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  1. OMFG we still have 12 eps in season 3. JDT already wayyy too powerfull now, he still will for another 12 eps In the preview seems SSR already got caught, Don't tell me that SSR will die again in last eps of S2 and back again on S3. .lol
  2. Lol I thought I'm the only one who doesnt like RN being alive, because everyone on SNS seems celebrating it. How can I explain it, RN death is necessary for the whole plot, like finally we finally see SJ and EB slowly get their karma thanks to her 'death', YH revenge and her character development, SSR and logan move, etc, but suddenly she came back alive? Huh? I am OK with the SSR alive possibilities since the writer already hinted that she had twin and she is THE main char, but on Rona case it doesn't make sense because she badly injured (on the head!!). Just like @chococarmelasa
  3. Hello guys, first time posting here! Just want to drop some of my random thoughts - until now, I dont believe that SSR already dead, she is the heroine after all, besides she is too smart to die like that! Even after logan back, and YH went to berserk mode, it wont be enough without SSR to bringing the evils down! I believe its her twin sister whos dead, and she is now pretending to be her twin. - Rona is dead. I feel like she had the same fate as SA, she replace SA as the victim of bullying, she got bullied then dead. Bullying is big issue in korea, when someone get se
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