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[Drama 2019] Doctor Yo-Han/Doctor John, 의사 요한


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42 minutes ago, milkokoa said:

Looks like written preview of episode 15 already out. I saw some translations.. 



Ep 15 Title: "The feelings of the person who is leaving"


YH was terribly shocked by Gi Seok's death. His life as a doctor and his love for SY have become unthinkable matters and he decides to leave Hanse Medical Centre after wrapping up the surgical procedure for Son Seok Ki. The pain centre team members' feelings of misery grow, and SY tries to persuade YH to tell her honestly about his feelings towards her but ...



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 Preview text ep 15

떠나는 사람의 마음

기석의 죽음에 큰 충격을 받은 요한. 의사로서의 삶도 시영과의 사랑도 엄두 내지 못하고 손석기의 시술을 끝으로 한세병원을 떠날 결심을 한다. 통증팀원들의 안타까운 마음들은 더해가고, 시영은 자신에 대한 마음을 솔직히 말하라며 요한을 설득하려 하는데...
CYH  was in shock from the kid death 
 He want to leave the hospital  after treatment and live only as a doctor  and want to stop being with sy 
The pain team want to help sy to make CYH  realize and face his feeling  and ve honest with her 
Me : okay  you was planning  to run away before  the kid death , so your pain and shock from his death not the really  reason it just give you a justify reason to run now , I understand  why sy would  be so sad and angry from him in video preview, 
I like how the team will help her, the girl need help 
There limit to how much she can handle and be the biggest heart and the understand side in this relationship 
I understand  that the kid death make CYH  fear bigger and his thinking  that leaving sy is best but he has to be honest and face his feeling, sy need or to slapped him back to his mind or just make him taste the pain of being the one that left behind 
CYH  need some help facing his fear and his lost confidence when it come to his personal life I think the last two episodes  will be about it , I hope they do it properly too they just left his fear out all the past episodes and make all that sweet  moments than blow it like this so I hope that dealing with it properly. 
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Thanks for the translation, I guess Giseok death is like the end of his hope, if he can save gi seok, a CIPA patient he probably thinks he can have a bit of tiny hope for himself too other than him promising to Giseok. 


More angsty coming 

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This is actually a nice reminder, just like the writer said, YH once prevent SY from running away from her past, now its her time to do the same for YH.

Agreed with @milkokoa, I can sympathized with him wanting to run away after the shock he get from KiSeok's death. Its like seeing the mirror future of himself. Hope that SY will find a right word to persuade him into staying. They will doing better together than dealing with their own pain separately.  

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Dear all,


If u wish for a 2nd season, please vote here:



You just need to click on "의사요한 시즌2에 대한 찬성" and " 멤버 그대로" button.

The button means that you agreed to have a 2nd season with the same casts.

Next click the green button at the bottom of the page. 



The korean fans have started a petition and it already gathered 1.289 vote










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Its coming, the final week. Ive said it before, this is like the first drama in a long time, that keep me hooked till the end. Now i need to let it go :bawling:

From the last filming photo, i think they really going with the time lapse. 

Bring it on, ill take whatever offered as long as i got my dose of YH and SY




The lyrics i think is representing YH's heart.


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3 Questions Left To Be Answered In “Doctor John” Finale

Sep 6, 2019
by C. Hong



SBS’s “Doctor John” has just two episodes left in its run!

“Doctor John” stars Ji Sung, Lee Se Young, Lee Kyu Hyung, Hwang Hee, Jung Min Ah, Kim Hye Eun, Shin Dong Mi, and more in a story about anesthesiologists who try to find the causes behind their patients’ mysterious chronic pain.


