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  1. omo, the voice dubber for Wallace Chung is the same person who dubbed for Ye Hua (Mark Chao) in TMOPB. Oh No.... I can't get Ye Hua's face out of my head everytime Wallace Chung open's his mouth now. (face palm). What am I going to do, and I just started for the first 10 mins (sighs, shakes heads)
  2. @sugarplum892 that pix you posted (the first one with Wallace Chung kissing her forehead) looks like such a tender moment. I am closing my eyes and imagining that I am Seven Tan. Geez girl, close your eyes and savour the moment... haiyah...one of those eyes-wide-open moment again.
  3. @Jillia Thanks heaps for the video. I love the tone of drama, it's serious but has elements of lightheartedness which will really play to Seven Tan's strengths ... and while I am itching to see her carry herself differently, I sorely miss her spunky attutide and of course I so miss Wallace Chung (a matured actor but one who doesn't look out of place next to her) - oh my heart!
  4. SC2019

    Soompi potluck

    Thanks @Lmangla for organising this. I live in Malaysia, so fortunately we have access to a variety of food and flavours. As I get the opportunity to go all out...here's how I would eat my way through in one day (in my imagination). LOL And it occured to me recently that I have the same preference for ice-cream as Lee Yeon I am most grateful for my family, health, a roof over my heads and internet connectivity (without which I wouldn't be able to watch dramas and chat with all of you). Thank you Chingus for all the fun and laughter you bring into
  5. I have a friend who got 2nd lead syndrome after watching this and looked for him in another drama.
  6. I first saw Johnny Bai in The Guardian, and it was a BL. Then I decided to check him out in Fairyland Lovers. I used to wonder why he had a moustache, and I guess Vacation of Love answered that question for me. He looks so adorably young and has such a cheeky good-boy image, clean-shaven. I suppose when taking on roles that require him to be more rugged and bad-boy, some facial hair will be required. I haven't watched the whole episode, just the last one and I liked the conversation his character had with Yao Chen's. Both are strong characters yet appear compatible, with a good understanding o
  7. The gist is: The female begins by saying my name is Ru Hua. At the age of 16, I became a pipa girl (presumably playing the pipa instrument). Later, at the prosperous Yi Hong Lou (prostitution den?), I became a prostitute. His name is Chen Zhen Bang. He is the son of a wealthy family (name of business/family was mentioned but beyond my translation ability), second in terms of seniority in the family and is known as 12th Master. [He then cites a poem/quote, not translating.] He then calls out "Ru Hua" as she approaches him. She says that is a tale from the past, more than 50 yea
  8. It's close to a week since many of us caught the ending, some live and some a little later. There's been so many passionate and dispassionate views about the ending that it's become a case of our perspectives - no right and no wrong. I for one watched the raw live and still can't bring myself to watch E20 with subs. I'll be greedy and hold onto the last fleeting scene in the cart where SB and CJ had their final moment of intimacy, for a little while longer. What I do want to say though (and this is just from the raw, judging by the way SY carried herself with the Queen Dowager) is
  9. I just watched a review by Marcus Sim (on YT) and he's thorougly enjoying this show - good acting amidst romance and family issues all thrown into one. Sounds like this is something worth watching - anyone else watching it too?
  10. @Wuzetian the song titles in Chinese are the same....though in English one is Tomb and one is Grave.... I suspect you are right, it's probably the same song. Not sure if they bought the rights to re-sing it?
  11. @Yinye I think anything with Mark Chao and Deng Lun can't be that bad. I was surprised at how young-looking the director was. Despite his youth, the show doesn't lack in that aspect and the CGI is quite believable (though for people who don't like special effects, like my other half, will find the show somewhat unrealistic). A round of applause to everyone and such a treat to watch these two actors, side-by-side. Just feel bad that they couldn't earn from the Chinese box office and am hoping the movie makes some money from other countries. I rewatched the second-half today and must say Olivia
  12. Judging from the immediate response, the general sentiments about the ending of the K-drama version are about the same as the C-drama version (displeased & indignant). For the sake of K-society values (majority), I don't think the director could have left BH in So Yong's body, it would have been too uncomfortable for the conservatives. And with an ending like that, it's more palatable and less likely I reckon to get in trouble with the censorship board. For the rest of us who aren't part of their society, some of us would probably have applauded the storyline of BH remaining with CJ. After
  13. Happy CNY to you too! That part is a bit of a puzzle - I suspect He Shou Ye created a replica of her and faked her death by getting the Hair Demon to kill her. So that He Shou Ye could prepare for the real princess to give birth to the snake? As for Long Ye, I think that tale is to be told in the sequel
  14. Overview The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity (Chinese: 晴雅集) is a 2020 Chinese fantasy film directed by Guo Jingming, starring Mark Chao and Deng Lun. It is adapted from the Onmyōji (novel series) written by Baku Yumemakura. It was filmed in year 2018 and was released in China on 25 December 2020 (but pulled off the cinemas not long after due to some issues regarding plagiarism by the director more than a decade ago). Streaming rights were purchased by Netflix before the film's theatrical release and is available on Netflix. The film adaptation is set in a mystical fa
  15. I get you! You know how horrified CL Choi was when the Queen went horse riding and now she is giving her a standing ovation for jumping from the wall???? Ok, the two parts were obviously written by two different script writers.
  16. Here are three scenes that tickled me for stated reasons. Credit: Mr Queen, TVN Boy oh boy, can our SB really lie with her eyes wide open! Credit: Mr Queen, TVN Modesty certainly was never her strong point and uri Cheol-Jongie will truly accept her for all her flaws! (Our King's reaction just after she said "Everything looks good with a pretty face. So anything looks good on me!")
  17. sorry, was busy cleaning the house today. Just saw ur msg. good luck - hope it works for you. @liz-danielle i did/have, check ur inbox msg.
  18. check ur msg inbox @merlnpau check your inbox too @Min2206 done - but no guarantees, doesn't work all the time.
  19. @Fenny Liong I haven't read the novel but what I do believe is that their romance is somewhat the Romeo and Juliet kind, in their past lives. Because of the orb that the ML keeps saying is in his mind, I believe, a part of his spirit is restrained, the one which contains the memories or spirit of Gong Mu Lie, of the Heaven's Bloodline who was in love with Wu Chun, of the Nether Lands. He is descended from the conqueror who enslaved the human race, including the Netherlands. And I think someone has kept those memories in the orb to deter them from re-enacting their love in this lifetime (?) as
  20. I wanted to but this thread is moving so fast I can't tell if someone already said it. LOL The concubine on the left punching the shoulders on the one next to her and saying how matching the Queen and King are, complete with her gleeful reaction, I felt, represented all us fans - it was truly a brilliant idea on the part of the scriptwriters. I think enough has been said about the King and the Queen. What I wanted to add to this forum was the scene of the King sending off his loyal guard. It was heart-warming, no airs, down-to-earth, giving each man a hug and apologising to
  21. @YongZura⁷ᴮᴱ @blademanthanks for the preview - Omo, the last phrase - "Do you want to eat ramyun" - sent my heart racing and screaming....of course the King has no idea what that means but we surely understand her intentions and what a seductive pose it was when she asked him that question!
  22. I suspect you are right, I think it's meant as a ploy to disrupt whatever the baddies are planning and rattle their cages a little, also to take the pressure off him for a while, though it's a huge risk if he suffers from injuries that he can't recover from - our brave King
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