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  1. I'm glad the cast seem to work well together and have good working relationships. At least there is a higher chance of the same cast returning IF we get a season 2. :P I thought the same thing too!! I was trying to read his lips
  2. Finally! Haha And I agree with you. Although I wondered if their chemistry was just my imagination I compared JS & Han Ji Min, JS & Hwang Jung Eum with JS & LSY. If I had to choose a pairing again it would be JS & LSY.
  3. Ji Sung posted several pictures on Instagram. Just putting it up here to admire everyone I haven't gotten round to watching episodes 14-16 yet since I already saw 90% through on-air streaming. Putting my thoughts in spoilers so the post isn't crazily long: I have to add that I really like the reverse elevator scene And my favourite
  4. @nona88 I also have my doubts about that sentence. I think it means that SY learns that YH has no issues. But then a situation arises when she finds out a truth which she had no idea about and she has to face it. *edit* and the truth relates to something YH was hiding from her or hadn't told her?
  5. 이별은, 언젠가 다시 만나길 바라는 Farewell is, the hope to meet again someday 더 이상 오지 않는 요한의 생존신고. YH's survival report doesn't come anymore. 그러던 어느 날 요한이 무탈하다는 것을 알게 된 시영은 몰랐던 사실과 마주하는데. Then, one day SY comes to know that YH has no issues and has to face a truth which she hadn't known of. 이별과 만남, 오늘과 내일, 삶과 죽음의 경계 위에 놓인 요한과 시영, 그리고 통증팀원들의 마지막 이야기. This is the final story of YH, SY and the pain centre team members who have been on the boundary of separations and meetings, today and tomorrow, and life and death. ---- Soooo......
  6. A little translation of the airport kiss scene for our excited hearts: SY: I was happy thanks to you, too. And because of you I was able to love my life, job and the person called Cha Yo Han. I really wanted to tell you that. YH: You are the only person who understands me. My illness and me as a person. My life that was not hot or cold became warm when I met you. SY: Then why didn't you give me a reply if you had such a brilliant reply? YH: Because, in the end, saying this means I love you. How can someone who is leaving make a love confession? SY: You can. Saying "I love you" is a good thing at anytime, even more so when tomorrow is uncertain -- *kiss* YH: I love you. SY: I love you, too. *kiss*
  7. I think he didn't send an email coz he is returning to Korea as a surprise. I THINK. What do you guys think? It'll be super sadistic if he dies next episode =.=
  8. YASSS GUYS YASSSSS He did it!! This means that for the last episode everything is gonna be swellllll My only peeve is that she still calls him "Professor" when they are lovers now. And his name is still saved as Professor Cha Yo Han with the addition of an American flag. Seriously?? *rolls eyes*
  9. Omona .... He drove a knife right into her heart >< (figuratively) She asked him what dreams did he start dreaming and what was he happy about because of her. That he must answer her this before he leaves. He told her to get her head straight and that he no longer wants to be involved with her so don't wait for an answer.
  10. Ep 15 Title: "The feelings of the person who is leaving" YH was terribly shocked by Gi Seok's death. His life as a doctor and his love for SY have become unthinkable matters and he decides to leave Hanse Medical Centre after wrapping up the surgical procedure for Son Seok Ki. The pain centre team members' feelings of misery grow, and SY tries to persuade YH to tell her honestly about his feelings towards her but ... SBS
  11. This is a great point that I have overlooked in my daydreams of YH and SY. When YH and SY were having their subway date, and YH asked her what other job could he possibly do, she said she couldn't imagine him as anything other than a doctor. In Episode 14, SY repeated the same thing (correct me if I'm wrong because I'm basing it off my memory from watching intermittent sections from the live broadcast). If SY keeps repeating that the only job which seems suitable for YH is being a doctor, I would think it would drive him towards doing something to keep working as a doctor. Of course, just because SY says he suits the image of a doc doesn't mean he has to follow what she says. But it also matches what he feels deep down within him - that he wants to remain as a doctor and it is important to him. So in terms of his priorities right now (I'm excluding his patients from the list): 1. Health 2. Career 3. Si Yeong At the same time, I agree with @Shinobu about being strung along. The moment you give someone a little hope that something might happen between the two of you, it's stringing them along. However, SY did tell YH that she will handle her feelings on her own and not to reject her help just because she likes him. I would say that could be the reason why YH just let her barge into his life. But later on after their hugs and some skinship, heart-racing and eye-smooching, he probably realised that since he was falling for her, he had started to encourage her along. She was getting more involved in his life because he had opened up to her when his heart opened. So he started drawing the thin lines again. If Episode 15 is about him leaving, what would episode 16 be about? Unless they're keeping that part to the end of Ep 15 as a climax. -.- Part of the filming or an outing?