In last week’s broadcast, viewers were shocked to see the death of Lee Gi Suk (Yoon Chan Young), who suffers from congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) like Cha Yo Han (Ji Sung). Cha Yo Han had moved him to a gurney to bring him to the operating room when Lee Gi Suk’s condition suddenly grew worse, prompting Cha Yo Han to desperately attempt CPR. In the end, Lee Gi Suk did not regain consciousness and eventually his mother asked Cha Yo Han to stop attempts at resuscitation.


more https://www.soompi.com/article/1350657wpp/3-questions-left-to-be-answered-in-doctor-john-finale

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Episode 15 begins.


(Edited for correctness of info)

It begins with the scene from last week where CYH tries to resuscitate GS who flatlines. KSY says to let him rest in peace. CYH looks at the monitors in disbelief and tears appear. He then touches GS, I think it's the one time that he loses his calm composure. HJ and KSY's sister break the news to GS's mum, who is in tears. I think they offers her their assistance . CYH sits in the OT, looking desponded. KSY approaches him and asks if his hand is ok. She reaches out to check but he pulls his hand away. I think he tells her to stop being his guardian as he won't know when he will leave her (?) She tries to tell him that he is not GS. He is emotional and tries to tell her that he is a ticking time-bomb that doesn't know when it will explode. It's a highly charged scene, he even imitates the sound of a bomb going off and asks her "what can you do if you are holding a time bomb? What do you want me to do?" She challenges him about his outlook, she says "You never said that to patients, and even if there is no tomorrow, you said you won't speed up death. So why won't you allow yourself any hope or dreams?" She then tells him to live for today, even if there is no tomorrow. To which he replies that it's how he has lived his life so far but he can't do that anymore since she is in his life now. He is fearful that tomorrow won't come, and that stops him from living in the present. So he says he won't do that anymore, he will go back to being his reckless self, eventhough KSY gave him the ability to dream which made him happy. He then walks out on her. KSY is devastated and she breaks out in tears.


He has a flashback of her confession to him about liking him and all those times that they had together, including times when he cheered her up as well as times when she protected him.


(edited for completeness of info)

The public is informed about the passing of the ex-Health Minister and that he as well as two other patients were euthanised with an illegal drug. The prosecutor provides a press conference about their investigation into this drug, and their request to interpol to arrest the 2 men who have fled the country, to assist with the investigation. KSY's mum and the hospital director are talking about this news that the company Zinmu Rijund may have been involved. This matter is discussed by the Director and KSY's mum, that the hospital's legal department (Lawyer Han) was investigated. KSY's mum says she believes the plan was to try to get euthanasia legalised in Korea. The director asks her if she didn't know anything about it; she retorts that she won't have remained silent had she known. The director says that CYH probably had nothing to do with this, right? KSY's mum suggests that he ask CYH directly if he is really that curious about it. After all, he is not planning on remaining in the hospital, anyway.


The prosecutor is leaving the press conference and grimacing in pain. The nurse calls him to say she was shocked with the news and to empathise with him that it must have been tough for him. He informs her that it wasn't that bad as he had an informant, and the nurse guesses correctly that it was CYH. She asks him how CYH reacted to the disclosure of his condition and the prosecutor says CYH is not bothered by it. 


KSY is ruminating about the incident where CYH told her to 'back off?' She walks past him and he looks at her but she doesn't spot him. They are having a team meeting. CYH apologises (probably for the scene with GS) and thanks the team for their hard work. The team know he is leaving and ask him if he has been scouted to go to another hospital. He denies it, but evades the question of where he is headed to and why he is leaving. He offers no answers. He tells HJ to take over his work and says he will clear everythin up in a few days.


The prosecutor is driving and he gets a heart attack, probably a side effect of the drug. He nearly drives onto on coming traffic and tries to call for help but he can't manage to do so. The driver in the car behind calls 911 for him. In the ambulance, I think he asks the paramedic to send him to CYH's hospital. CYH runs over to see him and asks how he is feeling. He tells CYH about the pains he is experiencing and CYH tells the prosecutor that he will find a way to address his condition.





