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  1. Awww our couple wear (almost) matching outfit SeYoung looks just like her character here, cute and energetic Wish they could keep in contact with each other, having some reunion now and then. Maton Matong Fighting !!!
  2. That cartoon really represent what we wanted to see in their future relationship Hope thats if theres really a season 2 (maybe in a year or two), we get to see many of that scenes.
  3. Doctor John OSTs & Instrumental: https://youtu.be/ELVw2eNE2jw Credit :JULY EGG Tracklist: 1. Way Back 2. Look At 3. Star 4. Pain or Death 5. Just Go 6. Way Back (Acoustic Ver.) 7. Reason 8. Golden Hour 9. Run 10. Life Cycle 11. Actually 12. Into The Room 13. Morning Star 14. Fatal 15. Coming Home (Guitar Roman) 16. Pulse 17. Pure Death 18. Serene Death 19. Day Off 20. Memories 21. Mad Cello 22. Creeping Monster 23. Jest 24. Decision 25, Pain or Death( Guitar Sad) 26. Obsession 27. Remembrance 28. Coming Home 29. Missing 30. An Unpleasant Memory 31. Swear
  4. OMOO!! The Making video is more intimate than the actual episode The cast and crew, seem like they were really like a family. Having fun filming. No wonder they create such a magical chemistry. Also love how JS and SY hugged each other at the end of their filming, i think he said something like " Thank You, You worked well, lets keep seeing each other in along time" AWWWWWW
  5. Remembering the Kiss Already missing our Matong team esp our couple T_T
  6. I would rather SY go with " Gyusunim, Im married now and expecting our first child" I would love to see that BOMB blowed up in his face
  7. Hi everyone, i havent really watch the final episode yet, but like most of us here, me too wasnt quite satisfied with the ending. Glad it is a happy ending, but the execution on YH-SY relationship wasnt what i expected. The 3 years waiting. Thats such a cruel thing he did to SY. I felt her when she burst out crying saying that she will never be the 1st to YH . Despite that, again, she is the one taking the first step to reunite themselves. Thanks God, he is the one taking the lips action. Ahh and i would like to address at how fluent Lee SeYoung was when she talk to the foreigner doctor. Rarely i heard other person in other dramas speak as good as her
  8. Its coming, the final week. Ive said it before, this is like the first drama in a long time, that keep me hooked till the end. Now i need to let it go From the last filming photo, i think they really going with the time lapse. Bring it on, ill take whatever offered as long as i got my dose of YH and SY New OST The lyrics i think is representing YH's heart.
  9. Dear all, If u wish for a 2nd season, please vote here: http://naver.me/xwC93ZrO You just need to click on "의사요한 시즌2에 대한 찬성" and " 멤버 그대로" button. The button means that you agreed to have a 2nd season with the same casts. Next click the green button at the bottom of the page. Done. The korean fans have started a petition and it already gathered 1.289 vote https://form.office.naver.com/form/summaryView.cmd?formkey=ZmY2OGVhNTYtMGNmNC00OWIxLWI1Y2EtZjU5MzkyY2YwNjU5
  10. This is actually a nice reminder, just like the writer said, YH once prevent SY from running away from her past, now its her time to do the same for YH. Agreed with @milkokoa, I can sympathized with him wanting to run away after the shock he get from KiSeok's death. Its like seeing the mirror future of himself. Hope that SY will find a right word to persuade him into staying. They will doing better together than dealing with their own pain separately.
  11. In my personal opinion, having to deal with a sick lovers doesnt always mean that it will bring only sorrow and pain. It needs a big effort and a big heart for sure, and there will be times when u fell like "why this? why happen to us? i cant not anymore, etc2", but at the end. to be able to be there for them in their good times and bad times, knowing that you are the one he/she want to spend their last time with, i think its far less miserable than being left behind, push aside from their life without knowing why, just keep wondering how they are doing. In SY's case, she want to feel needed, she want to help YH going through his hardship, things that she cannot do to her father.
  12. May i ask where did you see this? Ill forgive the story's certain plot hole if the writer throw us such delight and sweet surprise Anyway, i can not with this scene He had no chance against those stare
  13. I think its too early to make a conclusion that YH really gonna go to US to leave SY behind. There could be a good reason thats not revealed yet. I will put my trust in him. I really hope that they gonna solved the nurse's story in just one episode, and focus on SY-YH relationship and YH's treatment for the rest of episodes. Also they need to give us a good closure on the ending. If they go with open ending, they better give us a 2nd season.
