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  1. Girl you actually answered it by yourself lol. You wrote longggggg paragraph about how perfect JP is and get pissed when someone doesn't agree with you, but in the end it just fictional character lol, yes too bad JP isn't real
  2. I agree. I've seen so many comments insulting DS who easily moved tears. We are in 2020, it's so sad that we still have the stereotype that men shouldn't cry. Men or women, we are same human being, it's normal to have emotions, We should normalized that men can cry too. Imagine just because you are born as men, you cant let of your tears eventhough you're really sad. That would be really painful because you will getting better after you let your tears out, it can relieve stress. There are so many people pointed DS weakness or his behaviour but it's ironic they also normalize JP be
  3. About who's being end the game couple, It's obvious it would be dodal, simply because DM loves DS. Even after 3 years without DS, nothing happen between DM and JP, she is still waiting for DS, it would be weird AF If in the upcoming 2 last eps, suddenly DM in love with JP then they become a couple???? That would be a joke tbh sorry. Also everyone needs to remember the male lead is NJH, he already get a lot of hate for nothing, and if he would get shifted too. .no kidding NJH should sue PHR if thats really happen (DM-JP) The triangle love is being dragged because there's nothing muc
  4. Sorry but I laughed so hard @M Co Thanks for made my day!! Anyway @peachfuzz the argument of 'DS is trash, he punched JP!!!!!' is so classic of JP worshiper, I can't count how many of them say that, looks like they have same template lol Tbh that scene is soooo common in drama or any movies. I get it was wrong of DS, but it's not like JP doesnt punch back either, both of them get bruises and have fair punch lol. This is the first time I've seen that people have so much complain of 2 people fighting in drama. Imagine if they watching action drama or movies then, T
  5. Lol what? Sorry to burst your bubble but Nam joo hyuk and Suzy are wayyy more popular than Kim seon ho. Start up rating is stable since eps 1, I'm sure because people waiting for the main cast and the writer, because they dont know the story yet and the main cast are Nam joo hyuk and suzy, yes it is enough to bring the viewers thats way they get casted. They also bring international viewers through netflix, because suzy is former popular idol and nam joo hyuk is popular actor (both of them have over 13million instagram followers). I'm sure it wouldn't be the same if the lead was k
  6. Sorry but I know a lot of people loves JP, it's okay if yall want to him to be happy, but again I dont understand why yall need to drag DS again, and the main couple DS and DM?? It's just childish to me. It's all set since the cast revelead that the main couple is DS and DM, and DS is the lead, while JP is only 2nd lead. The story is revolve around DS and DM, not JP. Deal with it. If people want to other way around, then stop watching because it wont be happen even if you wait for 100 years I dont know why people keep watching but only to complain, I know everyone have
  7. I agree. I'm so surprised when watching him, He improved SO much, I just cant believe this is the same NJH that I've seen in school 2015 lol. I like that he try a different character here, because Dosan have so many flaws and dynamics, from a boy who have nothing then pretend to be someone, then become succesfull, he played it so well, and we can see the changes of him in each development. Yeah honestly the triangle loveline and constant shipping war ANYWHERE totally ruined the romance part for me, and after the time jump, the loveline is still stay the same (????), I can see the
  8. I'm sorry but why you need to bring Dosan would get jailed because of his punch? I'm not justify his action but man, that scene is sooooooo common in kdramas, or any dramas, or any movies, TBH I never ever see someone when two male leads fighting or punching each other, would mention that the male lead had to go to jail lol, for real Tbh the hate that Dosan getting is sooo ridiculous, it's not healthy anymore. It's obvious kdrama watchers are not ready to someone like Dosan, I guess the writers should take a note to write character like JP or any typical male lead rich,
  9. Honestly I'm confused about the shipping war, like people fighting all over internet and arguing who's better man for DM, but can people just respect what DM wants? How can people never care about what DM feels? Its all about two boys fighting for one girl, but the girl itself is not a reward or property, she has feeling and of course we must count what she wants too. Personally I never fan of 2nd lead syndrome in drama, because mostly it's only one sided, I can't see it as romantic if the other party doesnt feel the same way I like this drama because the topic of 'start up' (I als
  10. I love nam joo hyuk but idk right now I'm so into 2nd lead, it's only eps 1!! (its so weird, I've been kdrama fan for so long but never remember him. .Stupid me!!) He is just super handsome and neat, the backstory of his character itself is very interesting. I've never into 2nd lead syndrome because I know my heart would be broken in the end. I hope the writer give us nam joo hyuk more stories and enough screentime because I dont want to go through school 2015 flashback again!
  11. Hi guys, first time posting here. My first reaction after watching this drama, wow!! I didn't expect this drama would become a horor / thriller genre. Everyone says this drama is goblin 2.0, but nah I dont think so. I legit feel gosebumps in some scenes. But I do agree with some people here that this drama reminds me a lot to other stories, it's nothing new, like mix of them. But I still enjoyed it anyway @Artheusa I agree. I love the female lead, but the writer is going overboard with her. The scene that is feels weird for me when LY tells her that he saved her life when she was k
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