US shows to K dramas that is a feat in itself.) I am single But marrying a Taurian??My BFF is a taurian and she is a bull head tbh, they are difficult to budge and cancerians are at time hard to budge as well. Not a good go, for me Lol. The highlighted parts are true mostly!.
  4. EPISODE 4 Review. YS when stops being a Tsuendere or Stalker refusing physical boundary with JJ is actually more interesting TBH, His confused Pseudo BF tendencies and naughtiness is a pleasure to watch. But his cunning strategies and chess playing seem like a Heavy ode for the Role he is most known for, but that is partly because he does not distinguish between his demeanors. I wish Luo Yunxi tries a full on comedy role for his next, that is one he does very less but is best at. I don't agree with some stating Bailu being portrayed as a weak FL uptil episode 4 atleast, She is a Rookie and one cannot expect her to straight forward Know-it-all in Investment Field like YS's character, on the other hand I think her reaction to YS is what makes her come across pretty ok with whatever he treats her like with instant defensive dialogs making her look more teen than adamant at places. Also she is so darn Pretty why has she been donned in Uber Loose Large size clothes? The MLs have much more fitted clothes than she does in the show. No fair.
  5. Haha I refuse to answer this question, LMH better come up with an Interview or Magazine Spread to answer it himself Lol, talk about retribution. Otherwise I agree with JoannaID's reasonings.
  6. I agree, He basically Instigates her to BE angry and Fight back not cry like a Normal girl due to her allergy but it goes OTT most of the time which comes out unpleasant.
  7. haha You caught me good! Lol, One LMH is permanent in my signature, Rest keeps on revolving. I agree as well, He can date anybody for all I care, I need to see him onscreen. Because I don't ship with him with anyone. Lol.
  8. Haha...I am the same, Besides LMH in a romcom the K drama Romcoms post 2017 seem all the same barring one show. I now rarely watch K dramas, the ones I do are Mystery (Flower of Evil) or The older ones I missed which has my fav actors in it.
  9. Lol Isn't he now a Good Friend of Supposed Current Rumored GF? And costar to Best Friend.
  10. I am waiting for VIP tag to be removed, anyone have idea does Iqiyi retain the VIP membership or ever makes it free.? Episode 1-2 Review **Spoilers Ahead*** This show feels like a C drama version of Mills and Boon meets K drama Secretary Kim. This should have a happy ending. **Actors Review** I like LuoYunxi as an actor, so for me it was to see how good can he portray a character in a Modern Drama. Honestly speaking he did not blow my mind off as expected but did a Good Job. He has had the best chemistry with Bailu with all the leads he has worked with IMO. He shines in the naughty and surprised comic parts. But he has to improve on Tsundere parts, this is the part where he falls flat or looks too similar to his other roles. His look and wardrobe suits him and I love him in that look. First time seeing Bailu, she is pretty and is good overall, but I feel when she needed to make an impact where she was cursing YS on boat, she fell flat, the scene was not powerful enough. Decent acting but she does fall flat on a lot of areas. I hope as story progresses I can see the difference. The concept is not new, and maybe I can do with less Investment talks, but I will continue with the show as it is overall a good watch , just hoping to get the english subs free somewhere.
  11. Yayaa Thanks @CarolynH , I believe doing very Selective projects is a part of His Charm. He doesn't overdo it. I am willing to wait (just greedy over a MAGAZINE COVER OR INTERVIEW) to watch him work in a masterpiece or good project.
  12. I am so darn waiting for this one. Mainly because I want to see Luo Yunxi in a Modern Drama WITHOUT White Heaven Clothes, I mean it did become tiring to see him donn the Costume in 4 shows B2B. Hopefully it is subbed earlyon.It goes ON AIR Iqiyi tomorrow Yay!!
  13. Haha...I think Amongst Korean Actors LMH may be the most popular there...Amongst all C/K actors...there are younger actors topping all popularity contest charts even overtaking ones who actually deserve that. Hallyu ban led LMH to loose out a chunk of popularity for LOTBS as well(The rarings I still cry), TKEM just made it on top of its cherry.I thought after TKEM Chinese Soundtrack release maybe it will be officially released or so but Alas.Wishful thinking.It would have been a Good press for thar very reason , because TKEM would have been a Hit there considering his popularity.
  14. On that Note We have Blurry LMH recording something with TKEM MAZE Soundtrack....Mhmmm.... @Nikaa94 LMH should be Coming soon...
  15. I am this close to calling him Blurry LMH instead of Hottie LMH because of these blurred pics. Legit.
  16. I know LMH can't swim but Why is everyone asked this Question? Even Kim WOO Bin was asked about this question a few years back. (I loved the way he called him Hyun )...Alas Nevermind.
  17. His Second last IG updates. The one with Blue Shirt and A flower. Curious Q can your FAN level on Soompi decrease? Somehow mine went from 20-3 to 20, not that I know what it means. I am so against a TKEM S2 or any S2 in general unless its Grey's Anatomy, I mean a Original season has to have a cliffhanger for it to continue to have any S2. And TKEM had the biggest wrapped up in a bow with a homage to old age ML indicating a Solid end. I get why everyone needs a News from LMH, I somehow am used to not getting any at a stretch it doesn't seem weird. Patience bears Fruits. Till then its fun to LOLing at his very irritating random blurry pics and Con us going to a Mall on Holiday pics. But I do agree He should have atleast done a MAGAZINE Interview that I find odd.
  18. Hahah, I never focused on them either, It was He who mentioned that he keeps smothering his Sideburns and keeps on looking at the Mirror in one of the BTS. I now KNOW Why Lol. 1.c. Be Quiet! , although HJJ said to make SC jealous as a retribution that It mentioned How handsome he is Lol. 2. HJJ wanted to know more about KDR, SC just tagged along with him because well it was her habit. 3. a. Romantic Hot and Dirty Love, the best definition one can give. Kudos to our Homeless Diva. 4. KDR painting was found with a message "Everything will repeat itself, SAVE that girl from the man" or something along those lines. 5. 27 yrs.
  19. 84 Years?....Did I just sleep and woke up almost a Century Later???And still no update from LMH over an average of 3 years 18 times passed already??? Wut??
  20. Only he can get off being called Handsome with Crunched Mask over Nose trying to sip his Drink....Bah....
  21. Yes Please, Binged watched LOTBS multiple times. I feel that is his most underrated work in a lot of terms. BTW LMH updated his IG. His sideburns distract a lot here Lol.
  22. Waiting for Queen Ji-Hyun to be back. I am glad to find this thread, maybe never got the right one because of Jun/Jeon confusion.
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