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  1. Also, quickly on this last episode this was also suspicious to me and someone posted it on IG. I could not let go of what HH and YSC did immediately after she mentioned this they both immediately look at JK. I have the screen shots in the spoilers. HH's face looked shocked and he will always give away his thoughts lol.
  2. Hi Everyone! I have been silently reading and enjoying your analysis of Kookmin, but I have missed commenting. There have been some moments over the last couple of months that have made me . JSM has never been this . . . I don't know the right words . . . skinship with JK but that almost sounds naughty (ok I am stop there because I know I am ridiculous). Really her moments with him have been sweet reassuring touches. I am going back and using some videos and gifs from @MandelBrot to show what I mean. Sidenote - I am not sure where this forum would be without all the wor
  3. Hi Everyone! My favorite kookmin moments subbed. You know why YJS, HaHa, and YSC all looked awkward in the opening scene conversation between KJK and JSM because they were watching a couple argue lol, and YJS used his hand to signal to get KJK to move on. However, it was really JSJ that saved the day and diverted the conversation to SJH. This little argument (don't even like using that word because it did not really mean anything to either KJK or JSM) was over quickly and she was eating his chips (cue kookmin eating off each others plate video montage) and sitting next to him.
  4. @Tiger_loves_Froggie Oh yes he was teasing him . He even said he was watching Brave Girls on RM before he came over. Honestly, Sunday got my Kookmin Delulu mind going in overdrive. CTH also teased him in the same way that SM teased him about his body. Specifically, teasing him how women might not like his bulky body, and that was the reason that he can't get a girlfriend. I wonder if CTH also watched that RM episode where JK got annoyed at SM because she said some women don't like a lot of muscles? You could tell that JK was having a hard time not getting upset at CTH. We w
  5. JSM was on point in this episode! Everything that she did had me laughing hilariously or giving me the Kookmin feels (I want her to get a TV drama so bad). KJK is never subtle about how he feels about JSM. His complements just keeping coming . . . except when he gets flustered in this episode. I really liked the last scene because JSM was intentionally trying to get only KJK's attention with her dance (not even paying attention to the camera). The way that she focused her gaze on him. She wanted to see what effect her dance would have on him, and the boy was flustered (so much that he wan
  6. All of the gifs show they are physically close whenever they get the chance (Thank you @MandelBrot you always make my Sundays wonderful). I want you to know that I only have time to screen shot my favorite scene today (sorry). It was worth it because Kookmin looked so calm/comfortable sitting next to each other as others get hit with flour in the face . Thats what made it more interesting, because I got to understand why JK's voice sounded stern/firm at one point.
  7. JK and SM like Waffles! Not a comment on their dating status. JK just likes to bring up waffles (even on different shows). Apparently the way that he likes to eat his waffle has changed since eating them with JSM. Guess he buys them more often. Before Episode 364 and 513 Now Last week on Crazy Recipe Adventure - While eating french toast he brings up waffles.
  8. For us delusional people, once again KJK compliments only JSM. Does anyone know the exact number of times he has complimented her, been kind just to her, side conversations just the two of them, drawn attention to her (even on other shows), helped/protected her, or mentioned her book/work over the last year? I have lost track. I know there are some people with wonderful IG accounts that keep track, and I have been enjoying the recaps of their interactions. The reason I am wondering is because sometimes it helps other people understand why we are on this ship (maybe they don't have the tim
  9. LKS had me laughing so much!! So before I talk Koomin below please enjoy the facial expressions. lmao I would never curse him!! My thoughts on this game and kookmin. I have taken time to collect my thoughts. So in this situation, I decided to focus where I think the cast is talking genuinely and watching the body language and facial expressions. It is more telling than the words (oh those actions always being so louder than words haha).
  10. So here is the scene that everyone has been talking about with the as much of the dialogue that I could get screen shots of in short amount of time. I will give my comment later, but I wanted to get these up asap. This way people can interpret for themselves. I will make a separate post with my thoughts. After the game is over the real opinions come out!
  11. Well the Kookmin moments were brief but so wonderful. Intro - JSM was pretty "cheesy" to some, but just pretty to others . . . lookin at you KJK. There were some really funny moments this week with other members, but I don't have time this week to included and talk about them (and we are all here for Kookmin anyway ). Games and Kookmin
  12. @kyoko22 You are so right about this interaction! KJK with his head down reading looks really defeated. So, I will revise my earlier statement about KJK not getting angry with JSM. It does happen. However, I will say that he doesn't do it as much, and when JK does get upset he seems to take it harder when SM gets angry or sad in return. Even when they fight they give off couple vibes (argue, ignore each other, sulk/pout, and eventually forgive and move on). I know that is has happened in other places. This was also the episode where she looked genuinely upset that he lied to her about be
  13. @Tiger_loves_Froggie I am so glad that you enjoyed the show! I think it is hilarious and when KJK said that he would be grateful for any food his wife makes all I could think of was the food in JSM's IG haha (I'm such a shipper). It also reminded me how he is telling people who ask all that he would do for his wife and children. Ex: KJK said he would help his wife by building an at home gym so that he can take care of the kids if she needs time to herself or go out (aww ... that is soooo sweet). He has now realized that the gym and being with family don't have be separated. I am so happy fo
  14. So here are the subs and my thoughts. Intro Rules (I just give sub slides with rules and no commentary on kookmin) First Game I have more screen shots and thoughts from the bus and the end of the game, but I have to go to sleep. So, I will try to post more tomorrow, or if someone else wants to post about the rest of the episode you should! I support anyone in the effort "Fighting" (until tomorrow my friends)!
  15. First, you all know I think they are dating, and I am not trying to convince anyone (just admitting my bias). That being said, KJK on other shows, (Sidenote: you should also watch his new food show it is hilarious and he discusses his future wife for the last two weeks and wanting children) and on RM, KJK makes it obvious that he is seeing someone (he is so different in a great way and for all of the reason that we have mentioned in detail in this forum). JSM recently may have left some clues on IG about her status. I was happy that other people are wondering too (and not just me
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