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[Drama 2019] Extraordinary You / Suddenly One Day, 어쩌다 발견한 하루 - 2019 MBC Drama of the Year

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This episode was so sad Haru is such pitiful & sad character to me he is always looked down by kyung ...

the writer is pushing too much Baek Kyung Dan Oh relationship? like see <_<he like her now ..he was rud just because of his setup now he love her in stage & shadow ! 
Isn't the tipical main lead character we get from cliché drama? 
I know alot are droolling for Baek Kyung & i understand some get attracted to the bad guy Baek Kyung style:smirk: (The actor is doing a gooooood job i love him) & all his sad back story but NO no NO writernim .....i am not buying it.  HELL NO
Well how can you support someone who is forcing himself ???
she told him several time that she like Haru !
I don't know why the director is doing this but Haru is so nice like realy realy realy :innocent:nice (btw didn't find the smile scene+the mirror was so childish to me  like <_<agh!!!!!!) what's for? ???that he made him look weak & Baek Kyung look like he has the upper hand .
i want him to stand for himself more .

I think the episode was empty they could have do better to add some stories with Namjoo +juda ..Haru Dan Oh.......and other.

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It doesn't matter if the manhwa world is real or not. The characters are the ones who turn their world into reality.   In this drama it seems that on the one hand the real writer is using D

I think HR killed DO but it was not deliberate and he grabbed the sword with his left hand to stop it but it was too late. But the scene doesn’t look like a sword fight. It starts off with guards surr

2 hours ago, celebrianna said:

Also, I thought Danoh had to die onstage. I believe her character description said so because I remember commenting back then that the writer seems to hate Danoh. If Danoh has a chance to live onstage now it’s because Haru, Danoh and Do Hwa changed the stage back when they supplanted Juda/Namjoo. It seemed that it was always the onstage plan for Danoh to die that’s why I have been wondering if they would really end it in a new manhwa.

Yes that’s exactly what played out in TF.  The characters (eg Squid and HR/DO) all changed the stage back then which was why that comic ended in tragedy.  I have had a thought percolating through my mind right through.  I wonder if we are led to believe that the writer wanted this ending for DO in the first place.  Was it because they changed the stage so much back then in TF that resulted in the tragedy?  It was NOT the original intention of the writer to have them end like that.


We have been fed this idea that the writer is cruel, sadistic and “hates” DO but “loves” BK.  If that were the case I don’t see why the writer put in “little mercies” like the 300yo tree, the antique shop with trinkets for HR/DO to see on their date.  I think the writer is sending them subliminal messages through Squid, the new girl, BK’s obstinacy, revealing the story board to DO, even the introduction of HR...these are all warnings for them NOT to change the stage or it would end up in tragedy.  DO’s basic fundamental wish was “to live”, the audience has tagged on the love line with HR along with that wish.  But if she doesn’t live, the love line with HR is pointless.  If she lives, she can make the choice later about whether to marry BK or not.  So for her to “remain on BK’s side” may be just so she gets through the surgery to fix her heart for good.  BK wants her to go ahead with the surgery, HR does not, believing that she will die on the operating table as a result.  If DO allows HR to change her stage to halt or delay the surgery, I have a feeling she will die.  I don’t know why they kept having a pic of an AED next to DO’s face when she was talking to the doctor about her surgery.  There are surgically implantable defibrillators and they serve to monitor your heart and to “shock” it automatically when it stops...it’s life saving.  I wonder if that’s the surgery that’s being performed?  If it is and she has it then chances are when she gets her next heart Attack, she will live. Without it, it’s a rush to get her to the hospital or for paramedics to come around to shock her back to life.  It may prove too late.


For me the comic Secret is still in draft form, it’s not in print yet.  That’s why it can undergo rewrites.  Like when the character profile changed with the introduction of HR2.  It’s a work in progress.  The copy that the characters are reading is the draft.  TF on the other hand, is a completed comic, it’s already been printed so the story is already set in stone.


