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  1. Yeah, I thought it was weird that we had not seen him in is apartment for a long time and he wasn't on as regularly. I have only been watching for about a year. When I first started really watching the show he never really left the apartment (except work and the gym) and he seemed to be on every episode (I only really watch for KJK). I took that as what was normal for the show. So, I was a little worried/wondering if it meant that he was leaving the show/phasing him out. Other people here who have watched MUD for longer could probably tell me how other people have left the show in the past
  2. Here are some sub spoilers of Kookmin, JSM, and the anti-LL Chanmin (Yup, I know this could get me in trouble with other ships, but JSM and YSC are really trying to make it clear that they and others don't see them that way). Also, sidenote/observation but has anyone else noticed that when KJK is on MUD he is never at his apartment anymore (now wait the next episode will have him there ). Update: I was right and it did happen in this weeks episode. LMAO
  3. Here are this week's episode sub screen shot. I will say that I had mixed feelings about the episode (not about kookmin) but they way JSM was treated.
  4. @kyoko22 I so totally agree with your analysis. The fact is that JSM might have said that LJH was her ideal type two years ago, but by the way she acted in today's episode, I do not think that is the case now. Before they played the love quiz game when asked who they would want "ideally" on their team, LJH rejected JSM for JH on his team (this made KJK LMAO). This rejection did not actually determine teams. They had to pick a spoon with people's names (it just so happened that JSM did not end up on LJH's team). What I found funny are two things, one is that as we have all noti
  5. So, I have so many thoughts after the last couple of days (on the good and the bad). I will try not to bring back up too much stuff that other people have covered. First, the bad, because I like to get that out of the way. What is happening to JSM with the haters is horrible/crap (fill in other angry thoughts towards haters)!! There is so much wrong with this world. I will never understand people that want to contribute more negativity, but in situations like these, it does make me really appreciate the people who want to make it better. The out pouring of support from Bli
  6. All I can say, is the fact KJK is mentioned in connection (potential partner) with JSM remotely seriously on any public tv show is something new. On MUD, she doesn’t exist unless KJK calls or mentions her, and only YSJ “jokingly” mentioned them as a potential couple almost a year ago or less. I wonder if other people (Korean citizens) are noticing the Kookmin moments more and this is why it is mentioned, or if something else is responsible? I haven’t seen the episode, but he could be joking like YJS, but it doesn’t sound like it. Again, I am pleasantly surprised they are linked together, bu
  7. Thanks and that is so nice to hear!!! @Benji D I am always happy that I have place to share my thoughts and read others. This forum always has really good stuff to say! Kookmin Clan Fighting!!
  8. So this was the most interesting scene for me (cat ear "truth" game). Kookmin might not have played against each other but interesting stuff was said. Spoilers with subs below. This also includes my analysis of the scene above. Thank you @MandelBrot your gifs are so wonderful!!!
  9. So, this spoiler is just my thoughts on the episode (sorry no images this week). You should all watch it and laugh!! However, I put my thoughts into the spoiler because I mention some scenes in detail and I don't want to ruin it for anyone.
  10. There are some cute moments this week, but my single favorite kookmin moments are in the spoiler below. Also, JSM is hilarious! I don't want to disappoint anyone, but I can't go through the entire episode this week.
  11. Once again . . . sub spoilers. I won't be able to do this every weekend, but I just had to share (so enjoy the Kookmin moments). Besides, these sub spoilers are never as good as watching the episode. I was laughing my off. This is from the intro. Warning these are all long spoilers except the last one with random moments because there was so much to capture (this made wish I knew how to make the images smaller). This is the transition from the intro and guests arrival. This is from the controversial topics game (first question). Thi
  12. There are images from this week's episode with eng subs. I put it under spoiler in case some people don't want to know till they watch the episode. However, JK does say some interesting stuff This is from the intro This is from the before the question game. This is during the question game. The responses by JSM and KJK are interesting (can be interpreted a lot of ways but I always see through a kookmin lens). So the final bit of the questions portion that are relevant are from JSM questions. You will see images on IG but the faces say a lot.
  13. So this last episode was filmed on the 7th of July and this is what JSM said to KJK June 27th . . .10 days earlier someone (cough cough JSM) likes a certain insta story video post (some on this forum have pointed out in 2 mins or less). What can I say . . . maybe she forgot . . . Someone pointed this out on insta and I just started to laugh and smile. So I hope it makes you all .
  14. Disclaimer: This is a really really long post and could be a spoiler if you haven’t watched the episode subbed (so I have put it as a spoiler ). I just needed a place to get out all of my thoughts, which I agree with @kyoko22 and @HappyVirusRM about their thoughts on this episode. If you read it all, then you deserve a cookie (sorry I don't have any haha).
  15. I know most of us are fans of her kookmin videos (honestly I watch all the kookmin videos too much . . . so much lost time). Anyway, something to help you get through until tomorrow ( it was a rough week . . . I say we all deserve it). Thank you F. for the magic you create and put out on youtube.
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