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Omona .... He drove a knife right into her heart >< (figuratively)

She asked him what dreams did he start dreaming and what was he happy about because of her.

That he must answer her this before he leaves.

He told her to get her head straight and that he no longer wants to be involved with her so don't wait for an answer.

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For the time being, CYH's thoughts are now diverted to solving the prosecutor's medical condition. He is back to his analytical self. The prosecutor asks him if he is curious why he asked for CYH and CYH says it's because he is tenacious and he agrees, that he needs CYH's tenacity right now, for his medical condition. The whole team is discussion about his case. It looks like KSY wants to say something to CYH but she holds back, collects her stuff and leaves the meeting room. CYH looks at her leaving but does not say anything. It seems that his books are tied up, he is packed up to leave.


(edited for completeness of info)

He leaves the hospital and KSY is waiting for him outside the hospital. I think she asks him if he has taken up the research position at Clevlend where he will carry out research on using genes from CIPA patients to suppress the pain felt by patients - he concurs. She says she knew as a scholar and as someone with that condition, he would want to participate in such a research. She asks him, "What about me? My life changed eversince I met you. Has it not changed for you? You said that I made you dream and allowed you to feel happiness. What did you dream and why did you feel happy?" She tells him to go but she wants an answer to the question she posed. He tells her to come to her senses, snap out of it and face reality. He doesn't want to talk to her about these things anymore and tells her not to wait for an answer. He then abruptly walks off. She just stands there and doesn't say anything.  Next we see CYH is his lab, taking blood samples. All of a sudden he holds the temples on his forehead (looks like a combination of physical and emotional pain).


Cut to the hospital again. CYH is undertaking a procedure to implant a chemotherapy pump - I think it means that this way the drug will be infused into the pump directly into his body. This is to curb the side effect of taking oral medication which is causing him to suffer heart attack like symptoms.


CYH passes by the nurse in the hospital. He walks by her and then turns back to talk to her. The nurse is expressing her frustration at him for remaining calm despite her throwing her rage at him for helping the criminal die in peace. There is a flashback of the scene where he knocks the document that the nurse had in hand. It was the document that she forced the criminal to sign, to take part in some drug trial. It is obvious that he knew she forced/ falsified the signature and I think she asks him why he pretended not to know - there was no way the patient/criminal could have signed it in his condition. In fact, during his trial in court, he claimed that he had no knowledge about the patient consenting to take part in the trial, only after his death did he know (which was perjury actually as he had seen the form). CYH gives a very empathetic explanation to the nurse - he know he caused her pain with his actions, by giving the criminal a way out through death. He knows she must have have wanted to pour her grief and anger out and he was willing to accept it all, with his incarceration.  She looks remorseful. She then goes to see the prosecutor and cries by his bedside. Neither of them are well of, in their pursuit for revenge and justice, both have suffered emotionally and physically.


KSY's mum gets a phone call. The doctor attending to KSY's dad/ her hubby says that brain wave activity can no longer be detected on the father - he is nearing brain death. Both girls get a phone call at the same time to go to their dad's bedside. KSY's sister is scared to go but KSY holds her hand and they run hand-in-hand to see the father. I think the family make a call to let the father go peacefully without being hooked up to machines anymore (this decision is backed by the ethics committee). KSY says she found an organ donor card in her father's wallet and the mother says they made it together. KSY's sister agrees to it too, that the father donate what organs he can, given his condition. The family and some doctors send the father off to the OT (to harvest organs for donation), he is taken off the ventilator and allowed to leave peacefully there. The girls say their good-byes to him, it's a heart-wrenching scene. KSY's mum places her ring on his pinkie finger. The OT team recite a prayer for him, thanking him for donating his organs.


Next, the family are at the wake. KSY looks out hopefully for CYH but he does not appear (eventhough HJ informed him about the father's condition). The family cremate him and place him near a tree. Instead, we see CYH visiting his own father at the columbarium.


