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  1. True that! Been squinting my eyes to see the words on her top. But that’s interesting!!!
  2. Ok. Now that I am watching the whole ep. Previously it could be me jumping the gun too quick with the scenario I mentioned. But hey ho :)
  3. Just the fact that jsm or kookmin thought she would be the bff of kjk oppa spoke volumes to me lol...it was before the guests were introduced. They were also surprised (could be for the show) when realised there is a guest coming as his BFF and it’s not jsm lol..
  4. It’s a show and no action of any of the cast will make such a huge impact as to make others feel unfair/ruin the show consciously. They know how, what and when to do things to collectively ensure keeping the show as a priority and we ought to know as well. In fact, instead of ruining the show, for a lot of us, we look forward to the show more because of the banters kjk oppa shares with somin.
  5. Kjk oppa subtly defending somin’s stance when her friend was talking about the date incidents during college days is quite cute to me! Whilst he did not come too strong on refuting her thoughts, he sort of went around saying, maybe somin felt a certain way or it could have appeared so and so to somin. That was cute!!!
  6. Janghoon seems the most opposed for somin and Choi jungwon pairing when jungwon himself asked: how are we together? And for some reason, although it could be an overstretch, why do I feel like, her casting on such shows have a weird correlation with those people already being close to kjk oppa(in this case, janghoon n kjk oppa r really close acquaintances). Again, that could be just me. Somin’s denial for kjk oppa got me a lil flustered, but, somehow made me think that they(janghoon and kjk friends) know something about kjk oppa’s inclination/equation with somin, even if it’s one-way or two-wa
  7. This ep had major role reversal between kjk and somin in their kookmin dynamic. For some reason, either due to his tight schedule or something else, kjk oppa seem tired and withdrawn in this ep. And somin directly addressing kjk oppa impromptu several times to get his reactions were really cute!!!!! For instance, when they were preparing to move indoors, somin puts her hands on his shoulder saying: oppa you can’t stay still ok? This must be her prompting him to be active when impressing both the girls later. Her gesture appeared very subtle and natural yet intimate with her speech
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