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  1. I hope JS and LSY work together again. Their chemistry is on fire And they followed each other on Instagram. Love them.
  2. I kinda like the ending. It’a happy one. The only thing that bothers me is ‘3 year’ thing. It’s a very long time. Why did they have to separate like this? Why didnt he tell her that he was back to Korea? Its friggin a year! Yeah I know he was being treated but I wish they hadnt suffered so much. Btw I like the way they looks each other in the dinner scene. I feel the love. This is the best drama of the year for me. I will watch again and again for sure.
  3. Looks like he's leaving without saying anything like ‘I’m going but I’m going for us.’ or ‘I’m going. Don’t wait for me. You have to live your own life.’ Because in preview KSY says ‘Why do I have to go there?’ and Doc Lee says ‘I should have told you before. ’ So Doctor Lee knows he will leave but SY doesnt? She looks different from the character we've seen so far. She looks sad and broken. She doesnt want to go after him. I wonder why... I know this is a medical drama. But it also includes romance. So far they have acted as a couple. They've been through a lot together. If he wants to go its because he wants to find a cure so they can be together. For me it will be ridiculous if their relationship dont come to a conclusion or like there is nothing happened between them. This drama is said to be realistic. Is that what happens in real life? I'm sure their relationship would be more complicated if this drama was like in real life.
  4. So he leaves ( we dont know yet) in ep 15 not in the final episode. So we can hope a happy ending right? Btw KSY’s fathers situation is still unresolved. Will he be there for her? I wonder... Its gonna be a loooong week.
  5. Omg she said ‘I wish to live a long life with the person I like’ to him Edit: OMG Gi Seok is dead? And next week YH leaves?
  6. What if the ending is like the last scene of the second episode where they met again? Maybe this time they meet ‘again’ in Clevelend Clinic. And stares each other with lovely smiles like forever. Then bam! End! On the other hand I don’t think KSY will just let him go. The last scene of today’s episode proved that. She loves and cares him so much. I think if he goes then she follows him. Btw I know that we know how much YH likes KSH because his eyes tells us everything. But I want to hear a confession. Its like something is missing in this relationship. They seem to like each other but they also seem like they are two friends who care each other. IDK somehow it bothers me. Writer-nim please dont play our hearts. One weeks to go. 3 eps to end. A lot of things to solve. And I’m not ready at all.
  7. I haven't watched the whole episode but looks like I’m gonna hate every second of it except YH KSY scenes .
  8. For some reason I wanted to see them arguing about whether or not to have children. Too bad that we wont be able to see those days yet we dont even know whether our couple will have a happy ending or not. RIP to me. I dont think I can handle this.
  9. Looks like CYH hurt himself? I saw a screen shot from preview in twitter. In preview where CYH is with his lawyer friend and the old man there is a bandage on his arm. Can you guys check? lol
  10. Oh no! He applied for a job in Chicago? How can he think to leave after what KSY wrote to him. She said thank you for staying by my side. And he leaves?! The angst is coming and I’m not ready. CYH please be healthy and happy till the end. With. Your. Woman.
  11. Omg they hugged!!!!! Edit: Preview looks so cute. They hold hands. He says my heart beats so fast lol She is at his home. I want a kiss now.
  12. Text preview of ep 11 YH is suspected of turning off the patient’s respiratory system. Seon Seok Gi begins to investigate not only YH but the entire team. KSY believes YH is innocence %100 and the trust between them deepens. Meanwhile, the fact- finding reveals an unexpected truth...
  13. 3 weeks to go! Do you guys think will we get ‘at least’ ( ) a hug or holding hands scene? Im thirsty lol
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