As for why the character descriptions were removed on the Channel site, maybe the screen Writers themselves are doing the very same thing real time as with the comic Secret.  Making it up as they go along and watching the characters develop on screen and then deciding on the final ending.  Now that would be really clever.  :lol:

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13 hours ago, stroppyse said:

Translation of the preview


Doctor: Dan Oh, even if she doesn’t get that dangerous surgery, I think she’s going to be okay.

JMC: He’s changed the stage again.
HR: I’m definitely fine in the stage, but I keep getting sick in the shadow now.
HR: Why do I keep feeling worried?
BK: Remember it. What happened because you changed the stage.
HR: The person who killed Dan Oh…was me.
DO: Ha Ru, why are you avoiding me?
HR: If the time that we had changed actually made you hurt more…
BK: Don’t change anything. Please.
DO: I’m sorry. I’m not going to do things that way. (think she means that she’s going to do as she pleases rather than as BK is asking her not to change anything further)
BK: It’s said that if one dies in the shadow, their self-awareness disappears. I guess that means that one wouldn’t even feel the sadness over living without self-determination. Actually, that might be okay as well.
HR: Dan Oh. Dan Oh, please let her live.



i know there was this one scene in the manhwa where haru had to sacrifice himself and got hurt for dan oh if i remember correctly? his last words were hoping for the stage to end already so he can meet dan oh with a smile eventhough he was badly hurt and when dan oh got back haru was starting to forget about her like ignoring her though he responds to her calling his name and jimichae says its because hes losing awareness (in the manhwa the characters (dan oh and haru) also wonders why the pain lingers despite with the stage changing 





it makes me wonder whether haru had to sacrifice himself in the shadow to save dan oh in the stage hence why the previews make it seem as if hes avoiding dan oh but its really because


he was starting to lose his awareness just like in the manhwa (but it also makes me thinl they wont be doing that to haru again right? its like the price of his disobedience towards the writer is losing every memory of dan oh


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Drama's name even is "Oharu" in Korean why is somebody still think Danoh with BK in final ?:blink: really I can't understand this hopelessness always :joy: I am realist person so I never live  second male syndrom in dramas because "second male" is second male:joy: this is obvious in the beginning .

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3 hours ago, leeminhosny said:

Drama's name even is "Oharu" in Korean why is somebody still think Danoh with BK in final ?:blink: really I can't understand this hopelessness always :joy: I am realist person so I never live  second male syndrom in dramas because "second male" is second male:joy: this is obvious in the beginning .


LOL. I'd understand if the story were as vague or mysterious as the Reply series and they're rooting for BK based on hints shown in the drama, but that's not the case. :lol: We might get a tragic ending, but I'm quite certain Dan Oh won't change her mind about BK. DanHaru is pretty much endgame??? 

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i know that everyone is saying, this was a filler episode, while there wasn't much to this episode and i felt like i saw kyung more than haru. i still loved the parts where haru was being the most over protective boyfriend in the world and that was too cute 


look at this baby, so beautiful :wub:


there are many different theories about how things will play out from now on and what haru might do, all i know is he loves dan oh more than himself and he would only do the right thing, anything that requires to protect dan oh and for her well being even if that meant that the worst thing would happen to him :tears:. he would do anything for dan oh, we know this, we saw it happen. he was wiped out of existence and he was okay with it. the boy  has no self love and he literally exists for dan oh, so he will never let anything bad happen to her.



@Jillia i don't like kyung's brother at all too, he is so suspicious. he has been from episode 5, the birthday episode, sorry if i got that wrong. but i always thought why they kept showing his face for no apparent reason and it made me wonder who he was because i had no recollection of face from his earlier scenes. 


I know many people are mad at kyung because of the way he is acting and i'm not the biggest fan of his forced confessions thb he sounds a bit delusional every time he refuses to believe danoh's feelings for haru and as much as i hate annoying second leads, i can not bring myself to hate him, he is scary sometimes and i can feel how dangerous he is but not a character one can hate.



there was someone who said that they never root for the second lead thus have no second lead syndrome, i feel ya. i'm the same way. I've never rooted for the second lead because we need to respect the feeling of the heroine, since she loves the hero, i never even hope for her to like the second lead like ever.


