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  1. Hello, welcome to kookmin clan. I am glad, you didnt think bad for Somin. I think, nobody who knows her can not hate her. I heard Vietname fan meeting. Yes i am concerned for Somin. But i tought; SBS team, pds, vietname organization will security of they. And i think this security if not good, they didnt will be fan meeting in Vietname. In addition, dont thinking the bad things. Bad thinks will be bad things. I beliave a superstition. So always positive good thinking, I believe in. The best, good thinks will be a good things. In the meantime, let's not write any accusations. Because it doesn't matter who they are. Bad people are bad. It's wrong to blame a good person for bad person loving good person. (Sorry was a little simple explanation.) So let's not blame them by typing the names of other fan groups. And sorry for my bad english @_@
  2. You're awesome. We want more more more gifs. Thanks for your labor
  3. I love you guys. Every time i enter this page, you are really make me happy with your comments. The fox scene caught my attention, but I didn't tell you, for not to exaggerate. It's great you noticed. I'm not lonely crazy. OMG the lyrics are legendary
  4. How did you see that omg ? You and super eyes of you. Shipper's eyes are awesome hahaha
  5. Not crab, it is lobster hehehe Namjaaaa
  6. Moments that catch my attention from this episode. * JK oppa handing his bag to Somin on the snake stage. * He caught to crab, and first showing to Somin. * And the peanut collection scene I'm expecting subtitles for. I wonder what he said about Somin.
  7. Let's not forget to hug before the concert. Even though we're not sure, the part he's pointing to is very nice too.
  8. As I understand it, he asked her to sing to pay for the photos she took
  9. Somin unnie liked Jihyo picture in runningman_turkiye page. I'm a fan of Somin from Türkiye. I am so happy and i was proud hehe. And I love their friendship. I hope they will had a section where two of them were spy. In the meantime, what Somin unni hand had in that farm photo caught my attention. It looks like a hat or a bag and it's black. I dream naughty thinks
  10. I dream of them. While husbands make a football match, the wifes hang out together huhuhu
  11. @RealRocknRolla I don't understand what your purpose is. This is a ship page and we don't talk about bullying or any other ship. Why do you open issues that we do not want to talk stubbornly. Let's capture happy, funny, lovely moments and be happy. This is not the hate vomiting or resentment place.
  12. I will die of happiness. They are very awesome, beautiful, lovely and everthing. Ahh they look very good and i am crying of happiness You are well done
  13. This situation caught my attention too I wonder why pd's choose these scenes
  14. Jong Kook oppa is really so amazing. His voice is so beautiful. He make me speechless. I love Kjk versions of this song. The choice of songs somehow came very meaningful. Read the lyrics of the song once. Meaning very beautiful. Thanks KJK for everything.
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