  12. Do you think Si Yeong's prison warden uncle will appear again? I kinda liked his character. And I wonder if they were operating on the dad or this just happens to be a random pic together.
  13. At least the prosecutor gets to be treated/taken care of by YH finally ... Gi Seok T_T And that preview. Why is SY looking like she lost all her life? Is it because YH is leaving? The reply from Clevland said they wanna talk to him more. *Edit*: is she looking lifeless and down because he never informed her about his plan to leave till the last minute?? Then she's like super heartbroken because he said he will tell her whatever that happens to him first and she will be the first to know. I'm glad that Mirae and Yoo Joon are are trying to help SY (get with YH??). Seems like the last two episodes will be wrapping up the relationships between the main cast of the drama and YH's career path (and not much more about the evil-doers or any new patients)? YH keeps saying thanks to SY as if he wanna say, "Thanks for being by my side all this while, but hey, I'm still gonna go so don't get too caught up in your feelings for me." That phone call they had when he was looking at the reply from Clevland. Rough outline below. SY asked him to join her in her exercise. YH: Si Yeong. I told you before, right? That I'll do my best to not make you worry. SY: Yes. YH: Don't worry too much about me. SY: Does it seem like I'm only worried? YH: You're worrying a lot. SY: I'm hopeful, not worried. The hope to be in good health together with the person I like for a long time. YH: I know. SY: What do you know? You wouldn't know. YH's eyes moisten and he looks at the message she wrote on his bandage. SY: I'm sorry. YH: What are you sorry for? SY: *silence* YH: Sleep. It's late. Goodnight. SY: Sweet dreams. YH: You too. Let me update my list: 1. YH and SY's first hand holding 2. YH and SY's first hug 3. YH and SY's first kiss 4. YH and SY's cafe date 5. show us what happens to the prosecutor 6. reveal the lawyer's sickness 7. the final decision about SY's dad's life 8. the nurse revealing she forced Yoon Sung Kyu to sign the form for clinical trial 9. revealing the nasty things going on in Jinmu Rijund (I suppose Ep 14 sort of wraps up the connection between Jinmu Rijund and Cherubim) 10. Dr Lee and Mirae's relationship 11. YH risking his life for awhile more as doctor (maybe) and/or getting treatment (soon/later) 12. SY's hair extension being removed hopefully (maybe the character Kang Si Young uses hair extensions? like it's her fashion statement? ) (I think it's there to stay?) 13. SY being YH's official guardian (let's just make this accomplished since she did follow him for his treatment) 14. *new* YH PLEASE ADMIT YOUR FEELINGS TO SY
  14. That could be a possible ending. And I was thinking since SY discovered the existence of a specialised research centre like Clevland Clinic, what if the one who goes off isn't YH but SY? And I don't think SY is incapable of "leaving" him because she did "leave" or "run away" from her dad even though we know she loves her dad so much. Plus, after seeing the short clip of the scene where SY shows YH the clinic's website and asks him what about contacting them, his surprised expression makes me think not only did he not expect her to find it but he had intended to keep it hidden from her until the time came when they accepted him and he had to go. Which means he could really be going there to give SY the space to "get over him" and "move on" with someone else who doesn't have a lifelong condition. *Edit* and of course his mean purpose in going is for the research. --> which means will he still go to Clevland if SY also applies to go there? Listing down my fantasised possible open endings: SY goes off. Maybe YH can't go yet because he has to finish whatever treatment he has to undertake for his viral laby blahblah. Then a few months later (or a year later?? omg) it is like what @nooneor said about meeting again. This time the one who is running is YH haha Or another possible ending is YH going off (like how we have discussed the possibility) and then MAYBE some time later Dr Lee and Mirae are getting married (yay! lol) and then SY attends the wedding, of course. But guess who turns up?? *edit* I think if they ever "left" each other it won't be done in a "break-up" way. The problem is that YH has yet to verbalise his feelings to SY. So no matter how much he caresses her or stares at her lovingly (longingly? :p) they didn't make their romance "official". It seems to me YH's main purpose is to find a cure to CIPA so that he can live an easier daily life with SY more than to just simply be with her and burden her with his condition (I like how the english ost that plays in the background always goes along the lines of "falling in love again" when YH thinks of SY. Can't remember the lyrics). That's why that one night he didn't want to extract his blood sample and run all those tests right? Coz he wanted to be like a regular person for once.
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