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  1. in iQiyi, Forever and Ever is coming soon, so should be within the next few months. Blue Whisper, no idea.
  2. censorship board probably? Glad, it's a drama that's up your alley. Some find certain scenes irrational and the noble idiocy rubs off wrongly for some viewers. But if you like watching Shawn Dou, then that's a huge pull factor. Stay tuned for this weekend's finale (VIP). Looks like there will be some sweet moments for the two.
  3. Actually Xiao Bao just needed someone to love him and give him motherly-like attention/care. A dad is still a dad, ain't no substitute. More so, as this 'dad' is sucha a no-nonsense, CEO-type of person. He will provide for him, make sure he gets the best, and his needs are taken care of. But it's the attention, the quality time spent and the personal care that's lacking. Of course, Miles has heavy responsibilities on his shoulder, all the more reason he had to look for a 'mum' for Xiao Bao. It's no wonder that our little boy's path to 'recovery' was fairly quick and relatively uneventful once
  4. Prolly, that was a combo too hard to resist. Yah I recall the fan-wars going on then and how supposedly the both of them were totally cool and friendly about the whole thing themselves. Heaven knows what went on behind doors. But I suppose being a practical person, as reported, YZ might have kept her cool and her professionalism to that situation. Anyways, I am still at the altar, making my imaginary offerings. (strike out the words Thank you and replace with "Dear Drama Gods, please find a way to air the drama".) What I would give to be a fly right now to hear what the director is saying abo
  5. Yes, you are right, how ironical. Maybe she was blown over by the Director (Lin Yu Fen) and her reputation (TMOPB, Love & Destiny), it was just too good an opportunity to pass over.
  6. Well, just know that I am in front of the Drama Gods altar, making (imaginary) offerings right now. I hope someone somewhere figures out a way to turn things around, this was an S+ drama after all. on a side note, it's quite hilarious that all this while, the thread was fairly quiet. And it got moving for all the wrong reasons. ROFL.
  7. @hush puppy I knew AvenueX was a fangirl of Miles Wei, she said that before this video even, in one of her episodes where she talks about what's about to premiere. I completely agree with her that the kid is really to die for, I'm like 200% there for him. Ok, this could be because I am an ahjumma. As for both ML and FL, going by the viewcount of webdramas, they are not going to get the recognition they deserve. I truly think they ought to get more widely watched.
  8. Sigh, wishful thinking perhaps on my part. What a huge loss to the production house and I wonder if the actors and crew get paid?
  9. You sure you want the answer, they are spoilers? If so, click here, if not, wait till you've finished watching.
  10. @Adidaem @Table122000 I hope it's just frozen for a while and not shelved forever. I was thinking, would it be possible to re-shoot all the scenes with him in it and digitally slot them in? Or is that really too long a shot.
  11. Yah, just heard about the Golden Hairpin. so near but yet so far, just as it was about to get closer to an airing date. What an i***t, talk about an Indecent Proposal.
  12. if you understand chinese, some calendars have some words scribbled there that are likely spoilers. So you could be right. Oh yah saw the preview, about LW and NF, so that's to be expected. I don't normally like Mondays, but just for this drama, I can't wait for it to be a Monday.
  13. lol, I could not resist the little boy and Miles, decided to take a leap of faith and started watching. Regretting it a little, with the wait, yet totally charmed by the father-son combination (I've watched it twice already). Wish I could have been on-site to pinch his cheeks and caress the adorable curls on his head (the boy, not Miles, ). I know how you feel about the actress playing the FL. Sometimes I think her smile is little too wide and her reactions are rather exaggerated, and someone wrote that she really doesn't look like a child psychologist. But there's a certain amount
  14. I have never watched him acting before, first time, and I am charmed! I was swooning throughout the episodes, no wonder AvenueX said she can't resist Miles in a suit, same here, and now I understand why she said that. And the child actor is such a darling with with the short curls in his hair, his expressions are so adorable, I am so glad they casted him in this role.
  15. The Golden Hairpin has passed reviews by the Authorities, likely airing date soon! (where it's reported: around 0:00:10 - 0:00:25)
  16. Forever and Ever has passed reviews by the Authorities, likely airing date soon! (where it's reported: around 0:00:10 - 0:00:25)
  17. For those who have been eagerly waiting, good news, possible airing date in July!
  18. too bright? too chirpy? I get a bit of the vibes she had in the Sleepless Princess. But I'll have to do the drama more justice by watching a bit more than the amount of time I have given it.
  19. Yah, the FL takes a bit of getting used to. On the upside, she's extremely passionate and determined once she sets her mind to something. JH is definitely the one to look out for and he personifies a soldier true and true. What I didn't like was the propaganda, those who have watched the ending know what I mean. Still, considering it's the 100 years CP celebrations, it's understandable, for dramas to convey such messages.
  20. Done! title updated. Btw, the FL was from Sleepless Princess (last year) and it was one of those really sweet romances but with a lot of angst in between. She was adorable there, not sure here but the two should make a fine OTP and recently dramas like to add in a child, which does help inject some fun moments, I bet. Glad you liked it @hush puppy Will be joining you to watch once more chapters are out (with VIP, by Aug 2, all episodes will be out). My heart can't take all this weekly waiting anymore. LOL
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