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@Jillia i see that photo of their filming today too. so for now...


after i saw Dan Oh hair, are we can be sure that Dan Oh actually lost her awareness? maybe she really dead at the shadow, like the preview said. And then this Haru turn to found Dan Oh "by chance" maybe? :D


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1 hour ago, Jillia said:

Filming today:

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Different hair for Dan Oh?

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Also, keep in mind if you're interested you can pre-order the blu-ray now. :D Deadline is December 1st. Note: the number of pre-orders will determine whether the blu-ray will be produced or not.


I can't really judge what kind of role Kyung's brother will play. But if he was just a mere extra ( :P ) they wouldn't push him in our faces like this, right? Something is off about him. But maybe in the end he has no significance at all. Who knows? We will find out. :D


New hairstyle? I think I know what this means. :crazy:  Reminds me of someone who changed their hair and they........:tears:

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Do Hwa what a  cutie pie receiving love from Ju Da. Confession of Ju Da is damn beautiful. Being a main character, I loved the way it’s not cringe because it’s her shadow. Ju Da’s Shadow is so cool and I want more of her with NamJu after this EP i dont know who is Ju Da Like
Do Hwa and Dan Oh, best DUO. Do Hwa, Haru and Dan Oh, Best TRIO...:thumbsup:

DoHwa and Haru's BROMANCE is the best....:love: when he leans on Haru's shoulder three times LOL:lol::joy:

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Why did Sae Mi draw his nose to look that big:blink:!?




It's like in a way how Do Hwa keeps bringing up the Butterfly Effect. One small action can cause ripple effect consequences. I understand Haru is doin' it to save her but it's predestined & there's some things that cannot be undone no matter how hard we try.. Even if she survives, the very least she's alive right? I mean that's Haru's goal. 


Yikes Ju Da is the epitome of Wolf in Sheep's Clothing she really is not to be messed with!:unsure: I guess the opposite is true. Ju Da may seem quiet & unassuming but backed to a corner she could pose a threat. Sae Mi is simply all bark with no bite.

Kyung still continues to infuriate yet fascinate me at the same time LoL. 

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May I ask a question?


Sooo it is common knowledge that 1) when the stage is occurring, they hear a flipping sound, 2) according to Dan Oh, Haru, and the self-aware squad, the writer doesn't know what's happening in the shadow, and 3) Dan Oh can see the future aka know what will happen in the stage. I was watching Episode 1 and noticed something. Remember when Dan Oh still didn't know she was living in a manhwa universe and was reading various psychology books? Technically, she was in the shadow. 



Scene 1: She reads about amnesia and other types of mental illnesses.



Scene 2: Dan Oh finds the copy of Secret




Scene 3: She sees into the future/storyboard for the first time.



Scene 4: What she saw in the storyboard happened. Bark Kyung (he should be named that way instead) lowkey accused her of following him.


It's odd that Dan Oh didn't hear a flipping sound because technically speaking, Scene 4 was already in the stage. If the writer doesn't know what happens in the shadow, how was he/she able to orchestrate the events leading up to Scene 4 (Dan Oh coincidentally being in the library and accidentally tripping)?


Did I miss something? Or this was just a glitch....



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Honestly the discusion about baekyung as second male lead, usually in romance drama the second male lead likes female lead eventhough she doesnt like him back (one sided love), but as I watched the drama until now, I dont think baekyung even likes danoh in the first place?


Up till now it's only his ego, he doesnt want to lose his main character title, he is jealous of Haru somehow and he doesnt want to be left alone. .NOT because he even likes Dan Oh and trully want her to be happy, he doesnt even care about Dan Oh feeling at all.


Why there are so many justification of baekyung action? even some fans worship him and shipping him with danoh. .Because he is handsome? the actor who play baekyung is lee jae wook? Or we are so used watching jerk male lead so instead of calling out his shitty action, we would worship him and believe he would change later. In this drama baekyung is definitely unlikeable and imo his character is close to villain rather than second male lead (he doesnt even like the female lead), I find it really weird a lot of fans rooting for him and try to excuse all of his bad actions.

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