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  1. so it seems tiny oppa is in action mode to deal with the unnecessary hate accounts. So grateful!
  2. Whilst i have not personally come across those anti-fan pages, but for those said anti pages to have been taken notice of by Tiny oppa suggests that this probably isn't just one or even a hundred immature and delusional people barking non-stop. And it scares me to just think of the consequences for somin if she encounters such hate in reality when she goes there. But avoiding to go there would in retrospect mean that those haters gets what they want. I am just at loss of words in coming to terms with how useless i feel as a fan of hers to be able to do nothing in helping her. And with Tiny oppa sharing his strong stance against those people make me feel a little relieved. But, it is more saddening and disheartening for somin and probably now kjk oppa due to their equations and we can only but pray and hope that they don't get affected! #Helpless
  3. Exactly..!! These two..omg.. adorbs..
  4. This joy is too much to take in!!!! They make me sooo happpy..
  5. All of the observations you guys made are out- of- the world kind of adorable. And the first thing I noticed from the episode is when they all came to start the fake mission, somin comes running to sechan in a playful mode and sechan says to kjk oppa: ‘Hyung, Anyang must really suit somin since she is in a good condition’ to which kjk oppa agreed. And Sukjin also says, yes Anyang suits her. And then when kjk oppa tells the members, somin stepped on poop, they go on to say how hard it is to step on poops these days and so somin will be really lucky in Anyang. When somin said, I will be unlucky, kjk oppa says, no u will be really lucky. Now y did I stress on these conversations? Mainly because I feel like members were saying those stuff in double meaning as to use Anyang as somewhat synonymous to kjk oppa or it being his place and therefore she is happy and will be lucky!! Omg...
  6. From the beginning to now.. our kookmin’s journey so beautifully put in a song..
  7. The way oppa helped somin’s team in the race was weirdly touching.. it was so subtle but I felt it so strongly..
  8. Can’t help but think of kookmin lol with the wedding bells. But, When members were talking about somin’s lyrics, the others had a kind of cautious-type laugh when oppa made a remark about how good somin has written her lyrics. Jaesuk and kwangsoo were eyeing at each other I thought...
  9. Our kookie oppa has come a long way lol.. that was really cute wat u said. Look forward to reading more of ur thoughts
  10. So something caught my attention from the latest ep of Mother’s diary: ugly duckling: Could be completely unrelated. But kjk oppa’s segment showed the MV making of Bbajji-go song by Tur-V(Turbo+UV) and when oppa had to go underwater to sing a certain portion of the song, the lyrics goes: ”I will confess my feelings to you Today” ”You don’t need to answer as I don’t care” ”Please understand how I feel and just stand by me” Thats the part oppa sings. And my delulu mind thinks, is it an answer to somin’s song? Lol i wonder when they shot that segment of MUD? Cause if it’s somewhere after the fan meeting, it might really be something lol...
  11. I agree somin looked a bit more sullen with lower energy. But she might be tired we never know. In the hindsight, when somin said her ideal type is a peanut, oppa was like ‘I think it will change’.. and then the talks about her becoming more charming with time came...
  12. Ahhhhhh.. really? Omg can’t wait...!!!!!
  13. Do you know what he said? Thank u..
  14. Did Somin just say cute to Oppa? And what did oppa reply? can someone translate please?
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