  14. They should make this a seasonal drama then I WOULD LOVE IF THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING If theyre arguing i bet you SY will win, she will win him with her persistence and strong "will" Haha, the making videos are always interesting, JS just cant control his laughter, and that transferred to SY. Cute ^^
  15. LOl only through this drama that i re-learned the genetic theory i forget i learned once Thanks for the reminder @nrllee Aside from the genetic matter, i only thought that it would be nice if they have kid, so that SY would not be left alone when YH passed away earlier than her.
  16. I think the problem is that hospital cant risk their reputation by hiring someone who are in a state where anything bad can happen at any moment. Just like YH like to describe CIPA as a "time ticking bomb". On top of that he has his labyrinthitis, it absolutely a NO for him to continued his activity as a doctor. It will put patients in danger. i really dont mind if he quit his job as a doctor, he still can contribute by being a researcher, esp regarding CIPA, or being a professor at med school or university. He as the researcher and she as the practitioner (doctor) That would be a perfect combination Maybe they can open their own lil suburb clinic, find some peace in there, and made lots of lil YH and SY
  17. @fruitkatsu, I think the promise is for Yohan to find a cure for CIPA, he said that once when they had the surgery procedure for the boy. And maybe the promise he made for SY as well, to not make her worry. I still believe that YH will keep that promise, he is serious about that as we can see when he whisper to SY that she will be the one to known when anything happen to him.
  18. Still not finish watching ep 12 The hugged , geez i love how he is resistant at first but when she start lean on him and rub her face against his shoulder, he automatically carress her nape and her back. Too bad we didnt get to see what happen after, as they forward the next episode to him doing the health check. But im good coz SY is now his guardian, and we get quite lots of sweet scenes following. > The Elevator scene, its funny how she who has much smaller figure, shielding him with the bigger body > The holding hand scene, what a beautiful back view of them, next you should aim for the muscular arm siyoung ahh > The groceris shopping, "Answer me" , "..........." , " Yes, mam..." BUAHAHAHA. Now thats our girl, proud of you > The vital check scene, Omo omo... He smiled when she comfort talk him about the dream he had. He totally knock down by her. > The sticky note she left for him, now after read that and you still thinking of leaving her to go to the US, i hope you burn in regret Dr Cha > The "ice mocca" scene, I realize it the second time i watch that scene, that he order a seperate menu for her just because she order the same menu as the last time they were in a coffee shop. Aint that adorablee, he remember, he put that into his consideration, Its sweet it almost hurt my teeth. > The surprise cake scene, look at how sweet he looked at the drawing that SY make of him. He take that out of the cake, i bet he will frame it and keep it stored. Also the scenes in ep 11, where he whisper to her that whatever happen to him she will be the forst one to be alarmed. He promise that. Based on this i dont think he will make the decision to leave her, he said it not just once, he is a man of his word, so i think it will be out of his character if he execute that plan. NO.
  19. Too bad though, im hoping that we could at least see 120 mins more of our vital couple From the behind the scene photos, im guessing they are helping the suicide lady Heres we get another premonition at how this two are in one scene as doctor The first one is back at the prison Maybe this is to hint us at how the ending will play out
  20. Wow, didnt know she was in Dae Jang Geum. LoL thats why in the press conference Jisung said that she is the "sunbae" I read the news that Vagabond, the next drama following Doctor John, premiering in Sept 20th, So there a week gap. Does it mean they extend the episode? Or fill it with a short drama? Hope its the first option *prettyy pleasee... *
  21. Swooningggg Cant get enough of how tender YH is in this episode. His tone while he talk to SY. Not to mention his eye gaze. Sooo dreamy... And he promise not to keep secret from her, and do things that make her worried. Geez,, if that wasnt love...
  22. The rating is going steady at 9%-10%. So many improvement for our leads in last night's episode. Now im waiting for YH to fully surrender to his feeling and made decision regarding his life that include SY now. His attending doctor said that he need to make decision between taking treatment but not be able to continue his job as a doctor or keep doing the job, not taking the treatment, and by that risking his life. The doctor said "Is being a doctor your only world?" In my thought "Yes he used to be, but not now when he has his 2nd year resident pretty bodyguard" Ha Ha.... >0<
  23. OMOOOOO Our first date (?), can we expect some love scenes tonight? Please.. I need something to count on for the waiting next week And for last night episode, he finaaly call her "Siyoung-ahhhh" They've come a long away DuDuDuDu ~~~~~~
  24. New making video!!! Im LOL-ing at minutes 3:00, I bet that would pretty much describe how their future relationship would look like Anyone here watching this live?
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