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  1. I think she is resting her chin on kjk's shoulder. The kiss is too much for everyone. Impossible in front of so many people
  2. Oh my god, this episode was a very different scene. i hope Subtitles come immediately. I wonder what they said. The reactions are also very interesting. I'm talking about Somin and JK scene returning from the date.
  3. Hi, it's been a long time since i got to write here. I think this episode was very good. We had sweet KookMin moments. I think the SA part is a script. Jk was always looking at cameras and PDs. Since the two people are a team, they(pds) used the couble role. This is so normal in this variety shows. Somin and Jk moments were not scripts at all, they was very natural. Why do you think they chose Somin in the penalty division? I think it was like a request for forgiveness. You also noticed that Somin was pretty quiet in the SA scene in the last game, right? Neither of them can hide their fe
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