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(edited for correctness of info)

HJ announces to the other 2 doctors that the girls have taken one week off. They ask him why CYH has not turned up at all. He then informs the other doctors that CYH is leaving for US today. We see CYH looking at KSY's number but he does not make the call. He has packed up his furniture too - the house looks empty. CYH is taking a cab to the airport. KSY's sister goes to look for her, she wants to move back in with the sister. KSY higs the sister and says "Of course, Welcome back." KSY's sister apologies to her (probably for her behaviour previously). They both apologise to each other.


HJ calls KSY's sister and asks her out for a meal. She says she is at her KSY's place. She asks KSY to go together to eat but she refuses. The sister tries to ask KSY a question but changes her mind. HJ tries to feed the sister - he says you feel weak after a funeral. But the sister says she is more worried about KSY. She knows that CYH is leaving today and asks if that's it to HJ? She is upset, it feels like KSY is losing both her dad and CYH - her comments are expressed so loudly in the restaurant that HJ looks all around him in concern.  I think she asks HJ if he has already left or why he is avoiding her? HJ says he is leaving because it's too much for KSY to handle; to which the sister says, 'leaving like that, without a word, without seeing my sister?' HJ looks exasperated, he tells her, "You are so frustrating". She isn't done yet - she asks him, "Are you taking sides now?" "Do you know something you aren't telling me?" HJ downs a cup of water and she screams at him. (

It looks like HJ knows something but he doesn't want to divulge anything to KSY's sister, but I think he does after that). Next we see the sister waking KSY up. She tells her that CYH is at the airport; she says that KSY will regret it if she deosn't go to see him off. There is a reason she has to go (KSY tells the sister the reason, which we find out shortly).


We see CYH walking into the airport. HJ is driving KSY to the airport and he apologises for not telling her that CYH was in the OT by the father's side all along, administering the ambu bag by hand (the plastic bag like thingie which dispenses air). He was with the father till the end (but CYH made him promise not to tell). KSY runs around the airport trying to locate CYH (it's frustrating to watch as they narrowly miss each other). She calls him but he hesitates at picking up the call - his heart waivers and it fights with his head; she sees him hesitating. He still doesn't pick up the call but KSY approaches him and wishes him happiness. (for complete translation of their conversation, pls look for fruitkatsu's post on page 36).


He confesses that he didn't give her an answer before because he has feelings for her AND he's leaving so why bother confessing. But she says a love confession can be said anytime, more so when tomorrow may not come. AHHHHHH he kisses her (very passionately). He says it...AHHHHH he tells her that he loves her and she says me too. He stoops in to kiss her again - omo, I am in 7th heaven!!!!


I think he still goes to US. And everyday he sends her his stats, like BP, etc. She checks her email everyday and records his stats in her notebook everyday.

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He did it!!


The airport kiss scene!!


This means that for the last episode everything is gonna be swellllll :D


My only peeve is that she still calls him "Professor" when they are lovers now.

And his name is still saved as Professor Cha Yo Han with the addition of an American flag.

Seriously?? *rolls eyes*

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(edited for completeness of info)

The director is excited about moving to the chairman's room and his lackey congratulates him on becoming the Chairman instead of just an "acting chairman" - its just the formalities they have to get over. He questions his lackey if there are any candidates but the answer is that no buying of votes seem to be taking place so it looks like appointment is a firm one. KSY's aunt urges the mum to run for the Chairman position at the hospital - the other board members are concerned that the director will not do a good job. But the mum looks hesitant.


KSY rushes excitedly into her room and checks her email for her daily dose of CYH, or rather an update on CYH's stats. The other doctors tease her about how earnestly she is checking in on him. Her face changes, there is no email. She looks extremely worried and calls him but he does not pick up the call. KSY's sister says to wait for a while. It's quite funny - she still calls him "professor" in her text to him. She asks him why he has not written an email to her. Then the show ends there.



There is none :crazy:



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